One Piece Odyssey: How To Unlock Bounties?

This guide entails all the details you need to know about unlocking side quests of bounties in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey Bounties
One Piece Odyssey Bounties

Apart from the engaging campaign and story arcs, the game’s developers also added the intricate details of the original anime, like bounties in One Piece Odyssey. While most players are busy in the lengthy campaign of the game, most players are already seeking what bounties they can hunt with their ever-excited pirate gangs. However, many players struggle to discover or unlock these activities as the game requires them to meet a prior requirement

If you are also one of those players with bounties as the first thing on their mind, then you are at the right place. Our guide entails everything you need to know about bounties in One Piece Odyssey and how to unlock them in your playthrough. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

Key Takeaways

  • As soon as diving into the game, most players seek bounties in the latest One Piece Odyssey.
  • Meanwhile, players are unaware that delving into the bounty hunts requires several steps to achieve your first reward as a pirate gang. 
  • Bounties in One Piece Odyssey are part of the side quest activities that allow players to explore each aspect of the game while also earning a handful of in-game currency, known as Berries
  • Unlocking the bounties first requires players to complete Chapter 1 of the campaign. This will lay the groundwork to allow players to complete the intro and set the stage for the campaign
  • Once that is completed, the next thing that you need to do is to search for a muscular guy known as Mediator Marzin in Alabasta Town
  • Speaking to the Mediator Marzin will unlock the first bounty quest, which can be accepted by visiting the Bulletin Board in the tavern “Spice Bean.”
  • Players can return to the tavern’s Bulletin Board to discover, accept and reject more bounty hunts as they progress through the storyline. 

How To Unlock Bounties In One Piece Odyssey

As said earlier, many players questioned their ability to hunt their first bounty with the exhilarating pirate gang from anime after diving into the game. Unfortunately, the game mechanics do not allow players to explore bounty hunting right after starting the game. In fact, unlocking the bounties in One Piece Odyssey demands players to complete at least Chapter 1 of the game. 

The main reason is that the campaign set the stage for players to engage and learn all game elements. Moreover, bounty hunts are one of the side quests available separately from the primary campaign. For that instance, players must complete all the necessary prerequisites to initiate the bounties in One Piece Odyssey

Let’s discuss all the steps required to start these bounties in your playthrough of the game. 

Completing Chapter 1 Of The Campaign

The first thing that players need to ensure is to complete the first chapter of the One Piece Odyssey campaign. This indeed requires the completion of the game’s intro and all the effort for puzzles and fights. But in the end, it is all worth the trouble for moving one step closer to unlocking the bounties in the game. 

Chapter 1 consists of all the boss fights and puzzles to get you started. Once completed, you will unlock Chapter 2, where you must initiate the second step towards unlocking the bounty hunts in One Piece Odyssey

Find Mediator Marzin

Now that you are into the second chapter of the campaign and have reached Alabasta Tavern to receive your first bounty hunt, firstly, you need to find the Mediator Marzin. He is one of the interactable NPCs in the town of Alabasta, and you might not have trouble finding him as he is also marked on the map

Mediator Marzin Location
Mediator Marzin Location
Mediator Marzin
Mediator Marzin

To make it easier for you, Mediator Marzin will be a charming guy with round glasses, and it seems like he was expecting you. Speaking to him will allow you to initiate his questlines, which are the bounty hunts. Not just that, but these bounties will also reward players with Berries

Unlocking Bounty Hunts
Unlocking Bounty Hunts
Marzin Invitation for Bounty Hunting
Marzin Invitation for Bounty Hunting

Discover Bounty From Bulletin Board

Now that you have unlocked the bounty hunts, you must discover the available bounties from the Bulletin Board in the tavern. All you need to do is to visit the bar “Spice Bean” right in front of the Mediator Marzin and find the Bulletin Board to start your first bounty hunt

Spice Bean Tavern
Spice Bean Tavern

From here, you can either accept or reject the bounties. Moreover, after completing a particular bounty hunt, you may regularly return to the Bulletin Board to check other available bounty hunts. 

Bulletin Board to find Bounties
Bulletin Board to find Bounties.

Once your character accepts the bounty, you can discover it from your map. The game also allows players to select multiple bounties from the board and complete them with their ideal approach. 

First Bounty Hunt
First Bounty Hunt
Bounty Target Marked on Map
Bounty Target Marked on Map

Completing bounties is one of the best approaches to earning a hefty amount of in-game money, also known as Berries. Since these are side quests, bounties objectives will require you to find the culprits and defeat them to receive your cut. However, you may not be eligible to receive the complete reward as mentioned on the Bulletin Board in a tavern. 

The main reason behind it is that your straw hate pirate gang is already wanted criminals, and since you will be receiving the bounties from Mediator Marzin, he will also get his cut from every bounty. This leaves you with a 10% cut from each bounty, which seems fair and still is the best payout of Berries in One Piece Odyssey

Closing Remarks

Bounties along with numerous other unbridled attention to detail in the all-new One Piece Odyssey, are a great addition. While the game is not a cannon to the original anime, bounties ensure that players achieve the ideal playthrough experience of the crazy adventures of mercenaries during the campaign and side quests. On top of that, players will be able to achieve a 100% completionist playthrough while earning sweet Berries currency in the game. 

That is about it for our guide to unlocking bounties in One Piece Odyssey. Did you find this guide helpful in navigating the bounty questlines in the game? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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