One Piece Odyssey: Final Boss [Complete Guide]

Take a look on this guide to see the best way to finish off Adio and finally settle the world peace in One Piece Odyssey.

One Piece Odyssey: Final Boss Fight
One Piece Odyssey: Final Boss Fight

One Piece Odyssey converges to its ending with a fight against Adio, the final boss, and a fellow crew member. The last fight is probably one of the longest and toughest battles you will experience in the game. Players must build a proper strategy to fight against the final boss because this fight will be divided into two parts. Each part will require different techniques, challenging the player’s previous knowledge of the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • The final boss fight consists of two parts: the players will face Adio first and Divine Breath. 
  • The final enemy is Power Type, so using Technique Characters like Zoro, Robin, or Brook will be highly effective against him.
  • Use Power Characters like Luffy to deal direct damage while keeping Speed Characters like Nami for support.
  • Adio and Divine Breath will use signature attacks like “Tempesta” and “Thunder Shroud Freeze” to damage the crew.
  • Take care of the Thunder Storms first, as they act as a shield and prevent significant damage to the enemies.

How To Defeat The Final Boss?

Straw Hat Crew and Adio
Straw Hat Crew vs. Adio at South Beach – One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Fight

One Piece Odyssey’s story takes a plot twist when Adio emerges as the Final Boss. Adio takes control of the Divine Breath and aims to destroy the world to build a new and better one. He has to go against the Straw Hat crew to accomplish his plans. The final battle requires you to use your characters and their abilities to their best to defeat Adio. As the final battle is in two parts, each part will need you to adjust your strategies according to the enemy you are facing.


Divine Breath and Adio - One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Fight
Divine Breath and Adio at South Beach – One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Fight

One of the most challenging fights is the final boss fight of One Piece Odyssey’s story, and there is no way around that you can skip or miss this part. This mission comes in the final chapter of the game, Chapter 9: What Those Hands Grasp, right after you end up defeating the clones in the Sky Tower.

The cutscenes show that Adio took control of the Divine Breath two years ago. Now, his actual intentions became evident to the crew. Adio asks Lim to join him, but she denies it. Adio shoots Lim on this response and runs towards South Beach. The crew follows Adio to face him and the Divine Breath at the South Beach.

Players will be a chance to save the game and make the necessary preparations for the final battle. So, make sure not to miss this opportunity. 

Boss Stats

The final bosses of One Piece Odyssey are Adio and the Divine Breath. They differ in their attack types and resistances. Taking a look at the summary of their stats will surely give them an advantage in the final fight.


Adio's Grande Attack
Adio’s Attack: Grande

Adio was one of the crew members in the past. He betrays the crew later in the game and becomes the final enemy of the crew. He is a Speed Type character, but he will be a Power Type during the final boss fight in One Piece Odyssey. Players should remember a few of his abilities because he was a Straw Hat member once. His signature move is “Tempesta,” which he frequently uses in the final battle. Being a power-type character in the final battle, his major weakness is Technique Type Characters. 


Adio will use a combination of Attack and Stat Boost abilities to maximize the damage. Following is the list of common attacks by Adio you will need to look out for in the battle:

  • One of the basic attacks of Adio is a standard Attack, which will cause only a tiny amount of damage.
  • Grande: It is one of the Stat Boost abilities of Adio. This will boost the Defense Stat of Adio and Divine Breath.
  • Tempesta: One of the signature attacks of Adio. It is a storm of bullets fired by him. These bullets will bounce off mid-air before hitting the crew members to cause damage.

Basic Stats

Status Value
Attack Type Speed
HP 2290
TP 397
Attack 1321
Defense 681
Guts 597
Adio’s Basic Stats

Attack Type Resistances

Attack Type Resistance Value
Power -50
Technique 50
Speed 25
Adio’s Attack Type Resistance

Status Resistances

Status Resistance Value Status Resistance Value
Burn 45 Freeze -20
Lightning -50 Sleep 0
Faint 0 Paralyze 0
Poison 0 Charm 0
Illusion 0 Confuse 0
Adio’s Status Resistance

Divine Breath

One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Fight: Divine Breath Thunder Shroud Freeze Attack
Divine Breath Using Thunder Shroud Freeze against Straw Hat Crew

As for the Divine Breath, it is an ancient artifact with enormous weather control powers. Divine Breath can change the weather of any location and can even be a cause of havoc. Divine Breath belongs to the Power Attack Type class, and Technique Type Characters are the most effective against him. 


The Divine Breath uses several abilities to inflict damage and sabotage the crew’s abilities. These include: 

  • Whirling Storm Blade / Thunder Vortex: This attack summons Thunder Storms on the battlefield. These storms defend and nullify the crew’s attacks on Adio. 
  • Thunder Shroud Freeze: A primary attack of Divine Breath that causes Huge Frozen Rocks to fall on selected characters of the crew. This attack Paralyzes or Freezes the players making them unable to move. This attack requires a charge-up.
  • Freezing Lightning Spear: A similar but less intense attack than the Thunder Shroud Freeze. It causes minor damage to the players and does not inflict a penalty on them.

Tips For The Final Battle

Chopper's Ability: Care All
Chopper Healing his Allies using “Care All.”

Keeping in mind the enemy’s stats, we can consider tips during the battle. We will be able to use our characters efficiently and craft effective strategies using them.

  • Before the final battle begins, players can save the game and prepare the necessary items to be used.
  • During the preparation time, craft accessories that can boost HP and TP and cripple the enemy’s defenses and attack stats.
  • Upgrade each character to at least level 45, so they can be prepared for the battle. However, the recommended level for the final boss fight is level 50.
  • Destroy the Thunder Storms first because they will nullify your attack on the boss.
  • Use a proper combination of Technique Type characters as they are most effective against the boss.
  • Using Luffy is a good choice in the Power type category as his Gear 4 “Gum Gum King Cobra” and “Gum Gum King Kong Gun” deal decent damage.
  • Keep using the Support characters to heal and boost your characters during the battle.

Final Battle

Once you get fully prepared for the fight, head towards South Beach. The crew realizes the nature of Adio and plans to defeat him. As you reach South Beach, Adio will be there, prepared to fight you. Although it looks like Adio is the final boss in One Piece Odyssey, you will have to defeat Adio first and then the Divine Breath during the fight. Therefore, we have divided this fight into two parts. Both the enemies are Power Type; different approaches are required to counter them.

First Part – Defeat Adio

Adio Takes Control Of Divine Breath
Adio Takes Control Of Divine Breath

During the first battle, you will encounter Adio, who has taken control of the Divine Breath. Adio will spawn two Thunder Storms on the battleground using the Divine Breath’s ability called Thunder Vortex. These storms will act as a shield for Adio and boost his health and other stats. 

Destroy Thunder Storms
Divine Breath's Thunder Vortex in One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Fight
Thunder Vortex – Divine Breath

The approach we suggest you follow here is focused on an aggressive game style. Your priority should be to destroy those thunderstorms, as they will cause a lot of hindrances. These storms will block your direct attacks on the enemy. They will inflict status damages to your crewmates, like Bleeding. This will not directly decrease the health, but it will bring down the Attack Stats. Keep healing your crewmates to effects them as much as possible. A few strong attacks will be enough to eliminate these storms.

Defeating Adio
Tempesta - Adio's Attack
Tempesta – Adio’s Attack

Once you have eliminated the Thunder Storms, then you can focus on Adio. Although the Divine Breath is along Adio, he will not be taking any damage from your attacks in the first phase. Nevertheless, Adio will use Divine Breaths’ powers to attack your team. Being a Power Type in this final battle, any attack by Technique Type characters like Zoro, Robin, or Brook will significantly damage him. Therefore, your frontline should consist of Power and Technique types, while the Speed type should stay backward for passive attacks. You can combine various battle strategies. The two primary attacks of Gear 4 Luffy: Gum Gum King Cobra and Gum Gum King Kong Gun, will help drain his health.

You need to be cautious of the Divine Breath’s attacks because they will deal considerable damage. Divine Breath will charge up for the Thunder Shroud Freeze attack, and your targeted characters will be marked. You can either adopt a defensive move to counter them, heal them or switch them in the upcoming rounds. Adio’s Tempesta will deal damage to your whole crew.

As this game is based on a turn-based battle system, we suggest using healing abilities, accessories, and Support characters like Tony Tony side by side to buff your teammates. This fight will take a heavy toll on your team, and adequate support is necessary to win it. Do not hesitate to use all your items because they will be useless after this fight!

Second Part – Defeat Divine Breath

After an intense battle with Adio, the Divine Breath will elude his control. This will cause Divine Breath to go berserk, and he will become a problem for the Straw Hat crew. The battle will begin, and Divine Breath will summon two more Thunder Storms. A Wind Wall will also emerge around the Divine Breath, protecting it from direct attacks. 

Destroy Wind Wall Of Divine Breath
Divine Breath's Wall of Wind in One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Fight
Divine Breath Protecting Itself Using Wind Wall

You can use the same strategy as you did for the Thunder Storms during the fight with Adio. These storms will do the same Bleeding effect and low damage to your crew. Once the storms vanish, your next target is the Wind Wall of Divine Breath. A few aggressive attacks will drain its health, and the wind wall will disappear once its health falls below 50%.

Divine Breath – Vulnerable State
Divine Breath Vulnerable State
Divine Breath’ Fallen On Ground (Vulnerable State)

In this phase, the Divine Breath will become more vulnerable and fall to the ground to recover its health. Having nothing to protect the Divine Breath will give you a chance to deal as much damage to it as you can. The health bar will become full once it falls to the ground, but it will not be able to make any attack for the next two rounds. You have to use attacks that can deal maximum damage in this state. Using buffs to boost your Attack Stat will prove beneficial before this stage, as they will help deal massive damage in the following two rounds.

If you miss this chance and fail to drain its health completely during the two rounds, the Divine Breath will recover and rise to the sky with a wall of wind protecting it again. In this scenario, you will have to repeat the whole process and bring it down to the ground. However, after each cycle, the Divine Breath will become weaker, and you will be able to defeat it in a few tries.

One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Divine Breath - Defeated
One Piece Odyssey Final Boss Divine Breath – Defeated

Once you finish off the Divine Breath, a cut scene begins, and the game progresses toward its ending. The cutscene will feature a final fight between Luffy and Adio. Afterward, you can complete the rest of the objectives, including leaving the island. Defeating the final boss will conclude the journey of the One Piece Odyssey.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the best tips, weaknesses, and battle strategies to defeat the final boss of the One Piece Odyssey. The fight is undoubtedly tricky, but it’s entertaining as well. This fight judges the player’s overall game experience and is one of the longest fights. Finishing the final boss will complete all the main objectives of the game. Afterward, you can start over to complete all the other side quests of the game.

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