One Piece Odyssey All Skills: Definitive Guide

Find out all about the skills honed by nine of our favorite characters in One Piece Odyssey!

One Piece Odyssey All Skills

Today we are going to discuss a very intriguing topic, “One Piece Odyssey All Skills” which as the name suggests, talks about all of the skills utilized by our playable characters in the game. There are nine playable characters, each having their own set of unique skills and Special Arts.

As you play the game and progress through the story mode, you’ll find yourself emerged in fierce battles. During some of those battles, you’ll be accompanied by different characters. These characters can be called Guest Characters, they do not stick permanently by your side. Instead, they only help you in certain fights and tasks.

You’ll be able to play with the following nine characters in One Piece Odyssey;

  1. Monkey D. Luffy
  2. Roronoa Zoro
  3. Nami
  4. Usopp
  5. Sanji
  6. Tony Tony Chopper
  7. Nico Robin
  8. Franky
  9. Brook

My guide will be going through all of these characters alongside their skills and Special Arts.

Key Takeaways

  • There are nine playable characters, and each of them can use special skills and abilities.
  • During your progression through the game, different characters will aid you in your battles.
  • There are seven Guest Characters who will fight by your side.
  • The playable characters can use four abilities or more.
  • The type of skills varies from player to player.
  • You’ll need specific Cube Fragments to upgrade a player’s skills.
  • There are two types of skills; Battle Skills and Field Skills.
  • Battle skills can only be used during combat. Its function fits well with the name “Battle Skills.”
  • Field Skills are prompted when a player is in an environment that supports the type of skill.
  • You’ll know what type of skill you can use when a message pops up.
  • To use the skills, you will need Tension Points or TP which can be identified as Mana Points or MP.

The Core Basics of Using Skills

You’ll notice two gauges next to your character; Health Guage and TP Gauge. When we’re talking about Battle Skills, which can only be used in combat. You can use the skills you have unlocked by pressing the right button on the D-Pad.

It will show you all the skills you have unlocked for a specific character. Once you have a variety of skills you can use, you will need to press the X button on the skill you need to choose. The type of skill you use will either affect you, your allies, or your opponents.

For instance, you can choose to heal and buff your teammates, or you can deal with a single most devastating damage-dealing attack on the target. Might I add that there is another type that can deal with AOE damage?

How To Make Your Battle Skills More Effective

In order to increase the effects of your skills, you will have to upgrade your Battle Skills respectively. As you wander across the world, you’ll find cube fragments scattered in some parts of the world/map.

The Cube Fragments can also be obtained from battles you fight. The best way to obtain cubes is from the main story and mini-bosses. To use the cube fragments salvaged from battles and the map, players can open the menu and select the character. From there, you can select the respective skill and upgrade it.

If you’re happy that you’ve collected a bucket of Cubes, you’ll be disappointed to find out they can only be used for specific characters. I will now quote a random example. Let’s say you obtained Cube A and Cube C, and you have character A and Character B. You cannot use Cube C for Characters A and B unless you have the same Character C as the Cube.

In simpler terms, cube fragments are special for characters and can only support their respective characters.

One Piece Odyssey All Skills

Now we’ll be talking about our favorite characters and their skills because you are aware of the basic fundamentals of One Piece Odyssey. As I have said before, there are nine playable characters and each of them can use four or more skills.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy
Luffy in his base form!

Almost everyone is familiar with our famous Straw Hat Pirate Luffy, whose goal is to become a Pirate King someday. Accompanied by his crew mates, Luffy sets sail to achieve his goal. During his early childhood, Luffy gained the remarkable abilities of the Gum-Gum Fruit.

He accidentally ate the Legendary Fruit and gained the ability to become a fully-fledged body of rubber. He can stretch his body as far as he likes, and achieve different forms to enhance his base stats to a whole new level.

Gum-Gum Pistol

Because it is a pistol, figuratively, you can use it for long-range damage. The battle skill uses 40 TP and allows Luffy to stretch either one of his rubber arms to deal a devastating blow. It is almost similar to how a rubber band works when you stretch it long enough and then release it.

Gum-Gum Bazooka

It is a skill that uses slightly less TP (32) and has a short range as compared to the Gum-Gum Pistol. However, Luffy lodges both his stretchable arms backward and unleash a supercharged “Bazooka” toward his enemy that knocks them back a few yards.

The Pistol uses only one arm, whereas the Bazooka utilizes both Luffy’s arms to deal double the damage.

Gum-Gum Gattling

The Gattling battle skill consumes more TP out of the other two regular skills. You will need to have 50 TP in order to pull off this skill. Moreover, the skill unleashes a powerful barrage of nonstop punches that shreds the enemies like a piece of paper.

It works for close-range fights and deals damage to more than two enemies. You can say that Gum-Gum Gattling deals AOE damage. It can overwhelm opponents at times, and cause them to lose a huge chunk of their health.

The above-mentioned skills were only a fraction of what Luffy can achieve in his standard form. One Piece Odyssey has stunned the gaming community with its excellent features, graphics animations, and player experience.

Luffy can achieve Gear 2 and buff up his regular attacks at the cost of higher TP and with an addition of a new skill that replaces the Gum-Gum Gattling.

Gear 2

All this talk about Gear 2 makes it sound like Luffy is a car and we’re shifting his Gears from 1-5 (assume we all cracked a smile after reading this). Luffy can shift to Gear 2 by utilizing 5 TP.

Once the animation starts, Luffy will slam his fist on the ground, his body emanating heat, allowing him to enter Gear 2. Below are Luffy’s Skills after entering Gear 2.

Gum-Gum Jet Pistol

A new and improved version of the Gum-Gum Pistol, this one costs 45 TP to use and as usual, it is a long-range skill. The skill works exactly the same as the standard, however, with a few enhancements, the Jet Pistol delivers more damage than the latter.

Luffy will stretch his arms backward and charge them with enough power to deal an immense blow to the enemy. You will notice that it looks similar to how a father whips their son with a belt! (insert moon emoji here).

Gum-Gum Jet Bazooka

With the enhanced and improved Bazooka, Luffy will strike his enemy after stretching both his arms backward to act as a strong spring that will knock the enemy back upon impact. After the charge, Luffy will appear close to the enemy and smash them like a Hammer! The cost to use this will utilize 70 TP.

Gum-Gum Jet Whip

Remember the new addition of skill I talked about earlier? Gum-Gum Jet Whip is unlike the others. Luffy closes the distance with his enemies and jumps in the air while stretching his leg to deliver a wave of insane damage.

It works as an AOE skill that can damage more than one enemy. Gum-Gum Jet Whip utilizes 75 TP, which is the highest TP he can consume to use his skill.

Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro
Zoro in his famous Three-Sword Style stance!

One of Luffy’s many loyal companions or crew members, Roronoa Zoro was the first character Luffy came across during his venture across the world. Zoro was found latched onto a wooden pole with his hands and waist tied with ropes when Luffy decided to rescue him on one condition; if he would join Luffy and become his first Pirate Crew Member.

Oni Giri

Zoro equips all three of his swords and enters his legendary Three-Sword Style stance to cause a fierce three-blade strike toward his opponent. It is a basic move that utilizes 12 TP and is best used for close-range attacks. Zoro is a professional swordsman and his uniqueness allows him to use three swords simultaneously.

Tiger Trap

The skill deals devastating damage to any opponent that stands in Zoro’s path. It uses a whopping 38 TP to use. Zoro shifts his stance in a tiger position, so to say, and moves two of his swords behind his left shoulder. He then strikes his opponents with a devastating blow almost resembling a hammer strike!

Dragon Twister

With this skill, Zoro takes away 30 TP, considerably less than the Tiger Trap, and creates a tornado to deal insane damage. He moves his swords in front of the enemy, and slashes them! the attack causes an AOE damage and strikes more than one opponent!

Three Thousand Worlds

I personally find this a unique skill for Zoro. He puts his swords together and spins them really fast to create a spinning force of true devastation. He then aims the swords toward his opponents as he dashes forward in an instant, dealing AOE damage. The skill utilizes a whopping 80 TP.

Lion Song

Consuming 6 TP, Zoro follows a cool animation and unsheathes his sword followed up with an instant Sheathe that swiftly strikes a single target.

108 Pound Phoenix

Following a similar stance as the Tiger Trap, Zoo emits a blue agonizing aura and spins his body really fast. He then strikes the enemy causing them to lose more than half of their health! 108 Pound Phoenix uses 50 TP.

Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri

Zoro initiates a deadly demon form and clenches his swords together behind his back, followed by a deadly dash that emits a purple aura. The animation leaves a ray of X-marked aura that slices the enemy causing them to bleed! The Charming Demon Sleepless Night Onigiri utilizes 65 TP!


Also known as the Two-Sword Style Lai Rashomon, consumes 74 TP and follows the same pattern as Lion Song. However, it deals significantly more damage than the latter. Zoro takes out his sheathed sword and strikes his opponent. After the animation, the damage inflicts as soon as Zoro Sheathes his swords!

Ultra Tiger Trap

Similar to the standard Tiger Trap, Zoro places his swords behind his left shoulder and proceeds to strike his opponent in a downward stroke. Ultra Tiger Trap deals more damage and causes AOE damage consuming 110 TP.

Ashura Silver Mist

Also known as Demon Aura Nine-Sword Style, Ashura Silver Mist allows Zoro to summon an animation of Nine Swords and run toward the enemy to deliver nine consecutive blows in an instant! The move instantly takes away more than half of the opponent’s health bar!

Purgatory Onigiri

Zoro takes his initial form to charge up a devastating attack causing the enemies to bleed in an AOE. After charging his attack, Zoro dashes forward in an instant and slices the enemies in half!

Black Rope Dragon Twister

Also known as Three-Sword Style, Black Rope Dragon Twister allows Zoro to dash forward and form a wave that causes multiple enemies to fly up in the air and fall down.

Death Lion Song

Also known as One-Sword Style Lai, Death Lion Song is an enhanced version and a solid improvement of the Lion Song, which allows Zoro to use only one sword and dash toward the enemy.

He then throws them up in the air followed by multiple barrages of sword attacks in the form of a neverending tornado. Once the enemy is in the air and faces the barrage of sword attacks, Zoro quickly reaches the ground and deals a single devastating strike from his sword while sluggishly sheathing his sword back!

1080-Caliber Phoenix

Zoro lunges into the air and prepares for a deadly Three-Sword Style Strike. It is a long-range attack where Zoro swings his swords in the air and a dazzling but deadly blue wave of force shreds his opponents dealing AOE damage! He then proceeds to say, “I’m not done yet!” in Japanese.

The Billion-Fold World Trichiliocosm

A lengthy but deadly move, also one of Zoro’s Secret Art, allows Zoro to form a spinning wave of death with his Three Swords. He then lunges forward in the air toward the enemies with his spinning swords in the front, and knocks them out!


A devilish smirk after successfully using her skill “Thief!”

Nami was also recruited by Monkey D. Luffy to accompany him through his journey of becoming the Pirate King. She is an ex-con who desires to create a world map and works as a navigator for Luffy and his crew.

She does not show an incredible set of skills during the One Piece Arc. However, deems herself worthy of being an excellent navigator for the team!


When you use her Thief skill which costs 10 TP, Nami will dash toward the enemy and steal berries. An orange aura illuminates around the opponent and Nami looks behind while saying, “All mine!” after she successfully steals!

Berries can be used for buying meals and different accessories in One Piece Odyssey.

Cyclone Tempo

Nami will take her normal stance and use her Cross-shaped weapon as a boomerang to smack her target and deal short but huge damage.

Mirage Tempo

Using Mirage Tempo, Nami can temporarily increase her Defence and allow her teammates to dodge certain attacks thrown by the opponents. You can use the skill for long-range buffs. She has a long pole to cast her skills.

Thunder Bolt Tempo

With her incredibly long pole, Nami strikes it on the ground as hard as she can, and creates a tactical thunderbolt to paralyze her target. The lightning that strikes can take down multiple targets in an AOE.

Swing Arm

Nami can thunder charge her pole and cause it to emanate lightning in a spiraling form that spins around the top of her pole. She then strikes her opponents with a devastating blow that knocks them back a few yards.

Happiness Punch

Nami stands in a seductive stance and blows a kiss toward the enemy. The kiss upon impact, causes the enemies to take damage. However, there are a few instances where Nami can miss the target, causing the skill to fail.

Mirage Tempo Fata Morgana

Nami will blink at her opponents while moving her pole in a mesmerizing path that will create two clones of herself to confuse the target. After impact, the target will be confused and unable to do anything. Similar to Happiness Punch, Mirage Tempo Fata Morgana can also fail to render the opponents useless!

Thunder Lance Tempo

With this skill, Nami will swing her pole in the air and cause multiple lightning clouds to surround her opponents. The clouds will burst into lighting and deal AOE damage to multiple targets.

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His signature fake move!

While Usopp tends to be more of a coward and crybaby in the One Piece series, he uses his signature long-range Y-shaped stick to strike his opponents with ammunition which can be in the forms of stones and pellets. Usopp appears to be loud and annoying in the series, but he deems himself stronger when faced with enemies equal to his abilities. However, he will run away from bigger opponents and hide behind his allies.

Exploding Star

In one of Usopp’s special attacks, Exploding Star uses a pellet struck from his slingshot weapon that explodes upon impact. The effects cause a lingering burn effect on the opponent and use 10 TP.

Rubber Band of Doom

A funny yet deadly skill, Usopp will use a rubber band stretched from his thumb and leave a powerful impression that it’ll do insane damage. However, when the animation starts, the rubber falls to the ground, only to confuse the enemy. After that, the target is confused and faints after taking in damage.

Usopp’s Hammer

Usopp jumps in the air and strikes the enemy with his mighty hammer and bonks their head. The enemy is knocked back a few inches.

Exploding Star

A new and improved version that takes on the same name, exploding star uses a fiery pellet that is launched toward the enemy and blazed in orange flames that deal a burning effect to the opponents. The pellet explodes on impact!

Smoke Star

Utilizing the same pattern of all of Usopp’s skills, Smoke Star hits the target at devastating speed and causes smoke to arise, leaving the opponents visually impaired.

Usopp Pound

Instead of a small hammer, Usopp summons a gigantic hammer that he uses to jump in the air and smash the opponent’s head! He then proceeds to mock them with a rhetorical question, “How do you like that!?”

Sunflower Star

Usopp takes on a fighting stance and pulls the rubber from his slingshot back and loads it with a pellet that splits before hitting the target. The spilled pellets hit the target before exploding and leaving a devastating blow.

Golden Pound

Summoning a 10-ton hammer from nowhere, Usopp struggles to lift the giant hammer before proceeding to hit the enemies on the head!

Firebird Star

The pellet launched from Usopp’s weapon transforms into a phoenix and explodes upon impact. Firebird Star strikes a burning effect on multiple targets.


A professional cook and master of “Kick” attacks!

One of Monkey D. Luffy’s star crew members, Sanji keeps a lit cigarette in his mouth and prepares one of the finest dishes in the world. Sanji uses his legs to attack his opponents and can deal devastating damage. He is also charmed by females and is sometimes called a pervert by one of his crew members.

Mouton Shoot

Sanji will use one of his legs to kick the opponent knocking them back a few feet. The base skill uses 18 TP to use and leaves a mark on the enemies!

Basses Cote

Sanji leaps into the air followed by a powerful kick on the opponent’s shoulders.

Veau Shot

During this skill, Sanji will rush toward the enemy and spin during animation before proceeding to roundhouse kick his opponent right in his face!


Sanji will once again leap into the air and place one of his legs forward before spinning extremely fast and unleashing a mighty kick that causes the opponent to faint!

Party Table Kick Course

Similar to Concasser, Sanji will spin both of his legs with his hands on the ground allowing his legs to keep in the air whilst spinning. The skill causes damage to multiple targets during a handstand!

Premiere Hache

Sanji spins on the ground extremely fast and charges up his leg to deliver a powerful jump kick to the opponent leaving them scarred from the flames.

Flamebage Shot

Sanji charges his kick with Diable Jambe and strikes his opponent with a flaming kick. His legs flare up with fire and cause burn to the opponent upon impact.

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Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper
Chopper in his base form!

Every crew needs a medical attendant for their journey! Tony Tony Chopper fills the position of a doctor for Monkey D. Luffy’s crew. Similar to Luffy eating the Gum-Gum fruit, Chopper also ate a devil fruit that gave him the ability to turn into a human hybrid at will.


When one of your teammates is weakened with low Health, Chopper will utilize 60 TP to use Heal and heal one of his teammates. The proportion with which Chopper executes the attack heals 50% of the teammate’s health.

Arm Point

Chopper will transform into a reindeer and strike the enemies with his hoof to deliver a powerful blow that will cause them to faint.

Cloven Roseo

Similar to Arm Point, Chopper will transform and use his hoove to summon a pink aura that strikes his opponent on the chest and leaves a pink hoove mark that deals immense damage.

Cloven Cross

A move similar to Goku’s signature Kamehameha, Chopper uses both of his hooves to make a cross and then proceeds to unleash a cross-marked energy that knocks back the target and causes them to faint.


The previous Heal skill was only used to heal a single target, however, with another variation of Heal skill, Chopper can restore the health of two of his injured teammates by 70%. You can choose to select two of your teammates whom you want to heal.

Cloven Roseo Metele

A powerful version of the Cloven Cross, Chopper uses his hooves to draw forth a barrage of endless punches that deal a storm of damage to the opponent! At the end of the animation, Chopper delivers a hefty final blow.

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A shipwright for Luffy’s crew!

A carpenter for repairing Monkey D. Luffy’s ship, Franky is also a senior officer and the eighth member of Luffy’s crew.

Weapons Left

Franky is a part cyborg so he can use his body as a weapon. The above skill allows Franky to use his left arm as a battling gun that fires ammunition toward a single target multiple times.

Cola Charge

Franky lifts a bottle in his left arm and inserts it inside his stomach to buff his attacks for three consecutive turns. His attacks will deal more damage!

Coup De Vent

Franky sticks his left arm in the air and uses it to vacuum all the air inside the hole in his palm and launches a powerful air cannon that deals damage to the opponent. The skill can deplete more than half of the enemy’s health.

Strong Cola Charge

A new and improved version of the Cola Charge, Franky can further increase his attacks for three turns allowing him to deal more damage than his normal attacks!

Franky Fire Ball

Due to the bottle of alcohol stuffed inside Franky’s stomach, he can now breathe fire which he hurls toward his enemy.

Nipple Light Special

A funny and embarrassing skill that allows Franky to emit a light blinds the target for a few seconds while dealing damage.

Franky Cannon

The skill summons two huge canons from Franky’s shoulders that shoot multiple blasts and causes the target to burn. The attack deals AOE damage to multiple targets.

Max Cola Charge

Similar to the Cola Charge skills, Franky can further increase his attacks to the maximum. Now storing three bottles inside his stomach, Franky can deal devastating damage to his opponents.

Franky Radical Beam

Two powerful beams strike the opponents twice before knocking them back to the ground. The beam is emitted when Franky forms a circle from both his hands and can be used for all ranges.

Franky Iron Boxing

As the name suggests, Franky unleashes a barrage of super punches that hit the target at insane speeds and causes them to faint after the animation finishes.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin
Robin using Treinta Fleurs Flip!

Also known as the Devil Child, Nico Robin is the seventh member of Monkey D. Luffy’s crew. She is a professional Archaeologist who ate the Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit that gave her powers to replicate and reproduce her body parts. 

Treinta Fleurs Flip

With Treinta Fleurs, Robin can cast flowers from the Earth that summon a set of four to five hands to strike the enemy down.

Dos Fleurs Grab

The skill allows Robin to cast two huge hands behind the enemy that proceed to grab the enemy in a deadly lock.

Cien Fleur Delphinium

Similar to the Treinta Fleurs Flip, Robin can summon magical flowers from the earth. They rush toward the enemy and spring from the ground to deal damage from both sides! It is a long-range skill that deals AOE damage to the opponents.

Ochenta Fleurs Cuatro Mano Skill

Robin summons a pair of two giant hands on both sides of the enemy. The hands form a hammer joined together with two palms and slam the enemy from both sides.


Brook using his Three-Verse Humming Arrow Notch Slash!

A funny and intriguing skeleton in One Piece, Brook is a living breathing skeleton with no skin! He is also a swordsman but does not outrank Zoro in his swordsmanship. Brook gained the power of the dead (he was brought back to life by the Devil Fruit) and can control the souls of others as well as his own soul. He is the ninth and final member of Monkey D. Luffy’s crew!

Three Verse Humming Arrow Notch Slash

Brook uses a sword that’s disguised as an umbrella stick. He can unsheathe the sword and walk past his enemy slowly to use the three-verse humming arrow notch slash. Once the animation is complete, Brook sheathes his sword and slashes his enemy causing them to take maximum damage!

Lullaby Parry

Brook takes out a violin and leaps into the air. He then plays a beat and causes the enemy to fall into a deep sleep. Sometimes the skill tends to miss its target, so you need to be wary of that!

Soul Solid

He unsheathes his sword and says, “Soul Solid” while piercing his enemy with a layer of ice shards!

New World

Instead of a violin, Brook takes out a fancy shark-shaped guitar and plays a beat that increases the attack stat of his teammates including his own!

Song of Scratches Blizzard Slice

Brook unsheathes his sword and slowly takes a few steps toward the opponents before sheathing his sword. When the animation ends, you can see shards of ice pop up from the earth and pierce the enemies! It is an AOE skill that damages multiple targets.


And that was all from my side! Now I will end my One Piece Odyssey All Skills guide and let the players handle it from here! With no doubt, all of you will be able to gain access to the nine playable characters in the game and use their special skills in battle! If you want to read all about the characters in the game, you can proceed to check our guide on One Piece Odyssey Characters Explained.

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