One Piece Odyssey: The Truth About Eye-Lashes Walkthrough

In this One Piece Odyssey: The Truth About Eyelashes Guide, we'll show you step by step method of completing the quest.

The Truth About Eye-Lashes
The Truth About Eye-Lashes

One Piece Odyssey is looking out to be one of the best RPG games of 2022 that are set in the world of One Piece. Being an RPG game, there are a lot of side quests to engage in and earn some rewards. In this article, we will be providing tips on how to complete a side quest in the game called One Piece Odyssey The Truth About EyeLashes.

This quest is straightforward as compared to others in the game but returning back to the quest giver is where most players get confused. The guide below will help you to finish this quest without much difficulty.

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Key Takeaways

  • Go to the Great Sandy Desert to get the quest from the NPC called Saien.
  • The reward for the quest is 30,000 Berries, Saien’s Necklace, and Eye-Lashes Record Cube.
  • Follow the story path to find Eye-Lashes in the Great Sandy Dunes.
  • Defeat the bandits guarding Eye-Lashes.
  • Report back to Saien to complete the quest and receive the rewards.

About The Quest

About the quest

You may be wondering whose eye-lashes this quest is talking about, so, to clear your confusion, these are the comically long eye-lashes of the bait (camel) in this game, whom you’re going to search throughout the world for the quest. This camel will give you a tough time finding it because the game doesn’t provide you with enough info to find it.

The location of this side story is the Central Sandy Desert. You need to look for the NPC called Saien to assign you the quest, then go to the ruins to start your search to find the camel. Once you find it, you’ll need to fight the bandits who’re guarding it and then report back to Saien to complete the quest.

Here are the rewards offered by the NPC in One Piece Odyssey The Truth About EyeLashes quest:

  • Eye-Lashes’ Record Cube
  • Saien’s Necklace
  • 30,000 Berries

      How To Complete The Quest

      In this section, we’ll give you some steps to help you in completing the One Piece Odyssey The Truth About EyeLashes side quest. We’ll also put in some useful information and tips regarding the quest.


      Step 1: Find The Quest Giver

      Great Sandy Desert

      You’ll find the quest giver, Saien, at the Great Sandy Desert where you’ll be reached with the help of the game’s map. He’s sitting on a cliff, wearing spectacles and a purple turban.

      Saien will do a dialogue with you and tell you about the experiment he’s conducting on the animals and he will need your help to complete his research process. He says he’s researched Sandora dragons and has left a camel as bait to draw the dragon. But the camel has escaped and so has the dragon after it, so he wants you to find the camel and return it back to him.

      He’ll also ensure to reward you and then tell you to go to the location which is at the north side of the Sandy ruins where you can find the camel’s footprints and, ultimately, the camel with the long eye-lashes.

      Northern part of the Great Sandy Desert

      Step 2: Talk To the Camel

      Talk to camel and fight with bandits

      In the Great Sandy Desert, you’ll see that camel is surrounded by bandits. Their main aim is to take the camel to the circus as it’ll be a great source of entertainment for their audience and bring money to these guys.

      After you begin talking to them, they’ll realize that you want to take the camel away from them and return it to its owner. When they do, they’ll take out their armaments and start fighting with you.

      You have to defeat these enemies by fighting them with bravery. After defeating them, you’ll get the chance to talk with the camel.

      As the camel is also being chased by the Sandora dragon, he’ll be grateful to you for saving him from these enemies and the dragon too by killing it.

      Step 3: Tell Everything to Saien

      Report to Saien

      Once the fight is over, you will again go to the Great Sandy Desert and give the report about everything back to Saien that has happened at the previous location. Saien will ask you about the dragon which he was finding mainly. You’ll tell him that you already defeated his dragon prior to taking the quest.

      But Saien won’t get depressed over the news as you’d expect, and instead see it as another part of his research. For helping him with his research, he will give you the promised rewards. Once this is done, the quest will be completed and you’ll be allotted the rewards.

      Quest Results

      Final Thoughts

      In this One Piece Odyssey guide, we gave you all the relevant information related to The Truth About Eye-Lashes quest. Just remember the locations of both the NPC and the camel as the game doesn’t mark them for you. With that said, by following these steps you’ll easily be able to complete the quest in no time.  

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