One Piece Odyssey Trophy Guide [Full List]

Complete guide for all trophies in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Trophy
Trophy guide for all trophies in One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG with many treasures, fights, and trophies to pursue. Anime enthusiasts enjoy this game as it follows the anime One Piece. Here is how you can collect each trophy.

Key takeaways:

  • One Piece Odyssey offers trophies to gather as a collectible.
  • There are a total of 51 trophies in the game, none of which can be collected online. All of the trophies are offline and must be collected in single-player mode.
  • The trophies can be divided into 3 categories: General, Secret, and Cube Collector.
  • Players may miss certain trophies if they play the game intuitively, so they should pay special attention to avoid missing them.
  • Most trophies are easy to collect if a player knows what he is looking for.

Further, the trophies in One Piece Odyssey have the same logic as in other adventure games: trophies create interesting side quests in the game. So, a player can go after if he is exhausted from continuing the story consistently.

Therefore, there are 51 trophies in One Piece Odyssey for the players to collect. If you are a serious gamer and enjoy playing One Piece, you must go after all these trophies to progress the game completely.

Chest placed in One Piece Odyssey
Unlocking a Red treasured chest

Additionally, trophies can be categorized into general, secret, and cube collector categories.

Firstly, players can achieve general trophies by undertaking basic actions. However, secret trophies are more difficult to obtain, and players receive cube trophies by collecting cube fragments.

General Trophy Guide

Whether you desire to complete One piece Odyssey to the full, or your exploring nature wants you to collect all trophies the game has to offer, you must know that the task at hand is easy.

Additionally, all of the trophies can be collected on the first or second attempt. However, some secret trophies are there to make trophy collection a bit harder; otherwise, it is a straight road.

Players collect general trophies by undertaking basic actions offered in the game. Here are all the game’s general trophies and how you can find them.

  • Odyssey Master – A symbolic trophy for a true adventurer
  • Pit Stop Pro – Clear all the side stories
  • Certified Fray Fixer – Clear all the memory links
  • Trick Ball Whiz – Make all the trick balls
  • Battle Master – Win 300 battles
  • Journeyman Cook – Make 10 recipes
  • Chasing Champion – Fuse 30 accessories
  • Jewelry master – Make an accessory with 4 effects
  • Journeyman hunter – Turn in 10 bounties
  • Party Animal – Have 30 parties
  • Savings Savant – Obtain a total of 20,000,00 berries
  • Singular Strike – Dish more than 10,000 damage to a single enemy
  • Iron Door Slicer – Use Zoro’s door slice to cut 20 doors
  • Archaeologist’s Appraisal – Use Robin to collect 20 items with Archaeologist’s Appraisal
  • Treasure Sensor – Collect 25 items with Nami using the treasure sensor
  • Victor – Win 50 battles
  • High Leveler – Get every character to complete level 70
  • Bounty Hunter – Turn in all of the bounties
  • Top Cook – Make all of the recipes
  • Treasure Hunter – Open all of the treasure chests that are locked
  • Trick Ball Beginner – Make 20 trick balls
  • Craft Enthusiast – Fuse 5 accessories
  • I smell an adventure! – Clear 10 side stories
  • Fixed a Fray – Clear 5 memory links
  • Bond Battler – Activate 20 bond arts
  • Gum-Gum Rocket – Travel with Gum-Gum rocket 100 times
  • Usopp’s Slingshot – Use Usopp’s shot 100 times
  • Cook’s Nose – Collect 25 items with Sanji using Cook’s Nose
  • Franky Skywalk – Build a bridge with Frank Skywalk 10 times

These trophies can be quickly received if the player knows what he is looking for. However, two trophies should test a player’s skill.

Bond Battler Trophy

The Bond Battler trophy demands extreme boss fights to complete. Therefore, to get this trophy, utilize the Bond Arts for boss fights as they help recover the bond meter. Equally important, efficient utilization of Bond Arts is all you need to worry about for this trophy.

Treasure Sensor Trophy

The Treasure Sensor is a daunting trophy to hold, and this happens only when a player has a habit of overlooking locked treasure chests at first glance. Therefore, to guarantee the award of the Treasure Sensor trophy always unlock the Red Treasure chests, you come across in the gameplay.

Secret Trophy

One Piece Odyssey has some trophies that are difficult to find and we refer to them as Secret Trophies. Besides, the game awards these trophies mostly after completing a chapter. The purpose of these trophies is not to inform the player about how much of the game remains, but to keep them intrigued.

Although collecting trophies is easy, players may discover some of them after engaging in combat.

Below are the secret trophies and how a player can get his hands on them.

  • Chapter 2 Clear – Complete the second chapter
  • Chapter 3 Clear – Complete the third chapter
  • Chapter 4 Clear – Complete the fourth chapter
  • Chapter 5 Clear – Complete the fifth chapter
  • Chapter 6 Clear – Complete the sixth chapter
  • Chapter 7 Clear – Complete the seventh chapter
  • Chapter 8 Clear – Complete the eighth chapter
  • Final Chapter Clear – Complete the final chapter
  • Challenge Enemy Beginner – Defeat one powerful challenging enemy
  • Challenge Enemy Conqueror – Defeat all the powerful challenging enemies more than once
  • Escape is Victory – Run away from three ongoing battles.

Most of these trophies do not require arduous work so, on their direct pursuit, you should be able to get hold of most of these. This applies to most One Piece Odyssey Trophies.

Powerful enemy in One Piece Odyssey
Fighting a powerful enemy in One Piece Odyssey

There are two secret trophies that might be hard to find in first attempt.

Challenge Enemy Conqueror

Possibly, the hardest secret trophy is the Challenge Enemy Conqueror. This trophy requires defeating all powerful enemies more than once. The player will receive a trophy after defeating these enemies even once.

Escape is Victory Trophy

Most players are unable to get one trophy: Escape is Victory trophy. A player receives the trophy after running away from at least three battles, so players must be counter-intuitive to obtain it while playing One Piece Odyssey.

Cube Collector Trophy

One Piece Odyssey game area is flooded with shining green cube-shaped ornaments. These cubes are referred to as Cube Fragments. Likewise, Cube Fragments are also collectibles that exists to make the game more fluid and active.

They name them differently in the game based on their location. A player receives a trophy after he has collected all the cube fragments. Therefore, the trophy signifies completing the Cube Fragment hunt.

Cube fragment collection One Piece Odyssey
Collecting cube fragments in One Piece Odyssey

A player must refer to the map to locate the fragments and then collect them using the ‘Square’ button on PS to collect these fragments. Break all containers that come your way and continue to explore. Eventually, you will get all of them.

Likewise, collecting each Cube Fragment earns a different trophy. Also, players can receive 10 out of the total trophies in One Piece Odyssey by collecting cube fragments. So, here are all the trophies and how to collect them.

  • Collector – Collect 99 Yaya Cubes
  • Cube Collector Luffy – Collect 50 Luffy’s cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Zoro – Collect 50 Zoro’s cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Nami – Collect 30 Nami’s cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Usopp – Collect 40 Usopp’s cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Sanji – Collect 40 Sanji’s cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Chopper – Collect 30 Chopper cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Robin – Collect 30 Robin cube fragments
  • Cube collector Franky – Collect 30 Franky’s cube fragments
  • Cube Collector Brook – Collect 6 Brooky’s cube fragments

Note that, it is essential to mention that all the Cube Collector trophies are bronze. This is because only a little time is required to collect Cube Fragments, and finding cubes is also manageable.

Ending Notes

Finally, the collection of trophies in One Piece Odyssey should be a fun experience. The trophies are collected with relaxed mindset.

The main storyline should be progressed, but to take a break , a trophy should be pursued. Besides, the other way could collect trophies after completing the main story is to complete the game progression.

Nevertheless, it is ultimately up to the player’s discretion and trophies can be acquired in whatever way suits the player best. Also, there are many characters to play with in One Piece Odyssey. Know all of their abilities here.

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