One Shot Sniper Warzone 2 Season 3 [Loadout]

This guide contains all you need to know about the One Shot Sniper Warzone Season 3 with the best loadouts.

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Warzone Season 3 has come with the one-shot sniper rifles back in the gameplay. There are plenty of deadly weapons available in Warzone Season 3. Depending on the gameplay format, you can choose your weapons accordingly. Moreover, if you are struggling with long-range combats, you can go for sniper rifles, as these are the best choices. Here, we will guide you about the deadly One Shot Sniper Rifle Warzone Season 3.

Key Takeaways

  • Warzone Season 3 update has many new excellent weapons you can opt-in for the load-outs.
  • However, the choice of weapons for the different combats may vary from map to map.
  • As you struggle with long-range competition, you can put on the one-shot sniper rifles in the loadout.
  • There are numerous one-shot sniper rifles in season 3 of Warzone, namely FJX Imperium, MCPR-300, and Victus XMR.
  • This article will guide you about these sniper rifles’ best load-outs and combinations.

Best One Shot Sniper & Comparison

No.WeaponsFire RateMuzzle VelocityReload TimeAmmo CountADS Time
1MCPR-30041 rpm780 m/s2.60s (Tac Reload)
3.13 (Empty Reload)
10 Rounds600 ms
2Victus XMR36 rpm780 m/s2.27s (Tac Reload)
2.83s(Empty Reload)
5 Rounds625 ms

One Shot Sniper Warzone Season 3

The three different one-shot sniper rifles that are available for the Warzone Season 3 are listed below:

  • FJX Imperium One-Shot Sniper Rifle
  • MCPR-300 One-Shot Sniper Rifle
  • Victus XMR One-Shot Sniper Rifle

FJX Imperium One-Shot Sniper Rifle

FJX Imperium One Shot Sniper Rifle
FJX Imperium New One Shot Sniper Rifle Credits: ggrecon

While competing in the large area maps in Warzone Season 3, you should choose the weapons wisely. The weapons in the loadouts will determine the success of your competition in the gameplay. So, you should select the one-shot sniper rifle to kill your opponent in a single shot sharply.

FJX Imperium is the new addition to the one-shot sniper rifle in the Warzone Season 3. Moreover, having this in the loadout can be fatal to your gameplay opponents. Here is the best loadout for the FJX Imperium to overpower your enemy in a single shot in Warzone Season 3. The best loadout of the FJX Imperium One-Shot Sniper Rifle is:

BarrelFahrenheit 29
StockFJX Lux-7
BoltFJX H-Bolt
Carry HandleKeystone Handle
Ammunition408 Mag Explosive

We will shortly explain the features of each attachment of the one-shot sniper rifle in Warzone Season 3. The barrel consistency of the barrel’s internal diameter and the smoothness of its rifling, which are spiral grooves cut into the barrel, are measured by the barrel function.

Barrel: Fahrenheit 29’’

So, Fahrenheit 29’ is necessary for the projectile’s spin and stability as it descends. The barrel is influenced by the barrel’s performance, which in turn impacts the shot’s accuracy.

Also, snipers need a good barrel function because it enables them to engage targets precisely at a distance. Several bullets are fired while monitoring the dispersion of the bullet hits on the target is a standard method of testing the barrel function. Therefore, the barrel performs better when the bullet strikes are closer together.

Stock: FJX Lux-7

FJX Lux-7 might increase mobility, decrease recoil, or improve accuracy depending on the particular attachment. Moreover, to enhance their effectiveness in battle, Warzone players can equip their weapons with several branches, such as various stock kinds. However, each attachment’s precise effects can change depending on the gun and the user’s play style.

Bolt: FJX H-Bolt

FJX Imperium sniper rifles can be useful because they let the player regulate the timing and speed of their rounds, which can increase accuracy and lower the chance of being discovered by adversaries. However, using the FJX H-bolt manually can be more difficult and time-consuming to operate efficiently, and it can also slow down the firing rate.

Carry Handle: Keystone Handle

In FJX Imperium sniper rifles, a carry handle attachment is fastened to the top of the weapon, close to the receiver’s back, to carry the rifle. Other accessories, such as scope or sight, might be mounted on the carry handle.

Some sniper rifles in Warzone have the option to be customized such that they can have a carry handle attachment. Moreover, the carry handle can make it easier for the player to move around while looking down at sight. Still, it may also add weight to the weapon, decreasing its accuracy and stability.

MCPR-300 One-Shot Sniper Rifle

MCPR-300 One Shot Sniper
MCPR-300 One Shot Sniper Rifle in Warzone Season 3 Credits: Upcomer

Having a shot sniper rifle in the loadout is the best thing to tackle opponents in long-range maps. As we have explained, the FJX-Imperium sniper rifle, another one-shot sniper rifle in Warzone Season 3, is MCPR-300. Shortly, we will explain to you the best loadout for the MCPR-300.

The best loadout for the MCPR-300 should have the following attachments:

Barrel22” OMX-456
StockNil sound 90
BoltFSS OLE-V Laser
Carry Handle5-Round Mag
Ammunition300 Mag Explosive

Now, this is the best loadout for the MCPR-300 that can be used to beat the opponent in a single shot. However, due to the ammunition and the attachments on the MCPR-300, the MCPR-300 can only be chosen for a short range. Indeed, you can go for the MCPR-300 in the short and mid-range fights.

Warzone 2’s FSS Ole-V Laser and Forge Tac Delta 4 optic are recommended for an efficient MCPR-300 loadout. Moreover, this combination will greatly accelerate the weapon’s aim-down-sight (ADS) speed. Also, the 5-Round Mag will provide enough ammo to defeat your adversaries.

Moreover, the .300 Mag Armor Piercing explosive ammunition is superb for rapid, one-shot kills. This ammo may quickly dispatch enemies by penetrating armor and dealing explosive damage. Add the Nil sound 90 muzzles to the weapon to extend its range and improve accuracy. This will also increase its damaged output. Finally, this will simplify killing adversaries accurately at a distance.

Victus XMR One-Shot Sniper Rifle

Victus XMR Sniper Rifle
Victus XMR Best One Shot Sniper Rifle in Warzone Season 3 Credits: Upcomer

Along with other one-shot sniper rifles in the Warzone Season 3, the next is the Victus XMR. To use the Victus XMR as the best one-shot sniper rifle in One Shot Sniper Warzone 3, you must put in the following attachments:

Barrel Bruen Counter-Ops
StockMack 8 33.5 Super
Carry Handle50 Cal Explosive
AmmunitionBruen Q900 Grip

 So, you can put these attachments to kill your opponents in a single shot in the long-range maps of the Warzone Season 3. So, you can pick up the weapons in the Warzone Season 3. But for the long and mid-range maps, we recommend the One-Shot Sniper Warzone Season 3.

Final Remarks

This concludes our detailed discussion on One Shot Sniper Warzone Season 3. We have explained all the one-shot sniper rifles in Warzone Season 3. Moreover, the FJX Imperium is the new addition and is deadly for enemies in gameplay. So, you can choose your weapons according to the need of the gameplay. As you struggle in long-range fights, one-shot snipers are the best to put in the loadouts.

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