Top 5 Most OP Builds In Elden Ring

The most OP builds in Elden Ring

Elden Ring takes the traditional souls difficulty and combines it with a world never before seen in a fromsoft game. To tackle this, players are expected to go for builds that make the use of a stat combined with armor and weapons to make the most efficient character possible. Builds in Elden Ring vary from melee-focused strength or dex builds to builds that use faith or intelligence to deal tons of damage from afar. While Elden Ring has tons of viable builds, like Faith Builds and Strength Builds, there are some builds that just stand out due to the amount of damage they deal. In this guide, we will cover Elden Ring OP builds. We hope you find this guide useful.

Elden Ring OP builds

Radahn's Greatsword

Elden Ring’s OP are builds that are essentially broken, here we will use the skills and weapons in Elden Ring that deal the most damage and can often even get through bosses in mere seconds. While every weapon is viable in its own rights, the weapons and stats mentioned in this build are proven to deal the most damage. We will have a build for all types of players, from players that utilize strength as their primary stat to sorcerers with high intelligence.

Sword Of Night And Flame Build

Sword of night and flame is one of the strongest swords in Elden Ring. It combines a great moveset of standard greatswords and have a ridiculously powerful weapon arte. On top of all this, the sword of night and flame is also one of the coolest looking swords in Elden Ring and has many lore implications.

You can acquire the Sword of night and flame in Caria Manor. This sword requires a Strength and Dexterity level of 12 each and a Faith and Intelligence level of 25 each. We recommend base strength and dex alongside a high Intelligence or Faith depending upon your main stat.

This build has no specific armor requirements. Just a very high faith or dexterity level. The weapon arte of the sword of Night and Flame has you doing a flame attack or a comet Azure. Both these attacks do insane amounts of damage, so much so that they were the first attacks to be nerfed by Fromsoft. Despite the Nerf, the sword of Night and Flame does a lot of damage. If you use the Physic flask that gives you unlimited FP for a few seconds, you will 1-2 shot most bosses in Elden Ring.

While it may break the game and not have many PvP implications, its unreal weapon arte damage make any Elden Ring build with the Sword of night and flame an OP Elden Ring build.

Moonveil Build

Moonveil is another Elden Ring weapon that is so powerful it is almost game breaking. So much so that we have an entire guide dedicated to Moonveil. Moonveil is a Katana with intelligence scaling. Not only does it have the sick moveset of other Katanas, it also has a VERY powerful weapon arte combined. Any Elden Ring build that utilizes the Moonveil is bound to be a powerful one.

You can acquire the Moonveil after beating the final boss (magma wyrm) of the Gael Tunnel. This Katana requires a strength level of 12, a dex level of 18 and an Intelligence level of 23. It deals high intelligence and Physical damage. The moonveil is an excellent weapon for both dex builds with decent int or melee focused int builds.

The weapon arte of the Moonveil sheathes the weapon then quickly unleashes an attack that has a magic projectile with it, this attack can be a slash or a slam depending upon R1/R2. This attack does an insane amount of damage and has the ability to stagger most foes.

There are many ways to use the Moonveil when making an Elden Ring build. For a PvP build, it can be used with a shield or be dual wielded with the main focus being to use the weapon arte as soon as possible. In PvE, the Moonveil can be used as a right hand weapon, dealing high damage to ost enemies and finishing off tougher enemies and bosses in seconds using its weapon arte. Due to its multiple benefits to its very high damage, any Moonveil build is an OP build.

Bloody Slash Build

Unlike the previous 2 builds mentioned, this build focuses on pne ability that has high range, is quick, and can deal a lot of damage. The bloody slash is am Ash of war that deals a slash attack that looks very cool and deals crazy amounts of damage. It is also very quick and can be used repeatedly.

You can purchase bloody slash from the Ash of war merchant near Stormveil castle. Bloody Slash can also give your weapon the bleed affinity which can be very useful for arcane builds. Unlike most skills, bloody slash has your character cut through their wrist in the beginning of the slash and then use their blood for the slash. This means that each usage of the slash leads toa reduction in HP.

Bloody slash is viable for all sorts of scenarios. It can be used to deal a lot of damage quickly to bosses or be used against all kinds of enemies in PvE, with the ability to one shot most early-game enemies. In PvP, it can be used quickly as a means to stagger your opponent while dealing high amounts of damage. While not as strong as Moonveil’s arte, it has less requirements and can be incorporated into almost any standard melee weapon. Any build that uses the bloody slash regulary with good timing is an OP Elden Ring build.

Pure Sorcerer Build

Pure Sorcerers are extremely powerful and viable in Elden Ring. While Sorcery has always been powerful when it comes to Fromsoft games, Elden Ring takes it up a notch. Pure Sorcerers have access to spells that can be useful in every scenario and often deal unreal amounts of damage. We recommend checking out are Best Elden Ring Spells guide.

Best Faith Armor

For a Pure Sorcerer build, we recommend an intelligence of 60 alongside a good staff and a good sword. Sorcerers have access to everything from the Moonveil to Combet Azure to Loretta’s greatbow. Sorcerers have the ability to be some of the most OP Elden Ring builds.

Spells like comet azure can get through bosses in 1 to 2 hits whereas others like the slintstone shards can be used to clear hordes of enemies and be used as a means of distraction. Then there are other spells like weapon buff spells and magic weapon spells that can be absolutely devastating. From PvP to PvE, Sorcerers can excel at anything in Elden Ring. Pure Sorcerers with high intelligence are, without argument, some of the most OP Elden Ring builds.

Radahn’s Greatsword Build

This is an OP Elden Ring build for Strength players. Radahn’s sword is a colossal sword in Elden Ring that deals tons of damage, looks sick, has a crazy moveset and has powerstancing built in. This all was expected and frankly deserved after the challenging fight that was Radahn. Any Elden Ring build utlizing Radahn’s greatsword is bound to be very strong.

You can acquire the Starscorage (radahn’s) greatsword after beating Starscorage Radahn in Caelid. This weapon has a strength requirement of 38, a dex requirement of 12 and an int requirement of 15. We recommend this greatsword to endgame players with 50+ strength, maximizing this colossal sword’s potential will lead to an OP Elden Ring build.

The Starscourage greatsword has a very powerful moveset of slow, hard hitting attacks. Due to its size and slow moves, we do not recommend this sword for PvP. For PvE however, it is one of the most powerful Elden Ring weapon bound to compliment any Elden Ring build that makes use of it. It has a very powerful jump R1 and a weapon arte that deals unreal amounts of damage and looks very cool, the weapon art has you slam the weapon down causing AOE damage and then jumping up for a powerful slam attack.

On top of all this, the Starscorage greatsword also has build in powersttancing. Rather than dual wielding it, you get two colossal swords akin to what General Radahn actually wields during his boosfight. This means more combos and more high damage attacks. All in all, the Starscorage greatsword is one of the most fun and powerful swords in Elden Ring, making any Elden Ring build centred around it an OP Elden Ring build.

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