Tears of the Kingdom Orb Locations [Quest Guide]

There are seven total orbs you must find in Tears of the Kingdom during the Mysterious Eighth quest. Here are all 7 orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

Orb locations Tears of the Kingdom.
All seven orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

Legend of Zelda Tears of he Kingdom features a side quest titled “The Mysterious Eighth,” during which you must find seven orbs scattered throughout Gerudo Town. In this guide, we detail how to find all seven orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom and complete the quest.

Key Takeaways

  • The Mysterious Eighth quest in Tears of the Kingdom requires you to find seven orbs scattered throughout Gerudo Town and Kara Kara Bazaar.
  • You can start the quest right after you finish “The Heroine’s Secret” quest. Talk to Rotana after she takes you to a room with Heroine statues.
  • The first orb is right by Rotana’s feet, even before you formally start the quest. The next two orbs are in the Gerudo Shelter, one in the bar and one in the sleeping quarters.
  • The next three orbs are in Gerudo Town. One is at the end of a staircase by the Sand Seal enclosure, one at the top of a tower near Gerudo Palace, and one is given to you after you complete Dalia’s Game.
  • The last orb is in Kara Kara Bazaar and will be given to you after you find Ponthos.
  • On finding all seven orbs, you’ll unlock an eighth giant orb that you must haul to North Gerudo Ruins. Then, you’ll need to go to Gerudo Sanctuary and talk to Rotana.
  • You will receive a Silver Rupee and a Diamond for completing the Mysterious Eighth quest.

The Mysterious Eighth Quest

The Mysterious Eighth is a quest that requires you to find seven orbs scattered throughout Kara Kara Bazaar and Gerudo Town. This quest comes right after you finish “The Heroine’s Secret” and is tough to crack since the orbs are hard to locate.

To begin the quest, first, complete “The Heroine’s Secret” quest. After this, Rotana, leading you throughout the previous quest, will take you to a small chamber with several statues. Interact with her to officially begin “The Mysterious Eighth” quest.

Each of these statues has a unique symbol corresponding to the symbol on the orb you’re supposed to place. Once you have found the seven orbs, you must place them in their respective slots in the statues’ arms. This, Rotana speculates, will unleash the Eighth Heroine.

Here are all of the seven orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom.

Orb 1 Location

  • Coordinates: -3884, -2971, 0033
  1. The first orb is, interestingly, easy to find. Before you enter the Heroine chamber, while Rotana is talking to you, you’ll see an orb right by the White Stelae she was talking to. This will look like a black sphere with a specific logo on it. It’s hard to miss if you’ve noted the symbols on the statues.
  2. If you missed the orb the first time, you can always return to the room and get the orb at any time. Use the Ultrahand ability to pick this orb and take it back to the room with the Heroine statues.
  3. Then, place the orb on the palms of the statue that has the corresponding symbol.

Orb 2 Location

  • Coordinates: -3912, -2928, 0037
  1. The following orbs you can easily find within the Gerudo Shelter itself, and they don’t even require you to break the storm.
  2. First, travel to the shelter if you’re not already there. From the shelter’s main room, travel to the other end and get to the sleeping quarters. This is right by the prison and the bar; you’ll need the Ascend ability to get to it.
  3. Then, take a look at the walls. You’ll see some alcoves which serve as sleeping quarters for the people of Gerudo. At this point, you’ll see the orb in one of the sleeping quarters. Now all you need to do is get there.
  4. Right where the orb is, walk over, and stand below the sleeping quarter. Then, using the Ascend ability, go to the bed above and grab the orb with the Ultrahand ability. Then, travel back to the statues and place the orb in the appropriate Heroine statue,

Orb 3 Location

  • Coordinates: -3902, 2927, 0030
  1. This orb can be found in the Gerudo Shelter’s bar. If you recall correctly, this is close to the sleeping quarters where you get the second orb. If you’re not there anymore, travel to the right side of the Gerudo Shelter and head to the bar.
  2. Luckily, you will find the orb in the bar in an undeniable place. It’ll be right on the floor, close to an empty table. Use the Ultrahand ability to return it to the Heroine statues and place it in the corresponding statue.

Orb 4 Location

Orb locations Tears of the Kingdom Gerudo Town.
The next few orbs are in Gerudo Town. (Image captured by us)
  • Coordinates: -3878, -2899, 0047
  1. Now, you’ll need to travel to Gerudo Town via the main gate to this settlement. When you enter the town, take a sharp left and go to the Sand Seal enclosure. But don’t enter it.
  2. Here, you’ll see a small flight of stairs that, if you go down, will open into a storage space. In the storage room, you’ll find a Gerudo Spear. Look for the orb right next to this spear.
  3. Grab it with the Ultrahand ability and set it into the corresponding Heroine statue.

Orb 5 Location

  • Coordinates: -3814, -2874, 0043
  1. You won’t need to stray far from Gerudo Town for this next orb. Instead, go to the main entrance and take a sharp right this time. The orb will be very easy to spot. However, before you can pick it up, a girl named Dalia will prevent you from getting the orb.
  2. She will require you to play a game with her before she can hand the orb over to you. Once you’re done talking to her, her “game” will begin: the “Dalia’s Game” Side Quest that requires you to fish out her Sand Seal plushie hidden in the Gerudo Shelter.
  3. The plushie isn’t too hard to find. You’ll need to return to the shelter and find the room with several training dummies. The plushie will be right there in the room next to the dummies.
  4. Return this stuffed Sand Seal to Dali; she will let you have the fifth orb. Go to where you found the orb to grab it with the Ultrahand ability and travel back to the Gerudo Shelter to place it into the relevant Heroine statue.

Orb 6 Location

  • Coordinates: -3801, -2974, 0060
  1. For the 6th orb, you’ll need to travel back to Gerudo Town. This time, head to the Gerudo Palace and, right before you enter it, go to the left, and you’ll find the ruin of a long tower. Below this tower is a small cabin that lets you use Ascend to reach the tower’s very top.
  2. However, you can still climb the tower to the roof if you don’t have that ability. When you get to the roof, you’ll see a heap of sand in the middle.
  3. Use the Korok Leaf to blow away the sand to reveal an orb. If you don’t have Korok Leaf, you can always use a Fan Zonai Device.

Orb 7 Location

Orb locations Tears of the Kingdom Kara Kara Bazaar.
The final and seventh orb is in Kara Kara Bazaar. (Image captured by us)
  • Coordinates: -3273, -2584, 0023
  1. You must travel to Kara Kara Bazaar for the seventh and final orb. This area is Northwest of Gerudo Town. When you reach the bazaar, you will find two Hylian guys staring at Gerudo Town from the bazaar. Right by their feet, you will find the final orb.
  2. However, you must find their leader, Ponthos, before you can get the orb. Luckily, you will find the leader through the Kara Kara Bazaar well.
  3. You need to go from the well to the Oasis Source. The leader will be right there next to the entrance to the sinkhole.
  4. You’ll need to take down the rocks blocking his path behind him to free him truly.
  5. If you do so, he can return to the two Hylian guys you talked to earlier.
  6. You should also head back and talk to the men. You will receive the final orb.
  7. Return to the Gerudo Shelter and place the seventh orb in its slot in the remaining statue.

Gerudo Sanctuary – The Eighth Orb

  1. Now that you’ve found all orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom and inserted all seven orbs in their respective places, something interesting will happen. The floor will quake, and a secret passage will open in the center of the statues.
  2. When you enter the passage, you’ll be met with a giant orb and a plaque detailing the location of the last Heroine statue. We’ll spare you the details. The last statue is in the Gerudo Sanctuary.
  3. The Gerudo Sanctuary is located beneath the North Gerudo Ruins, which can be found just North of Gerudo. Your task is simple: bring this giant orb to the Gerudo Sanctuary.
  4. The task is easier said than done, considering you’ll need to use the Ultrahand ability to haul this ball over constantly. The good news is that there won’t be any (or many, at least) enemies to deal with.
  5. Inside the North Gerudo Ruins, you will find a giant recess on the floor upon which you need to fit the orb. This will activate a passage that lets you go to the Gerudo Sanctuary, right below the North Gerudo Ruins.
  6. This area has a few small Gibdo waiting for you. So you’ll need to clear them before you can proceed.
  7. The area beneath the Ruins is highly convoluted. Hence, be sure not to lose your way. Nevertheless, if you follow the paths, you’ll find yourself in the Statue of the Eighth Heroine Room. This is the final nail in the coffin for this quest.
  8. You can take your time to explore. There is a chest here with several Gerudo weapons and a few gems. There’s also the Stelae that provide essential lore.
  9. Once you’re done, interact with Rotana, and your quest will be completed.

Quest Completion Rewards

Silver Rupee Tears of the Kingdom.
For completing the Mysterious Eighth quest, you get a Silver Rupee. (Image captured by us)

To complete the quest, you will receive the following:

  • A Silver Rupee.
  • A Diamond.

Finding all of the Gerudo orbs in Tears of the Kingdom is tough. But luckily, you now know all about how to find these orbs and what’s waiting for you at the end of the quest.

To recap, you find seven orbs as part of “The Mysterious Eighth.” side quest. Three orb locations in Tears of the Kingdom are in the Gerudo Shelter, where you start the quest. The others are in Gerudo Town, one in Kara Kara Bazaar.

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