Outriders Ereshkigal: The Definitive Guide

outriders worldslayer final boss
Commander Ereshkigal

Outriders is an action third-person role-playing co-op game developed by People Can Fly and published by Square Enix. It was released on April 1, 2021 for Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X as well as the Google Stadia.

The Game revolves around several different classes that the player customises, with looting and roleplaying elements. The game also features several different kinds of enemies and bosses, one of which is Commander Ereshkigal.

Key Takeaways

  • Ereshkigal is the final boss of the Outriders expansion Outriders Worldslayer and has a highly damaging area of effect and flying attacks.
  • The best way to defeat Ereshkigal is to form a balanced, competent team and have the right character build. Players should dodge and weave, stay on their feet, and focus on keeping their distance to avoid her attacks.
  • Ereshkigal’s attacks follow a pattern with breaks in between, and players should focus on doing the maximum amount of damage during these lapses.
  • During Ereshkigal’s second stage, she gains the ability to fly and is invincible to all damage, so players should focus on dodging her attacks.
  • The dominant strategy relies on using high single-shot damage weapons to target her head, and players should dispatch the soldiers she spawns with concentrated fire.
  • Killing Ereshkigal drops substantial loot and upgrade items, including a Pax point, an Ascension Point, and a random piece of high-level gear.

Who is Ereshkigal?

Commander Ereshkigal is believed to be the First Altered and is the leader of a human faction called the Insurgents, who work with the backdrop of Enoch’s climate undergoing cataclysmic changes. The Insurgents are a battalion of humans that refer to themselves as Exiles, and are based in the First City.

Ereshkigal resembles a human in form, but has several distinct characteristics. She has blood red hair that extends to just below her shoulders. Her most unsettling feature, however, is her deathly pale skin.

This skin, upon close inspection, seems to have some kind of dark black web covering sections of it. This black mass is also the same material as her tentacles, which she uses to grab and attack the player.

outriders first city
The First City

Ereshkigal wears a black leather shirt with red accents that can be seen to be torn in certain spots, along with black leather pants and a red skirt. As such, her color motif seems to be mostly red, black and white.

The black and white can be symbolic of her harsh, straight understanding of morality, and the red potentially symbolising her bloodlust and readiness to kill when necessary to accomplish her goals.

Ereshkigal Strategy

Ereshkigal is the final boss of the Outriders expansion Outriders Worldslayer, and as such is a difficult foe to defeat. As such, the best way to ensure success in battle is to form a balanced, competent team that minimises each other’s shortcomings and amplifies each other’s strengths.

The right character build is also extremely important. Moreover, if players are still finding difficulty with the battle, they can always lower the game’s dynamic difficulty system, which is known as their specific character’s Apocalypse Tier.

Ereshkigal has several highly damaging area of effect attacks as well as flying attacks that can quickly kill the player, so severe caution must be taken when fighting her. The superior damage dealing strategy against Ereshkigal is to fight her from a far with a gun that does high damage per bullet, and to always stay on their feet. 

The best way to win against Outriders Ereshkigal is to dodge and weave. Players should focus on keeping their distance from her to avoid her attacks. This allows them to both dodge her tentacles and keep damaging her from afar.

Moreover, Ereshkigal’s attacks follow a pattern with breaks in-between. It is during these lapses in attacks that she is most vulnerable to damage. As such, players should keep a keen eye on when they can do the maximum amount of damage.

Things take a turn for the worse during Ereshkigal’s second stage, when she gains the ability to fly. During this stage, she launches red skulls from the sky at the player, which they must dodge.

Moreover, while Ereshkigal is flying, she is invincible to all damage. This means the player should stop shooting her, and focus purely on dodging her attacks to avoid taking unnecessary damage. The player can dodge her attacks by double tapping a direction key.

Due to the fact that Ereshkigal can only be damaged while she is on the ground, the dominant strategy relies on using high single shot damage weapons to target her head. Moreover, Ereshkigal can spawn soldiers that can overwhelm the uninitiated player. However, the soldiers she spawns have low health pools and can be dispatched relatively easily with concentrated fire.

The last stage of the battle occurs when Ereshkigal’s health is critically low. At this point, she will teleport directly to the player to attack them viciously. This fast attack, however, is telegraphed by a red circle, so it is important to get out of the circle as soon as it spawns. Shooting her several times at this stage will kill her.

Ereshkigal Rewards

Since Commander Ereshkigal is the final boss of Outriders Worldslayer, killing her ends the main storyline and also drops substantial loot and upgrade items. First and foremost, the players defeating her will receive a Pax Point. This Pax point can be used in the Pax tree to upgrade the player’s character immensely.

Pax points are exceedingly rare, with only 5 found in the entire game. Moreover, players will also acquire what is known as an Ascension Point, which will easily let them convert XP into several different passive abilities. Also, killing her will drop a random piece of high level gear that will be exceptionally powerful.

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