Outriders Ereshkigal: Guide + Boss Fight Tips

This guide will provide provide you with everything you need to know about Outriders: Worldslayer's final boss, Commander Ereshkigal.

outriders worldslayer final boss
Commander Ereshkigal

Commander Ereshkigal, believed to be the First Altered, leads the human faction known as the Insurgents in a world where Enoch’s climate is undergoing catastrophic changes. The Insurgents are a group of humans who refer to themselves as Exiles and are headquartered in the First City.

Ereshkigal’s appearance is humanoid but features several distinctive characteristics. She sports blood-red hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her most unsettling trait, however, is her deathly pale skin, which, upon close examination, reveals a dark black web-like pattern covering certain areas. This same black material is also present in her tentacles, which she uses to grab and attack the player.

Her attire consists of a black leather shirt adorned with red accents, which appears torn in some places, along with black leather pants and a red skirt. This color scheme primarily comprises red, black, and white. The use of black and white can symbolize her rigid interpretation of morality, while the red may signify her willingness to embrace bloodlust and resort to violence when necessary to achieve her goals.

Key Takeaways

Ereshkigal is the final boss of the Outriders expansion, Outriders Worldslayer. To defeat her, follow these strategies:

  1. Team Composition: Assemble a balanced and competent team with the right character builds.
  2. Avoid Attacks: Dodge and weave to evade Ereshkigal’s highly damaging area-of-effect and flying attacks. Stay on your feet and keep your distance.
  3. Pattern Recognition: Her attacks follow a pattern with breaks in between. Focus on dealing maximum damage during these lapses.
  4. Second Stage: In Ereshkigal’s second stage, she gains the ability to fly and becomes invincible. Concentrate on dodging her attacks during this phase.
  5. Target Her Head: Use high single-shot damage weapons to target her head for maximum damage.
  6. Deal with Spawns: Dispatch the soldiers she spawns with concentrated fire.
  7. Rewards: Defeating Ereshkigal yields substantial loot and upgrade items, including a Pax point, an Ascension Point, and a random piece of high-level gear.
outriders first city
The First City

Ereshkigal Strategy

Ereshkigal is the final boss of the Outriders expansion Outriders Worldslayer, and as such is a difficult foe to defeat. As such, I assure you the best way to ensure success in battle is to form a balanced, competent team that minimises each other’s shortcomings and amplifies each other’s strengths.

Here’s how to defeat her:

  1. Assemble a Balanced Team: Form a competent team that complements each other’s strengths and covers weaknesses. Teamwork is crucial for success.
  2. Optimize Character Builds: Pay close attention to character builds to ensure your team is well-equipped for the battle.
  3. Adjust Difficulty: If you’re finding the battle too challenging, consider lowering the game’s difficulty level through the Apocalypse Tier system specific to your character.
  4. Dodge and Weave: Ereshkigal has powerful area of effect and flying attacks. Dodge her attacks and focus on staying on your feet.
  5. Keep Distance: Engage Ereshkigal from a distance with high-damage firearms to minimize risk and maximize damage output.
  6. Observe Attack Patterns: Ereshkigal follows attack patterns with breaks in-between. Take advantage of these breaks to deal maximum damage.
  7. Second Stage Caution: In her second stage, Ereshkigal gains flight abilities and launches red skulls. Dodge her attacks, as she is invincible in the air.
  8. Target Weak Spots: Focus on dealing high single-shot damage to her head when she’s on the ground.
  9. Deal with Spawned Enemies: Ereshkigal can summon soldiers. Quickly eliminate them with concentrated fire as they have low health pools.
  10. Final Stage: When Ereshkigal’s health is critically low, she will teleport and attack. Watch for the red circle telegraphing her attack and move out of it. Shoot her several times to defeat her.

Ereshkigal Rewards

Since Commander Ereshkigal is the final boss of Outriders Worldslayer, killing her ends the main storyline and also drops substantial loot and upgrade items. First and foremost, the players defeating her will receive a Pax Point. This Pax point can be used in the Pax tree to upgrade the player’s character immensely.

Pax points are exceedingly rare, with only 5 found in the entire game. Moreover, players will also acquire what is known as an Ascension Point, which will easily let them convert XP into several different passive abilities. Also, killing her will drop a random piece of high-level gear that will be exceptionally powerful.

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