Overwatch 2 Bastion: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide I will be discussing Bastion's abilities and going over some tips and tricks to help you fall deeper into the character.

overwatch 2 bastion

Bastion will not be an easy character to learn because of his steep curve. Don’t worry. I will help you get a handle on Bastion in Overwatch 2.

Bastion is a robot created by the Omnic Crisis, a global event that will happen in the future. The Bastion units were built to help fight against the humans who were fighting against them. Bastion’s original programming was to destroy the human forces, but he is now one of the heroes in Overwatch. Which naturally led to Overwatch 2 Bastion being in the sequel.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 is the sequel to Overwatch, which was released in 2016 and took the gaming world by storm.
  • It includes 35 characters, many old and some new, including one of the returning cast members, Bastion.
  • Bastion is an exciting hero as his playstyle is quite “unique” to his character.

overwatch 2 art cover
Overwatch 2 Cover Art

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overwatch 2 bastion hero screen
Bastion Character Screen


Bastion is primarily a damage hero, as portrayed by his lore and other media sources. He isn’t one of the Best Damage Heroes in the game by a long shot, but he is unique enough to warrant a few mains.

Ironclad (Passive)

Bastion, being a machine and all, is quite durable, and I can double down on that when he is in his Assault configuration. This makes him tankier than some other damage heroes, but not by so much that you could call him a tank and damage hybrid.

Configuration: Assault (Primary)

Assault configuration has a primary fire of LMB (Left Mouse Button) and is a mini-gun that can move around relatively slowly. This is great when you need to dish out severe damage but don’t need to move too much from your location.

Significant damage dealing is primary but not entirely practical as you have to trade off mobility, and in Overwatch 2, mobility is the name of the entire game. If you sit still, then you die.

Configuration: Recon (Primary)

In my opinion, the Recon configuration is better suited to most normal battles as it allows Bastion to move around more freely and still deal damage using his highly accurate weapon through the LMB (Left Mouse Button).

This is the configuration you will stay in most of the time since it facilitates mobility. As I mentioned before, the main weakness of the Assault configuration is nullified, but in exchange, Overwatch 2 Bastion loses quite a significant bit of damage.

A-36 Tactical Grenade (Secondary)

This secondary, used by pressing the RMB (Right Mouse Button), is a tactical grenade that bounces off of surfaces twice and then almost immediately loses all inertia and plops onto the ground.

Quite valuable for cases where you would like some delayed damage to be dealt with, but it is pretty difficult to use correctly. If used in team skirmishes, it will surely hit one, if not a few targets, but to use it precisely is the main difficulty.

Configuration: Artillery (Ultimate)

Ok, so this is the ultimate ability for Bastion. Most heroes can be a make or break based solely on their ultimate, so does Bastion hold up? Yes, kind of. The ultimate transforms Bastion into a giant artillery gun.

This artillery form allows Bastion to rain down hellfire from the sky upon his enemies. However, there is a catch to this insane power. Bastion has to remain stationary while he is in this Artillery form.

My Tips & Tricks

overwatch 2 bastion activates
Bastion Activates
  • Your secondary is challenging, so why not take the whole aiming element out of the equation? On many maps, there are different pathways you have to block off.
  • Some of these are very good choke points to lob a grenade down and make the enemy easier to kill.
  • Your main priority should be shredding enemy shields so that you or other damage heroes can remove the enemy front line.
  • Pair up with your tank and start ripping and tearing.

You can also coordinate your ultimate with a tank like Reinhardt since he can make enemies stay in place for you to get your artillery damage off and not face the consequences of standing still.

That was all on Bastion and his configuration for a high-performance playthrough. If you have any queries and recommendations, do share them in the comments below.

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