Overwatch 2: BEST Team Comps [Explained]

With this Overwatch 2 Best Comps guide, you will have the best team at your disposal that will give you the greatest chance of victory.

Overwatch 2: Best Team Comps [Explained]
Overwatch 2: Best Team Comps [Explained]

Overwatch 2 is the latest installment of the Overwatch franchise. The game has reinvigorated Overwatch players and has even attracted a new FPS fanbase. It breathes a new life into the game with reworks, maps, and new characters for players to try. Hence to give you the highest chance of success in your games, we provide you the Overwatch 2 Best Comps.

Overwatch 2 provides players with newer characters to learn and play. One of the fan-favorites right now is Kiriko, who is exceptionally broken at her role. The number of players playing her is increasing day by day. Hence if you want to learn more about her, check out our Overwatch 2 Kiriko guide. Moreover, if you are recently starting the game, you might be unaware of how to unlock characters. Thus, you can check out our Characters Unlocking guide to get more information.

Furthermore, except for characters, you will need a good comp to win efficiently. Teams have specific roles for certain people to fill. For an aggressive comp, DPS Characters are the main focus. Hence if you end up going for that, check out our Overwatch 2 Best DPS characters guide. If you go for Utility heavy team comp, you can check out our Best Healers guide.

However, these two are not the Overwatch 2 Best Comps. For that, we create a blend of all roles and pick out those that enable you to showcase the most skills. A lot goes into building an Overwatch 2 Best Comps, so let’s take a closer look.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 requires five players to come together to form a team that can ensure success.
  • The character each player selects plays a massive role in determining the outcome of a game.
  • Some characters mesh well with each other making them shine even more.
  • It is highly crucial you take characters that cover each other’s weaknesses.

Here is a summary table for Characters in Overwatch 2:

No.NameReal NameStatusAgeNationalityOccupationBaseAffiliationRelationsVoiceHealthRoleArmorAliases
1Junker QueenOdessa "Dez" StoneActiveApprox. 35-40AustralianGladiator champion (formerly)
Ruler of Junkertown
Junkertown, AustraliaWastelanders (temporarily)
Stone (father), unnamed mother
5 siblings
Leah De Niese
Siho Ellsmore (Junkertown announcer, 2017-2022)

Davida McKenzie (trailer) (English)
300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)
2GenjiGenji Shimada (島田 源氏)Sparrow35JapaneseAdventurerHanamura, Japan (formerly)
Shambali Monastery, Nepal
Shimada Clan (formerly)
Blackwatch (formerly)
Sojiro Shimada (father)
Hanzo Shimada (older brother)
Gaku Space (English)
3LucioLúcio Correia dos Santos-26BrazilianDJ Freedom fighterRio de Janeiro, BrazilOverwatchJonny Cruz (English)-200Support--
4SojournVivian ChaseActiveEarly-mid 50sCanadianInfantrywoman (formerly)
Special Forces operative (formerly)
Overwatch captain (formerly)
Acting commander (formerly)
Toronto,CanadaPrimary Reserve (formerly)
Canadian Army (formerly)
Canadian Special Operations Regiment (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Unnamed grandmother, grandfather
Unnamed father, mother
Valentine Chase-Chapman (twin sister)
Bonnie Chase-Chapman (niece)
Cherise Boothe (English)200Damage--
5BrigitteBrigitte Lindholm-23SwedishMechanical engineer
Gothenburg, Sweden (formerly)OverwatchTorbjörn Lindholm (father)
Ingrid Lindholm (mother)
Reinhardt Wilhelm (godfather)
Unnamed siblings, nieces, and nephews
Matilda Smedius (English)150Support50-
6Orisa-Active1 MonthNumbanianGuardian RobotNumbaniNumbaniEfi Oladele (creator)Cherrelle Skeete(English)125 (Open queue)
275 (Role queue)
7AnaAna Amari (أنا عماري)Active60EgyptianSharpshooter (formerly)
Overwatch second-in-command, captain[2] (formerly)
Bounty hunter
Cairo, EgyptEgyptian security forces (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Sam (husband/partner)
Fareeha Amari (daughter)
Aysha Selim (English)200Support-Horus, Janina Kowalski, Shrike, Bastet
8MoiraMoira O’ DeorainActive48IrishGeneticist
Minister of Genetics
Talon council member
Dublin, Ireland
Oasis, Iraq
Blackwatch (formerly)
The Ministries
-Genevieve O'Reilly (English)200Support--
9SombraOlivia ColomarAlive30MexicanHackerDorado, MexicoLos Muertos (formerly)
Talon (currently)
-Carolina Ravassa (English)200Damage--
10Soldier 76John Francis "Jack" Morrison-Late 40s / early 50s (approx.)AmericanSoldier (formerly)
Overwatch commander (formerly)
Bloomington, Indiana, United States (birth place)(formerly)
Overwatch HQ (formerly)
United States Army (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Various family members, including a great-aunt, grandfather, uncle, father, and mother.
Vincent (ex-boyfriend)
Fred Tatasciore (English)200Damage--

Building a Good Team Comp in Overwatch 2

For Overwatch 2 performance, you must first build a strong team. Similar to its predecessor, this game is not intended to be played alone. With the rare Deathmatch exception, Overwatch 2 relies heavily on teamwork to succeed. And you’ll need to consider your team composition if you genuinely want to play at your best.

In this Overwatch 2 Best Comps guide, we’ll demonstrate how to build a team composition in Overwatch 2 because it’s essential for achieving prosperity in the game. It involves the three key elements that should be considered while putting together the finest team, which are as mentioned below. If you follow the points below and add characters that are tailored to you, you will be much closer to making Overwatch 2 Best Comps.

Role Assignment

In Overwatch 2, team positions divide into various classes. Each squad is allowed one tank hero, two damage heroes, and two support heroes. While taking damage, tanks divert the enemy’s attention away from their comrades. Damage heroes focus on taking down the enemy and establishing their defense. Support characters distribute shields, increase movement and damage, and perform other functions to heal their comrades and enhance their skills.

In Overwatch 2, being comfortable in various team positions is essential when deciding on your team composition. Instead of choosing damage, tank, or support roles and sticking with them, players should be comfortable in various other roles and characters. This will allow the team to be flexible and alter roles as needed.

Characters Adapted to The Team

Character adaptation includes your ability to think about which characters will work well together in your specific team composition when your squad locks in its starting lineup. Each hero falls into one of the three major categories: tank, damage, or support, and each category performs entirely differently.

Consider what kind of assistance would work best for your team’s damaged characters, for instance, if they are all excellent at rushing in and taking the initiative. Ana, a healer who is equally good in close combat as Moira, or Lucio, whose movement-boosting abilities will complement their quick and aggressive playstyle, may provide long-range support from a safe distance. All of them are viable choices, so don’t be hesitant to switch up your strategy mid-game if one doesn’t seem to be working. There are numerous choices for each type of hero. Building an efficient team comp necessitates stepping outside your comfort zone and contemplating which character can primarily assist your team.

Team Synergies

Because Overwatch 2 has such a wide range of characters, there is a lot of potential for character combinations to be more than the sum of their parts. Among fan ships, the Pharmercy from Overwatch is legendary. Pharah, the well-known flying healer, DPS, and Mercy have been the focus of an endless stream of memes, cartoons, movies, and artwork since 2016. The release of Overwatch 2 on October 4 will please Pharmercy shippers who want to see their preferred hero pairing take place thanks to a new voice line.

The best example of this is probably “The Pharmercy.” Pharah and Mercy have the potential to be an incredibly effective team due to the complementarity of their skills. Both have an endless ability to hover in the air. Pharah has the power to launch rockets, increasing Mercy’s damage. The two can harass the opposing team much more frequently than Pharah can do on her own because Mercy is so dedicated to healing.

When assembling a team, look for characters who frequently improve each other’s abilities in this way.

You can overcome the most complicated challenges in Overwatch 2 once you’ve chosen roles, complementary characters, and unique synergies for your team.

Overwatch 2 Best Team Compositions

Every hero has unique talents and characteristics that perfectly match those of the other heroes. If you want to succeed in Overwatch 2, mastering these mechanics is essential. Forget about game vision or even ability.

It’s common practice to select a default character without fully considering whether or not that character is appropriate for the current game.

By introducing a second tank character, 5v5 devalues some comps, including the goat and the dive. It’s time to choose a more aggressive composition to take advantage of the new team’s potential to improve game dynamics. We give you these two compositions because they already dominate the Overwatch 2 maps.

We provide two compositions that have been discussed below:

  • Aggressive Composition (works well in Competitive)
  • The Defensive Composition

Competitive Aggressive Composition

The Overwatch League, a competition that sparks a lot of debate, is ruled by Junker Queen. In order to benefit from the aggression of the Junkers Queen, the teams lowered Reinhardt’s shield. Ana withdraws to make room for Brigitte and Lucio, a pair of cunning characters. Professional players have then identified the two heroes who can mesh flawlessly with the rest of the team in terms of DPS. So, here is how it appears:

  • Junkers Queen
  • Genji
  • Lucio
  • Brigitte
  • Sojourn

Junker Queen

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2
Junker Queen | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameOdessa "Dez" Stone
AgeApprox. 35-40
OccupationGladiator champion (formerly)
Ruler of Junkertown
BaseJunkertown, Australia
AffiliationWastelanders (temporarily)
RelationsStone (father), unnamed mother
5 siblings
VoiceLeah De Niese
Siho Ellsmore (Junkertown announcer, 2017-2022)

Davida McKenzie (trailer) (English)
Health300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)

The first brand-new tank to enter Overwatch 2’s roster is called Junker Queen. She is Junkertown’s tenacious leader, as the superb animated short “The Wastelander” demonstrates. Long-time game players are already aware of her existence thanks to the narrative, environmental cues, and even prior cinematics.

She is a very violent brawler in the game who uses a shotgun and a big axe to battle close up. Additionally, Junker Queen has a magnetic serrated knife dubbed Gracie that she may summon to pull any foe she strikes with it.

Junker Queen can speed up teammates and provide defensive utility to protect allies during aggressive pushes along with Lucio. She may also use the anti-heal debuff to stop enemy teams from healing while she performs her ultimate, which can be deadly if she hits multiple targets with it.

It’s best to choose Overwatch 2 heroes who can take advantage of her anger when she’s the tank. Lucio and Brigitte make great allies because they can quickly transport her to the adversary while still keeping her alive. Tracer, Genji, and Sojourn can deal lethal burst damage while remaining agile and able to take out significant targets.


The Junker Queen lacks functional damage mitigation features like natural armor, shields, barriers, or movement skills when compared to other tanks. She is particularly vulnerable to enemy team focus fire because she is one of the cast members in Overwatch 2’s frontline roles.

Adrenaline Rush

Possibly her most intriguing passive ability is that of the Junker Queen. Adrenaline Rush gradually repairs all harm done by wounds. The fact that all of Junker Queen’s abilities deal damage further encourages aggressive gameplay.

She makes up for this with ongoing Adrenaline Rush self-healing. According to the amount of bleeding damage the Junker Queen has caused with her abilities, she can regain health using this power. When she can tag as many opponents as she can, her ultimate, Rampage, which offers excellent bleed and stops targets from healing, is game-changing.

Jagged Blade

With this attack, Junker Queen launches her knife, which serves a second purpose in addition to dealing the same damage to targets as her melee attacks. When the blade has traveled the furthest, the enemy hit on the return trip will be drawn toward Junker Queen for subsequent attacks.

Commanding Shout

Although this is a team boost, Junker Queen is the main focus. In addition to increasing everyone’s HP by 50 points and movement speed by 30%, she will also receive 200 points for herself and 50 points for each teammate.


The Junker Queen uses it as she moves forward, swinging her axe in a wide arc that hits targets for 90 harm and damage.


The final move in Junker Queen’s ultimate sees her rocket forward while whirling the blade of her ax. Targets are harmed, injured, and temporarily unable to be healed if you hit them.

Scattergun (primary weapon)

A pump-action shotgun, also referred to as a scattergun, is Junker Queen’s primary weapon. Its six-shell capacity and relatively quick reload time are two of its features. The Scattergun is superior to many other shotguns in Overwatch at medium range because each shot deals 80 damage if most of the pellets hit the target. Additionally, you can take out the majority of the opposing Overwatch 2 heroes in half the time if you’re hitting headshots.

Tips and Tricks

The Junker Queen is intended to be a particularly offensive tank based on her attributes. She has a variety of techniques to either bring adversaries closer or close the distance herself, even though her primary weapons are all close-range. Additionally, because her adrenaline rush is passive, she receives healing from most attacks, allowing her to maintain her aggressiveness even without a support hero paying close attention to her. Only in open places where opponents can remain at a distance and take your health are you going to want to retreat.

The Jagged Blade and Carnage skills of Junker Queen, in particular, pair perfectly with one another. Your commanding shout is the best backup for situations where you need to change the direction of a push and get aggressive.

Rampage will require precise timing and positioning, but if you can get it to collide with a group of foes, it will rip right through them and make any subsequent kills simple because it removes their ability to be healed.

A good Junker Queen plays to her advantage and puts the other side under pressure by requiring close combat. The Junker Queen is at her best when she is in a death ball or brawl composition.


Overwatch 2 Genji
Genji – Images Captured By Us
Real NameGenji Shimada (島田 源氏)
BaseHanamura, Japan (formerly)
Shambali Monastery, Nepal
AffiliationShimada Clan (formerly)
Blackwatch (formerly)
RelationsSojiro Shimada (father)
Hanzo Shimada (older brother)
VoiceGaku Space (English)

In the recently released Overwatch 2, Genji from the original Overwatch is back as a selectable hero. His tragic past illuminates how he came to stand in for Overwatch and how he transformed into a cyborg after his brother Hanzo almost killed him.

Genji is a Damage Hero, a type of character designed to deal a lot of damage to foes. While other heroes in Overwatch 2 are receiving overhauls, Genji is a returning hero who saw a few notable changes. In the follow-up, he is wearing some excellent black slacks and thicker armor covering his upper half, which has slightly altered his basic appearance.

The cyborg ninja can dash-kill enemies with low HP while using backline harassment to build up his Dragonblade. Because the enemy has few options for defending against it, Genji’s ultimate can be devastating when combined with Junker Queen’s or Lucio’s.



Genji’s primary weapon is the Shuriken, which shoots three piercing projectiles. He has four special skills that help the player in close-quarters battles. The Cyber Ninja in Overwatch 2 can scale walls and perform a double leap. He can dash with Swift Strike, which helps him flee quickly or defeat an enemy. It deflects incoming missiles and melee attacks in the opponent’s direction. Genji’s final strike, The Dragonblade, has a massive damage output at close range.

Swift Strike

He is quick, and his best use is to close in on an opponent, deal damage to them, and then reappear to heal. Genji’s simplicity makes it easier to approach the opposition covertly, and the element of surprise may give the squad an edge. Genji excels at eliminating weak opponents who need a little extra help. After the dashing, double jump to stay in the air for longer.


Genji will also have faster movement overall. He was one of the first heroes unlocked in Overwatch 2, making him a great hero to master and use to unlock the rest of the roster.


One of the best in the game is Genji’s Ultimate Ability, Dragonblade, which is exceptionally effective when used with the appropriate group of players. When Ana uses Nano Boost on him in Overwatch 2, He will receive a 50% increase in damage output, making the Dragonblade even more deadly.


Furthermore, Genji’s deflect ability gives the player a substantial advantage over opponents who use projectiles. He can counter any projectile-based adversary with an Ultimate because he can direct the attack back at the other team. For instance, Zarya possesses an Ultimate Ability that, for a brief period, draws the other team to a particular location and prevents them from moving. The player can use Genji’s Deflect Ability to use Zarya’s Ultimate Ability against her squad.

You can sum up all of Genji’s abilities in Overwatch 2 like this. Following is information on the cyber ninja’s role on the team and some of his best applications.

Tips and Tricks

Genji is a damage hero, which means he is designed to attack, but his attack power isn’t strong enough for him to defeat another hero on his own. Because of the numerous character changes in Overwatch 2 and the switch to 5v5 gameplay, a team must coordinate their efforts to achieve kills.

When used strategically, Genji’s powerful ultimate, Dragonblade, can quickly deal a great deal of damage to a large number of opponents. You can quickly get a team kills if you use it in a skirmish where your teammates can support you with extra attacking force.

Swift Slash is an effective offensive move but may also be used as a retreating technique to gain ground and close the gap between enemies. Deflect may be used to block all projectile attacks, including ultimates, so exercising caution when employing it is essential.


Real NameLúcio Correia dos Santos
OccupationDJ Freedom fighter
BaseRio de Janeiro, Brazil
VoiceJonny Cruz (English)

Internationally famous performer Lucio works to advance social change through his music and actions. He attacks enemies, heals allies, and speeds up his teammates on the battlefield by using his sophisticated sonic amplifier and distinctive melodies.

In addition to having a lot of self-sustain, Lucio is the only player on the roster with the ability to ride walls, which he uses to survive. Sound Barrier is one of the best ultimates in the game and can stop an opponent’s ultimate or set up perfect pushes to score a point or win a team fight.


Most of Lucio’s abilities are geared toward keeping his team in the fight. He provides musical tracks for his team to listen to, representing various auras. Players can help their team overcome obstacles and lead them to victory by perfecting their movement and knowing when to change directions.

One of the best support heroes in the game is, without a doubt, Lucio. A DJ with global fame, Lucio encourages social change through his music. On the battlefield, Lucio uses his music and sonic amplifiers to speed up and heal his allies while killing his enemies. Lucio possesses six unique skills.

Wall Ride

One of Lucio’s unique talents is wall riding. Thanks to his amazing rollerblades, Lucio can sprint to any wall and jump on it to start wall-riding. His ability to ride the wall around turns will increase his movement speed by 30%. He now has a quick way to start a fight or flee. Lucio can be a challenging opponent to defeat because of his healing abilities and his ability to evade attacks when he is mounted on a wall.

Sonic Amplifier

With the sonic amplifier as a weapon, Lucio attacks his adversaries with the force of sound. If all four shots connect, this weapon’s 4-round burst can cause up to 80 damage. Players can also shoot a total of five bursts with a magazine holding 20 bullets before having to reload. Players can also learn to use this unique projectile weapon while wall-riding, allowing them to heal and deal damage.


The secondary firing mode on Lucio’s weapon, sound wave, can be employed in many ways. When Lucio uses his ability, a powerful burst of sound is fired at his opponents, dealing 25 damage and knocking them back. Players can use sound waves defensively to stop Lucio from escaping or offensively to push them off a cliff. In some situations, players can use this skill to push a lot of heroes off ledges, letting Lucio defeat several foes at once. A four-second cooldown applies to Soundwave.


In Overwatch 2, Lucio’s primary method of changing auras is called a crossfade. Lucio will constantly be playing a particular song, and switching to the next one with Crossfade is how it works. A green aura is left behind by the first song he plays, giving allies a 25% speed boost. His second song, which has a yellow aura and heals friends for 16 per second, is changeable. Any teammates that leave his songs will have the effects lingering for 1 second before dissipating. His melodies have a radius of 12 meters.

In Overwatch 2, Lucio’s crossfade self-healing is reduced by 60%. Due to his health recovery ability, which activates when he isn’t injured, this is possible. His overall passive healing from Crossfade was decreased to make up for this. Crossfade has a 0.3-second cooldown.

Sound Barrier

Lucio’s Ultimate Capacity, Sound Barrier, can significantly improve the team’s survival ability. When Lucio uses Sound Barrier, everyone inside a 30-meter radius gets 750 temporary shields, including him and any allies. These shields can give teams the edge they need to hold contested territory or push into a chokepoint. They remain active for 7 seconds or until completely depleted.

Amp it Up

When Lucio uses Amp It Up, the louder music amplifies his auras, making them more robust as a result. Lucio will give his friends a 60% increase in movement speed if he uses amp It Up in conjunction with the song, which makes things go faster. He can heal himself for 40 seconds every time he uses it while the healing song is playing, and his allies will receive 52 seconds of healing. This effect has a 3-second duration and a 12-second cooldown.

Tips and Tricks

Lucio is a support hero whose playstyle revolves around swift movement, eliminating weak characters, and healing his team when the opportunity presents itself, as seen in the image above. Accordingly, here are some Overwatch 2 Lucio tips and tactics.

Learning Lucio’s movements should be the beginner’s initial step. Every Lucio main should put the most effort into perfecting their movement, as it can be helpful if you know how to use his Wall Ride and are familiar with the map’s layout. Lucio’s quick movements can also fool opponents and help you escape challenging circumstances. Moving more quickly than the opposing side is usually preferable, so we advise utilizing the Amp It Up ability at the beginning of each game while listening to the song that accelerates movement.

Play the supportive hero, but don’t be afraid to use force. You can make use of Lucio’s mobility by moving around a lot and, if necessary, firing at the enemy. If you remained on the ground, tank players would have an easy time attacking you. Staying in the air will leave you vulnerable to enemy fire. A balance between these two is what players need to achieve.

If employed at the correct time, Lucio’s unique ability, Sound Barrier, can turn the match around if you are about to lose. The Sound Barrier ability can provide your squad the extra health it needs to survive the battle and emerge on top if time is running short and you need to seize the point but are being outmatched by the opposing team.


Real NameVivian Chase
AgeEarly-mid 50s
OccupationInfantrywoman (formerly)
Special Forces operative (formerly)
Overwatch captain (formerly)
Acting commander (formerly)
AffiliationPrimary Reserve (formerly)
Canadian Army (formerly)
Canadian Special Operations Regiment (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
RelationsUnnamed grandmother, grandfather
Unnamed father, mother
Valentine Chase-Chapman (twin sister)
Bonnie Chase-Chapman (niece)
VoiceCherise Boothe (English)

Sojourn is a hitscan DPS character who gains one-shot kill power by inflicting damage on adversaries. You will instantly be in the respawn room if Sojourn notices you blinking while you are not paying attention to her.

The railgun Sojourn, a Canadian hero, has two firing modes. You can choose between using the rapid-fire rounds of a standard rifle or a beam that charges up whenever your primary fire causes damage. If they have 200 health when fully charged, this railgun shot can kill other Damage class heroes instantly. Like other Damage class heroes, she is, of course, heavily skill-dependent, so in order to fully utilize her arsenal of abilities, you’ll need to be able to hit targets and be in the right place.

You can enter and exit battles, move to advantageous positions on the battlefield, or simply increase essential mobility by using Sojourn’s Power Slide. It also helps to keep Sojourn mobile and makes him a more slippery target. Using this skill frequently while still being able to hit your targets is essential for succeeding in Sojourn.


Power slide

Sojourn can move across the ground similarly to other first-person shooters like Apex Legends, but because her mechanical legs have thrusters, she moves faster than usual. Additionally, if you jump before the slide ends, you will get a type of super-jump.

Disruptor shot

This remarkable shot fires an energy projectile that, wherever it falls, will form a field that will slow down and gradually damage any foes inside of it, making it excellent for area denial. An enemy will take roughly 200 damage if they remain inside the zone for the entire time.


The Sojourn ultimate may sound a little underwhelming, but in the right hands, it is incredibly potent. As soon as it is activated, Sojourn’s secondary railgun shot will gradually charge whether you are taking regular shots or not. A single railgun bolt can also hit multiple targets if an enemy is fortunate enough to line up with you because it has the ability to pierce through opponents.


If you decide to fight as Sojourn, you will be in the thick of it and rely heavily on your ability to hit targets with your primary weapon. The disruptor shot is the only other viable offensive option you have, but it has a long cooldown and is unlikely to eliminate any opponents on its own. Focus on setting up the primary fire, sliding to stay mobile and avoid harm, and building up your railgun charge instead.

At medium range, Sojourn is most lethal. Here, landing your first attacks most effectively allows you to finish off worn-down opponents with sharp railgun fire. Knowing that Sojourn’s assaults are not hit-scan, meaning they travel, and can be avoided, makes engaging from a greater distance less pointless. She cannot heal herself, so she continues to move and participate in the activities. To maintain your health, work with your support heroes.


Overwatch 2 Brigitte
Overwatch 2 Brigitte – Images Captured By Us
Real NameBrigitte Lindholm
OccupationMechanical engineer
BaseGothenburg, Sweden (formerly)
RelationsTorbjörn Lindholm (father)
Ingrid Lindholm (mother)
Reinhardt Wilhelm (godfather)
Unnamed siblings, nieces, and nephews
VoiceMatilda Smedius (English)

Brigitte is fortunately available to fill in some hybrid tank/support ground. She is an excellent second-tier support choice because she enables players to protect their team, deal some damage, and passively heal their squad. Although her kit may appear simple to use, she is undoubtedly challenging to master. This guide will cover everything a player could possibly want to know about Brigitte’s abilities and how to use them.

Brigitte offers a lot of sustained areas of effect healing with Inspire and allows teams to advance while receiving healing. Her rally and passive healing both have the potential to be effective during team battles and impact the outcome of a fight. She is the tankiest healer in the game and extremely challenging to kill.

Brigitte has 200 health, 50 armor, and a shield to protect her and her squad from enemy fire, giving her more HP than typical support. Brigitte’s equipment has seen some minor adjustments in Overwatch 2. Shield Bash, which she formerly used to cancel various ultimate abilities when timed right, can no longer stun foes.

Given the lack of shields in the game, Brigitte’s shield is a welcome sight for her side. She can be used to peel for her fellow support and her DPS allies or go forward with the tank. Her Whip Shot talent also excels at deterring foes while giving her squad passive healing. Using her shield to shield her team, Brigitte can prevent the opposition from quickly charging their ultimate attack.


Both Brigitte’s father’s and her mentor’s abilities have an impact on her. She heals her companions first, if at all possible, and only provides armor once the user has recovered fully, which is the main distinction between her armor packs and Torbjörn’s. Following are the five abilities of Brigitte’s character in overwatch 2.

Barrier Shield and Rocket Flail

Like Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer, Brigitte’s Rocket Flail is a melee weapon with a significantly increased range. When the player hits the primary fire, it can strike numerous foes. Brigitte’s alt-fire will lift the shield barrier, which will shelter her and any allies behind her for 250 damage before being destroyed.

Shield Bash

Shield Bash is usable when Barrier Shield is active. Brigitte will sprint forward as a result, and she has the ability to deflect harm. Sprinting toward the conflict to avoid danger is another way to use this movement skill.


Brigitte’s primary method of healing is an inspiration. If they are nearby by at least 20 meters, inspire will automatically heal them over time. Dealing damage is actually necessary for Brigitte because Inspire turns on whenever she uses her Rocket Flail to strike an adversary.


The rally, Brigitte’s ultimate power, increases her movement speed and increases the armor and health of her allies. The extra armor will be available for an additional 30 seconds after her ultimate, which lasts for 10 seconds. It works best when utilized aggressively before a team fight to support her teammates and give them extra armor. Her ultimate also grants her teammates over health, which shows up as a green bar on a character’s HP and gives them additional health.

Repair pack

When Brigitte’s allies advance past the range of Inspire, Repair Packs can be used to heal them. Brigitte has three charges of a Repair Pack, which heals friends distantly for a brief period. Between each charge, there is a six-second cooldown period. Players should always have at least one charge available so they can be ready for any healing emergency.

Tips and tricks

Brigitte performs best when positioned behind a tank like Reinhardt due to how well their melee weapons complement one another and how well they work together as a team in the Overwatch canon. Zarya and Brigitte complement each other nicely because Zarya can use her projected barrier to protect Brigitte while charging her particle cannon. Brigitte works best when paired with powerful healers like Ana, Mercy, or Moira because her healing can be erratic on her own.

Three main DPS heroes can defeat Brigitte because they can quickly burst her shield, leaving her defenseless. These heroes are Bastion, Junkrat, and Pharah. Brigitte can’t use her rocket flail to attack Pharah because she specializes in aerial fighting, which makes her particularly deadly. By hiding behind Brigitte’s shield and utilizing her Endothermic Blaster to sluggish Brig and her team, Mei can also render Brigitte immobile. Sombra is also a danger because she has the ability to hack Brigitte’s Barrier Shield, which could be easily destroyed.

Brigitte gets along incredibly well with many DPS players because she has a shield and a way to defend herself. Heroes with bunker turrets like Bastion and Torbjorn can help Brigitte hide in her team’s backline and protect them from flankers. Tracer, Genji, and Reaper are excellent examples of flankers on her squad that would benefit from her Repair Packs because she can provide them with some long-distance support while they are bothering the opposing team.

Overall Composition Views

Sojourn and Genji are now strong shock teams in the competition. In contrast to Genji, who can trouble the opposing defenses, Sojourn can apply pressure to the front line. The Junkerqueen’s unmatched aggression pushes adversaries to their breaking point. Lucio, the Squires’ Queen, came next to ensure she always had a healer available without limiting the healer’s role in his performance. Brigitte and Lucio, two frontline healers, can restore friends’ health and deal respectable damage to the enemy team. Due to their high levels of survivability, both heals are fascinating.

This team needs the independence of the care given by the group and the pressure put on the rival group. The entire squad will be on the front line to accompany the tank toward the enemy group, except for Genji, who occasionally stands behind the adversaries.

Defensive Compositions

This Composition is suited to players who like to play defensive and make those calculated plays. We envision a group capable of repelling opponents and has a powerful offensive line. This team will ensure that the enemy team cannot get close to your territory without taking significant damage. The Overwatch 2 Best Team Comps for a defensive playstyle include the following heroes.

  • Orisa
  • Anna
  • Moira
  • Soldier 76
  • Sombra


Orisa Overwatch 2
Orisa | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Age1 Month
OccupationGuardian Robot
RelationsEfi Oladele (creator)
VoiceCherrelle Skeete(English)
Health125 (Open queue)
275 (Role queue)

Another character that is essential to Overwatch 2 Best Team comps is Orisa. Many of the original Overwatch heroes changed in Overwatch 2, but few went through as much change as Orisa. She was formerly a sluggish tank hero emphasizing area denial and rooted toughness. However, she is now one of the game’s more brawly tanks and is capable of suppressing enemies at potentially lethal close quarters.

In Overwatch 2, Orisa’s playstyle underwent a significant adjustment, and players are still adjusting to her new emphasis and abilities. She has meager HP for a tank hero, but her two defensive abilities, Javelin Spin and Fortify, let her survive attacks. She can advance quickly while being protected by these abilities, which makes her the perfect tank for attacking goals.


She primarily uses her Augmented Fusion Driver as her attacking ability. The Fusion Driver is a rapid-fire cannon that uses continuous fire to chip away at and suppress enemy heroes. Although the Fusion Driver lacks ammunition, unlike D.va’s Fusion Cannons, it will overheat after prolonged usage, so Orisa players will need to pay strict attention to their temperature monitor. Following are the five abilities of Orisa’s character in overwatch 2.

Augmented Fusion Driver

Orisa’s primary weapon in Overwatch 2 is the Augmented Fusion Driver. This rapid-firing cannon relies on heat instead of ammunition to allow sustained fire with only brief pauses for cooling. The Fusion Driver’s short damage fall-off and enhanced close-range damage make it the perfect addition to Orisa’s new aggressive kit.

Energy Javelin

Orisa’s secondary weapon is the Energy Javelin, a projectile weapon with an arc similar to that of Sigma’s Accretion or Ashe’s Dynamite. On a direct hit, the Energy Javelin deals 60 damage, a knockback, and a mini-stun. It also has a short 6-second cooldown. When a wall is present, the victim will be pushed up against it and sustain an additional forty damage.


The first of Orisa’s defensive tank abilities in Overwatch 2 is Fortify, which is crucial to her survival under heavy fire. For 4.5 seconds, fortify increases momentary HP, reduces incoming damage by 40% and reduces the heat output of the Fusion Driver by 50%. With the aid of this power, she can advance with a stream of unrelenting fire that both draws the full attention of the opposing team and almost entirely reduces all incoming damage.

Javelin Spin

Orisa’s second defensive ability, the Javelin Spin, makes her quickly spin her energy javelin in front of her. Additionally, while moving 50% more rapidly than usual, she can deflect all incoming bullets for two seconds. Orisa’s movement will continue to be 20% faster after the ability expires for another two seconds or nearly a third of Javelin Spin’s cooldown. The Javelin Spin moves heroes away from a point or into an awkward position while dealing light damage to any enemy heroes caught in its path.

Terra Surge

In Overwatch 2, Orisa’s new ultimate ability, Terra Surge, is significantly more aggressive than her previous ability, Supercharger. She receives the benefits of Fortify, enemies nearby are drawn to her, and Terra Surge locks her into the Ultimate’s charging animation.

The Orisa player can then decide when to unleash the power that is building up, which will harm all heroes within a moderate circle delineated by a green line. It’s important to know when to use Terra Surge because if you do it too soon, it will only do minimal damage, and if you wait too long, the opposing team may be able to leave the circle or even put Orisa in danger while she is stationary.

Tips and Tricks

Orisa is now one of the more unique tanks in the game due to acquiring her new features in Overwatch 2. She relies on being the most prominent and closest target to deflect physical blows or draw enemy fire in the absence of any form of defense. She might burn out if she doesn’t put in much effort with her team, especially the support heroes because she doesn’t have an escape route. The following heroes in Overwatch 2 are very effective against Orisa:

1. Reaper

As Orisa, Reaper’s mobility and direct damage are challenging to block.

2. Tracer

Like Reaper, Tracer will be challenging to hit with the Fusion Driver and lethal up close.

3. Junkrat

Junkrats prefer heroes with big hitboxes, particularly if they don’t have any barriers.

4. Zarya

If Zarya has accumulated enough charge, her particle cannon will pierce the Javelin Spin and can quickly burn Orisa to the ground.

5. Doomfist

The upgraded Doomfist has the strength to take on Orisa and the mobility to choose the right moment to attack her.

6. Reinhardt

Despite Orisa’s improvement as a close-range tank, Reinhardt still rules in terms of close-range damage.

The new Orisa’s play in Overwatch 2 revolves mainly around positioning, which is crucial for both keeping oneself and the team safe. She will be left defenseless and vulnerable if she advances too far or is cornered alone, and staying back will significantly lessen the potency of her Fusion Driver and Energy Javelin.


Real NameAna Amari (أنا عماري)
AliasesHorus, Janina Kowalski, Shrike, Bastet
OccupationSharpshooter (formerly)
Overwatch second-in-command, captain[2] (formerly)
Bounty hunter
BaseCairo, Egypt
AffiliationEgyptian security forces (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
RelationsSam (husband/partner)
Fareeha Amari (daughter)
VoiceAysha Selim (English)

Ana stands out among the different supports in Overwatch 2 since she can not only keep her teammates alive but also counter enemy attacks and do damage. Since she uses a sniper rifle to shoot comrades to keep them alive or to kill bothersome opponents, she is a more active healer. She’s not the most accessible support to play with, but her equipment could be very effective. You can learn how to play Ana in Overwatch 2 by consulting this in-depth guide.

In Overwatch 2, Ana hasn’t undergone any significant changes compared to other characters. She has gained the support passive Role ability and had her ammunition raised by three rounds, but other than those changes, she hasn’t changed from the previous game’s version. Minor changes to her abilities have made Ana slightly less potent and required players to use them more deliberately.


Ana’s kit is straightforward because it revolves around shooting teammates and adversaries, yet it works well in various circumstances. On the other hand, whether or not you have an accurate aim will determine how effectively you play her. Following are the five abilities of Ana’s character in overwatch 2.

Biotic Rifle

If you’re thinking about using her as a healer, you should know how her healing works. Ana shoots allies with her biotic rifle to heal them. Ana performs healing over time, in contrast to other in-game healers. In other words, this character will experience a small amount of healing over a brief period every time she shoots a teammate.

Her Biotic Rifle has a second purpose. Instead of healing an adversary when you shoot them with it, you do more harm to them over time. Even though it will function similarly to the healing process, Ana can be pretty lethal with her shots because an average character (Soldier: 76) may die after taking two to three darts. Remember that the Biotic Rifle’s scope can aim if you press and hold the Secondary Attack button.

Biotic grenade

One of Ana’s skills, the Biotic Grenade, is meant to counteract her slow healing rate by dealing with enemies. With this ability, Ana can throw a grenade that heals the players it hits and increases their healing. Additionally to doing damage when it strikes an enemy, the biotic grenade also stops them from healing.

Sleep dart

Ana’s second available weapon is the Sleep Dart. When Ana uses it, she fires a dart that disables the enemy player’s movement and puts them to sleep for a brief period. The goal of this ability is not to deal damage because of how ineffective it is at doing so. However, you can stop some of the ultimate attacks of other characters by throwing a dart at them. Remember that the dart’s effect ceases when it collides with an attack against the sleeping character.

Nano boost

Ana’s signature move is the Nano Boost. Once activated, Ana fires a boosting dart towards a friend, increasing their damage and decreasing the damage they take. Even though this ultimate is weak and cannot block the enemy team’s attacks, it can be vital in helping your team take an objective or remove enemies from the battlefield.

Passive ability

Ana doesn’t have many passive skills to offer. She possesses the support trait, a passive role ability that allows her to heal herself over time. After a predetermined amount of time during which no damage is sustained, this power becomes active. It is advantageous to have this passive so that healers can prioritize their teammates.

Tips and Tricks

As Ana, players need to know when to use each talent and where to position themselves. You should constantly try to stay in the back of your squad as you heal your friends and deal damage to the enemy because Ana is quite flimsy. After all, picking Ana means you are looking to deal damage rather than just heal. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, look into other healers.

As a sniper, Ana has a high skill ceiling because her healing potential depends on her ability to hit targets. Because she eventually needs to use the scope to reach distant enemies or friends in a fight, Ana is a very vulnerable character for enemies looking to eliminate the team’s backline. It is essential to seek shelter inside a structure or on higher ground as a result. If you do this, you can assist your squad without any looming danger.

Understanding when to use Ana’s abilities and which teammate You should use your ultimate to boost is another crucial component of playing Ana. To begin with, the Sleep Dart has a lot of power. Watch for opportunities to destroy the opposing team’s tank, such as during an attack. If a roadhog’s hook is pulling a teammate along, you can use it to fire a shot at him or use it to save your friend. Keep an eye out for opportunities for her to cancel some ultimates with her Sleep dart, such as for Soldier: 76, Cassidy, Genji, Roadhog, and Pharah Ultimates.

Although using Ana’s ultimate is not difficult, you should always consider who would be the best candidate to gain from it. It’s always a good idea to give damage dealers like Genji and Soldier 76 a boost and tanks like Reinhardt, Roadhog, or Zarya.


Moira in Overwatch 2
Moira in Overwatch 2 – Images Captured By Us
Real NameMoira O’ Deorain
Minister of Genetics
Talon council member
BaseDublin, Ireland
Oasis, Iraq
AffiliationBlackwatch (formerly)
The Ministries
VoiceGenevieve O'Reilly (English)

Moving on, we have Moira in our Overwatch 2 Best Team Comps. Many of our favorite heroes saw changes in Overwatch 2. While some of them have new abilities, others have undergone minor nerfs. However, both affected some heroes, such as Moira.

We frequently had the opportunity to see Moira at significant events. She was one of the well-known Overwatch supporters. She is a hero who specializes in AoE healing, making her the perfect choice for combos that prefer to stick together. In terms of damage output, Moira is one of the best support players in the game.

While it is accurate that many of Moira’s fundamental skills are still mostly the same as in Overwatch 1, you must be aware of a few new abilities that she has in the sequel. Even though the game won’t be available until October of this year, you can play with her thanks to the closed beta.

Her Biotic Grasp and Biotic Orbs, which can either heal or damage friends depending on the situation, are the basis of her arsenal. Players are encouraged to heal Moira sparingly in brief bursts to maximize her healing over time because she does tend to run out of healing juice reasonably soon. Fortunately, both mending Moira and replenishing healing/biotic energy occur simultaneously when Biotic Grasp damages foes.

If they find themselves in a tight spot, players should make sure to burst damage with this to replenish healing. She may be helpful in any circumstance and can tip a team fight in her favor by switching between dealing damage and healing her comrades.


Following are the four abilities of Moira’s character in overwatch 2.

Biotic Grasp

Moira’s primary weapon is her hands. By altering the color of her nails, Biotic Grasp can heal her allies or deal powerful ranged damage to enemies. Her healing hand is primary-fire with yellow nails on the left, while her damage-dealing hand is alt-fire with purple nails on the right. The player’s top focus and concern should be healing their allies, but Moira can quickly exhaust her healing capacity. By harming adversaries with Biotic Grasp, she can recharge her biotic energy.


Moira’s mobility skill is called Fade. She can become invisible and invulnerable while using it, but she isn’t able to use any other abilities. Players should jump before leaving Fade to obtain a slight boost in order to make the most of this skill. The best uses for Fade are to move Moira into position or to rid herself of any side effects from Ana’s biotic grenade or Mei’s slowing primary fire.

Biotic Orb

Any surface that the Biotic Orb encounters will cause it to bounce. Like her primary weapons, biotic orbs can damage opponents with well-placed ricochet shots while also healing teammates. Aiming the biotic orbs straight ahead will help to prevent them from colliding with unintended environmental objects and losing their effectiveness. You can use them to heal friends flanking the opposing team or outside Moira’s Biotic Grasp range.


Overwatch 2’s Coalescence Ultimate gives Moira the power to deal damage and heal. With both hands, she can fire a straight beam of biotic energy with a 30-meter range that damages foes and heals everyone it strikes. If the ability to control the crowd is not used to end it sooner, it will last for eight seconds. In addition, coalescence can cut through shields and Zarya’s energy barriers, harming the team it is working with.

Moira’s movement speed is accelerated, and her health is restored during this channeled ultimate, but she cannot utilize any other skills like Fade or Quick Attack. It is necessary to throw away a biotic orb before using this ultimate to make the most of Moira’s kit.

Tips and Tricks

It’s important to remember how powerful Moira’s Necrotic Orb is, even though some might argue that she received too many nerfs. Because this ability does not deal a lot of damage, many players will undervalue it. Fortunately, it makes up for that by applying one of the debuffs’ most potent effects. Because a specific enemy hero will have a 75% damage reduction, Moira can render Sojourn’s ultimate and Dragon blade entirely ineffective. Something had to be paid for this, which explains why Moira’s other abilities have suffered.

She used to be a fantastic option for those looking to increase their damage output and heal their teammates, but in Overwatch 2, her job is even more crucial. She needs to remain alive as long as possible because timing these Necro Orbs can be critical. Unfortunately, some heroes have lost their shields, so this is not as easy. Speaking of heroes, Overwatch 2 gives Moira a lot of options. She can work wonders with heroes like Rein and Sigma because they have shields that let their teams hide behind them, much like Overwatch. When that happens, Moira can use her AOE healing to keep the team as a whole healthy.

In addition to the conventional combos, Moira is an excellent choice to use with Junker Queen. The latter is one of Overwatch 2’s most aggressive tanks, so most foes have to concentrate on her. Moira has time to use her healing skills to keep Junker Queen and her allies alive.


Sombra in Overwatch 2 – Images Captured By Us
Real NameOlivia Colomar
BaseDorado, Mexico
AffiliationLos Muertos (formerly)
Talon (currently)
VoiceCarolina Ravassa (English)

Next up in our Overwatch 2 Best Team Comps list, we have Sombra. The long-awaited release of Overwatch 2 includes a minor but significant mechanical overhaul for everyone’s favorite hacker, Sombra.

Sombra has a rather distinctive playstyle in Overwatch. She is one of the few heroes who can use permanent stealth, so she excels at coming up with creative angles of attack for flanking or looking for out-of-position enemies to isolate and kill. She used to act as a disabler, hacking her opponents’ abilities to prevent access to them. However, this has been scaled back to emphasize her kit on bludgeoning adversaries more forcefully.

Sombra’s background has been a tragic one. She was an orphan during the Omnic Crisiswith the birth name Olivia Colomar. She joined the gang Los Muertos and, being a naturally talented hacker, used her talents to hack the government on their behalf as part of their social revolution.

Moreover, Sombra gained so much fame that Talon, the terrorist organization that essentially caused the background conflict in the Overwatch story, developed an interest in her. She agreed to work for them and is now utilizing her hacking abilities for their dubious objectives. Whenever she feels like it, that is.


Following are the Sombra weapons and abilities described one by one below.

Weapon-Machine pistol

A machine pistol is an automated weapon with a short range. As simple as it gets. In comparison to other heroes, Sombra’s machine pistol is somewhat lacking. It deals modest damage on its own, but distance makes it unreliable due to the spread and mid-range damage fall-off. Her signature skills, stealth to get close and hack to increase her damage, must be used to make the most of her gun.


Moving quickly and covertly is called stealth. The fact that your enemies pay Sombra no mind is unquestionably the most impressive weapon in her arsenal. Because of her stealth, she can move into position without being concerned about being fired upon.

You can see enemies if you are 4 meters or less away from them or if you are hacking them. Stealth will entirely disappear after receiving or dishing out damage, placing it on a cooldown. The cooldown time is 6 seconds.


Hold until you can hack, then hack. Hack enemies have a temporary inability to use skills and have the ability to see through walls. Although they spawn more quickly, adversaries cannot use hacked health packs. If you sustain damage, the hacking effort is interrupted. The cooldown time is 4 seconds.

Hacking is now even more crucial for playing Sombra than you thought it was before. When Sombra successfully hacks an adversary, the enemy’s ability usage is disabled for one second, and the hacking status is applied for ten seconds, allowing Sombra to use her updated Opportunist passive to deal more damage.

Sombra’s damage is typically insufficient without Hack to eliminate a target before the opposing team notices and falls on you. You can make good use of it to defeat some of the more cunning enemies. In addition, you can hack more frequently with the new, reduced cooldown. If an enemy survives long enough, feel free to hack them again to modify their skills. Do not forget to hack health packs as well. It’s a valuable denial tool when used outside of enemy lines, and speeding up a health pack’s respawn can help you rejoin the battle.


Throw a beacon with the translocator, then click the button once more to teleport there. Get out of jail free for Sombra. The difference between good and bad Sombra players is proper usage. Because the opposing team has the ability to destroy it, you should place the beacon away from traffic, ideally close to a health pack. If you set it too far from the action, you will spend most of the game returning to the fray, so knowing the map is essential if you want to use this ability effectively. The cooldown time is 6 seconds.

You can also save the beacon for traversal if you enjoy living on the edge. You can throw it a respectable distance, giving someone who cannot fly or climb walls access to typically out-of-reach regions. Just remember that the cooldown starts as soon as you toss it; if you immediately teleport, you’ll need to wait before you can activate it again.

EMP (Ultimate)

It hacks foes around and dismantles barriers surrounding you while dealing damage equivalent to 40% of their health.

The major one is this. If your team is prepared to use it, being able to reduce a group of enemies by 40% while also combining the hack and barrier demolition makes for one of the game’s more substantial opening moves.

If there are only one or two foes, or while you are alone, try to avoid using this. It is advisable to wait until the opposing squad has gathered and a conflict is about to begin so you can catch them off guard. Just be aware that it will end your stealth and put it on cooldown. A well-timed EMP will send the opposing squad into full panic mode.

Opportunist (Passive)

You do 40% greater damage to hacked enemies and can see through walls to critically damaged enemies.

This is the new main mechanic for Sombra. With her crowd management abilities significantly weakened, her Hack now solely serves to boost her damage via Opportunist. Her typically average damage output is raised to the higher end by this. Just keep in mind that in order to hit individuals with her machine pistol, you still need to be pretty near.

Additionally, she can pursue evading prey with the help of her ability to find wounded enemies. That Pharah over there, hammering the “need healing” emote while hiding behind that shop counter, thinks she’s secure. As soon as you saw her, she was effectively dead.

Damage (Passive)

Its elimination causes a brief acceleration of movement and reloading speed.

This passive is now available to all damage heroes. Getting it for free is still a great deal, even though it won’t exactly change the game. If you can get the kill after abandoning stealth, Sombra should be able to benefit from this passive because the faster mobility and reload times will help you hold off their furious allies.

Tips and Tricks

Sombra has undergone a significant overhaul in the form of modifications to her hacking power. In Overwatch, you might utilize a hack to temporarily disable the enemy’s skills, rendering them defenseless in an ambush. However, the new adjustments have marginally decreased its efficacy for the entire team.

The new Hack makes disrupting enemy abilities and tracking them for finishers very efficient. This enables Sombra to embrace her position as an opportunist fully. The Hack is now a weapon for interrupting adversaries, and when combined with stealth, it can be lethal.

Although you should rely on your team if you want to set up an ambush in enemy territory, translocation is still a regularly used skill to travel rapidly. A great backup plan is to place the beacon close to health packs in a safe area. It is an excellent strategy to use with EMP, but never use it without a safety net.

Soldier 76

Soldier 76
Soldier 76 in Overwatch 2 – Images Captured By Us
Real NameJohn Francis "Jack" Morrison
AgeLate 40s / early 50s (approx.)
OccupationSoldier (formerly)
Overwatch commander (formerly)
BaseBloomington, Indiana, United States (birth place)(formerly)
Overwatch HQ (formerly)
AffiliationUnited States Army (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
RelationsVarious family members, including a great-aunt, grandfather, uncle, father, and mother.
Vincent (ex-boyfriend)
VoiceFred Tatasciore (English)

Soldier: 76 is a hero that does consistent, precise damage to his enemies with the help of his potent hitscan pulse rifle. His diverse skillset is what makes him so crucial to this team comp and better than other heroes. These skills are the reason why he is feared so much on the battlefield. Moreover, he can quickly delete other players if he gains a good vantage point.

When playing as a high-DPS hero like Soldier: 76, you should modify your gameplay depending on how your team is doing and which other heroes are in your squad.

Additionally, he gains a passive power shared by all heroes in the Damage role. He is able to move and reload his weapons more quickly after killing someone. This is a great passive ability if you’re trying to lay down as much fire as possible and get out of sticky situations as quickly as possible.


Soldier: 76 essentially remains the same in Overwatch 2 as he did in the first game. Fans who play him will notice that he still functions as a dependable and simple-to-use hero and basically plays the same in this version. However, Blizzard changed Soldier: 76’s ultimate ability and pulse rifle’s damage output, which will better align him with other DPS heroes. In Overwatch 2, he is still a good option overall and can join almost any squad.

Primary Weapon

Heavy Pulse Rifle

The Heavy Pulse Rifle is a precise and dependable hitscan weapon and is Soldier: 76’s hallmark weapon. Players no longer have to consider projectiles, making it simpler to hit quick or airborne targets like Pharah and Mercy. Although the official description of it states the contrary, it does have vertical recoil and is also entirely accurate despite firing at a rapid rate. The Heavy Pulse Rifle fires fully automatic and has a magazine that holds 30 bullets. Between 6 and 18 damage is dealt overall per round. It performs best at medium ranges and has a drop-off in damage between 30 and 50 meters. As a result, players won’t want to combat heroes with a more extended range, like Widowmaker.



Soldier: 76 now has access to Sprint, a simple way to move more quickly. The activation of Sprint increases Soldier: 76’s mobility speed by 50%. The time frame continues as long as Soldier: 76 keeps moving forward without stopping. While Soldier: 76 is not firing or using his abilities, Sprint is always available and has no cooldown. Therefore, he can use it to start a fight or, if necessary, to end one.

Helix Rockets

The Helix Rockets is the Heavy Pulse Rifle’s secondary fire mode. It can deal tremendous damage to opponents inside their field of effect. When used, Soldier: 76 unleashes a burst of rockets that can cause up to 80 splash damage and 120 damage to direct hits in a 3-meter radius. Soldier: 76 should use caution when using these rockets up close because he could hurt himself. The amount of Burst Damage that Soldier 76 outputs can be used to deal with enemies effectively and efficiently. The cooldown time for Helix Rockets is six seconds.

Biotic Field

Soldier: 76 deploys a biotic emitter when he uses Biotic Field. This field restores 35 HP for him and any allies within a 4.5-meter radius. Moreover, this ability allows him to sustain himself more efficiently and even use it to aid his team’s support. Although it has a lengthy 15-second cooldown, it can help him out of a jam and is a much-appreciated asset to any team.

Tactical Visor

The Tactical Visor is Soldier: 76’s Ultimate Ability. When he uses it, he can effectively lock on to his enemies. Soldier: 76 will be able to hit those nearest to his crosshairs with pinpoint accuracy. He can quickly locate the next target closest to him and deal with them if any targets evade his sight. Using Soldier: 76 in large groups, depending on his perspective, can quickly wipe out entire teams. The damage fall-off introduced in Overwatch 2 makes this ability less effective at farther ranges, although it still has a devastating effect inside its effective range.

Tips and Tricks

Soldier 76 at keeping enemies away from objectives by firing at them from a distance. As a result, you are able to go back and heal while feeling secure. Additionally, you can deal a lot of damage while standing back, but if your team needs assistance, you can push up.

The alternative is to run and shoot to engage the opposing squad and deal as much damage as possible before perishing or fleeing. If you have a healer who can keep you healed or revive you, this is a wise move. With this, you will be able to display more firepower in the short run at the expense of some deaths.

Thus, you are better off staying close to the action with your automatic rifle and rocket launchers, especially if you are playing with other damaged characters, like Hanzo or Widowmaker, who attack from a distance.


This concludes the Overwatch 2 Best Comps. Both comps have been tried and tested and proven to be quite fruitful. The blend of the character mentioned is powerful enough to outplay any team they face. Moreover, both comps are catered to two specific playstyles, so you can choose the one you like the most. However, you should take these Overwatch 2 Best Comps with a grain of salt. Remember that the character mentioned here might not be best suited to you. Thus, ensure you try out different things to find what allows you to excel.

With that, we conclude our Overwatch 2 Best Comps guide. Let us know down below which Comp is your favorite!!

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