Overwatch 2 Best Crosshair [Dot, Circle, Classic, Box]

This Overwatch 2 Best Crosshair guide will provide you with the best crosshair that will allow to accurately demolish your opponents.

Overwatch 2: Best Crosshair [Top 5]
Overwatch 2: Best Crosshair [Top 5]
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With 70+ hours invested in Overwatch 2 (His Battlenet Tag is Panther #31676), Reeshail Qureshi is well-versed in the game, and you can trust the information he provides about it.

In Overwatch, multiple crosshair options are available for customization. Adjust these settings to match your play style. Some basic crosshairs, commonly used by pro players, aid in landing precise shots. Before delving into them, familiarize yourself with the crosshair settings and their functions.

Key Takeaways

  • Crosshairs are an integral part of aiming and adjusting your shots.
  • A good crosshair allows you to aim precisely with accuracy.
  • There are multiple good options for crosshairs that all offer something different.
  • Look for what you need and pick the crosshair that suits you best.

Here is a summary table for the Best Crosshairs in Overwatch 2:

No.NameReticleColorThicknessCrosshair lengthCenter gapOpacityOutline opacityDot sizeDot opacity
1The Dot CrosshairDotGreen11000%100%5100%
2The Circle CrosshairCircleRed11150100%100%6100%
3The Classic CrosshairCrosshairsGreen175100%100%4100%
4The Box CrosshairCrosshairsGreen15423100%100%20%
5Circle with Dot CrosshairCircle and CrosshairsBlue1044100%100%60%

How to Change Your Crosshair?

The Overwatch 2 crosshair settings can be found in the options. All you have to do is press escape in the main menu and press options. Here, find the Crosshair settings, which will be under the reticle bar. This will bring you to the menu, where you can change and alter various aspects of your crosshair.

Overwatch 2 Crosshair Settings Menu
Crosshair Setting Menu

Here, you can see many different options you can change, so let me tell you what each of them does.


First off, we have the Type settings. This is the type of reticle you will be using. It can be a dot, crosshair, e.t.c. Moreover, once you choose a reticle, the game will import a preset of the reticle to show you what each of them looks like.

Show Accuracy

It shows you the bullet patterns of your shots, which can provide insight into how to aim. However, it can cover up quite a lot of your screen, so it is better to have it off.


Color allows you to change the appearance of your crosshair. This is useful as some colored crosshairs aren’t visible on bright maps, so make sure you pick a color that remains relatively visible.


Adjust the thickness of your crosshair.

Crosshair Length

Adjust the length of your crosshair.

Center Gap

Adjust the Gap between the lines of your crosshair.


Adjust the visibility of your crosshair by making it brighter or dimmer.

Dot Size & Opacity

Adjust the center dot of your crosshair. You can increase its size and visibility to look more pleasing and helpful.

Now that you know what each option does let’s look at the top 5 Overwatch Best Crosshairs you can go for.

The Dot Crosshair

The Dot Crosshair features a precise dot at the screen’s center, offering increased aiming accuracy. Ideal for precise flick shots, it’s favored by those aiming for headshots, commonly used by snipers like Ana and Widowmaker. Adjust its size if the dot feels too small amidst Overwatch’s vibrant settings for better visibility.


Reticle Dot
Color Green
Thickness 1
Crosshair length 10
Center gap 0
Opacity 0%
Outline opacity 100%
Dot size 5
Dot opacity 100%
Dot Crosshair in game

The Circle Crosshair

Overwatch 2 Circle Crosshair
Circle Crosshair In-game

The circle crosshair, distinct for its empty center, offers a larger area for targeting enemies compared to the dot crosshair. It’s ideal for characters with AOE damage like shotguns or blast grenades, enhancing the effectiveness of characters such as Repear and Groundhog.

Additionally, for characters like Hanzo, the circle can be scaled down, aiding precision in targeting. This adjustment significantly assists in accurately landing Hanzo’s high-damage arrows due to the smaller circle’s increased accuracy.


Reticle Circle
Color Red
Thickness 1
Crosshair length 11
Center gap 50
Opacity 100%
Outline opacity 100%
Dot size 6
Dot opacity 100%

The Classic Crosshair

Classic Crosshair

If you have played any FPS game, you will have seen this crosshair multiple times. This crosshair is the most commonly used crosshair which stems from the default crosshair settings. It will help you quickly adjust to the game if you transfer from other titles like Valorant and CSGO.

The static crosshair gives you a plus in the middle of the screen, allowing you to aim precisely and track your enemies without much effort. It enables players to adjust their aim and is a perfect crosshair to perfect your aiming. It will not only help you demolish other players but also become a better player.


Reticle  Crosshairs
Color  Green
Thickness 1
Crosshair length 7
Center gap 5
Opacity 100%
Outline opacity 100%
Dot size 4
Dot opacity 100%
Classic Crosshair
In-game classic crosshair

The Box Crosshair

Another contender for the Overwatch 2 Best Crosshair is the box crosshair. This crosshair is a rectangular box that covers the middle of your screen but is hollow on the inside. It is an excellent crosshair to use when learning how to aim correctly and understand the spray pattern of many guns.

Moreover, circular crosshairs are everywhere, so this also brings a breath of fresh air into the mix. Furthermore, it works exceptionally well with characters with splash damage, making it easier to land your abilities on them. It will significantly aid you in winning your games.


Reticle  Crosshairs
Color  Green
Thickness 15
Crosshair length 4
Center gap 23
Opacity 100%
Outline opacity 100%
Dot size 2
Dot opacity 0%
In-game box crosshair

Circle with Dot Crosshair

Lastly, we have the circle with a dot crosshair. It is a specialized crosshair that works for characters with various types of damage with their primary and secondary weapons. The primary weapon has a more focused area range which uses the dot in the middle to aim, whereas the secondary weapon uses the outer circle to gauge the spread of your shots.

This works best with heroes likes Soldier 76 and enables them to excel even more. It also makes it easier to understand their weapons and in which situation each becomes more useful.


Reticle  Circle and Crosshairs
Color  Blue
Thickness 1
Crosshair length 0
Center gap 44
Opacity 100%
Outline opacity 100%
Dot size 6
Dot opacity 0%


Overwatch introduces new characters into the mix, all capable of shaking up the meta. One of them is Kiriko, who has already redefined the meta for the game. Her unparalleled prowess makes her so strong on a team and enables them to win. Hence, you can check out my Overwatch 2 Kiriko guide if you want more information on her.

With that, I conclude my Overwatch 2 Best Crosshair guide. Make sure you choose the crosshair that is most suited to you. Also, let me know down below which crosshair is your favorite!!

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