Overwatch 2 Best Healers [Top 5 In 2023]

A detailed guide regarding healers in Overwatch 2, so that you can support your team during combat in the best way possible.

Best Healers Guide
A Complete Guide For Best Healers

Heroes never die, and a good healer always makes sure of that. Today we will cover all the best healers available in Overwatch 2 so that you can support your team more effectively and be there for them when they need you the most.

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Key Takeaways

  • Each healer has their own unique active, passive, and ultimate abilities.
  • Mercy has a special collection of passive and active like Angelic Decent skills, that she uses to heal her partner continuously. 
  • Ana is an expert in long-range healing, and her active talent is Biotic Grenade.
  • A truly merciless support hero to have is Moira. One of her strongest skills is the Biotic Orb.
  • Kiriko is incredibly quick and is undoubtedly one of the best heals. Protection Suzu is her excellent active talent.
  • The squad that sticks together till the finish gains a lot by having Lucio on it. One of its functional skills is CrossFade.

Comparison table for Best Healers;

No.HEALERSReal NameAgeNationalityOccupationBaseAffiliationRelationsVoiceRoleHealth
1MercyAngela Ziegler37SwissField medicZurichOverwatchdeceasedEnglishSupport200
2AnaAna Amari60EgyptianBounty hunterCairoEgyptianSam(husband0EnglishSupport200
3MoiraMoira o’Deorain48IrishGeneticistDublinTalon_EnglishSupport200
4KirikoKiriko kamori20MikoJapanYakoikanazekaUnnamed grandmotherEnglishSupport200
5LucioLucio Correia Santos26BrazilianBrazilRio de janeiroOverwatch_EnglishSupport200

Best Healers In Overwatch 2

The support class is very crucial for games like Overwatch 2 as they are the backbone of the team; healers are responsible for rejuvenating their teammates’ health and keeping them alive so they can keep inflicting damage upon the enemy.

Today we will discuss all the best healers the game has to offer if you really want to provide quality support to your team, especially during competitive games.


Real NameAngela Ziegler
Nationality Swiss
OccupationField medic
First responder
BaseZürich, Switzerland (formerly)
Cairo, Egypt (formerly)
Watchpoint: Gibraltar
RelationsUnnamed parents (deceased)
VoiceLucie Pohl (English)

Starting off with Dr. Angela Ziegler, aka Mercy, she is one of the legacy heroes in Overwatch, and now she has arrived in Overwatch 2 to support her team. Mercy has undergone many changes since the beginning of the game, but that never stopped her from being among the best healers.

She provides a continuous heal beam to her teammates, which can be converted into a damage buff beam to increase the impact of your teammates on the enemies.

Mercy's Abilities
Mercy’s Abilities

Mercy has a unique set of passive and active abilities that benefits the team in various ways.

Active Abilities

  1. Guardian Angle – It allows mercy to move around more effectively, and if a friend is in need of healing far off, she can directly jump to them and starts healing.
  2. Resurrect – You might think that you’re dead in a match, but Mercy doesn’t, and her resurrection capability allows her to revive a downed teammate and get them back in the fight with full health.
  3. Angelic Decent – This ability allows her to stay in the air for a longer period of time making her a less noticeable target and allows her to move towards different teammates swiftly.


Mercy’s passive allows her to heal over a period of time, and this ability comes in really handy when there is no other healer on the team.


Valkyrie – her ultimate allows her to fly around the map and gain remarkable height; not only that, instead of healing or boosting one teammate at a time, she can heal or boost all the nearby allies altogether. The healing and damage boost values also get increased while the ultimate is active.


Real NameAna Amari (أنا عماري)
Janina Kowalski
Nationality Egyptian
OccupationSharpshooter (formerly)
Overwatch second-in-command, captai]
Bounty hunter
BaseCairo, Egypt
AffiliationEgyptian security forces (formerly)
Overwatch (formerly)
Relations Sam (husband/partner)
Fareeha Amari (daughter)
VoiceAysha Selim (English)

If you are a competitive player, then there is no chance that you don’t know about Ana, a retired war veteran and now an Overwatch hero; Ana is extremely specialized in long-range healings, and if you are good with the aim, then she should be on your top priority when it comes to best healers.

Ana's Abilities
Ana’s Abilities

Just like Ana, her abilities are quite specialized in what they have to offer.

Active Abilities

  1. Sleep Dart – One thing Moms are good with is putting their kids to bed, and Ana is really good at that; her sleep dart can put enemies to sleep and make them vulnerable to getting attacked by her teammates.
  2. Biotic Grenade – A blessing for the team and a curse for the enemies, Biotic Grenade allows the nearby allies to heal and if an enemy gets hit by it then their healing capabilities get disrupted for a certain period of time while they receive a bit of damage from it as well.


Ana also has a regeneration passive that helps her heal to full in a certain amount of time.


Nano Boost – An all-time favorite for the Genji mains, Nano boost allows to enhance the capabilities of the teammates, this ultimate combined with other heroes’ ultimates like Genji, Soldier, or Winston can deal massive damage to the enemies that might lead to a squad wipe.


Real NameMoira O'Deorain
Nationality Irish
Minister of Genetics
Talon council member
BaseDublin, Ireland
Oasis, Iraq
AffiliationBlackwatch (formerly)
The Ministries
VoiceGenevieve O'Reilly(English)

Moira O’Deorain’s desire to improve evolution put her into many controversies, but that still didn’t stop her from achieving her goals, even if that required some sacrifice.

Moira has been My personal favorite even after quite some rework; she allows massive chunks of healing while draining the health of the enemies, making her a truly ruthless support hero to have.

Moira Abilities
Moira Abilities

Moira’s skill tree keeps many confused due to her capability of outputting a good amount of damage to her foes.

Active Abilities

  1. Biotic Orb – This orb roams around the map for a certain period of time and heals the nearby allies. It can also be converted into a damaging orb that absorbs enemies’ health once it comes in their contact.
  2. Fade – Moira is selfish; that’s what makes her unique, her fade ability helps her escape sticky situations and restore her health while her teammates keep on fighting. While in the fade mode she takes no damage, and it’s a great way to flank the inattentive enemies as well.


Her self-healing works a bit slow compared to others; normally best way is to heal her through a Medkit or her healing orb.


Coalescence – Moira releases a very high-energy beam that heals the teammates under a certain range while damaging the enemies at the same time as well. An excellent ultimate when you want your Tanks and DPS to push harder on the point.


Real NameKiriko Kamori (家守 霧子)
AliasesKiriko Yamagami (original name)
Protector of Kanezaka
StatusThe early 20s
Age Japanese
Shrine caretaker (Miko)
OccupationKanezaka, Japan
BaseYamagami Blades
Affiliation Asa Yamagami (mother)
Toshiro Yamagami (father)
Unnamed grandmother
VoiceSally Amaki (English)

It’s time that we give Genji and Hanzo some rest and talk about Kiriko, the latest addition to the Overwatch 2 Roaster. Kiriko has recently joined the team, and right now, she is only available to play in unranked game modes.

And we can tell why she has great healing capabilities while outputting a good amount of damage with her kunai.

Kiriko's Abilities
Kiriko’s Abilities

Kiriko’s skills allow her to roam in similar ways as Genji and Hanzo, which means she is extremely fast and can easily rank among the best healers for the time being in the game.

Active Abilities

  1. Swift Step – This skill allows her to get to her allies right away to heal them, unlike mercy Kiriko doesn’t require an ally to be in sight for her to jump to; she can easily teleport to them and start aiding.
  2. Protection Suzu – A protective charm that for a short amount of time makes your teammates immune to incoming effects and damage.


Kiriko’s passive allows her to jump around the walls like Genji or Hanzo, and he gets healed over time as well while out of combat.


Kitsune Rush – It allows Kiriko to unleash the kitsune spirit that improves the mobility of her and her teammates in which direction it’s been released, while in rush, the attack speed and skills cooldowns are also improved.


Real NameLúcio Correia dos Santos
OccupationDJ Freedom fighter
BaseRio de Janeiro, Brazil
VoiceJonny Cruz (English)

Our famous in-house Dj and a professional medic on the battlefield is always a fan favorite, especially in capture-the-point game modes where you have to be fast while effective in the game.

Lucio's Abilities
Lucio’s Abilities

Lucio offers its mains a unique experience that is fast yet fun to play with, and it really benefits the team that stays together till the end.

Active Abilities

  1. CrossFade – Lucio can switch his rhythm between two modes that is either he can provide constant heal to the team, or he can make them constantly move faster while they are in the radius.
  2. AMP IT UP – Whatever goodness you get from Crossfade it gets doubled with this ability.
  3. Soundwave – This allows Lucio to create short wave blasts that can throw away enemies a very useful skill to have while being on maps that have open spaces such as Ilios.


Due to his magnetic skates, he can run around on the walls without falling, and he can keep healing himself over time.


Sound Barrier – Lucio’s ultimate is a game changer if used correctly, as it buffs the nearby allies by a huge margin which can help them endure as much damage as a Dva Bomb if used at the right moment.

Ending Remarks

There you have it, Overwatch fans, a detailed guide about all the best healers available in the game at the moment.

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