Overwatch 2: Best Tank Heroes [Top 10 In 2023]

With one less Tank on the Field, Overwatch 2 is out.

A tier list of the best heroes is essential in overwatch 2 right now, especially if you’re one of the many eager gamers entering the competitive battles. Which are the greatest Overwatch 2 Tank Heroes? With the game launching on October 4 and now that the queues are a little better and server reliability has increased, this question may be on the minds of people getting into the competitive FPS game.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 is the spiritual successor to the acclaimed FPS shooter from Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Tanks are one of the most important types of heroes in the game, built to withstand damage and also dish it out.
  • One new tank hero “Junker Queen” is introduced in the game, along with previous tank heroes from the original overwatch 2.
  • Due to a transition from 6v6 to 5v5, teams can only have one tank in their team.
  • In this list we’ll tell you about the Top 10 best tank heroes in Overwatch 2.

Here is a summary table for the Best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2:

No.NameReal NameStatusAgeNationalityBaseOccupation

1DoomfistAkande OgundimuAlive45NigerianOyo,NigeriaMartial artist(formerly)
Talon council member
Akinjide Ngaujah(English)Sagr Ngaujah (English)300(open queue)
450 (Role queue)
2Wrecking BallHammondActive14-Horizon Lunar Colony (formerly)
Test subject (formerly)
Mech pilot, mechanic
-Dee Bradley Baker & Jonathan Lipow(English)300(open queue)
450 (queue)
3SigmaSiebren KuiperActive62DutchThe hague ,Netherlands(formery)
International Space Station(formerly)
Talon living weapon
Boris Hiestand (English)200(open queue)
350(open queue)
4D.VAHana Song (송하나)-19KoreanMEKA Base,Busan,South Korea(formerly)Professional gamer(formerly)
Mech pilot
-Charlet Chung (English)300(open queue)
450(Role queue)
5ReinhardtReinhardt Wilhelm-61GermanStuttgart,GermanyCrusader(formerly)
Overwatch agent(formerly)
Balderich von Alder(mentor)
Brigitte Lindholm (goddaughter)
Darin De Paul (English)200(Open queue)
350(Role queue)
150(Pilot Form)
6Junker QueenOdessa”Dez”StoneActiveApprox.35-40AustralianJunkertown ,AustraliaGladiator champion (formerly)Stone(father),Unnamed mother
5 siblings
Leah De Niese
Siho Ellsmore(Junkertown announcer,2017-2022)
Davida McKenzie(trailer)(English)
300(Open Queue)
450(Role queue)
7Orisa-Active1 MonthNumbanianNumbaniGuardian RobotEfi Oldedele (creator)Cherelle Skeete (English)125(Open queue)
275(Role queue)
8WinstonWinston-29-Horizon Lunar Colony(formerly)
Test subject (formerly)
--200(Open queue)
350(Role queue)
9ZaryaAleksandra Zaryanova(Александра Зарянова)-28RussianNovanskoye,Russia(formerly)
Krasnoyarsk Front,Russia(formerly)
Novanskoye Forward Base, Russia (formerly)
SoldierUnnamed FatherIra Zaryanova,Marisha Zaryanova(sisters)
Extended family,Including two other siblings or cousins
Dolya Gavanski(English)100(Open queue)
\250(Role Queue)

Along with several modifications to specific heroes, this move has undoubtedly affected the meta, but it has had the most effect on the tank class. Even though there is now only one new tank, Junker Queen, the meta has changed due to the switch to a single tank. Before, certain tanks were considered mains, concentrating more on inflicting damage and posing a threat to the other team, while the main could concentrate on protecting the heroes with lower health reserves. Now that all of these duties fall on just one tank, it affects how well each hero performs.

These tweaks and reworks have completely changed how the game is played. Tanks no longer have a buddy to soak up damage with them in the new set of roles. There’s one tank backed up by two DPS and two supports, so the tank is on its own in a way, and the method with which the role is played is now forever changed.

For Overwatch 2, several characters received entire overhauls, while others just received minor changes to their kits. While players will undoubtedly appreciate the variation among the characters, several of the tank heroes fit this description more than others. All of these heroes are still good choices, but some are undoubtedly more practical than others. Here is how each of Overwatch 2’s ten tank heroes compares. Players may use this list to determine the best tank heroes in Overwatch 2.

Best Tanks in Overwatch 2

  1. Doomfist

    Doomfist | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Hand Canon
  • Ability one: Seismic Slam
  • Ability two: Power Block
  • Ability three: Rocket Punch
  • Ultimate: Meteor Strike
Doomfist’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameAkande Ogundimu
AliasesThe Successor
OccupationMartial artist (formerly)
Talon council member
BaseOyo, Nigeria
RelationsAkinjide Adeyemi (mentor)
VoiceSahr Ngaujah (English)
Health300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)

The first in our list of best tank heroes in Overwatch 2 is, Doomfist. Doomfist has a hand cannon and can inflict damage up close. Unfortunately, this weapon does have a rather sluggish rate of fire, making it difficult to take out an attacker. Despite this, he can still use his Seismic Slam to make a strong assault and his Power Block to defend himself. Then you may start Doomfist’s Meteor Strike to pick a targeted area for his vicious attack.

Doomfist’s revamp classifies him as a tank rather than a DPS, which alters his playstyle in a few significant ways. Importantly, his basic HP has risen from 250 to 450, giving him additional solo kill potential. Doomfist’s new Power Block skill allows him to block 80% of frontal damage, making him a versatile and deadly tank. With the new 5v5 structure, tanks need to be able to absorb a ton of damage without going down but also be able to disrupt the enemy team as well. Doomfist is good at disrupting enemies, using his abilities to quickly get into the fight and knock enemies around.

Doomfist’s weakness is that he performs best when he is surrounded by enemies, beating them up. Doomfist is particularly good at reducing or accepting damage for his team because of his smaller frame and lesser health pool than other tanks. This was OK when there were two tanks, but with only one now, Doomfist is not as powerful of a selection as the other tanks on the roster.

  1. Wrecking Ball

    Wreckingball | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Quad Canons
  • Ability one: Roll
  • Ability two: Piledriver
  • Ability three: Grappling Hook
  • Ultimate: Minefield
Wreckingball’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameHammond
OccupationTest subject (formerly)
Mech pilot, mechanic
BaseHorizon Lunar Colony (formerly)
AffiliationLucheng Interstellar (formerly)
VoiceDee Bradley Baker & Jonathan Lipow (English)
Health300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)

Overwatch 2’s Wrecking Ball is a tank hero who specializes in mobility and has a rapid-fire rate. His Roll, for instance, lets you move across the arena swiftly, and his Grappling Claw may quickly take down enemies. Players can deploy Wrecking Ball’s Adaptative Shield to gather health while foes are around or use his Piledriver to knock them to the ground when there are several enemies nearby. Additionally, you may strike the enemy team with a sizable field of proximity mines by using his Minefield maneuver which can force the enemy team off an objective, turning the momentum of a fight instantly.

Wrecking Ball is a solid pick, but once again, in a single tank game, you’re forced to try and balance between disrupting enemies and protecting your team. If you run into an enemy team that is smart enough to ignore you in favor of your healers, things won’t work out for you.

  1. Sigma

    Sigma | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Hyperspheres
  • Ability one: Experimental Barrier
  • Ability two: Kinetic Grasp
  • Ability three: Accretion
  • Ultimate: Gravitic Flux
Sigma’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameSiebren de Kuiper
Nationality Dutch
OccupationScientist (formerly)
Talon living weapon
BaseThe Hague, Netherlands (formerly)
International Space Station (formerly)
RelationsDoomfist (boss)
Reaper (boss)
Moira (boss)
Sombra (co-operative)
Widowmaker (co-operative)
Baptiste (former co-operative)
VoiceBoris Hiestand (English)
Health200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)

Compared to the other tank heroes on this list, Sigma is a distinctive tank hero. One reason is that he is the only floating tank hero, and the dynamics in combat are unique because of his weaponry. He is the ideal tank because of his Experimental Barrier, which enables him to build barriers to shield himself and his teammates from incoming damage. After five seconds, you can recast these shields.

Despite the slight reduction to his shield regeneration, this, along with the upgrades to his shields, makes him a good option for a damage-negating tank. He may also use his Kinetic Grasp to change incoming missiles into shields. He is one of only two barrier-oriented tank heroes in the game at the moment thanks to his hero design, making him a highly sought-after tank selection. His skill set and combat usefulness are increased by his ultimate ability to move both friends and enemies (while doing just enemy damage).

Sigma’s choice of the weapon makes him a threat on smaller maps with lots of passageways since he can bounce the Hyperspheres around and let his opponents feel the full force of his blows. He can do more damage now that his Accretion’s damage has been increased by 30%. Sigma is much more lethal in the right hands thanks to all of these adjustments and an increase in his total health pool.

  1. D.VA

    D.VA | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Fusion Cannons
  • Passive: Eject!
  • Ability one: Defense Matrix
  • Ability two: Boosters
  • Ultimate one: Self-Destruct
  • Ultimate two: Call Mech
D.VA’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameHana Song (송하나)
OccupationProfessional gamer (formerly)
Mech pilot
BaseMEKA Base, Busan, South Korea (formerly)
AffiliationMobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) (South Korean Army)
VoiceCharlet Chung (English)
Health300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)
Health200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)
150 (Pilot Form)

As one of the finest Tanks in Overwatch 2, the fan-favorite D.VA once again demonstrates her value. While her Micro Missiles unleash explosive rockets that may severely harm foes, her Fusion Cannon fires at a quick rate. She has the Defense Matrix ability to block projectiles, and she can also rocket opponents out of the path or out of tight spots by using her boosters.

D.Va has always been known as that annoying dive hero that can charge into a mass of enemies, causing chaos and disrupting fights while maintaining a highly potent frontline defense for her team. Her Mech was crucial to this playstyle and thankfully for her, it has been buffed with a health increase, making it harder for foes to force an Eject! from her.

After being ejected from the mech in combat, players will have the chance to restore their strength. Players may still utilize this time to beat enemies even if their character is vulnerable without the suit until they can finally call their Mech after some time has elapsed. If everything else fails, you can use her Self-Destruct strike, an Ultimate move that can eliminate groups of adversaries.

Having all of these abilities at her fingertips makes D.Va the most versatile tank hero out there, capable of handling an inexperienced team by herself given the player’s skill is high enough to pull it off.

  1. Reinhardt

    Reinhardt | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Rocket Hammer
  • Ability one: Charge
  • Ability two: Fire Strike
  • Ability three: Barrier Field
  • Ultimate: Earth shatter
Reinhardt’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameReinhardt Wilhelm
OccupationCrusader (formerly)
Overwatch agent (formerly)
BaseStuttgart, Germany
AffiliationGerman Armed Forces (formerly)
Crusaders (formerly)
Relations Balderich von Adler (mentor)
Brigitte Lindholm (goddaughter)
VoiceDarin De Paul (English)
Health200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)
Health200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)
150 (Pilot Form)

Reinhardt continues to maintain consistency in this area, despite several criticisms of Overwatch 2 focusing on how the new 5v5 system doesn’t make things simpler for less experienced players and how tanks don’t work effectively in it. Reinhardt still holds true in this aspect despite the fact that there are less tanks with shields in Overwatch 2, which may be either a good or a negative factor. Because those who mastered him in the original Overwatch will find Overwatch 2 to be simpler.

Because his Earthshatter ultimate is otherwise tough to defend against without another shield to prevent it, the other team often forces your squad to think about switching to a Reinhardt of their own. When Reinhardt’s ultimate is charged, going up against him without one of your own might occasionally mean admitting defeat in a team fight.

They’re a melee hero with a powerful shield, a ranged projectile, a devastating charge that can take out DPS when hit in a single blow, and an ultimate that is invaluable on taking an objective and stopping enemy offensive pushes right in their tracks.

  1. Junker Queen

    Junker Queen | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Scattergun
  • Passive: Adrenaline Rush
  • Ability one: Jagged Blade
  • Ability two: Commanding Shout
  • Ability three: Carnage
  • Ultimate: Rampage
Junker Queen’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameOdessa "Dez" Stone
AgeApprox. 35-40
OccupationGladiator champion (formerly)
Ruler of Junkertown
BaseJunkertown, Australia
AffiliationWastelanders (temporarily)
RelationsStone (father), unnamed mother
5 siblings
VoiceLeah De Niese
Siho Ellsmore (Junkertown announcer, 2017-2022)
Davida McKenzie (trailer) (English)
Health300 (Open queue)
450 (Role queue)

The newest member of the Overwatch 2 roster, Junker Queen, is one of the strongest tanks for players that want to be aggressive. Although Junker Queen has a health pool that is on the lower end of a tank, she possesses a number of abilities that create the wound status effect, which damages foes and renders them unable to heal while also replenishing Junker Queen’s health. The wounds are a huge concern since there aren’t many heroes in the game right now who can cure them, which makes foes easy targets.

Junker Queen also has a high damage output, with a throwing knife that can pull enemies in and an ax she can swing to inflict wounds. Her shotgun deals a solid amount of damage and her ultimate ability can inflict wounds on multiple people at once. The lower health pool means you might need a healer to focus on you, but Junker Queen is still a great pick.

Her ultimate ability will also anti-heal anyone in its path, making it a game-changer in team fights, especially if the new support Kiriko is not there to cleanse the debuff right away. It can turn the tide in just about any battle in the game.

Combine all of this with Commanding Shout, which will give herself and her allies a speed boost and temporary health boost, and she’s one of the more helpful and survivable tanks in the game.

  1. Orisa

    Orisa | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Augmented Fusion Driver
  • Ability one: Energy Javelin
  • Ability two: Javelin Spin
  • Ability three: Fortify
  • Ultimate: Terra Surge
Orisa’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Age1 Month
OccupationGuardian Robot
RelationsEfi Oladele (creator)
VoiceCherrelle Skeete(English)
Health125 (Open queue)
275 (Role queue)

The seventh and arguably one of the best tank heroes in overwatch 2 is Orisa. One of the most devastating weapons in Overwatch 2 that deals greater damage up close is Orisa’s Augmented Fusion Driver. She also possesses a variety of skills that are great for both attacking and defensive tactics. Her Fortify, in particular, will protect players from missiles and provide them with temporary health. You may use Orisa’s Terra Surge to anchor down a large number of enemies nearby and deal damage to everyone in its radius.

Her Javelin Spin lets her negate incoming damage, including melee attacks, while also pushing enemies back. Her Fortify gives bonus health, reduces the amount of damage taken, and can’t be staggered or stunned. Her combined abilities make her very annoying and a struggle to get rid of for the enemies. Your squad will struggle to get past Orisa’s defenses if you add a healer who is focused on keeping her alive. Her rifle has a respectable damage output, especially up close, and her Energy Javelin toss may push opponents back.

  1. Winston

    Winston| Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Tesla Canon
  • Ability one: Jump Pack
  • Ability two: Barrier Projector
  • Ultimate: Primal Rage
Winston’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameWinston
OccupationTest subject (formerly)
BaseHorizon Lunar Colony (formerly)
Watchpoint: Gibraltar
AffiliationLucheng Interstellar (formerly)
Health200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)

Few heroes have had the ups and downs that Winston has had. Back when duplicate heroes were permitted, two Winston tanks became overpowered. Then when this opportunity was removed, the single Winston plummeted to the bottom of the tank charts. So where is he now in Overwatch 2?

The good news is that Winston is back in a stable place. Overwatch 2 only allows for one tank, meaning that a single tank needs to be mobile, which Winston certainly is. He’s also perfect for the matches that feel more like deathmatches when players know how to use him.

Winston is equipped with a Tesla Cannon that fires a close range of electricity and a secondary shot that fires at range after a charge. He also has a leap that deals damage when he lands and a protective barrier, he can drop on himself. The cooldown on the leap is short enough that it can be used to both enter the fight and leave it in a short period of time. The bubble shield can be used to either defend teammates or enclose enemies. His ultimate Primal Rage lets Winston take a ton of extra damage while also knocking enemies around and dealing damage.

  1. Zarya

    Zarya | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Particle Canon
  • Ability one: Particle Barrier
  • Ability two: Projected Barrier
  • Passive: Energy
  • Ultimate: Graviton Surge
Zarya’s Abilities | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameAleksandra Zaryanova (Александра Зарянова)
BaseNovanskoye, Russia (formerly)
Krasnoyarsk Front, Russia (formerly)
Novanskoye Forward Base, Russia (formerly)
AffiliationRussian Defense Forces
Volskaya Industries (temporarily)
RelationsUnnamed Father
Ira Zaryanova, Marisha Zaryanova (sisters)
Extended family, including two other siblings or cousins
VoiceDolya Gavanski (English)
Health100 (Open queue)
\250 (Role queue)

Zarya’s abilities have been altered in Overwatch 2 to make this tank hero stronger than ever. One of the most significant changes sees Zarya’s shields start their cooldown on use rather than when the bubble bursts., This has a huge impact in-game as she can protect herself and her teammates more often during pivotal moments.

In addition, Zarya now has better health and shield numbers, and her kit also has a greater range. Zarya’s bubbles have been divided into charges, which is the second significant modification to her shields. Now that she has two charges at her disposal, she may utilize them in any way she wants. She may thus choose when to deploy them, whether you want two charges for Zarya, two for one teammate, or many comrades.

Her weapon, the particle cannon, will produce a linear beam that can injure opponents and take down hordes of enemies with its grenade launcher. Lastly, you can perform her Graviton Surge to pull enemies to the gravity well, where you can utilize the Particle Cannon to eliminate them.

  1. Roadhog

    Roadhog | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  • Weapon: Scrap Gun
  • Ability one: Chain Hook
  • Ability two: Take a Breather
  • Ultimate: Whole Hog
Roadhog’s Abilties | Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
Real NameMako Rutledge
OccupationEnforcer (formerly)
BaseJunkertown, Australia (formerly)
AffiliationAustralian Liberation Front (formerly)
Junkers (formerly)
Wreckers (formerly)
RelationsUnnamed Father
Ira Zaryanova, Marisha Zaryanova (sisters)
Extended family, including two other siblings or cousins
VoiceJosh Petersdorf (English)
Health550 (Open queue)
700 (Role queue)

Roadhog is the last in our list of best tank heroes in Overwatch 2. Roadhog is a ruthless character that can dispatch squads of foes with the Scrap Gun, a weapon useful for close-quarters combat. Players may also use his Chain Hook to pull an opponent to their location and potentially finish them off in the process. Along with these capabilities, Roadhog also has the ability to use his Ultimate, Whole Hog, to harm foes and heal himself with Take a Breather.

Roadhog is one of the Tanks that seems to have benefited from the switch to 5v5 the most. While considered an off-tank previously, a bump to his health pool has made him quite difficult to deal with. While his mitigation stat won’t be very high, since the only time he mitigates damage is while he is healing, he can take a beating before going down. Add in the personal heal that fills up about half his health and is on a relatively short cooldown and Roadhog becomes borderline unstoppable.

As the sole tank on the team, Roadhog doesn’t have the freedom to flank and needs to constantly be on the frontlines to protect his teammates. Which is one downfall.

And that’s a wrap for the best Overwatch 2 tank heroes. If you’re considering a change of tactics, you might want to check out our guide to the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes, and on how to unlock heroes in Overwatch 2. We hope this guide helped, see you soon in another guide!

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