Overwatch 2: Best Weapons [Top 10 In 2023]

This Overwatch 2 Best Weapons guide has all the information for the most excellent weapons in the game that will elevate your gameplay.

Overwatch 2: Best Weapons [Top 10]
Overwatch 2: Best Weapons [Top 10]

Overwatch 2 is the newest first-person shooter game on the block. The game is the latest installment to the OVerwatch franchise, with the recent gloomy end on the Overwatch 1 servers. With the two days between the server shutdown and the new game’s release, players have been looking forward to what new the game brings to the table. Hence to get you ready for the chaos and action that ensues in the game, we provide you with this Overwatch 2 Best Weapons guide.

Key Takeaways

  • There are numerous weapons in Overwatch 2 of different types and styles, each with unique skills.
  • To use those weapons, you will have to play as the character that wields them.
  • Some weapons are more potent than others due to their outplay potential.
  • It’s best to choose the weapon that allows your strengths to shine more and covers up your weaknesses.

Comparison table for Best Weapons;


TypeEffect TypeRate of FireAmmoHeadshot
1Genji KatanaUltimate AbilityMelee1 swing per 0.9 seconds-
2Symmetra’s Photon ProjectorWeapon (Primary Fire)Beam-100
3Cassidy’s RevolverWeapon (Primary Fire)Hit scan1 shot every .56
4Junkrat Frag LauncherWeaponArcing projectile
Area of Effect
5Reaper’s ShotgunsWeaponShotgun(hit scan)78
6Soldier 76’s Automatic RifleWeaponHit Scan9 rounds per seconds
~0.22 seconds for the shoot if stops recovery
7BastionCombat ModeHit Scan5 rounds per second25
8Mei’s Endothermic BlasterWeapon (Primary Fire)Beam (projectile-like)-150
9ReadHog’s Scrap GunWeapon (Primary Fire)Shotgun(projectile)0.8 seconds recovery6
10Sojourn's RailgunWeapon (Primary Fire)Projectile14 rounds per second- ✓(2x)

Weapons in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has a bunch of different weapons with different styles and types. You can use guns, swords, blasters, grenades, bows, and even turrets. However, the weapons are character specific. For example, if you wish to use a bow, you cannot use it on any other character except Hanzo. It is similar to other characters as well.

However, multiple characters can be riflers, but their weapon will still differ. It can vary in terms of style, design, damage, and ability that you can combo with it. Hence it is crucial that you master those characters with good weapons that bring out the best in your gameplay. To help you figure those out, we provide the Overwatch 2 Best Weapons guide. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

Overwatch 2 Best Weapons

These are the best weapons from the 35 characters in the game. You will have to play as the character associated with them, so make sure you are aware of it before choosing to opt for it.

Genji’s Katana

Overwatch 2 Genji Katana weapon
Overwatch 2 Genji with his Katana – Image Captured By Us
TypeUltimate Ability
Effect typeMelee
Move. speed+30% buff
Max. Range5 meters
Rate of fire1 swing per 0.9 seconds
Casting time1 second (unsheathing)
1 second (sheathing)
Duration:6 seconds (transformation)
0.048 seconds (hitbox active)
Ultimate cost1932 points

We have Genji’s Sword starting off our Overwatch 2 Best Weapons list. Players of Overwatch one already know of the capabilities of this weapon and how lethal it can be. However, for all those starting afresh at Overwatch 2, I’ll provide you with an overview.

Genji is the ninja hero in Overwatch and displays sharp-cutting skills to demolish his opponents. His ally in this regard is his Katana, the Dragon Blade, which only he can wield. As a ninja, Genji showcases extreme agility, and strong shuriken throws to dodge enemy attacks and inflict damage on them simultaneously.

Moreover, with this Katana, he has the ability to “Deflect,” which, as the name says, allows him to deflect incoming projectile damage and divert in the direction he is facing. Sure, it might not seem like much. However, amid the action, this ability becomes crucial. Several meta characters are ranged characters that use projectiles to chunk their enemies. Genji just counters them with his Katana and slices all their hopes in half with their own attacks.

Furthermore, he can use his Katana as a gap closer and use it to get forward and inflict massive damage with the ability “Swift Strike.” The Katana brings out the best of his capabilities and allow you to make a meal out of your enemies. Last but not least, the ultimate attack unsheathes the Katana and enables him to deal tremendous melee damage, increasing even more with the swift strike.

The blend of damage with Katana’s agility and utility is nothing short of a powerhouse. Such a powerful weapon is definitely worthy of being among the Top Overwatch 2 Weapons.

Symmetra’s Photon Projector

TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeBeam
Damage60/120/180 per second
Max. Range12 meters
Area of Effect0.2-meter beam width
Ammo Usage10 per second
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

You might be surprised to see Symmetra on this list if you are an overwatch player. She has been out of the meta with all her reworks for quite a while. However, there are ways in which she can still be quite integral due to her Photon Projector.

The Photon Projector allows Symmetra to deal damage at close range, with its damage constantly increasing. In theory, it sounds like a broken ability; however, the damage increase when fighting players isn’t that great. Additionally, some characters massively outpower her in a close-range battle. That might make you question the point of my adding her here.

Well, you see, Symmetra isn’t meant to deal massive amounts of damage to her enemies but rather allow her allies to be the damage dealers. Her Photon Projector is highly efficient when battling heroes with shields. It does tremendous damage to shields which keeps on constantly increasing. This makes Symmetra the perfect hero to use to battle heroes like Reinhardt, Winston, and others.

The defensive capabilities and the outplay potential it can provide to a team are immense. If a defensive playstyle suits you, you should give this weapon a chance before opting for another.

Cassidy’s Revolver

Cassidy Revolver - Overwatch 2 Best Weapons
Cassidy with his Revolver – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeHitscan
OwnerCole Cassidy
Damage21 - 70
Falloff Range25 to 45 meters
Spread anglePinPoint
Rate of fire1 shot every .5 seconds
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Revolvers are generally overlooked due to their small magazine and range. Moreover, in a game where characters jump off the walls and dive into your force, it’s tough to utilize the weapon to your advantage. However, to cover up these weaknesses, the weapon gives the user power and damage to obliterate the enemies in front of them.

No matter how much they have nerfed the gunslinger, from his name to his kit, he still claims the top spot in excelling at mid-range duels. The ability to one-shot flying Pharahs and enemies with explosive damage is just too good. If you are still not convinced about the weapon, don’t worry; it offers more as well. One weakness of the revolver is the low ammo count. Players complain of dying due to running out of bullets when fighting a 1v1 against a hero that can just spam you. To counter them, you have the combat roll, which allows you to dodge your opponent’s attacks and reload the gun simultaneously. This is a crucial part of Cassidy’s kit, making him more viable in-game.

Moreover, his Ult allows his shots to lock onto his enemies and split their cranium into two is nothing short of a masterclass. The revolver is suited to those who know how to position themselves in a fight. If you just learn that aspect, you will be able to destroy anyone standing in your way.

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher

Effect typeArcing projectile
Area of effect
DamageDirect hit: 120
Splash: 10-80
Spread AnglePinPoint
Move Speed+5 meters per second (enemy after direct hit)
Projectile Speed25 meters per second
Area of Effect0.25 meters (projectile size)
2 meters (splash radius)
Rate of fire1 shot per 0.667 seconds
recovery stops while using melee
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

I like weapons that allow players to make creative plays. Hence, the Junkrat‘s Frag Launcher was a must in our Overwatch 2 Best Weapons guide. Junkrat is that clumsy maniac hero in Overwatch 2, which players love to play. His kit is nothing short of that either, and completely compliments his personality.

The Frag Launcher allows you to fire off bombs which, when making direct contact with enemies, push them back or fling them. If an enemy is coming at you, you can spam the bombs, constantly chunk their health, and disorient them. Moreover, you can bounce your bombs onto surfaces where they will stick and go off after a timer. This can provide you the opportunity to set up plays with your team and win the game.

Moreover, you can pull off creative plays and launch enemies off the map. Some weapons have open spaces where Junkrat and his launcher thrive. You can lure enemies to the edges and send them flying to Narnia. Not only will this put you one step closer to victory, but it will also destroy the enemies’ mental in the long run.

However, the only issue with this weapon is that it cannot keep up with a fast character like Tracer and with flying enemies. It is possible but hard to learn; thus, consider yourself warned.

Reaper’s Shotguns

Reaper's Shotguns Overwatch 2 Best Weapon
Reaper with his Shotguns – Image Captured By Us
Effect typeShotgun (hit scan)
Damage1.62 - 5.4 per pellet
36 - 108 per shot
Falloff Range10 to 20 meters
Spread Angle7
Num. of pellets20 per shot
Rate of fire0.496 seconds recovery
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Reaper has one of the most stunning-looking character designs in Overwatch 2. Since its release, the character has become quite popular among players. Moreover, the abilities the characters bring to the table are nothing to scoff at either and are what makes it excel.

The hero uses two shotguns as his closest allies to dismantle his opponents. However, in a game where heroes can fly and run extremely fast, it can be hard to get close to them. Well, hence is the reason that this character can move through shadows to close down the distance between him and his enemies instantly. Combined with his deadly shotguns, such an ability makes him a Goliath to face against.  

With the recent release of Overwatch 2, the shotguns got nerfed. Their damage was reduced to 5.4, which might feel like a lot, but with his kit, such a nerf doesn’t affect him much. Moreover, his shotguns are so crucial because of his ability to heal back the damage he deals to enemies. His ability, “The Reaping,” allows him to heal back all the damage he can output with his shotgun. Such an ability will enable him to sustain himself in a game while constantly dishing out massive damage. 

Furthermore, you can use “Death Blossom” to fire off rapid shots in a circle around you. This enables you to launch an impactful AOE attack, leaving your enemies helpless. Moreover, with his shadowed steps, you can teleport into the heart of the enemies and fire off the Death Blossom. Your team can clean up any stragglers that are lucky enough to live through your attack.

Soldier 76’s Automatic Rifle

Effect typeHit scan
Damage5.4 - 18
Falloff Range30 to 50 meters
Rate of fire9 rounds per second
~0.22 seconds recovery for the shoot if stops
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Soldier 76 is one of the most iconic overwatch characters that has seen massive popularity. The hero’s release trailer has been a staple in the meme universe and has aided him in becoming more prominent. Not that he needed the additional help, as his kit already makes him a lethal force and a must-pick for players.

Soldier 76 boasts of a balanced kit that enables him to display tremendous damage while also being able to give himself first aid. He is a self-sufficient character, the perfect definition of simple yet efficient. The Automatic Rifle that Soldier 76 wields has the ability to fire off a barrage of bullets to knock enemies out of the sky to just completely spam someone to death. The rapid fire and quick reload time makes his weapon one of the most lethal and brutal to counterplay.

Furthermore, there is an alternative fire mode for his gun as well. The ability “Helix Rockets” allows him to fire off three rockets from his gun in a straight line. These rockets deal a lot of damage, pushing the opponents back and even providing you a window to retreat if necessary. Additionally, his kit includes the ability “Biotic Field,” which enables him to put up a field that heals him and his allies. 

Such a powerful weapon, along with a well-rounded kit, is what makes Soldier 76 so viable and is the reason for us picking this in our Overwatch 2 Weapons List.


TypeCombat Mode
Effect typeHit scan
Damage7.5 - 25
Falloff Range30 to 50 meters
Rate of fire5 rounds per second
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

While all the heroes in Overwatch 2 wield unique and fantastic weapons, Bastion doesn’t have an external weapon. He, himself, is a mechanical robot that works as a weapon. He can change his body to become a turret, a sentry, and much more to annihilate his opponents. 

In Overwatch 1, he was pretty powerful with his tank buster mode; however, it had a huge drawback. During that state, you couldn’t move and were a stationary target for your opponents to hit easily. However, in Overwatch 2, he has received a rework, making him even deadlier than before. Bastion’s configuration turret stance now allows him to transform into a turret and fire off rounds and rounds of ammo. Moreover, he can move around during this period even though the pace is slow. However, the fact that you can move around can save you from a shot to the skull and can save your life in a battle. 

Furthermore, with the configuration recon, you gain a highly accurate weapon at the cost of ammo. This weapon can shoot powerful bullets that can take out your enemies in one hit. What’s even better is the fact that you gain high mobility during this configuration. Thus the flexible capabilities that Bastion’s kit now brings to the table are why he is a must-pick. He is a character that the more you will play, the more you will find fun. With such a diverse kit, the only thing that can limit you is your own creativity.

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster

Mei – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeBeam (projectile-like)
Damage100 per second
Move Speed-40%
Projectile Speed20 meters per second
Max Range10 meters
Ammo Usage20 rounds per second
Duration.5 second (slow effect)
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Mei is a character that has been cherished by the overwatch community and by outsiders for her warm personality. The game released her as a fun and wholesome character; however, her abilities and weapon are anything but that. So don’t be fooled by her appearance if you are new to the game, and approach her cautiously.

Mei’s weapon is the Endothermic Blaster, which comes with two modes. Both of the modes have their usefulness and prove to be quite effective in most situations. Your right click allows you to spam your close-range ability that freezes and slows the nearby enemies. Even though you cannot entirely stop them, with the recent patch, you can instantly slow them up to 50%. That is crazy, given how fast you can fire and destroy your opponent’s health bar. Moreover, if it’s a melee hero, you can stop them in their tracks and keep damaging them before they can even reach you. Furthermore, the attack damage has also been significantly increased, making it easier for you to shred your enemies. 

Her second firing mode is with her left click, which allows her to launch long-range icicles to pierce unsuspecting enemies. The damage of these icicles is nothing to laugh about either. They are highly precise and damaging icicles that will make you unable to participate in a fight due to low health. Thus, be on the lookout for long-range attacks when facing off against Mei.

Moreover, with her ability “Cryo Freeze,” you can freeze yourself in an icicle which will make you invulnerable to enemies’ attacks and will also heal you. The invulnerability can allow you to dodge enemy ults if you know they are coming and can come in handy. Moreover, it can give your team time to catch up to you and save you from falling. The healing is also a bonus, which means that you can sustain yourself in a prolonged battle and chip away at your enemies with your two firing modes. 

RoadHog’s Scrap Gun

Roadhog – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeShotgun (projectile)
Damage1.98 - 6 per pellet
49.5 - 150 per shot
Falloff Range15 to 30 meters
Projectile Speed80 meters per second
Spread AngleConstant: 20.1 degrees
Number of Pellets25 Pellets per Shot
Rate Of Fire0.8 seconds recovery
Ammo 6
Reload Time1.75 seconds animation

Roadhog is one of the most terrifying characters in Overwatch 2. Even since the game’s release, players have been afraid to go up against him due to his enormous HP bar and his hook that takes you straight to the face of his gun barrel.

Roadhog uses the Scrap gun to chunk his enemies. It is a short-range shotgun that absolutely crushes anyone unfortunate enough to go up against it. The weapon has always been Roadhog’s strong suit, especially when combined with his “Chain Hook.” The chain hook allows him to pull away enemies towards him. This enables him to deal with the short-range weakness of his weapon and display its combat prowess. The weapon’s damage is enough to one-shot squishy heroes like Tracer and can also be pretty lethal at chunking tank’s HP bars.

Considering that Roadhog is a Tank Character, the idea that he can deal massive damage makes him so strong. With the buffs to his healing and Ult in Overwatch 2, his kit has become even more powerful and enables him to use his weapon more quickly. He can just go into the midst of his enemies and fire off his shotgun without care. Whenever he gets low, he can just use “Take a Breather” to reduce the amount of damage taken and increase his health. He is most fitting of being called a hybrid between a tank and a DPS character due to his insane damaging and tanking prowess. 

Additionally, his Ult can also become a great tool to render the enemies dazzled. His Ult now knocks back the enemies and damages them tremendously using his shotgun. This can give your team the window of opportunity to pounce on the enemies and claim victory.

Sojourn’s Railgun

Overwatch 2 Weapon Sojourn's Railgun
Sojourn’s Railgun – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeProjectile
Damage9 Damage per shot
Projectile Speed160 meters per second
Rate Of Fire14 rounds per second
Ammo Usage1
Reload Time1.2 seconds
Headshot✓ (2x)

Sojourn is one of the new characters added in Overwatch 2. With only three characters being added to the game with the recent release, fans were disappointed and skeptical of the new heroes. However, the new heroes have proved to be quite the center of attention with their quirky abilities and weapons. 

Sojourn is one of those characters and excels in outputting insane damage with his Railgun. Her Railgun has two firing modes. The left click allows you to shoot out laser projectiles that explode on impact with enemies. These don’t do as much damage as the right click, but they can be as lethal with the firing speed.

The right click allows her to fire off a powerful and precise energy blast that uses up her stored energy. This is quite an excellent tool for displaying explosive damage at once and can allow you to finish off enemies in less than five moves. 

You can compare her weapon to the Soldier 76 rifle; however, that will be an insult to this weapon. That is due to the opponent of additional damage that the weapon can do. Moreover, the blasts from the energy have an AOE effect which makes her efficient at dealing with groups of enemies.

She is a character that can even carry your team while being the only DPS character. Furthermore, combined with her kit that excels at providing her mobility, she easily becomes one of the best characters in the game. Her “Power Slide” allows her to slide on the ground and transition into a high jump. This can give you the elevation to deal with those pesky flying Pharahs and Widowmakers. 

Lastly, her “Disruption Shot” allows her to snare her enemies and eat away at their health bar in a field. This can allow you to capture them in a place and just rain hellfire upon them. Moreover, you can use her disruption field in so many ways, which makes this ability soo good. She is definitely a character that you would want to keep an eye out for, as her weapon and kit are just too good to miss out on.


This concludes our Overwatch 2 Best Weapons guide. There are still many different weapons in the game, but purely talking about stats and how well they gel with the character kit, these weapons take the cake. They are inherently more robust than the other and will help you win those crucial battles. However, take this list with a grain of salt, as these are according to what I have experienced in-game. So, it would be best if you still gave the other characters a try, as they might suit your playstyle more. 

Other Overwatch 2 Tips

Overwatch breathes new life into the FPS genre with its blend of amazing and unique characters. The game allows players to choose from numerous characters, each with its charm. Each character excels at something; hence, knowing which character can become your strength is essential. Thus check out our Overwatch 2 Best DPS characters guide. These characters are the best when it comes to dishing out massive damage and will enable you to overwhelm your opponent into defeat.

Moreover, you can also check out our Best Healers guide. That will make you aware of all the support characters that can help you achieve your absolute best. Healers are the backbones of a good team and are what makes them excel in team fights. Hence this is a guide you don’t want to miss. One of the most hyped support characters right now is Kiriko. Kiriko is a great champion that excels at providing support to her team. If you can master her kit, she will indeed become a valuable asset.

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