Overwatch 2 Best Weapons [Top 10 Expert Picks 2024]

I have played Overwatch 2 for more than 70+ hours, and this Overwatch 2 Weapons guide has all the information for the most excellent weapons in the game that will elevate your gameplay.

Overwatch 2: Best Weapons [Top 10]
Overwatch 2: Best Weapons [Top 10]
About The Author

With 70+ hours invested in Overwatch 2 (His Battlenet Tag is Panther #31676), Reeshail Qureshi is well-versed in the game, and you can trust the information he provides about it.

Overwatch 2 features a bunch of different weapons with different styles and types. You can use guns, swords, blasters, grenades, bows, and even turrets. However, the weapons are character-specific. For example, if you wish to use a bow, you cannot use it on any other character except Hanzo. It is similar to other characters as well.

However, multiple characters can be riflers, but their weapon will still differ. It can vary in terms of style, design, damage, and ability that you can combo with it.

Hence it is crucial that you master those characters with good weapons that bring out the best in your gameplay. 

Key Takeaways

  • There are numerous weapons of different types and styles, each with unique skills.
  • To use those weapons, you will have to play as the character that wields them.
  • Some weapons are more potent than others due to their outplay potential.
  • It’s best to choose the weapon that allows your strengths to shine more and covers up your weaknesses.

Best Overwatch 2 And Weapons Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table of my best Weapons in Overwatch 2. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:


Awarded ForTypeEffect TypeRate of FireAmmoHeadshot
1Genji KatanaMost Versatile Weapon.Ultimate AbilityMelee1 swing per 0.9 seconds-
2Symmetra’s Photon ProjectorMost Unique Weapon.Weapon (Primary Fire)Beam-100
3Cassidy’s RevolverBest Revolver Weapon.Weapon (Primary Fire)Hit scan1 shot every .56
4Junkrat Frag LauncherBest Grenade Launcher.WeaponArcing projectile
Area of Effect
5Reaper’s ShotgunsBest Dual Weapon.WeaponShotgun(hit scan)78
6Soldier 76’s Automatic RifleBest Automatic Weapon.WeaponHit Scan9 rounds per seconds
~0.22 seconds for the shoot if stops recovery
7BastionMost Versatile Weapon.Combat ModeHit Scan5 rounds per second25
8Mei’s Endothermic BlasterBest Dual-Attack Weapon.Weapon (Primary Fire)Beam (projectile-like)-150
9ReadHog’s Scrap GunMost Intimidating Weapon.Weapon (Primary Fire)Shotgun(projectile)0.8 seconds recovery6
10Sojourn's RailgunBest Medium to Long-Range Weapon.Weapon (Primary Fire)Projectile14 rounds per second- ✓(2x)

Comparison Table. 

These are the best weapons from the 35 characters in the game. You will have to play as the character associated with them, so make sure you are aware of it before choosing to opt for it.

Genji’s Katana

Most Versatile Weapon.
Overwatch 2 Genji Katana weapon
Genji with his Katana – Image Captured By Us
TypeUltimate Ability
Effect typeMelee
Move. speed+30% buff
Max. Range5 meters
Rate of fire1 swing per 0.9 seconds
Casting time1 second (unsheathing)
1 second (sheathing)
Duration:6 seconds (transformation)
0.048 seconds (hitbox active)
Ultimate cost1932 points

Genji Katana Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Genji’s Katana?

Genji’s Katana is one of the most impressive weapons, and it has pretty decent overall attributes that make it a worthwhile option for various players.

Genji’s Sword, known as the Dragon Blade, tops my Weapons list. Genji, the ninja hero, wields this lethal weapon with remarkable skill and agility.

The Katana grants Genji several powerful abilities:

  1. Deflect: He can deflect incoming projectile damage, redirecting it towards his enemies.
  2. Swift Strike: This ability allows him to close gaps swiftly and deal massive damage.
  3. Ultimate Attack: With the ultimate attack, he unsheathes the Katana to unleash tremendous melee damage, which increases even more when combined with Swift Strike.

Genji’s Katana is a versatile and powerful weapon, making it a top choice for its blend of agility, utility, and damage-dealing capabilities.

  • Deals a high amount of damage.
  • Can also resist projectile damage and redirect toward enemies.
  • Can close gaps quickly.
  • Doesn’t have a very good fighting range.

Symmetra’s Photon Projector

Most Unique Weapon.
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeBeam
Damage60/120/180 per second
Max. Range12 meters
Area of Effect0.2-meter beam width
Ammo Usage10 per second
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Symmetra’s Photon Projector.

Why Did I Choose Symmetra’s Photon Projector?

Symmetra’s Photon Projector deserves a mention on my list not only because of its unique ability but also because it is a valuable asset to have in your arsenal. It is perfect for players with a defensive mindset.

Symmetra’s Photon Projector earns a place on this list for its unique utility. While not a damage powerhouse, it excels in breaking down enemy shields efficiently.

This makes Symmetra a valuable hero against shield-heavy opponents like Reinhardt and Winston. Her defensive capabilities and potential for outplaying opponents make her a strong choice for those who prefer a defensive playstyle.

  • Effective in bypassing enemy shields.
  • Works well against shield-heavy opponents.
  • Perfect for players with a defensive playstyle.
  • Its beam decays if it doesn’t hit anything.

Cassidy’s Revolver

Best Revolver Weapon.
Cassidy Revolver - Overwatch 2 Best Weapons
Cassidy with his Revolver – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeHitscan
OwnerCole Cassidy
Damage21 - 70
Falloff Range25 to 45 meters
Spread anglePinPoint
Rate of fire1 shot every .5 seconds
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Cassidy Revolver Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Cassidy’s Revolver?

Cassidy’s Revolver is a stellar option for those looking for some gunslinging action. It has an impressive range and precision, which makes it suitable for use during duels.

Revolvers are often underestimated due to their limited magazine size and range in a fast-paced game. However, despite these drawbacks, the weapon offers significant power and damage potential.

McCree, known as the gunslinger, excels in mid-range duels. He can one-shot flying heroes like Pharah and deal devastating explosive damage. Additionally, his combat roll helps counter the revolver’s low ammo count by allowing him to dodge attacks and reload simultaneously.

McCree’s ultimate ability is a highlight, locking onto enemies and delivering precise shots to eliminate them. Mastering positioning in a fight is key to unleashing the revolver’s potential, making it a formidable choice in skilled hands.

  • Can deal a significant amount of damage.
  • Perfect for mid-range duels.
  • Has impressive precision and range.
  • Has a low ammo capacity.

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher

Best Grenade Launcher.
Effect typeArcing projectile
Area of effect
DamageDirect hit: 120
Splash: 10-80
Spread AnglePinPoint
Move Speed+5 meters per second (enemy after direct hit)
Projectile Speed25 meters per second
Area of Effect0.25 meters (projectile size)
2 meters (splash radius)
Rate of fire1 shot per 0.667 seconds
recovery stops while using melee
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Why Did I Choose Junkrat’s Frag Launcher?

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher is considered one of the best weapons, especially for players who like causing mayhem and scattering enemies on the battlefield.

Junkrat’s Frag Launcher is a must in my weapons guide for players who enjoy making creative plays. Junkrat, the chaotic hero, perfectly matches his personality with his explosive kit.

The Frag Launcher fires bombs that can push or fling enemies upon direct contact, making it ideal for disrupting opponents. Spamming bombs at oncoming enemies not only chunks their health but also disorients them.

You can bounce bombs off surfaces, allowing for strategic setups with your team.

The launcher offers opportunities for creative plays, including launching enemies off the map. It’s especially effective in maps with open spaces, where you can lure enemies to the edges and send them flying.

This not only brings you closer to victory but also affects your opponents psychologically.

The weapon has limitations against fast characters like Tracer and flying enemies. Learning to deal with these challenges can be difficult but rewarding for those who master it.

  • Perfect for disrupting groups of enemies.
  • Can be used for strategic plays.
  • Best for maps with open spaces.
  • Ineffective against fast-paced characters.

Reaper’s Shotguns

Best Dual Weapon.
Reaper's Shotguns Overwatch 2 Best Weapon
Reaper with his Shotguns – Image Captured By Us
Effect typeShotgun (hit scan)
Damage1.62 - 5.4 per pellet
36 - 108 per shot
Falloff Range10 to 20 meters
Spread Angle7
Num. of pellets20 per shot
Rate of fire0.496 seconds recovery
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Reaper’s Shotgun Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Reaper’s Shotguns?

Reaper’s Shotguns allow the player to wield dual weapons that excel in close-range combat. 

Reaper stands out in Overwatch 2 not only for his stunning character design but also for his formidable abilities.

Armed with dual shotguns, he excels at close-quarters combat. To address the challenge of engaging fast-moving and flying heroes, Reaper can teleport through shadows, instantly closing the distance and making him a formidable force.

Despite recent shotgun damage nerfs, his kit remains potent. His shotguns are integral because of his “The Reaping” ability, which allows him to heal for the damage dealt. This self-sustain makes him a relentless damage dealer.

Reaper’s ultimate, “Death Blossom,” lets him unleash a devastating area-of-effect attack, leaving enemies vulnerable. Combine this with his shadowed steps to teleport into enemy ranks and use Death Blossom, and you can set up your team for cleanup against any surviving foes.

  • Provides you with dual shotguns to deal more damage.
  • Perfect for close combat. 
  • Also contains self-sustain capabilities.
  • Ineffective in long-range battles.

Soldier 76’s Automatic Rifle

Best Automatic Weapon.
Effect typeHit scan
Damage5.4 - 18
Falloff Range30 to 50 meters
Rate of fire9 rounds per second
~0.22 seconds recovery for the shoot if stops
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Soldier’s 76 Automatic Rifle Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Soldier 76’s Automatic Rifle?

Soldier 76 is one of the most popular Overwatch characters, and his Automatic Rifle holds its own pretty well with self-sufficient capabilities and lethal damage.

Soldier 76, an iconic Overwatch character, has gained immense popularity, partly thanks to his memorable release trailer. His kit, however, makes him a lethal force and a must-pick for players.

Armed with an Automatic Rifle, he combines significant damage output with self-sufficiency. His rifle can unleash a barrage of bullets, making him deadly in eliminating foes or spamming them to death. The rapid fire rate and quick reload time make it a formidable weapon.

Additionally, Soldier 76 can launch “Helix Rockets,” firing three rockets that deal substantial damage and can push opponents back, creating space or facilitating a retreat when needed. His “Biotic Field” ability places a healing field for him and his teammates.

Soldier 76’s well-rounded kit, with a powerful weapon at its core, solidifies his position on my List.

  • Deals a significant amount of damage.
  • The weapon is self-sufficient.
  • Has a rapid fire rate and quick reload time.
  • Doesn’t lock on to an enemy until their center of mass is visible.


Most Versatile Weapon.
TypeCombat Mode
Effect typeHit scan
Damage7.5 - 25
Falloff Range30 to 50 meters
Rate of fire5 rounds per second
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Bastion Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Bastion?

Bastion is an Overwatch 2 character that possesses transformative capabilities and can be used as different weapons, making it one of the most versatile weapons out there.

Bastion in Overwatch 2 is a unique hero as he is a mechanical robot that transforms into different forms to serve as a weapon. While he doesn’t wield an external weapon, he himself is the weapon.

In Overwatch 1, Bastion had a powerful tank buster mode, but it left him stationary and vulnerable. However, in Overwatch 2, he received a rework that made him deadlier. His configuration turret stance allows him to transform into a moving turret, unleashing a continuous stream of fire. This newfound mobility, though slow, significantly enhances his survivability.

Additionally, his configuration recon mode provides a highly accurate, high-damage weapon with limited ammo, granting him exceptional mobility.

Bastion’s flexible kit makes him a must-pick, offering diverse gameplay options and room for creative plays. The more you play him, the more fun and innovative strategies you’ll discover.

  • Performs continuous firing by transforming into a moving turret.
  • Has increased survivability due to its movement.
  • Offers diverse gameplay options and strategies.
  • Bastion’s mobility is quite slow, which may make it vulnerable to attacks.

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster

Best Dual-Attack Weapon.
Mei – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeBeam (projectile-like)
Damage100 per second
Move Speed-40%
Projectile Speed20 meters per second
Max Range10 meters
Ammo Usage20 rounds per second
Duration.5 second (slow effect)
Reload Time1.5 seconds animation

Endothermic Blaster Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Mei’s Endothermic Blaster?

The best thing about Mei’s Endothermic Blaster is the dual-type attack the weapon offers, making it suitable for both close and long-range attacks.

Mei, despite her warm personality, is a formidable character in Overwatch with abilities and a weapon that demands caution.

Her Endothermic Blaster offers two modes:

  1. Right Click (Freeze Mode): This close-range ability slows and freezes nearby enemies. While it can’t stop them entirely, it can slow them by up to 50%, making it effective in close-quarters combat. It’s especially potent against melee heroes, allowing you to damage them before they reach you. Recent patches have increased its damage significantly.

  2. Left Click (Icicle Mode): Mei’s long-range attack mode lets her launch precise and damaging icicles, making her a threat to unsuspecting enemies from a distance. The icicles deal substantial damage, so watch out for long-range attacks when facing Mei.

Her “Cryo Freeze” ability lets her encase herself in an ice block, rendering her invulnerable to enemy attacks and providing healing. This invulnerability can help you dodge enemy ultimates and buy time for your team to come to your aid. The healing aspect allows Mei to sustain herself in prolonged battles and continue chipping away at enemies using her two firing modes.

  • Offers both close and long-range special attack modes.
  • Cryo Freeze ability provides time for healing.
  • Effective against melee enemies.
  • Recovery halts during melee attack.

Roadhog’s Scrap Gun

Most Intimidating Weapon.
Roadhog – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeShotgun (projectile)
Damage1.98 - 6 per pellet
49.5 - 150 per shot
Falloff Range15 to 30 meters
Projectile Speed80 meters per second
Spread AngleConstant: 20.1 degrees
Number of Pellets25 Pellets per Shot
Rate Of Fire0.8 seconds recovery
Ammo 6
Reload Time1.75 seconds animation

Scrap Gun Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Roadhog’s Scrap Gun?

Roadhog’s Scrap Gun is a devastating weapon that allows you to rope in enemies with the Chain Hook ability, which enables you to make up for its short range.

Roadhog is one of the most intimidating characters, known for his massive HP pool and deadly hook.

His Scrap gun, a short-range shotgun, is his primary weapon, capable of devastating foes up close. Paired with his “Chain Hook” ability, he can pull enemies toward him, compensating for the shotgun’s short range. The weapon can one-shot squishy heroes and deal significant damage to tanks.

Despite being a Tank hero, Roadhog’s high damage potential sets him apart. Overwatch 2 buffs to his healing and Ultimate make his kit even more formidable.

He can wade into the enemy fray, unleashing his shotgun without concern. When low on health, “Take a Breather” reduces damage taken and increases his health, blurring the line between tank and DPS.

His Ultimate, which knocks back and damages enemies with his shotgun, can disorient opponents, providing your team with a window of opportunity to capitalize and secure victory. Roadhog is a hybrid of tank and DPS, thanks to his extraordinary damage and tanking capabilities.

  • Can pull enemies close to shoot them.
  • Can even be used against tanks.
  • Can reduce damage and increase health during battle.
  • Not ideal for players looking for faster weapons.

Sojourn’s Railgun

Best Medium to Long-Range Weapon.
Overwatch 2 Weapon Sojourn's Railgun
Sojourn’s Railgun – Image Captured By Us
TypeWeapon (Primary Fire)
Effect typeProjectile
Damage9 Damage per shot
Projectile Speed160 meters per second
Rate Of Fire14 rounds per second
Ammo Usage1
Reload Time1.2 seconds
Headshot✓ (2x)

Sojourn’s Railgun Stats Table. 

Why Did I Choose Sojourn’s Railgun?

Sojourn’s Railgun is a highly popular weapon in Overwatch 2, and it features dual attack modes that make it a formidable weapon against medium and long-range enemies.

Sojourn, one of the new characters introduced in Overwatch 2, has quickly become the center of attention for her impressive abilities and weapons.

Her Railgun has two firing modes:

  1. Left Click (Laser Projectiles): Shoots laser projectiles that explode on impact with enemies. While dealing slightly less damage than the right-click, the rapid firing speed compensates for it.

  2. Right Click (Energy Blast): Fires a powerful and precise energy blast that consumes stored energy. This mode excels at delivering explosive damage in a single shot, making it effective for eliminating enemies quickly. The energy blasts also have an area-of-effect (AOE) effect, making her proficient against groups of enemies.

Sojourn’s weapon can be compared to Soldier 76’s rifle but with additional damage potential. Her kit provides excellent mobility, with “Power Slide” allowing her to slide and transition into a high jump, enabling her to engage flying heroes like Pharah and Widowmaker.

Her “Disruption Shot” can immobilize enemies and gradually erode their health within its field, providing opportunities to capture and eliminate them. The versatility of her disruption field allows for various strategic applications. Sojourn is undoubtedly a character to watch out for, given her potent weapon and versatile kit, making her one of the best characters in the game.

  • Features two firing modes: Laser Projectile and Energy Blast.
  • Possess exceptional mobility with “Power Slide.”
  • Also features “Disruption Shot,” which can quickly immobilize enemies.
  • Laser Projectiles deal much less damage compared to Energy Blast.

Why Others Were Not Chosen

Here are some other potential weapons that you could pick, but aren’t as effective as the ones I’ve discussed in this guide:

  • Ashe’s The Viper: Has impressive stats, but very slow reloading time.
  • Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss: Quite effective, but loses mobility when scoped.
  • D.Va’s Light Gun: Has low survivability and mobility in pilot form.
  • Zenyatta’s Orb of Destruction: Has a short travel time.
  • Healing Ofuda: They get destroyed upon impact.
  • Doomfist’s Hand Cannon: Ineffective against medium and long-range.
  • Sigma’s Hyperspheres: They have a limited range, making them unsuitable for open spaces.
  • Zarya’s Particle Cannon: Releases an energy burst that also damages the player.
  • Illari’s Solar Rifle: Has a low capacity and long recharge time when depleted.
  • Winston’s Tesla Cannon: Deals fairly low damage and ineffective against tanks.

My Recommendation

 There are still many different weapons in the game, but purely talking about stats and how well they gel with the character kit, these weapons take the cake. They are inherently more robust than the other and will help you win those crucial battles. I personally prefer playing with Genji’s Katana.

Still, I would advise you to experiment, as these are according to what I have experienced in-game. So, it would be best to try the other characters, as they might suit your playstyle more. 

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