Overwatch 2: All Characters, Classes & Loadout [2024]

Everything to know about Overwatch 2 Characters - including their abilities, weapons, class, & playstyle.

OW 2 All characters
A Complete OW 2 Characters Guide.

Overwatch 2 offers various characters under three different classes, and today we will cover all characters and their loadout in detail.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 is the latest release from Blizzard Entertainment, with over 30+ heroes to offer.
  • It has three different classes, which are Support, Tank, and Damage.
  • Each character will be covered in detail for you to choose wisely before getting into your next match.

Here is a summary table for all the Classes, Characters, and Loadouts in Overwatch 2:

1AnaSupport ClassBiotic RifleSleep Dart, Biotic GrenadeNano BoostHeal
2BaptisteSupport ClassBiotic LauncherRegenerative Burst, Immortality FieldAmplification MatrixHeal/Exo Boots
3BrigitteSupport ClassRocker FlailRepair Pack, Barrier Shield, Shield BashRallyInspire
4KirikoSupport ClassHealing Ofuda and KunaiSwift Step, Protection Suzu, Kitsune RushKitsune RushWall Climb
5LúcioSupport ClassSonic AmplifierCrossfade, Amp It Up, SoundwaveSound BarrierWall Ride
6MercySupport ClassCaduceus Staff and Caduceus BlasterAngelic Descent, Guardian Angel, ResurrectionValkyrieRegeneration
7MoiraSupport ClassBiotic GraspBiotic Orbs, FadeCoalescenceHeal
8ZenyattaSupport ClassOrb of DestructionOrb Of Discord, Orb of HarmonyTranscendenceSnap Kick
9D.VaTank ClassFusion Canon and Light GunBoosters, Defense Matrix, Micro Missiles Self-Destruct and Call MechEject
10DoomfistTank ClassHand CannonSeismic Slam, Power Block, Rocket PunchMeteor StrikeThe Best Defense
11Junker QueenTank ClassScattergunJagged Blade, Commanding Shout CarnageRampageAdrenaline Rush
12OrisaTank ClassAugmented Fusion DriverEnergy Javelin, Fortify Javelin SpinTerra SurgeKnockback Reduced
13ReinhardtTank ClassRocket HammerCharge Fire, Strike Barrier FieldEarthshatterKnockback Reduced
14RoadHogTank ClassScrap GunChain Hook, Take a BreatherWhole HogKnockback Reduced
15SigmaTank ClassHyperspeheresKinetic Grasp, Accretion Experimental BarrierGravitic FluxKnockback Reduced
16WinstonTank ClassTesla CannonJump Pack, Barrier Projector Primal Rage Knockback Reduced
17Wrecking BallTank ClassQuad CannonsGrappling Claw, Roll Piledriver, Adaptive Shield MinefieldKnockback Reduced
18ZaryaTank ClassParticle CannonParticle Barrier, Projected BarrierGraviton SurgeEnergy
19AsheDamage ClassThe ViperCoach, Gun DynamiteB.O.BDamage
20CassidyDamage ClassPeacekeeperCombat Roll, Magnetic GrenadeDeadeyeDamage
21EchoDamage ClassTri-ShotSticky Bombs, Flight DuplicateGlide
22GenjiDamage ClassShurikenDeflect, Swift Strike, Cyber-agilityDragonbladeDamage
23HanzoDamage ClassStorm BowStorm Arrows, Sonic Arrow, Lunge Wall Climb DragonstrikeWall Climb
24JunkratDamage ClassFrag LauncherConcussion Mine, Steel Trap Total Mayhem Rip-TireTotal Mayhem
25MeiDamage ClassEndothermic BlasterCryo-freeze, Ice Wall BlizzardDamage
26PharahDamage ClassRocket LauncherJump Jet, Concussive Blast Hover JetsBarrageDamage
27ReaperDamage ClassHellfire ShotgunShadow Step, Wraith Form Death BlossomThe Reaping
28SojournDamage ClassRailgunPower Slide, Disruptor ShotOverclockDamage
29Soldier: 76Damage ClassHeavy Pulse RifleSprint, Biotic Field, Helix Rockets Tactical VisorDamage
30SombraDamage ClassMachine PistolTranslocator, Stealth HackEMPOpportunist
31SymmetraDamage ClassPhoton ProjectorSentry Turret, TeleporterPhoton BarrierDamage
32TorbjornDamage ClassRivet GunForge Hammer, Deploy Turret OverloadMolten CoreDamage
33TracerDamage ClassPulse PistolsBlink Recall Pulse Bomb Damage
34WidowmakerDamage ClassWidow’s KissGrappling Hook, Venom Mine Infra-Sight Damage

Support Class

The support class is the backbone of the team as it’s the one that makes sure you are supplied with enough healing to keep on inflicting damage upon your enemies.


Ana – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Ana is in charge of providing aid and support, using her biotic rifle and grenade to keep the rest of her squad members alive. A highly trained professional assassin is there for your assistance.

Any Overwatch squad needs Ana, and her healing skills can determine the loss and victory. There are changes in ammo quantity and biotic grenade duration. But she is still a top pick if you know how to aim well.


Ana's Weapon and Abilities
Ana’s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Biotic Rifle and Nano Boost – She is armed with a biotic rifle that heals her teammates and hurts her foes, as well as a sniper rifle that can kill enemies from a distance. The Nano boost reduces the taken damage and enhances the dealing damage.

Sleep Dart – It can be utilized to instantly put an enemy to sleep or to confuse a bunch of enemies.

Biotic Grenade – Another fantastic ability that may be utilized to damage or heal friends is the Biotic Grenade.


Baptiste – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Baptiste is a versatile hero. He can be utilized as a front-line combatant or a supporting role, adds great support to any squad.

The are some changes in the appearances also his Immortality Field can now be used more frequently and has a broader radius.


Baptiste's Weapons and Abilities
Baptiste’s Weapons and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Biotic Launcher– as his main weapon, which he can employ to lay down suppressing fire or to kill enemies distantly. It can also be use a healing grenade launcher and that he can use to treat himself or his allies.

Has a passive ability that lets him gradually regain health over a certain period of time.

Regenerative Burst – His Regenerative Burst is his primary means of healing; it gradually restores health to him and any teammates that are close.

Immortality Field – This device prevents team members from dying while they are in critical health.

Amplification Matrix- Baptiste’s ultimate ability is his Amplification Matrix, which when shot through increases the damage dealt to teammates.


Brigitte – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

In Overwatch 2, Brigitte is supporting and just like her father Torbjörn, She is a highly skilled engineer, and the Overwatch team has benefited much from her skills. Now it’s your time to assist your mates with her rushing abilities.


Brigitte's Weapon and Abilities
Brigitte‘s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Rocket Flail – She can heal her teammates and defend them from hostile strikes and carries a shield and a rocket-propelled flail. She has strong area-of-effect healing in her Ultimate ability that can quickly restore a teammate who has been hurt to full health.

Repair Pack – Provides ally healing for a short period.

Whip Shot– Knock the enemy away by launching the flail which is really handy when it comes to close combat with tanks.

Barrier Shield- Deploys a large shield to absorb the damage.

Inspire– Her teammates are motivated by Brigitte’s presence on the battlefield, which accelerates their rate of health regeneration.

Shield Bash – The enemy is stunned as Brigitte charges ahead and smacks her shield into them.


Kiriko – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Kiriko is a new character. She is a support role player who excels in healing and enhancing her team members. She is a very strong character who can quickly favor her team in combat. Armed with a shield projector that can shield her comrades from enemy fire.


Kiriko's Weapon and Abilities
Kiriko’s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Healing Ofuda and Kunaithe healing talismans and the projectiles to deal with increasing damage.

Swift Step – Allows her to teleport to an ally directly.

Protection Suzu – She throws a charm that is protective in nature with this ability.

Kitsune Rush – This one summons the fox in spirit form that boosts up the attacking speed, mobility, and cool down.


Lucio – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Lúcio is a character from the first game who is back and has several new skills. He is a supporting character who specializes in speeding up and healing his friends. He can drop a beat that will increase the speed and damage output of his friends.


Lucio's Weapon and Abilities
Lucio’s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Sonic Amplifier-  To repel opponents, he fires sonic waves from his Sonic Amplifier.

Sound Barrier– Sound Barrier is his strong power. This generates a sonic barrier that both harms and shields allies.

Crossfade – Lucio can alternate between two songs, each of which has a distinctive effect. The “speed boost” song increases the moving speed of surrounding teammates, while the “healing” music quickens the rejuvenation process.

Amp It Up – The impact of Lucio’s Crossfade songs and the range of his Sound Barrier are amplified by turning up the volume on his Sonic Amplifier.

Soundwave – Knocks the opponents away by creating a blast wave.


Mercy – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Mercy, a great support character in Overwatch 2, will be updated and upgraded. She will be able to use several healing and buff skills, making her a crucial component of any team. A few things are altered for her, most notably her ultimate power.

She can soar across the map and attack adversaries with powerful light beams thanks to her new ultimate.


Mercy's Weapon and Abilities
Mercy’s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Caduceus Staff and Caduceus Blaster -are the weapons, the one is an automatic pistol while the other one works for healing and increasing damage.

Angelic Descent -Mercy’s angelic descent enables her to safely reach her comrades as she descends from the sky.

Guardian Angel – Mercy soars toward an ally, giving them momentary immunity to harm.

Resurrection – Mercy can use a brief burst of energy from her Caduceus Staff to raise a fallen ally from the dead.

Valkyrie – Mercy acquires flight, and the range and potency of her Caduceus Staff are boosted.


Moira – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

A damage dealer who can also act as a support, Moira. She is a dynamic character who can quickly move between inflicting harm and assisting in the healing of her allies. With her unique equipment, Moira can heal her friends and deliver a ton of damage, which makes her a highly useful.


Moira's Weapon and Abilities
Moira’s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Biotic Grasp – can heal allies or harm opponents with her Biotic Grasp ability.

Biotic Orbs – may blast an orb of biotic energy that either heals allies or harms opponents

Fade – immediately teleports a short distance as she fades.

Coalescence – unleashes a powerful energy burst that harms the opponent and heals friends.


Zenyatta – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

An omniscient monk named Zenyatta wanders the globe in search of enlightenment. He is primary job is to heal allies and damage foes. He can either be portrayed as a conventional support character or more aggressively to make use of his tremendous skills.


Zenyatta's Weapon and Abilities
Zenyatta‘s Weapon and Abilities

Orb of Destruction – He unleashes a moderately damaging energy sphere that moves extremely quickly. To fire three shots at once, the orb can be charged up.

Orb Of Discord – attaches an energy orb to an enemy, which temporarily increases the damage it takes to hit it.

Orb of Harmony – Zenyatta affixes an energy orb to an ally, which gradually heals them.

Transcendence – gains invulnerability and summons a huge energy ball that heals teammates in her immediate vicinity.

Tank Class

Tanks are all about guarding their teammates while they advance towards their target and help them crowd control when things get out of hand.



D.Va is an expert pilot who is ever prepared to defend her nation and her people. She is a formidable opponent on the battlefield due to her heavy armor and arsenal. She is a South Korean gamer who is a member of Overwatch, the game’s global task force.


D.Va's Weapon and Abilities
D.Va’s Weapon and Abilities

Fusion Canon and Light Gun – both are automatic weapons.

Boosters – allow her to swiftly and fast glide across the battlefield.

Defense Matrix – She is an extremely good tank since she can deflect opponent missiles and assaults.

Micro Missiles – Use to launch the greatly damaging rockets

Self-Destruct and Call Mech – Her ultimate ability, Self-Destruct, enables her to blow up her mech and deal a ton of damage to huge all-around foes. Besides this, you can call the new mech.



Character Doomfist appears in Overwatch 2. He is a supervillain whose main objective is to wreak as much havoc as he can. Has a strong personality and is challenging to take down. He can quickly close the distance between enemies.

And eliminate them with his powerful fists, which may cause enormous quantities of damage. His ultimate ability can drastically change the course of a battle, making him a great character for destroying opponent defenses.


Doomfist's Abilities
Doomfist’s Abilities

Hand Cannon – the close-range weapon that can reload itself automatically.

Seismic Slam punches the ground, setting off a mild earthquake that harms and scatters rivals around.

Power Block – Protects from frontal strikes.

Rocket Punch: He propels himself forward after building up a tremendous punch, punching over obstacles and enemies.

Meteor Strike – attack marked location by leaping in the air.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen
Junker Queen

One of the new characters in Overwatch 2 is Junker Queen. She is the vicious leader of the Junkers, a gang of outcasts and criminals who reside in the Undercity under London’s streets. Queen is a character with a big flamethrower and is strongly armored.

She is a very powerful threat and can quickly destroy her enemies with her strong assaults.


Junker Queen's Weapon and Abilities
Junker Queen’s Weapon and Abilities

Scattergun – it is her primary weapon, a shotgun.

Jagged Blade – Throws a blade that causes injury or damage to the enemies.

Commanding Shout – provide the health and mobility speed for a specific time.

Carnage – you can deal damage to the enemies that are facing you directly.

Rampage – prevent the enemies from regaining health and deal damage.



Orisa is a robot that was made to guard and defend. She possesses a variety of tools to assist her in doing this, including a shield that can block enemy fire, a graviton charge that can draw enemies closer, and a powerful fusion driver.

For players who like a more defensive style of play, Orisa is ideal.


Orisa's Weapon and Abilities
Orisa‘s Weapon and Abilities

Augmented Fusion Driver – a rapid-fire projectile weapon that fires high-damage bullets at a very fast rate.

Energy Javelin – Launches a javelin and knocks out the enemy.

Fortifyis a skill that makes Orisa more resistant to damage, making her more impervious to hostile assaults.

Javelin Spin – it destructs the projectiles by spinning the javelin and also hinder the melee attacks.

Terra Surge – It is perfect for destroying enemy fortifications or eliminating a vulnerable opponent because it deals a ton of damage to any player or structure trapped in its radius.



Reinhardt is a courageous and honorable guy who never hesitates to put his life in danger to defend his companions. He has a great sense of humor and frequently cracks jokes while fighting. Reinhardt is a ruthless assassin and a brilliant tactician despite his advanced age.

He is an inspiring leader and a devoted friend.


Reinhardt's Weapon and Abilities
Reinhardt’s Weapon and Abilities

Rocket Hammer – It is effective for eliminating groups of enemies because it causes significant damage and has a large area of effect.

Charge – He can use his Charge power to charge ahead and take out any opponents in his way.

Fire Strike – it launches the blazing projectile to give excellent damage.

Barrier Field – produces a considerable energy shield that can shelter him from hostile fire and the fire of his allies.

Earthshatter – the shockwave that travels through the earth stuns and harms any opponents caught in its path.



One of the new playable heroes in Overwatch 2 is called Roadhog. The hog has a mechanical hook for an arm and is a huge, lumbering beast of a man. He is a tank-class character, which means he is made to take a lot of punishment and keep the opposition off his squad.

Strong melee fighter who can use his hook to draw enemies or to pull himself toward them.


RoadHog's Abilities
RoadHog’s Abilities

Scrap Gun – a shrapnel-firing, two-barreled shotgun.

Chain Hook -utilize his hook to draw enemies towards himself.

Take a Breather – His Take a Breather skill, which enables him to heal himself, is his signature ability.

Whole Hog – A room of opponents can be quickly cleared using this power, or a single target can take a ton of damage.



Sigma is a bright scientist and eccentric astrophysicist whose fluctuating emotions have a significant impact on both his mental health and, consequently, his abilities. After Talon discovered his ability, they hired him, and he now works with Talon to accomplish their objectives.


Sigma's Weapon and Abilities
Sigma’s Weapon and Abilities

Hyperspeheres – deadly energy spheres that he can direct at his enemies. The ball will hurt anyone caught in the blast. 

Kinetic Grasp – permits him to take up projectiles coming at him and transform them into energy he may use to power his attacks.

Accretion – you can accumulate the debris and knock at the enemies by throwing it at them.

Experimental Barrier – effective for shielding himself from hostile fire and his friends.

Gravitic Flux – having the power to launch foes into the air and then smash them back to the ground.



Winston is a strong, shrewd gorilla who constantly defends his principles. He is a master in hand-to-hand combat as well, and he is incredibly strong and resilient. Winston is constantly trying to change the world, and he will go to any lengths to keep the people he loves about safe.


Winston's Weapon and Abilities
Winston’s Weapon and Abilities

Tesla Cannon – It sends forth a torrent of lightning that has the power to harm and temporarily stun foes.

Jump Pack – Winston can leap long distances while doing an impactful landing on his enemies.

Barrier Projector – creates a short energy shield to safeguard himself and his friends from incoming fire.

Primal Rage – Beast mode gets activated; Winston can get an enormous amount of health but can only jump and punch the opponents.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball
Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is an immensely strong character with a distinctive playstyle who should not be underestimated. He can move around like a shadow and his wrecking ball can do some serious damage. Due to his technical expertise, he is also exceedingly difficult to kill.

 He is an all-around fantastically entertaining and potent character, and playing as him in Overwatch 2 will undoubtedly be a pleasure.


Wrecking Ball's Weapon and Abilities
Wrecking Ball‘s Weapon and Abilities

Quad Cannons -It deals a lot of damage and fires four rounds in rapid succession.

Grappling Claw – He has the Grappling Claw talent, which enables him to swing about the battlefield and access areas that other heroes are unable to.

Roll –  the capacity to curl up into a ball and accelerate his movement.

Piledriver -crash into the ground, dealing damage and upsetting any enemies nearby.

Adaptive Shield– the ability to gain extra health for himself by producing a nano armor.

Minefield – When he takes damage, this ability causes a number of proximity mines to be dropped nearby.



Zarya is a strong, competent warrior who is constantly willing to fight for her cause. She is a fierce and tenacious woman who always defends her values. Is a capable soldier who doesn’t back down from a challenge. A  key player on any squad and a highly adept combatant.


Zarya's Weapon and Abilities
Zarya’s Weapon and Abilities

Particle Cannon – Energy beams that can be charged up to do more damage are fired by the cannon.

Particle Barrier – It can deflect opposing strikes back at the attacker.

Projected Barrier – Develops the barrier around the team mates that gives damage to enemies around them.

Graviton Surge -A gravity blackhole is created through this ability and it pulls the enemy towards itself making their movements restricted.

Damage Class

The class on which the faith of the whole team depends, if you know how to inflict the most damage on your foes, you can surely expect a victory in a very short amount of time.



Ashe is a Damage character. She is a Deadlock Gang bandit who attacks her enemies with a powerful lever-action rifle. A strong leader who never backs down from defending her principles, even if it means breaking the law.


Ashe's Weapon and Abilities
Ashe‘s Weapon and Abilities

The Viper – Lever-action rifle is the principal weapon. Before having to reload, she can fire up to 12 shots.

Coach Gun – can use her Coach Gun to launch a shotgun blast that will knock enemies back.

Dynamite – Toss a dynamite stick that will go off in a few seconds.

B.O.B. – To help her in battle, she can call on the robotic butler B.O.B. Enemies will be charged by B.O.B., who will then take them down and shoot them with his shotgun.



He is an outstanding fighter who is constantly seeking out new challenges. Cassidy is a threat to the adversaries and has a very accurate aim. never misses an opportunity to finish off opponents nicely.


Cassidy's Weapon and Abilities
Cassidy’s Weapon and Abilities

Peacekeeper – It fires quickly and with great accuracy.

Combat Roll – boosts up the movement and allows it to dodge the enemy’s attacks.

Magnetic Grenade – provide damage and causes additional damage if sticks to the enemy.

Deadeye – activate it to enhance the dealing damage on firing.



When looking for a character with the Damage class that can inflict a lot of damage from a distance, Echo is a superb option. She is a deadly opponent on the battlefield. Is a fantastic character to employ both on offense and defense.


Echo's Weapon and Abilities
Echo’s Weapon and Abilities

Tri-Shot – In a triangle-like pattern, at once, she can fire 3 shots.

Sticky Bombs – their range is the same as of tri-shot and deals significant damage.

Flight – enables her to fly and hover for a little length of time.

Duplicate – Echo can become the duplicate of a target opponent and replicate their abilities against them.



He is a master at flanking the opposition and sneaking up on them to inflict damage. One of the game’s most mobile characters, he can reach locations that other characters find difficult.


Genji's Weapon and Abilities
Genji’s Weapon and Abilities

Shuriken – damage-dealing shuriken is thrown in a spread at the target.

Deflect – Incoming projectiles are parried by Genji, who then reflects them at his enemies. He can utilize Deflect to block melee blows.

Swift Strike – dashes forwards, dealing damage to any enemy he hits.

Cyber-agility -double-jumping and wall sprinting.

Dragonblade – he draws his sword from its sheath and strikes through his opponents, damaging them.



Hanzo is a skilled archer who possesses a wide range of abilities that make him a lethal foe. He is a great tracker as well, and in the game’s new objective-based mode, his capacity to locate and eliminate targets from a distance will undoubtedly be an asset.


Hanzo's Weapon and Abilities
Hanzo’s Weapon and Abilities

Storm Bow – hold the bow and release only when the target is visible for amazing damage. Works perfectly even in close-quarter fights.

Storm Arrows – He will be able to shoot a flurry of arrows quickly.

Sonic Arrow – it includes the arrow but also reveals the enemy on hitting or if it hit the wall or ground then can also unveil the stuff around it.

Lunge – This ability allows the double jump.

Wall Climb – climb walls to get to higher ground and flank the enemies.

Dragonstrike – brings forth a spirit dragon that strikes the enemies.



For gamers who prefer taking a lot of damage and creating havoc on the battlefield, Junkrat is a terrific character. He is renowned for his love of explosives, his proficiency with them, and his chaotic, erratic temperament.


Junkrat's Weapon and Abilities
Junkrat’s Weapon and Abilities

Frag Launcher – launches a grenade from his launcher, which bounces before going off.

Concussion Mine – drops a mine at his feet, and a moment later it will explode.

Steel Trap – traps the enemy and makes it unable to move.

Total Mayhem – Junkrat drops a live grenade at the enemy’s feet whenever he dies. The grenade has a short fuse, so it will detonate after a short period, inflicting harm on everyone in the vicinity.

Rip-Tire – (ultimate) fires an explosive-filled tire in the direction of his rivals.



Mei is a character who deals damage depending on ice. She is a Chinese meteorologist and adventurous traveler who specializes in cryonics and battles evil powers with weather-altering technologies. A wonderful option for those that wish to command the field of combat and aid their squad.


Mei's Weapon and Abilities
Mei‘s Weapon and Abilities

Endothermic Blaster – has primary and secondary fire. The former one is short-range and slows down the opponents while the latter one is long-range.

Cryo-freeze – can cover herself in ice to recover and defend herself from harm.

Ice Wall – form an ice wall ahead of you as protection.

Blizzard – Inflict damage and slowdown on foes caught in a blizzard by creating one; her ultimate also restricts their movement by freezing them in one spot, making them an easy target.



Pharah was born in Egypt to a father who is Egyptian and a mother who is Moroccan. Her parents encouraged her aspirations to become a pilot while growing up in Cairo. She can soar through the air thanks to her flying suit’s rockets.

And while she’s a pretty skillful pilot, She is a skilled fighter as well, and the rockets and missiles in her suit give her the ability to annihilate her foes.


Pharah's Weapon and Abilities
Pharah’s Weapon and Abilities

Rocket Launcher– A projectile weapon that is explosive in nature and has long range.

Jump Jet – allows flying upward quickly.

Concussive Blast – knocks the enemies by firing the explosive blast.

Hover Jets -use the hover jets to avoid rapid descending.

Barrage – can launch a volley of small-size rockets constantly.



He is a vigilante who works alone and prefers a pair of Hellfire Shotguns for his firearms. Little is known about his past, and he is a mysterious person. Some people think he’s a ghost, while others think he’s a monster. Whatever others may think, Reaper is a worthy opponent on the ground.


Reaper's Weapon and abilities
Reaper’s Weapon and abilities

Hellfire Shotgun: Reaper’s shotguns have a wide spread, making them ideal for close-quarters combat.

Shadow Step: He could swiftly sneak behind enemy lines by using his ability to teleport small distances.

Wraith Form: boost up the speed and provide immunity against damage.

The Reaping – his passive gets him healing while dealing damage.

Death Blossom – Fire a barrage of shots at the enemy in its path, killing them in an instant.



Sojourn is a mysterious character who thinks that the world must be brought back to order at all costs. She is a highly trained soldier who constantly seeks to excel in combat. Sojourn is a combat force to be battled with due to her destructive weaponry and resilience.


Sojourn's Weapon and Abilities
Sojourn’s Weapon and Abilities

Railgun – primary fire involves the projectiles that produce the energy on hitting. The secondary fire utilizes stored energy.

Power Slide: – A good way to move fast through the map and get away from danger.

Disruptor Shot – the shot of energy that reduces the enemy’s speed and deals damage.

Overclock – Automatically charges the railgun and the energy shots are powerful enough to have a piercing impact on enemies.

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76
Soldier 76

One of the founding members of Overwatch, Soldier: 76, is one of the game’s most well-known characters. He is a vigilante who battles evil by employing his military experience. He has a strong assault weapon that can shoot through walls and is a great marksman.

Additionally, he possesses a healing element that enables him to heal wounds promptly.


Soldier 76's Weapon and Abilities
Soldier 76’s Weapon and Abilities

Heavy Pulse Rifle – An assault rifle that operates automatically.

Sprint -increase mobility and allows you to run more rapidly.

Biotic Field – creates a field to provide healing to you and your teammates.

Helix Rockets – launches three missiles that are directed at neighboring targets.

Tactical Visor– with this ultimate ability, the weapon’s aim automatically locks onto its targets.



You’re in for a treat if you admired Sombra in the first game. Here is all the information you need to know about her in Overwatch 2 if you’re unfamiliar with the character. Sombra is a proficient hacker who can thwart her enemies with the use of her abilities.

The notorious hacker Sombra first gained attention by bringing down the most secure financial network in the entire globe. Since then, she has been utilizing her talents for questionable causes.


Sombra's Weapon and Abilities
Sombra’s Weapon and Abilities

Machine Pistol: A short-range weapon that operates automatically.

Translocator: sets a translocator beacon where she is standing right now. At any point, she can instantaneously teleport back to the spot where the beacon is.

Stealth: becomes momentarily invisible and speeds up her pace during that time.

Hack: hacks an enemy, temporarily preventing them from using skills.

EMP: (ultimate) unleashes an EMP that renders all hostile powers and barriers in a wide area around her inoperable.

Opportunist: (passive) detect the badly injured opponents and causes 40 % additional damage to hacked ones.



Symmetra is a somewhat controversial character. She is a solid supporting character with certain distinctive qualities; on the one hand, she may be too powerful, in the opinion of some, and has to be balanced out. While on the other hand, she protects her team.

This lady also has a new, extremely potent Ultimate ability called the Shield Generator. It can quickly give you the advantage in a fight and shield your team from opposing strikes.


Symmetra's Weapon and Abilities
Symmetra’s Weapon and Abilities

Photon Projector – discharge a continuous energy beam that harms targets. It has a primary fire and a secondary fire.

Sentry Turret – automatically fires at any approaching enemies while causing damage and slowing them down.

Teleporter – can create a temporary system of teleportation to travel from one fixed location to another.

Photon Barrier– the power to build a strong energy barrier that can resist opposing attacks.



Torbjorn is a specialist in building and fixing machinery due to his engineering background. He is well renowned for his dislike of the Omnics and is skilled with guns. Torbjorn is a courageous and persistent combatant.


Torbjorn's Weapon and Abilities
Torbjorn’s Weapon and Abilities

Rivet Gun – the useful and powerful weapon for both long and short-range fires.

Forge Hammer – can use to build and repair turrets or to bash opponents.

Deploy Turret – His turret starts to build itself as soon as Torbjörn deploys it. Then, he can employ his other skills to speed up its building or to repair it if it sustains harm.

Overload – you gain more health with this ability and it leads to the improvement in reloading speed, movement, and attacking.

Molten Core – enables him to overload his Rivet Gun so that he can shoot molten metal at his attackers.


Tracer – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Former British soldier Tracer underwent a time travel experiment that went wrong, causing her to “blink” in and out of existence. She is a very quick and nimble warrior that can move quickly across the battlefield and shower her adversaries with gunfire.

 She is an integral part of the Overwatch team, as the cavalry is nothing without her motivation.


Tracer Weapon and Abilities
Tracer Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Pulse Pistols – the automatic gear that has a short range of firing.

Blink – makes her difficult to strike and enables her to quickly reduce the distance between her enemies by allowing her to teleport a short distance.

Recall – permitting her to reset her position will make her much more difficult to attack and will grant her the opportunity to flee swiftly if she finds herself in a dangerous scenario.

Pulse Bomb – a bomb-like weapon that adheres to surfaces and blows off after a brief delay. Enemies caught in the blast radius of the explosion could suffer fatal injuries or death.


Widowmaker – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

World-class assassin Widowmaker is an expert at long-range sniping. She is a merciless killer who enjoys her job and has been heard to declare that her credo is “one shot, one kill.”
Widowmaker is a cool, collected person who constantly plans her next course of action.


Widowmaker's Weapon and Abilities
Widowmaker‘s Weapon and Abilities – Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Widow’s Kiss – The weapon has two modes and is stronger enough to take down the enemy from long range.

Grappling Hook – launches a grappling hook in the direction of the target. She is speedily attracted toward a solid surface when the hook makes contact with it, which enables her to climb to higher ground and run from combat.

Venom Mine – lays a poison mine on the surface. The mine is undetectable to opponents and explodes when one approaches, delivering damage and applying the Venom status effect, which slows the target and increases all damage taken.

Infra-Sight – unlocks her Infra-Sight, which for a limited amount of time makes all foes’ locations visible, even through barriers.

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