Overwatch 2: How To Transfer Skins? [SOLVED]

This guide entails complete process to transfer skins in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 How to Transfer Skins
Overwatch 2 How to Transfer Skins

With the release of Overwatch 2, the previous entry in the series went offline to allow players to transition into a better experience of the latest game. Although it might seem a little disturbing at first, but it is pretty simple the new Overwatch 2 is just replacing the previous game and expanding the overall player base. Now the real question arises whether players can merge their accounts and how to transfer skins in Overwatch 2. 

Fortunately, Overwatch 2 features cross-progression that involves transferring skins and all the cosmetic items from the original game. Meanwhile, the feature is not limited to the platforms; you can easily transfer them to any console or PC. In essence, no matter how much progress and hero unlocks you had in the previous game, you can now transfer them into Overwatch 2.

Even though the process seems simple, many players still cannot understand the overall process. If you are also one of these players that would like to transfer skins from Overwatch, this guide is just for you. With that said, let’s discuss Overwatch 2 how to transfer skins and other cosmetic items. 

Key Highlights

  • The latest Overwatch 2 features Cross Progression that allows players to transfer their skins, settings, ranks, and all heroes from the original game to the new Overwatch 2.
  • The process of transferring the skins to Overwatch 2 is simple, but it can be tricky if you do not have a Battle.net account. 
  • All you need to do is to create a Battle.net account and confirm your account in Overwatch 2 game to easily merge the item of the previous account to the new Overwatch 2.

How To Transfer Skins In Overwatch 2

With Overwatch 2 released on October 4th, 2022, veteran players might want to migrate their skins, heroes, and levels to the new game. Meanwhile, it surely seems problematic as it involves a series of different steps to easily transfer your data. But do not worry, as following the proper steps will assist players in a short time. 

Cross Progression in Overwatch 2
Cross Progression in Overwatch 2

The first step to transfer all of your settings to Overwatch 2 involves logging in to your Overwatch 2. Now when you log in, you will see the announcement of the Cross Progression system introduced in Overwatch 2. Meanwhile, it will ask you to log in to your Battle.net account or create one if you do not have any. 

As for PC players, they can quickly turn up their browser to login into the Battle.net account. Once logged in, make sure you use the correct account to transfer your gameplay data to Overwatch 2. This is a one-time process, and you would not want to lose progress with this mistake. 

Once you are logged in, return to your console or PC, and follow the screen prompt for Cross Progression. Here, you will need to confirm your account by selecting the username. Choose the right one to transfer your skins in Overwatch 2 from any platform. 

The main problem for confirming and creating a Battle.net account involves the console players. Meanwhile, PC players can easily transition to Overwatch 2 as they already have Battle.net, and the game itself will prompt confirmation at the start of the game. Console players must create a Battle.net account to transition to Overwatch 2 easily. 

As for console players, once you have created a Battle.net account, you can return to the console, which will ask you to search for the QR code on your mobile phone. This code will be used to connect to your Battle.net and afterward log back into the game on the console. After the confirmation, you can transfer the previous account to the new Overwatch 2 on the console. 

Scan the QR Code on the in-game screen
Scan the QR Code on the in-game screen
Linking Console on Battle Net
Linking Console on Battle Net

A word of warning is to always double-check your Battle.net account before confirming to transfer your skins to the new game. It is because once you confirm and transfer these settings, you will not be able to do that again. It is a one-time process and involves careful consideration as there is no margin for mistake. 

Another critical thing to note is that it will take some time to transfer all of your skins, ranks, and heroes to Overwatch 2. So if you are worried about not receiving previous items in the game, give it a day and you will be able to start again from where you left off in the all-new Overwatch 2. 

On the other side, now developers have also allowed players to merge and transfer all of their data from multiple accounts to one single account. For instance, if you have progress on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, you can easily transfer them to the account on PC of Overwatch 2. 

Now, this process again involves using the Battle.net account. So login into your account using the browser and find the Connections option. From here, you can access options for adding Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch accounts. Now you can easily add the accounts that you would like to merge. 

After that, return to your main game account, where you will be merging to all the previous accounts. Select the Account Merge option from the main menu of the game and it will ask you about the confirmation to merge accounts. Fair warning again, as this is a one-time step, and after the confirmation, there is no return. 

Some players confuse the process and make the mistake of selecting the wrong account. Also, only one account from any of the respective consoles or PC. So make sure you steer clear of the random mistake of choosing a wrong or dead account from the console and trying to merge it with the latest Overwatch 2. 

Final Words

Now that you know how to transfer skins in Overwatch 2, you can continue from where you left off and enjoy a unique experience with a broader gaming community. The latest Overwatch 2 offers opportunities and new best maps to try with your favorite hero. From the best DPS hero in Overwatch 2 to unique settings in the game, every day is an unforgettable experience.

That is about it for our guide to transferring skins in Overwatch 2. Do you find this guide helpful in merging your old account with the latest game? We would love to hear your thoughts about the latest cross-progression system in the comments below. 

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