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We will help guide you on how to use Kiriko effectively in your games so that you can start winning and even carrying.

overwatch 2 kiriko

Kiriko Kamori is a caretaker of the Kanezaka shrine and a skilled ninja and healer. After the downfall of the Shimada, she vowed to protect her hometown from the deadly Hashimoto clan.

In Overwatch 2, Kiriko began her time as a child with two sides. Her grandmother was spiritually intuned, while her mother chose the blade’s path.

Kiriko grew up with both of these conflicting sides as either wanted her to follow one path, but Kiriko could not bring herself to do so. To her, both of the paths were a part of her and defined her. We see this story play out in the origin story cinematic titled Kiriko: Origin Story, where, in the end, she chooses to forge her path separately from her family’s tradition.

In another cinematic released by Blizzard, we can see that Kiriko is a genuinely good person who cares about those close to her. A fun fact that we learn is she is fluent in sign language as she communicates with the deaf daughter of a worker in her apartment complex. If you are intrigued by this and would like to see this cinematic, then you can find it titled “Kiriko” on YouTube.

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Kiriko – Image Captured By VeryAliGaming

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 is the sequel to Overwatch, which was released in 2016 and took the gaming world by storm.
  • It includes 35 characters, with many old and some new characters, including the one we will be discussing today.
  • Kiriko is very strong and definitely worth your attention.

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Overwatch 2 Cover

Kirikio Abilities

No agent would be complete without their unique toolkit of passives, abilities, and coveted ultimate. Kiriko is an interesting case as she is a Support hero with quite valuable abilities, which quickly rank her as one of the top-tier characters to play if you want to be of use to your team.

Wall Climb (Passive)

TypePassive Ability
Effect TypeMovement
Casting TimeNone
Max. Range10.3 meters (vertical)
Move Speed8.25m/s

Most heroes can either normally jump once, fly up slightly, and continue gliding. Kiriko is built differently by getting the best of both worlds. You can’t glide but can traverse terrain with great ease. This ability is passive, so you don’t have to use this through a button press actively.

Healing Ofuda (Primary)

TypeWeapon (primary fire)
Effect TypeProjectile
Healing13 per talisman, 26 per burst
Projectile Speed20 meters per second (homing)
14 meters per second (homing)
Max. Range35 meters (lock on)
Move Speed-
Rate of fire~0.2 seconds per burst
1-second ammo recovery
Full clip every ~1.8 seconds
Ammo Usage2 per burst

This is the LMB (Left Mouse Button) and primary ability of Kiriko, which makes her part of the support class. In layman’s terms, these are healing tags that can seek out teammates automatically, resembling homing missiles that heal.

Kunai (Secondary)

TypeWeapon (secondary fire)
Effect TypeProjectile
Damage40-120 (body/head-shot)
Spread AnglePinpoint
Projectile Speed90 meters per second
Rate of fireOne shot per .55 seconds
Reload Time1 second
Head-Shot✓ (3x multiplier)

The RMB (Right Mouse Button) and secondary fire of Kiriko. These kunai throw damage enemies, but it’s not a primary damage-dealing ability. This is more like a use-if-cornered ability that can keep you alive for long enough to where your teammates can arrive to help you out.

Swift Step (Ability)

Effect TypeTargeted (ally)
Max Range35 meters
Duration0.25 second invulnerability
Cooldown7 seconds

The LSHIFT (Left Shift) ability, known as Swift Step, serves as a valuable support skill in the game. This ability is designed to address situations where support characters may wish they were closer to their teammates to provide healing or assistance. Here’s how Swift Step works:

  1. Teleportation to an Ally:

    • Swift Step allows Kiriko to instantly teleport to one of her allies.
    • When activated, Kiriko will teleport behind the targeted ally’s actual location.
    • This teleportation is similar to Reaper’s ability but is limited to allies only.
  2. Benefits of Swift Step:

    • Swift Step can be a lifesaver in critical moments when you need to reach a teammate quickly to provide healing or support.
    • It enables Kiriko to reposition herself rapidly on the battlefield, ensuring that her abilities can reach and benefit her allies effectively.
    • This ability can help Kiriko respond to emergencies and save teammates from precarious situations.

Protection Suzu (Ability)

Effect TypeArcing Projectile
Area of effect
Projectile Speed35 meteors per secondd
Area of effect5 meters
Duration0.85 second invulnerability
Cooldown14 seconds

Kiriko’s E ability sounds incredibly powerful and can indeed be a game-changer in critical moments. The ability to instantly remove all debuffs from an ally and grant them a brief period of damage immunity is a significant asset for a support hero. Here’s a recap of its key attributes:

  1. Debuff Removal: Kiriko’s E ability allows her to promptly eliminate all debuffs affecting a targeted ally. This ensures that the ally can operate at their full potential without the hindrance of negative status effects.

  2. Damage Immunity: In addition to debuff removal, the ability provides a short duration of immunity to damage for the protected ally. This immunity can be a lifesaver in situations where the ally is under heavy fire.

  3. Versatile Utility: Kiriko’s E ability offers versatile utility, making it invaluable in a variety of scenarios. Whether it’s rescuing an ally from a dangerous debuff or safeguarding them during a critical moment, this ability can turn the tide of battles.

  4. Cooldown Management: To make the most of Kiriko’s E ability, players should use it whenever it’s off cooldown. Being proactive in removing debuffs and providing damage immunity can be the key to victory in challenging encounters.

Kitsune Rush (Ultimate)

TypeUltimate Ability
Effect TypeArea of effect
Move Speed+30%
Max. Range25m
Rate of fire+50%
Reload Time+50% reload speed
Ultimate cost2300 points
Duration10.5 seconds
Cooldown2x cooldown reduction

Now we reach the piece de resistance of Kiriko’s kit. She channels her inner spiritual warrior and summons the fox spirit to guide her and her allies toward the objective point.

The fox spirit speeds up your allies and decreases all cooldowns for their abilities. This is great if you want to rally your team for one hefty storm charge against the enemy on the objective point.

Tips & Tricks

So this section mainly exists so that you can get a few tips about how to effectively use Kiriko’s abilities and maybe chain them together in unique ways to help you out.

Kiriko and Kitsune Spirit

It’s basically like a fun facts thing that you can ignore but will get handy later on as you play the hero and get accustomed to their play style.

Tip 1

To effectively use Healing Ofuda in the game, utilize the Swift Step indicator to ensure that they track toward your allies and provide healing safely. It’s worth noting that the Healing Ofuda has a similar range as your Swift Step, allowing you to heal your allies from approximately the same distance.

Tip 2

Your Kunai have no fall-off, so you should use this to your advantage and spam them when you have nothing more to offer your team regarding abilities.

These can be used to snipe out enemies if you can guess where they will be strafing, as hitting the kunai in the head is incredibly tough, but it does net you that 3x damage bonus.

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