Overwatch 2 Review

Overwatch 2 Review
An In-Depth Review of Overwatch 2.
A Decent Evolution
Overwatch 2 brought a lot of improvements to the original game, the 5v5 combat experience is more intense as well as rewarding. The grind feels rewarding and the replayability of the various game modes is exponentially good that you can easily lose track of time.
Story and Lore
Excellent Optimization
Engaging Combat System
Variety of Game Modes for Everyone
PVE and PVP both are rewarding
Enhanced Visuals improve the experience.
Buggy Comms
Matchmaking can take quite long depending upon which role you are queuing for.
Lack of Lootboxes

Heroes never die, but can the same thing be said for the player base of a game that’s been around for a good while now? Let’s find out in our today’s review of Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Overwatch 2 unlike the original Overwatch is a free-to-play, team-based action game. Set in the optimistic future, where you get to play different game modes with your squad. Each mode is a 5v5 battle where you fight till the end.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 is a follow-up to the original game & continues the story of the Overwatch heroes trying to stop the omincs from causing further corruption.
  • The gameplay is a unique experience compared to other shooters on the market, with a 5v5 combat system instead of 6v6.
  • PVE modes are directed towards the campaign of the game & offer exciting rewards & upgrades to customize your characters & unlock items.
  • PVP modes are where Overwatch shines the most, offering Quick Match & Competitive modes with a rank system ranging from Bronze to the top 500 players.
  • The Battle Pass replaces the loot box system from the original game & offers unique items once completed.
  • The game’s graphics have been drastically improved, but there are still some issues with the audio, particularly with voice chat.
  • Overwatch 2 brings a lot of improvements to the original game, making the gameplay more intense & rewarding, with new heroes & maps adding a fresh experience for both old & new players.

The Game tried its best to be a sequel to the original but failed miserably as it was the same game but now with slightly different branding and the addition of a few new heroes and maps. The biggest change was the battle pass which we’ll discuss more shortly.


Overwatch 2 Story
Overwatch 2 Story

The story follow-ups with the previous game which is after the recall of Overwatch heroes a team was set up to unveil the plans of omincs and stop them before they cause any further corruption.

The story of Overwatch was unique and you could truly connect with each character individually, and Blizzard Entertainment did an excellent job with releasing short animated movies that builds a bond between the players and characters and led towards building a strong player base.

Like who didn’t cry in Hanzo’s and Genji’s movie called Dragons but more over they became one of the most picked characters in the game.

We really loved the concept and we are happy that they carried the original theme and characters in the new game making it feel like home for old players and a refreshing experience for new players.


Gameplay (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Gameplay is the section where things get real and makes Overwatch 2 a unique experience compared to every other shooter out in the market.

Overwatch 2 replaced the original game with an update and along that made drastic changes in the game for players to enjoy new PVE and PVP modes with a 5v5 combat system instead of the 6v6 from the original game.

5v5 Battle System
5v5 Battle System (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Developers gave it a good thought and after massive feedback from the community as well they reduced the group size and made the fights more balanced yet engaging with one less player new strategies are required from scratch to win the games.

New maps also got added along with new heroes giving the game a refreshing experience altogether and also new customization options to make the game truly yours to enjoy.

PVE Modes

PVE/ Non-Competitive Game Modes
PVE/ Non-Competitive Game Modes (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

The PVE modes as the name suggest are more directed toward the campaign of the game. This time Blizzard wanted to focus a bit more on the story of the game as it plays a crucial role in building a connection with players and if the story is good then it should definitely be experienced.

In these story missions, you can earn exciting rewards and upgrades to customize your characters and unlock items. The missions can be played solo or with a team depending on how you like to play the game.

PVP Modes

PVP is where Overwatch shines the most and Overwatch 2 is no different, this game mode alone kept Overwatch among the best competitive games and had esports leagues dedicated to it. Not only that the game stayed twitch’s most streamed title for a good while.

You get to play either the Quick Match where you play without worrying about losing and enjoy meeting new people and making friends or you gather up your squad and get into the competitive mode where you get to play a bunch of different game modes and where the Rank matters.

Rank System
Rank System (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Depending upon how well you did you get placed in between Bronze to as high as the top 500 players. The Competitive mode offers you two options, either you can go with role que where you only play the role that you like i.e Attack, Defence, or Healer.

Open Que Or Role Que
Open Que Or Role Que (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Or you can go with Open Que where you can switch to any role during the match to assist your team in the area where they are lacking. This creates so many possibilities and increases the amount of replayability of the game.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass
Battle Pass (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

With the new title Blizzard made changes in the monetization of the game. In original game you use to get Loot boxes either by winning or by purchasing the from the game’s store. Now they removed the loot boxes and put a Battle Pass in the game.

Battle Pass Tier List
Battle Pass Tier List (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Once you complete the battle pass you can acquire unique items, all the previous loot boxes from the original game gets opened automatically once you launch the new game and all the currency from Overwatch is useable in Overwatch 2.

Visuals And Audio

In-Game Graphics
In-Game Graphics

Overwatch 2 has made drastic changes when it comes to Graphics, the game gets a fresh look, and updates to lighting, shadows, more detailed textures, and effects are very noticeable. And best part about these upgrades is the game still is very well-optimized and runs like a charm.

The only thing that still has a bit of improvement required is the Audio, The que that we get from sounds is quite accurate and provides the desired feedback. The guns sound about right and easy to track the projection of shots fired.

But when it comes to Comms and sharing the details with your squad the voice chat often gets bugged and that is an issue well-known from the original game and it somehow made its way to the recent one as well.

The devs are still working on removing this issue permanently but till then this will remain an issue unless you use a third-party app like Discord to communicate with your mates.

Our Verdict

Overwatch 2 brought a lot of improvements to the original game, the 5v5 combat experience is more intense as well as rewarding. The grind feels rewarding and the replayability of the various game modes is exponentially good that you can easily lose track of time.

The new heroes and the maps are a welcoming change and give new and old both players a fresh experience. Improved visuals and audio makes your experience more immersive and even with a minor issue that the game has we will still easily recommend OW 2 to anyone out there.

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