Overwatch 2 Tier List: All 35 Heroes Ranked [Season 1]

In this tier list we will highlight all the heros and where they rank in the current meta of release Overwatch 2.

overwatch 2 tier list

So, you found yourself wondering which characters are the best right now? You wanted to play the meta, huh? Well, it’s okay. Nothing wrong in wanting to win using the best characters available. With that in mind, we welcome you to the Overwatch 2 Tier List.

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to Overwatch. The gaming industry is calling it a re-release with a few more skins and balance changes, but we beg to differ. The game itself has improved considerably due to the system changes implemented. Mainly the format changed from a 6v6 to a 5v5 with only one tank at any time. It improves the quality of the game and lowers the barrier of entry for new players since fewer charters mean an easier-to-follow flow of battle.

However, this gave rise to new tactics, and certain heroes who once lacked the power to be solo carries are now dominating the charts in the S-Tier, while some older viable picks have dropped down into the D-Tier. We will discuss every hero present and explain why they are in the tier they have been placed in. So join us on this journey through the Overwatch 2 Tier List.

Key Takeaways

  • Overwatch 2 is the sequel to Overwatch, which was released in 2016 and took the gaming world by storm.
  • It includes 35 characters, with many returning characters and some new characters that are a breath of fresh air for the franchise.
  • All characters are organized into tiers and explained why they belong there.
  • Some characters are a must-have on your team; these are the S-Tiers and A-Tiers.
  • Other characters are still good but will be more challenging to use and get results from; these are the B-Tiers and C-Tiers.
  • A few characters are bad and should not be used unless you are trying to challenge yourself; this entails all of D-Tier.

Overwatch 2 Cover


You must have some of these heroes on your team to win consistently. This tier is reserved for the heroes who are a must-have on your team comp. They are characterized by being at the top of their respective category.

This means they either have insane damage, crazy sustain, or ludicrous utility. The best examples for each would be Genji, Winston, and Kiriko, respectively, alongside others we will discuss further in the article.


genji charcter tab overwatch 2
Genji Character Screen

Let’s talk about Genji. One of the few heroes that didn’t get changed when being transferred over from the original Overwatch. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with him in the slightest. He still has that monster damage he is known for and has only benefitted from the damage role passive introduced.

To elaborate a little bit on this passive ability. The damaging role passive grants any damage hero movement speed and reload speed. We have been talking about how mobility is king in Overwatch 2. Well, then, that crown belongs to no other than Genji himself. His abilities are suited ideally for the current meta environment.


kiriko charcter tab overwatch 2
Kiriko Character Screen

Damage, Healing, Movement. Kiriko has got you covered for all three of these categories. She does insane damage with her kunai if placed correctly, and her healing is also quite decent, with the ability to move through walls and get to your allies faster to give them that life-saving heal.

Oh, and did we mention how she can make everyone from her team, in a certain radius, invincible to damage and cleansed of all debuffs? So far, she is a hero that looks designed for Overwatch 2, so she belongs in the S-Tier of the Overwatch 2 Tier List.


lucio charcter tab overwatch 2
Lucio Character Screen

An embodiment of the game’s current state, Lucio has the right to be good right now. His whole kit revolves around movement and exceeding the speed limits while giving his allies the best speed boost of their life.

Not just that, but he can also take fights with a few heroes by punishing them for being out of position. However, these fights are mainly limited to backline squishy heroes since Lucio is no tank himself.


sigma charcter tab overwatch 2
Sigma Character Screen

What can we say about Sigma? Other than those who play him are on that grind set most definitely. With his damage output, you would think he is a damage hero, but contrary to that, he is a tank hero. And a damn good one at that.

He can mitigate tons of damage with his shields and has the potential to one-hit combo you if you don’t dodge him hurling boulders in your direction. That goes out to you squishy players. Beware of flying boulders.


sojourn charcter tab overwatch 2
Sojourn Character Screen

She can do it all. She can dash, she can leap, she can one-shot, and she can look good while doing it. Sojourn is currently dominating all levels of play due to her insane damage output, thanks to her secondary charge fire. She is a walking rail gun, and you can’t do anything about it.

Honestly, we would stop there, but her other ability to slow enemies is so damn oppressive that it can’t be glossed over. These easily put her in S-Tier and will probably keep her here until some major nerfs come flying in.


d.va charcter tab overwatch 2
D.VA Character Screen

As a character, D.VA is quite the favorite among both old and new fans of the franchise, even some who don’t play Overwatch, if you know what we mean. Her kit has been changed slightly for Overwatch 2, and it’s definitely for the better.

She now has a more extended shield which allows her to take longer to engage and retain her mobility. Not to mention her ultimate is just as powerful when used correctly and can easily be used to pick off players who don’t understand how it works.

You would be surprised at the number of players that don’t realize it’s a line-of-sight-based ultimate within a fixed range—belonging to the S-Tier of the Overwatch 2 Tier List.

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This tier typically includes heroes that can’t ordinarily solo carry games, but if you have the skills, you can put the entire team on your back and carry them to a victory.

This tier is chock full of heroes who are main worthy and fit relatively well on your team comp. They are characterized by being quite proficient in their respective categories.


winston charcter tab overwatch 2
Winston Character Screen

For some reason, we can’t help but giggle a little when we think of Winston since it immediately conjures up an image of Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls back in the day. All jokes aside, though, Winston is a tank beast who can do more than his fair share of damage.

With Overwatch 2 giving him more tools to play with the reworked kit, Winston is a certifiable A-Tier on any Overwatch 2 Tier List. We can also guarantee more inexperienced players will gravitate toward him since his primary fire doesn’t require you to aim.


baptiste charcter tab overwatch 2
Baptiste Character Screen

Nothing much to say about Baptiste except he has been getting buff after buff after buff to the point where it threw him up to the top of A-Tier. His ability to do an insane amount of burst damage and then instantly heal is amazing, to say the least.

He is just a solid hero with a, so far, well-balanced kit and stats.


ana charcter tab overwatch 2
Ana Character Screen

The best-designed character in the game. These words were spoken by professional Ana enjoyer KarQ, a popular content creator within the Overwatch space and someone who holds quite a lot of attention.

Ana is an amazing support who can play aggressive or passive and choose to engage more freely now due to her support passive’s rapid healing. She can take chip damage while dishing some out and no longer need to waste her healing on herself.


brigette charcter tab overwatch 2
Brigitte Character Screen

The monster of Overwatch returns but this time much weaker than before. To say that Brigette was above S-Tier was no joke. Either you had Brig on your team or played to lose. It was a pick-your-poison type of moment in the Overwatch meta.

However, now she is much tamer, and cant is made to be an invincible defense and ungodly amounts of buffs. Instead, she is simply a good tank/support that can fill in that gap your team might need when unsure between a tank or a healer.


tracer charcter tab overwatch 2
Tracer Character Screen

If you are someone with short-term memory loss, then Tracer is not for you. If you have played Overwatch and mastered her movement, you will be top-fragging on the server almost every time.

On the other hand, if you don’t understand her movement mechanic and haven’t grasped it fully, you might be feeding more than anything else as a new player.

Although it is not as bad since putting time into Tracer will reward you. Since you can see the progress with every game, it keeps you motivated to keep on grinding and get good; definitely worth the A-Tier in the Overwatch 2 Tier List.


sombra charcter tab overwatch 2
Sombra Character Screen

Our favorite Latina hacker is back on the field with more mischief than ever. Sombra recently got some buffs to her kit, allowing her to be a more lethal assassin by infiltrating the back line and going ham.

When she closes off someone’s abilities, she deals more damage to that certain enemy. This helps her get right in and out while activating the passive damage role, which allows her to stay for more or leave fast. You can mold her playstyle to your liking. Either the hit-and-run style or a backline fighter style.


moira charcter tab overwatch 2
Moira Character Screen

The toxic queen we all need to experience once in our lifetimes. That is the archetype Moira embodies in both her kit and personality. She is currently doing numbers on the damage chart but has some of the most damage in the lobby.

She is good if you want to play a slippery healer who can support their team but also get to chip in on some damage dealing and even take some unfavorable 1v1s and win them through sheer movement prowess.


reaper charcter tab overwatch 2
Reaper Character Screen

Another character to keep his original kit from Overwatch. Reaper has received some nice buffs, and his entire playstyle is great for this current meta.

Just like Genji, Reaper received an indirect buff from the new damage role passive, increasing his ability to kill while also enhancing his ultimate by granting him move speed to make full use of it. Honestly, there isn’t anything more to add since he is justifiably in the A-Tier. If you don’t believe us, then try him in-game yourself.


orisa charcter tab overwatch 2
Orisa Character Screen

A solid hero overall, Orisa fits her tank role very well with abilities that suit her playstyle as a relatively immobile tank, but what pushes her this far on the list is simply her ability to not care about the enemy’s attacks and stave off all damage by giving herself extra health. Yes, you heard us right. Extra Health.

This is but one of the powers of Orisa. She also has her javelin, which can easily take out enemies if you can land a well-placed headshot onto the squishy targets. This, alongside getting a mini-gun with infinite ammo, basically gives her an excuse to never get out of your face.

For that reason, Orisa is in the A-Tier of the Overwatch 2 Tier List.


zarya charcter tab overwatch 2
Zarya Character Screen

A top-tier tank hero right now. We don’t have much to say for Zarya since her kit is the same as it was in the original iteration of Overwatch, with a small change in how she applies her abilities to allies or herself.

Her greatest weakness is the lack of mobility which is why D.VA is higher on this list alongside Winston. She does have the highest DPS out of the entire tank role. However, this doesn’t mean she has the best burst damage because she doesn’t.


Now we are approaching the trenches of the meta sphere. These heroes aren’t in the spotlight but can be valuable for your team comp if utilized correctly and have a skilled player at the controls.

These heroes are here because they have a more challenging kit to master and play around with, but they offer utility to those willing to put in the time to get good and master their skills.


ashe charcter tab overwatch 2
Ashe Character Screen

So with the new changes to the team comp format, Ashe has become more viable. In the original version of Overwatch, Ashe wasn’t as strong as she could be since her whole gimmick was bringing in Bob, but in a 6v6 environment, one additional tanky body does not help as much.

But now that the format is a 5v5 setting, that additional body helps turn the tides of a team fight since it impacts the entire map more. This single change alone brings her up to the B-Tier.


zenyatta charcter tab overwatch 2
Zenyatta Character Screen

For a monk, he is quite the feisty brawler. Zen can put his balls on you and kill you. Sorry, we won’t be making any more ball jokes from now onwards since that is considered “low-hanging fruit”, see what we did there 😉

Moving away from that, Zenyatta is currently not in the best state. He was A-Tier but fell off after a few nerfs and changes. He isn’t viable in the current Overwatch 2 meta since he requires too much assistance to play proficiently and excel at him. So that is why he is in B-Tier.


hanzo charcter tab overwatch 2
Hanzo Character Screen

Let’s get real. It’s awesome to play as Hanzo for two main reasons. The first reason is the ability to headshot one-shot people from across the map and acts like it was on purpose, not because you got lucky.

The second reason to use Hanzo is his ultimate, the most badass-looking ultimate in the entire game. That was true for the original Overwatch, and it’s still the same in Overwatch 2. Besides that, Hanzo got a few little nerfs but nothing so major as to derail him.


torbjorn charcter tab overwatch 2
Torbjorn Character Screen

Our faithful dwarf engineer is still hard at work on his little turret. Torbjorn (henceforth referred to as Torb) is the good old-fashioned engineer you need on the team to get those wriggly mobility players a nuisance to deal with.

Torb didn’t get any significant nerfs, but he is a machine in taking the fight into his hands and getting decent picks from the enemy team.


reinhardt charcter tab overwatch 2
Reinhardt Character Screen

An oldie but a goldie. That is how we would describe Reinhardt. In the game, he is still a viable tank that can exceed expectations if the right conditions are met. For example, he is the big behemoth that you would expect a tank to be like.

He carries a shield for his team to stand behind and cover from all enemy fire. He is, however, not very good due to how easy he is to maneuver around, but most of these weaknesses can be mitigated if you have meta supports on him.

Currently, Kiriko is a good pick for Reinhardt since she can cleanse him of all debuffs and make him invulnerable for a short time. The same can be said with Lucio, but we digress. Overall, Reinhardt is a certified B-Tier on the Overwatch 2 Tier List simply because of a lack of solo-kill pressure.


echo charcter tab overwatch 2
Echo Character Screen

A decent pick if you know what you are doing. Echo is a particular case since her duplicate requires you to have an advanced knowledge pool to play correctly and support your team. Sometimes, duplicating into the wrong hero can throw the game in the enemy’s favor and vice-versa.

She is pretty challenging to play proficiently, and that isn’t even counting how they nerfed her from the original Overwatch because now duplicate doesn’t duplicate your target’s health. So no more turning into another tank shenanigans.

Her mid-skill floor and high-skill ceiling land her square in B-Tier in the Overwatch 2 Tier List.


We are approaching the bottom tier of characters in Overwatch 2. The heroes in this section are mainly focused around a particular gimmick; when you can utilize that gimmick, these become viable picks.

However, these are not always the best choice for characters since they provide little team utility compared to other heroes in previous tiers.


widowmaker charcter tab overwatch 2
Widowmaker Character Screen

A French beauty said to be so beautiful that all men are attracted to her and so deadly that all she leaves in her wake are mourning widows. That’s not how Widowmaker got her name, but let’s go of that backstory since it feels more “spicy.”

Widowmaker is entirely player-dependent. If you can hit your shots, then she is good. Otherwise, she is useless. So moral of the story for Widowmaker is to be good at aiming and tracking if you want to win games with her.

Soldier 76

soldier 76 charcter tab overwatch 2
Soldier 76 Character Screen

Sadly Soldier just isn’t good at what he does. He is still viable with his classic Call of Duty style of play, but it is just not cutting it in this meta right now. The decreased damage is shown since other heroes that play off of the same archetype are higher rated and get better results.

What is the point of playing Soldier 76? Just play other hit-scan DPS characters like Ashe or Sojourn, who are doing their job better than him.

Wrecking Ball

wrecking ball charcter tab overwatch 2
Wrecking Ball Character Screen

The cutest threat you’ve ever did see. Wrecking Ball is quite strong, but his main weakness, in this case, Sombra, is running rampant in many games, which makes him a free kill to get farmed.

Wrecking Ball is not a bad hero by any means, but with the current state of the game, we can not, in good conscience, put him above the C-Tier.

Maybe later on, if Sombra starts to fall off slightly, Wrecking Ball might see a resurgence in the meta. But until that day comes, he will remain here.


roadhog charcter tab overwatch 2
Roadhog Character Screen

A personification of the feast of famine phrase. Roadhog hasn’t changed much from his old ways but what makes him rank so low in the tiers is how coin-flippy his playstyle is when it comes to winning games.

The only reason you would choose Roadhog is if you are confident in your ability to land a hook since landing a hook almost always entails a guaranteed kill. But if you miss your hooks more often than not, well, that is where you do lack any other utility to offer your team.

So to sum it up. Land hooks equal good. No land hooks equal bad.


doomfist charcter tab overwatch 2
Doomfist Character Screen

Oh, Doomfist, what did they do to you? Doomfist used to be quite the tremendous damage in the first Overwatch, but when it came time for the sequel, they appeared to have nerfed him beyond recognition.

First things first, he is a tank now. They changed his role but not only that. They made him so he has hyper-mobility, which is suitable for low elo and catching new players off guard, but it’s not a reliable way to get wins.

Any slightly experienced player will come across Doomfist and simply wait for the right moment to apply some sort of movement debuff and make you a sitting duck who takes all the flame for none of the rewards.


junkrat charcter tab overwatch 2
Junkrat Character Screen

Sadly Overwatch 2 hasn’t been kind to our old crazy buddy Junkrat. For starters, he has the damage output to get easy kills, but when you get to a point where teams are coordinated, then it gets more apparent that the only viable way to play Junkrat is playing an assassin.

Flanking the backline and using your ultimate in team fights is the only way you get to win games against organized teams viably. Against unorganized teams, he is a menace in team fights and can easily make highlight plays for days.


pharah charcter tab overwatch 2
Pharah Character Screen

May god help the squishy players when Pharah comes to play. The whole thing about Pharah is her flight, and we think that’s cool, just kind of annoying. To explain it, let’s just say Pharah is that annoying mosquito in your room that flies around at night and keeps going for your ear.

She can be shut down easily if focused by damage dealers, but as it stands, new players will be in for a bad time when against a Pharah while being overjoyed of playing as her.


So here we get to the garbage tier. They are the worst heroes you could pick to go into a game with unless you plan on having fun.

These heroes are sadly either nerfed or just not built for Overwatch 2 and the new movement-based emphasis it brings to combat.

Junker Queen

junker queen charcter tab overwatch 2
Junker Queen Character Screen

A new addition to Overwatch with the launch of Overwatch 2. Junker Queen, on release, was a menace and a half who was a certified S-Tier hero. But some nerfs to her abilities and the fact that her biggest counters in Kiriko and Zarya are being played in the highest Tiers right now do her no favors.

She is otherwise still decent but playing her is going to be complex. She is still playable, even though she will be a niche pick in higher elo team comps.


cassidy charcter tab overwatch 2
Cassidy Character Screen

After removing his flashbang ability, some people thought Cassidy would be left in the dust by other heroes. They weren’t wrong, but not for the reason they thought. See, it wasn’t the flashbang removal that destroyed him but rather the introduction of better damage characters.

The replacement for his flashbang was a magnetic grenade that did quite a heft chunk of damage, bringing squishy characters into the one-hit-kill range if it landed. Sadly that wasn’t enough to save him from dropping down to D-Tier.

His ultimate is still good, but there are just bigger kids on the block now, and sadly, Cassidy isn’t part of that club.


mercy charcter tab overwatch 2
Mercy Character Screen

The good ol’ healer to whomst all thou complain about not receiving heals. This is pure slander since most Mercy players are mindless AI programs designed to recognize a computer screen and hold the primary fire with occasional usage of their ability to revive dead teammates.

We are just messing with you since it’s quite common to make jokes at Mercy’s expense, being nothing but a moving health pack. But she is fun to play in the current meta, although quite a niche pick if we say so ourselves.


bastion charcter tab overwatch 2
Bastion Character Screen

Talking strictly from a character point of view, Bastion is not a bad pick for your team comp if you understand you can play him properly. The main thing holding him back is the lack of mobility, which seems to be a trend among many characters in the lower tiers.

If you are more interested in specific tips and tricks for Bastion alongside a detailed look at his character and backstory, then check out the Overwatch 2 Bastion Ultimate Guide.


mei charcter tab overwatch 2
Mei Character Screen

Back in the day, Mei was a straight-up menace on the server. If there was a Mei in the enemy team, you better get ready not to play the game for half of the time, thanks to her freeze stuns. Thankfully they did nerf her and almost all of her abilities as well.

Now there is no longer the threat of being permanently frozen and killed without being able to do anything. This has caused her to fall drastically in the meta since her whole gimmick was freezing enemies.

She is still somewhat playable, but only if you are good as a one-trick Mei player.


symmetra charcter tab overwatch 2
Symmetra Character Screen

A relic from the past, Symmetra is an example of Overwatch in its hay day when the game wasn’t as focused on mobility and emphasized slow DPS build-up over. She is playable with her small lasers if you like to be annoying for the enemy flanks.

She is still very difficult to play since almost everything kills her quickly, and with her lack of mobility, she is a sitting duck waiting to get picked off. You must have all the stars aligned to get a few good games on Symmetra.

How The Overwatch 2 Tier List is Compiled

For this Overwatch 2 Tier List, we will keep it mostly straightforward. We will not be going in-depth about each character but instead giving an overview of what the hero in question has to offer and why it is so highly rated.

This tier list is based on our playing of the game alongside the opinions of the general public and the opinions of notable community leaders/content creators in the Overwatch space.

We are sorry if we mentioned your main too low, but that’s how it is, unfortunately. This list is not in any particular order but instead simply categorized tier-wise. Make of that what you will.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this long guide, we have but one thing to say. This list is only a guideline for you. We encourage you to try and play any hero you want, and maybe you will work out some kind of tech for them that hasn’t been found yet.

Another thing we would like to let you know is that tier lists are temporary. The meta constantly evolves with significant developers’ updates in a game such as Overwatch. So, please check out more guides from our talented writers, such as Overwatch 2 Characters Locked Bug, for your Overwatch 2 queries.


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