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Overwatch 2 Update Announced for Blizzcon

For those waiting with bated breath for any news on Overwatch 2, the end may be in sight. Overwatch director, Jeff Kaplan, has assured fans that they will learn more at Blizzcon Online in February.

In a video released yesterday, Kaplan thanked fans for their patience, admitting, “we know it’s been too long, we know we’ve been quiet” about the upcoming release. He also implied that the sequel is not ready just yet and they are making sure it’s perfect before release. You can watch the full update below.(Get Overwatch for only $20! here)

Blizzcon Online is a two day event taking place on the 19th-20th of February. It will replace the annual live event that is usually held in Anaheim, California. The decision to go all-digital was made to reduce Covid-19 transmissions. They follow in the footsteps of conventions such as PAX and GDC who also went virtual this year. The convention will be free to watch.

Overwatch 2 will be a competitive PvP shooter, much like its predecessor. It will included expansions to the lore and world with a story focus mode. New maps, modes, and heroes will also be available for the competitive mode . These will also be made available for free on the original Overwatch game.

Don’t forget to play Overwatch‘s Winter Wonderland 2020 event which finishes on January 5th.(Get Overwatch for only $20! here)

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