Overwatch 2: Your Profile Was Signed Out [FIXED]

Finding glitches in the game can be a hassle. Therefore, this guide will provide solutions to some of the common glitches found in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Your Profile Was Signed Out

Overwatch 2 was released on October 4th, and since then, players have come across various bugs and glitches regarding game servers and login issues. In our Overwatch 2 Your Profile Was Signed Out guide, we’ll address the possible solutions related to the concerned issues.

There is not a single game that involves a bug or glitch-free experience. Players have faced slow internet connections, login errors, server errors, and many more. Evidently, solutions to these problems are diverse with respect to different scenarios.

The possible errors that most players have to tackle in Overwatch 2 are listed below;

  • LC-208 is an error that disconnects the player from the server.
  • Your profile has been signed out due to several or a single problem.
  • By the time you unlock new Achievements or cosmetics, you get disconnected from your game, and the progress is lost.
  • Unexpected server errors.
  • Much to our surprise, players even have to deal with unavailable Heroes.

You can scroll down to your related problems to find their fix without having to go through the entire guide if it helps!

Key Takeaways

  • Do not be surprised if you run into glitches and bugs in Overwatch 2.
  • Some errors can easily be fixed, while others take time.
  • A few efficient solutions you can try without having to undergo lengthy processes are; an Internet Speed check, Re-logging to your account, updates, server maintenance, and more.
  • It’s important to check for recent server fixes because it may be possible that the error was caused by a server problem and not your end!

Error Starting Game, Try Again

I’m sure everyone has experienced the profound irritation and annoyance that flows through when you settle down to play a game, but it has connectivity issues. The game simply gives an error no matter how often you restart it or your internet.

Players will experience this error when trying to load into a match; unfortunately, there is nothing that players can do to fix the error. It’s advisable that the players wait, considering the developers are still looking into fixing the problem.

However, the best solution would be to check for any new updates and news on Blizzard’s Twitter page.

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Lost Connection to Server

This bug will really make you mad, especially when you’re trying to relax and suddenly can’t anymore. Players get this error and are kicked out of the server and sent back to the main page. It usually happens when the server becomes overloaded.

Just like “Error starting game, try again,” there isn’t a proper method to fix it since Blizzard is still looking into the matter. However, players are advised to start up a new match instead. Soon enough, this error will reduce in occurrence, and players will have a much better time playing.

Task Manager
Press the ctrl + alt+ Delete to open the task manager. Click on Overwatch 2 and Press “End Task” – Image Captured By Us

Here is a possible solution you can try without any risks;

  • If you have your game open, forcefully close it by opening the task manager and clicking on “End Task”
  • Press the Windows Key and R to open the “Run Command” and type “%ProgramData% and press enter.
  • You will be directed to the files linked to Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Find the folder and delete it.
  • It will clear the game-related cache.
  • Launch the game and battle.net again to resolve the issue.
Command Run
Open the Command Prompt and follow the steps to be redirected to your designated file location. – Image Captured By Us
Blizzard and Game Cache
You can find the Blizzard Entertainment folder, which contains all of the game’s cache. – Image Captured By Us

LC-208 Error

The error will show two things;

  • Unable to connect to Overwatch on Console.
  • Disconnected from game servers.

Fortunately, this error has a fixable method. Since it is a network console issue, players are advised to resetting their modem to clear data service and to disconnect and reconnect their battle.net account.

Also, ensure to check whether the servers are simply down, or you can also try connecting with a different region.

If the problem persists, watch out for announcements for updates!

Disappearing Cosmetics and Skins

The above problem is not easily fixable through a player’s end. Players have reported not being able to find specific skins and cosmetics that they own when they log into a game. While there has been a response from Blizzard, the problem persists.

Players must check out for announcements to see updates on this issue.

Queue Error

Command Prompt
Run the Command Prompt as Administrator! – Image Captured By Us

Some players have found that their queue spot fluctuates. Sometimes, they’re in the 100s spot, and at times they are at zero, and still, they can’t log into the game. Fortunately for players, this issue has been resolved now, but if at any point it rises again, submit a problem and watch out for further notice!

On the other hand, you can try the following solution to fix the problem. It also fixes a situation where your game runs at low FPS and you experience laggy gameplay.

Administrator Command Prompt
Follow the initial commands. – Image Captured By Us

Apart from that, this method also works with the “Overwatch 2 Your Profile Was Signed Out” error. If it does not work for you, it is always best to keep Blizzard’s Twitter page up-to-date for any updates and server maintenance.

Final Step
After the process, relaunch Overwatch 2 and see if the problems are resolved! – Image Captured By Us
  • On your windows search bar, type in CMD, and run it as administrator.
  • Once you’re redirected to the Command Prompt, type “ipconfig/release”.
  • After the first sequence is over, your media will be disconnected.
  • Type “ipconfig/renew” and press enter.
  • Finally, type “ipconfig/flushdns”.
  • The system will refresh the DNS Cache.

Lengthy Wait Times

Players have reported that, after the initial launch, it takes a long time for them to get into the game. While for some players, the wait time is around half an hour to an hour. It exceeds this limit, brushing into a three-hour wait for others.

Blizzard has acknowledged this problem and has provided a solution. If the situation arises, try changing the region by choosing something other than North America since North America has the most activity.

In the meantime, Blizzard is working on installing more nodes to help combat the problem. Do keep an eye out for announcements!

BC-153 Error

Similar to the LC-208 error, the BC-153 error is a network and console issue. You can change your region and log back into your battle.net account to see if the issue gets fixed.

Make sure to check whether your internet is working effectively and restart your router! Also, check whether the servers are down or not.

BN-043 Error

Unlike the other two errors, this is a network error that occurs after server maintenance. Players have reported being unable to log in even while the servers are working fine. Unfortunately, despite the many players reporting this issue, it hasn’t been officially mentioned in the game’s known bugs.

However, players are advised to follow the same steps as the BC-153 and the LC-208 error. As such, here are the steps you can take;

  • Change the game region
  • Log out and log back into your account
  • Restart your router

As always, watch out for announcements!

Unable to Use Heroes

Twitter Page
On its Twitter page, Overwatch has been working on resolving this issue! – Image Taken From Blizzard’s Twitter page

Some players have reported having their heroes locked, even the heroes that players previously unlocked and are ready to be used. To resolve this issue, simply logging back in would work.

If it doesn’t, then reporting the issue and waiting for an update would be the next step.

Your Profile Was Signed Out

When servers become overloaded, players may experience difficulties logging in or get disconnected. Unfortunately, there isn’t a guaranteed solution for this issue. Here are some common steps players can take:

  1. Wait It Out: Often, the best option is to wait until the servers stabilize. There’s no precise timeframe for when this will happen.
  2. Check Periodically: Players can periodically attempt to log in to see if the issue has been resolved.
  3. Server Announcements: Keep an eye on official announcements from the game developers or community managers for updates on the server status and any potential fixes.
  4. Restart Game: Occasionally, restarting the game may help, but it’s not a guaranteed solution.
  5. Reboot Router: In some cases, resetting your router might be worth a try, but it’s not a reliable fix since the issue is typically on the game’s end.

Ultimately, server overloads are usually beyond the player’s control, and patience is the key while waiting for the game developers to address and resolve the issue.

Battle.net Client
You can run a network test manually by following the steps below! – Image Captured By Us

To manually run tests from a website, you can visit the Blizzard Battle.net client, which is a network diagnostic tool.

  • Apply all the settings that are related to you.
  • Select “Overwatch.”
  • Tick all the corresponding boxes.
  • Run test.

The above steps can be used for any type of error unrelated to the errors, such as BN-043, BC-153, and such.

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Aim Assist Failure

The aim feature is the most important feature in the game. However, many players have reported that the more they increase their aim smoothness and aim ease, the more problems it causes for the aim assist feature to work well.

Players have noticed it becomes floaty and hard to aim. Fortunately, there are fixable solutions to this problem! The Aim Assist feature is actually a controller feature, meaning this feature will not work the best when using a controller but will give you errors and glitch out if used on a PC.

For PC players, the only thing to do is to disable Aim Smoothness and Aim Ease for the aim assist feature to work well.

Characters Playing the Wrong Script/Line

One instance of this bug is Echo (the AI-driven Heroe), who uses other characters‘ lines instead when using languages other than English. This issue is not fixable on the player’s end; it must be resolved through Blizzard.

PC Shutting Down Error

Players have recently reported that their computers or gaming devices have been sitting off after they launch Overwatch 2. While Blizzard has been investigating this issue, they have also asked players to help them fix issues efficiently.

Type “DXDIAG” on the search bar to be redirected.
DirectX Diagnostic Tool
Click “Yes.” – Image Captured By Us
Follow the steps mentioned below. – Image Captured By Us
Results Pt.2
Save the information on your PC. – Image Captured By Us

Players have been asked to provide their DXDIAG. To get the DXDIAG, here are the following steps:

  • Start by pressing the Windows + R keys
  • In the Run tab that pops up, type DXDIAG and hit enter.
  • Save all the information in the DirectX tab.
  • Save the file in your computer labeled DXDIAG, then open a new DXDIAG file on your notepad.

Irregular Movement

Some players have reported issues with other players’ movements. The issue is that their positioning glitches when the other player zooms past; they glide back and forth, providing less-than-ideal gameplay.

The issue is mainly because of poor connectivity/internet connection, so players should ensure their internet is running smoothly. Restart the router, if need be, to see if the issue persists.

Blizzard is working on improving this issue and will post an update, so keep an eye out for the announcements!

Fortunately, many other bugs have been resolved. Some of them are;

  • Players are able to invite their friends using Social UI.
  • The Happi Genji glitch has been fixed, and the players who purchased it before the launch received a refund of their tokens.
  • Match History and Replays have been added to the Career Profile.
  • Players are now able to move on from Bronze 5.
  • The workshop green screen and the workshop island wrong island map has been fixed.
  • The unavailable maps error has been fixed.

Final Thoughts

Changing Regions
You can change your region if you face any problems with the server. – Image Captured By Us

It’s advisable that players continue visiting Blizzard’s official Twitter page to constantly check on updates and announcements, as the company is very active.

The best ways to tackle issues in the game are to restart your internet router, log out and log back in, change your region, or come back at a later time during the day. Players should also keep an eye out for updates, so they’re up to date on issues that have been resolved or are being worked on.

Hopefully, this guide helps you tackle these issues, and you can have a much better time playing the game instead of running into unsolvable issues left and right!

You should know by now that you’re not the only player facing unusual bugs and glitches. Blizzard is working on improving them, so players have a more enjoyable experience. You can check out our recently published guides on Overwatch 2 at VeryAliGaming!

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