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Overwatch is Free until January, Huge Blizzard Sale

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Now is the perfect time to try out the team based ability shooter Overwatch. As gamers can now play Overwatch for free over Christmas up until January 4th. Furthermore, the Legendary Edition is 51% off pricing it at £16.99 as well as the Standard Edition is on sale for £12.99 (Get it for only $15! here).

Playing the free trial of Overwatch gets you access to all heroes, maps, and game modes. However, players will need to reach level 20 before they can play competitively.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland Challenges

The Winter Wonderland Event is currently underway, if you are a new player this is a great opportunity to get some unique festive-themed skins and items. Players will automatically take part in 3 weekly challenges where they must win 9 games in either quick play, competitive, or the Arcade to earn extra unique items.

  • Week 1 – Dec 15th – Dec 22nd, will earn you an Elf Junkrat Player Icon, Elf Junkrat Spray, and Elf Junkrat Epic Skin. Though you don’t have much time to earn these rewards
  • Week 2 – Dec 22 – Dec 29th – Will earn you a Gingerbread Ana Player Icon, a gingerbread Ana Spray and a Gingerbread Ana Epic Skin
  • Week 3 – Dec 29th – January 5th – will earn you a Frosty Roadhog Player Icon, Frosty Roadhog Spray, and a Frosty Roadhog Epic Skin.
Overwatch Winter Wonderland Week 3 Challenges: How to Earn Frosty Roadhog
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Something for Everyone in the Blizzard Store Holiday Sale

There are a ton of great deals on in the Blizzard Store’s Holiday Sale. Such as a merry amount of World of Warcraft Pets and mounts 50% off. Cap’n Crackers the Parrot looks cute. They’ve even got a lucky flying pig in stock Hogrus Swine of good fortune. You’ve got to ask yourself do you really need anything else than a flying pig!

Or perhaps you’re a more serious gamer? Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War Standard Edition is 33% and the Ultimate edition is 22% off. However, if you are interested in playing Call of duty Black Ops: Cold War you can try the game out for free until Dec 24th.

Or if you’re still looking for a gift for someone how about The Woof Pack for World of Warcraft its 65% containing 2 pets and 2 mounts. The Vulpine Familiar and Shu-zen, the Divine Sentinel, Shadow, and Alteric Brew Pup. If you own any of the pets or mounts the price will adjust accordingly. (Get Overwatch Standard Edition for only $15! here).

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