Path To Nowhere Crimebrands: The Definitive Guide

Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere can be obtained after a certain level and help in increasing the Sinners' attributes.

Crimebrands Path to Nowhere
This guide covers everything about Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere

Leveling up your characters isn’t the only way to enhance their attributes. There are some sets that can be equipped which enhance and gives new attributes to your characters. These sets are referred to as “Crimebrands” in Path to Nowhere and there is a lot to know about them.

These Crimebrands are extremely beneficial, especially if unlocked early on. So let’s find out everything there is to know about Crimebrands.

Key Takeaways

  • Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere are sets that can be obtained and equipped on individual Sinners.
  • Each Crimebrand offers a different type of attribute to the Sinners’ already existing abilities. 
  • Crimebrands can be promoted which helps increase their attributes further on.
  • There are Exclusive Crimebrands too that are different from any other character and each character has one.
  • Some Crimebrands are better for specific roles.

What Are Crimebrands

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As described in Path to Nowhere, “Crimebrands are marks of history left by the strong”. It means some kind of equipment left behind to help your Sinners boost up their attributes. Players can collect these Crimebrands and equip each Sinner with them. Once a Crimebrand is equipped by a Sinner, he/she becomes stronger on the battlefield and helps the player gain victory. 

Long story short, Crimebrands are like sets that contain good enough attributes that give you bonus stats and enhance a player’s character more. It is preferred to unlock Crimebrands as early as possible because every round becomes tougher to beat. Character equipped with crimebrand will either deal more damage or gain more defense. This alone is an advantage against strong enemies. 

Crimebrand Sets

There are multiple Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere as of now, including 1, 2, or 3 sets/variants of each. Players can obtain up to 500 crimebrands (including duplicates of ones you already obtained). It can be a bit confusing so let’s break this down further. 

Firstly, different Crimebrands give different attributes. Some would boost up the character’s damage, some will boost up heal, and some would reduce enemy damage, etc. However, you will find more than one crimebrand of a specific type. 

For example, you can find a crimebrand named “In Host’s Name” that gives off the ability to reduce enemy damage by 8%. But, there are two of these, “In Host’s Name I” and “In Host’s Name III”. No, not every crimebrand will have a set of I, II, and III altogether. Some Crimebrands have I and III sets, some have II and III sets, and some sets contain all 3 types. 

“Providence” is another crimebrand that consists of “Providence II” and “Providence III” but doesn’t have a “Providence I”. So don’t make the mistake of finding all 3 sets of a crimebrand, you might as well be wasting your time. 

The purpose of 2 or 3 sets of a crimebrand is simple, if you collect both and equip them together, you get a “Set Buff”. A Set Buff is an extra attribute only given if further requirements are fulfilled (required set of crimebrand equipped). The Set Buffs are already mentioned in each crimebrand, so you can check which one is worth equipping.

How To Unlock Crimebrands

A Crimebrand option is not accessible in the early games and needs a few requirements for it to be unlocked. But, you still have a chance to collect Crimebrands by opening rewards daily for future use. The biggest requirement to unlock a Crimebrand is Level 40 of a character. Level 40 is the start of “Phase 2”. Once you’ve unlocked Phase 2 of a character (Level 40+), you finally unlock the Crimebrands option in the Sinner’s Info.

Leveling Up Character 

To rank up a character to Phase 2 and further, you require two elements:

Both currencies mentioned are easy to obtain. You need to complete tasks and play matches and eventually, you collect enough of these to level up fast. However, once you reach Level 20, you are officially in Phase 1. To enhance each Phase, you need some Materials as a cost. Same when you reach Phase 2 from Phase 1, some phase enhancement costs will have to be paid. So make sure to earn elements and exchange them from the shop when the time comes. 

Enhancing each Phase is a must or else you will not reach the next leveling-up stage. Also, without enhancing from Phase 1 to 2, you won’t unlock Crimebrands. The enhancement cost for each Phase differs from character to character.  

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Promote Your Crimebrands

Just like your character, you get an option to “Promote” your Crimebrand. Promoting or Leveling up your Crimebrand increases the given attribute by percentages. The maximum level cap of all Crimebrands is 10. The more leveled up, the more powerful an equipped Crimebrand becomes.


The main element required to promote a Crimebrand is a “Memory Fragment”. You can obtain Memory Fragments from farming daily. You get 3 entries per day (or 9 if you spend real money). To use these entries and farm Memory Fragments along with some Crimebrands, follow these steps:

  1. Go to The DisCity from the main menu.
  2. Go to The Rust next to The DisCity below.
  3. There will be a “Stormy Memories” option, go there.
  4. Go to the daily event available out of the three options.
  5. Draw thrice and you must obtain Memory Fragments along with Crimebrands themselves.

The collected Memory Fragments can be used to promote your Crimebrands. You will also need “DisCoins” but they’re on hand mostly.

Exclusive Crimebrands

Once any character reaches Phase 3 (Level 70-90) of leveling up, they unlock a unique Crimebrand only limited to their character. Since the crimebrand is special and differs from character to character, it is known as an “Exclusive Crimeband” and it can not be farmed from the daily events. Not to forget, the Exclusive Crimebrand is extremely powerful and gives off exclusive effects such as 20% more attribute effect and a special bonus power.

Upgrading your Exclusive Crimebrand is also possible and increases your attributes more. Reaching Phase 3 and obtaining an Exclusive Crimebrand might be a lot of hard work but the benefits are surely worth it. 

Best Crimebrands

A Crimebrand should be chosen on the basis of the character’s role. There are 6 roles all the characters are distributed in. These roles are:

  • Endura: Ability to effectively block monsters and absorb Damage.
  • Fury: Able to directly fight monsters and deal Damage.
  • Umbra: Highly mobile and able to deal effective Damage.
  • Reticle: Able to provide continuous Damage.
  • Arcane: Able to deal explosive Damage.
  • Catalyst: Able to provide a variety of Buffs and Debuffs. 

We will distribute the best Crimebrands according to the roles of the characters. However, the game is still new and we’re still testing out more Crimebrands as they unlock. 

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Since Endura is a Tank role and stays in the front line, make sure the Crimebrands used for such characters include sustain. 

In Host’s Name

Ability: Damage taken is reduced by 8% for each enemy blocked.

Any damage taken by an Endura category character will be reduced, making them last longer and helping their teammates take down the enemy with no damage taken in return.


Ability: Initial Energy +5

Choosing Hope as your Crimebrand will give your tanky character further sustenance.

WhiteSands Apostle

Ability: A chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds when attacking. Guaranteed to trigger for monsters with core(s). Can be triggered once every 10 seconds. 

The stun will slow down the enemies further giving an advantage to the attackers behind the character’s back.


A Fury role is basically a fighter’s role who stays in front (right behind a tank is better) and deals massive damage to the incoming enemies.

Soul Rift

Ability: Reduces a target’s Defence by 4% after every normal attack for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.

This Crimebrand will allow Fury to melt down tanky enemies who take their time to die since their defense will lower. 

Eastside: Love

Ability: Normal attack Damage +15%

Since all a Fury does is attack the opponent, Eastside: Love is a must to increase the given damage by 15%.


Ability: Attack +6%

Another Crimebrand that increases the character’s damage and is easy to collect.


The Umbras are Core Damage heroes. Just like Fury, they like to stay front and deal massive damage, especially with their ultimates.


Ability: When dealing Core Damage, True Damage (Attack *120%) is added.

An amazing Crimebrand for an Umbra to deal maximum core damage to the enemy and lower their health instantly.

Tuning: Zero

Ability: Gains 3 Energy points after using Chief Skill. Can be triggered once every 10 seconds.

Since such role characters really like using their ultimates, having Tuning: Zero as a Crimebrand for them is extremely necessary and beneficial. 


Ability: Attack +6%

Characters can gain their already massive damage by equipping Providence.


The characters in the Reticle category provide continuous damage from a safe distance, basically like a marksman. 

Eastside: Love

Ability: Normal attack Damage +15%

Since the Reticle’s role is to deal continuous damage to the opponent, having Eastside: Love is best, as it increases the continuous damage by +15%.

Shackles of Life

Ability: CRIT Damage +50%

50% and more damage is doubled-up damage to the enemy, so Shackles of Life is a must on continuous damage heroes.


Ability: Attack +6%

Again, as much increase in attack possible is better for Reticle-role heroes. 


The mage role in this game is called Arcane. The characters in the Arcane role category deal magic damage in explosions form.

Syndicate: Glory

Ability: Magic Damage +15% and damage received +25%

It just makes sense to have magic damage increase Crimebrand equipped for an Arcane. However, the damage received by enemies is also increased by 25%, so make sure your Arcane character is in the backline. 

Tuning: Zero

Ability: Gains 3 Energy points after using Chief Skill. Can be triggered once every 10 seconds.

After every 10 seconds, your character will gain 3 energy points, making sure they have their ultimate ready to blast.


Ability: Attack +6%

Providence goes perfectly with Tuning: Zero, providing energy and damage together, this gives Arcanes an advantage.


Any kind of Buffs and Debuffs are provided by the Catalysts, supporting the team.

Final Prologue

Ability: Healing is increased by 25%

Final Prologue is perfect for Catalyst characters who heal. The damage done to the frontline can be retrieved by the healer.


Ability: After using the Ultimate, all Sinners except the caster increase 5% Attack for 10 seconds.

The Justice Crimebrand provides benefits to all other Sinners in the team and helps them deal more damage for full 10 seconds.

Final Remarks

If players know how to use Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere, they will progress faster in the game. We have covered everything related to Crimebrands and we hope we helped you in your journey to progress in the game further. 

Happy Gaming!

Path to Nowhere is out! Check out the game on Google play and have fun.

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