Path To Nowhere Exclusive Crimebrands List

Choose the right Exclusive Crimebrand in Path To Nowhere and clear Chapters in no time!

Path To Nowhere Exclusive Crimebrands
A detailed guide about Path To Nowhere Exclusive Crimebrands.

First, it was just Crimebrands, but now Exclusive Crimebrands in Path To Nowhere too? Worry not; if you are stuck with the question of what they are, how to unlock them, and which Sinner comes with the best one, stick around, and you will find out.

Key Takeaways

  • Exclusive Crimebrands provide special abilities to a Sinner and can be unlocked once the Sinner levels up to Phase 3.
  • There are currently 49 Sinners, with more to release in the upcoming event. Each of these Sinners contain a Crimebrand which is different from other Sinner’s Crimebrands.
  • Unlocking Exclusive Crimebrands by reaching Phase 3 takes a lot of work, therefore; players should make sure to unlock the worthy Sinners.
  • Eirene and NOX’s Crimebrands are the best of S rarity. Wendy, Countess Chelsea, and Luvia Ray’s Crimebrands are some of the best A rarity ones. Flora and Pepper of rarity B also contain good Exclusive Crimebrands.

What Are Exclusive Crimebrands

Exclusive Crimebrand in Path To Nowhere
Exclusive Crimebrand in Path To Nowhere – Image By Us

Other than the normal Crimebrands that any Sinner can equip in the game, there is a Special Crimebrand each Sinner comes with. These Special Crimebrands differ from character to character and therefore refer to as “Exclusive Crimebrands” in Path To Nowhere. To unlock the Exclusive Crimebrand of any Character, players need to reach Phase 3 (Level 70-90) of that character. 

Exclusive Crimebrands provide a unique ability to the Sinner that they can benefit from on the battlefield. These Crimebrands can also upgrade further up to Level 3 and provide additional buffs. So, to run across the Exclusive Crimebrands in Path To Nowhere, reach Phase 3 and make your Sinners even stronger.  

Exclusive Crimebrands List

There are a total of 49 Sinners in Path To Nowhere, with more coming soon in the event. Each of these Sinners has an Exclusive Crimebrand which unlocks on Phase 3 of that character’s level. Here is a list of all Sinner Exclusive Crimebrands in Path To Nowhere:


Endura Exclusive Crimebrands
Endura Exclusive Crimebrands – Image By Us

There are multiple Sinners that belong in the Endura role category. Endura Sinners are basically Tanks that absorb the damage coming from opponents and act as a shield for the damage dealers.

Countess Chelsea

A rarity A-type Endura, Countess Chelsea is a front liner and acts as a defender. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Shining Redemption
  • Exclusive Effect: [Sitri] will last until the end of this battle. [Sitri] when on the battlefield, “Dear Kitty” will restore 40/45/50% of [Sitri’s] maximum HP and make all the enemies within the nine-square grid of [Sitri] petrify for 2 seconds.

Countess Chelsea’s Exclusive Crimebrand “buffs” her pet companion, Sitri. Once the Effect is used, Sitri will not only be summoned permanently, but Countess Chelsea’s skill “Dear Kitty” will also restore Sitri’s health, making the duo tanky. The Petrify from the crimebrand might last for 2 seconds, but the 3×3 area it covers is incredible. Countess Chelsea’s passive and the Shackle “Gem Fever” go perfectly with the Crimebrand’s effects as they provide further petrification throughout the battle. 


An A-type rarity Sinner, Cinnabar focuses on providing teammates with a shield. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: The Meaning Of Guard 
  • Exclusive Effect: When Pressure Shield is triggered, all the friendly units on the field will get a shield, and the value of this shield is 50/60/70% of the value of [Pressure Shield].

Cinnabar can assist each Sinner on the field with the help of a shield. Whenever the Pressure Shield (Passive) is active, all Sinners gain an additional shield in return. The Pressure Shield effect triggers every 25 seconds. 


A rarity A-type Sinner, Kawa-Kawa is adept at defending and can block up to 2 enemies at once.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Rising From The Wild Sands
  • Exclusive Effect: After using [Protective Beacon], a diffuse shock wave will be formed centred on the target grid, immediately restoring 15/17.5/20% of their maximum HP within a 3×3 square around the grid.

Whenever you use the Ultimate skill “Protective Beacon” on any Ally, a shock wave appears around the targeted grid, healing all the other allies within the area. So, if there is some ally in a dangerous spot, exposed to enemies, Kawa-Kawa can use his Ultimate on that ally and heal others in the process. 


One of the best tank Sinners, Demon is of S-type rarity and adept at defence. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Treacherous Beast
  • Exclusive Effect: Added exclusive skill [Suicide]. After turning it on, Demon converts 5% of his maximum health into an equal amount of shield every second, which can go up to a value equal to 50/60/70% of his maximum health. The conversion suspends when the upper limit is reached, or the health is insufficient. When Demon moves, the Effect of [Suicide] disappears. It can only be used once in each battle.

To strengthen Demon’s shield barrier, unlocking his Exclusive Crimebrand is a good choice. Since he can block up to 2 enemies at once, his shield plays a vital part in stopping those enemies behind. Once players use his Suicide effect, 5% of Demon’s HP converts into a shield each second. Make sure to keep Demon at a single spot, as the Suicide effect disappears if he moves.  


A B-type rarity Sinner, Demolia adepts at defending and stays at the front line blocking two enemies at once.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: My Life
  • Exclusive Effect: When Demolia’s Health percentage is higher than 60/50/40%, the number of blocks increases by one.

Demolia’s Exclusive Crimebrand goes well with her Passive skill “Blocker”, which increases her healing received from blocking.


Another B-type rarity Sinner, KK is adept at defending by blocking two enemies at a time and increasing defense by 5%.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: I’m Here
  • Exclusive Effect: When you take damage during the kill, you will deal Physical Damage equal to 16/18/20% of your own defense to the enemy.

You can make KK a damage dealer with the help of her Exclusive Crimebrand, and the damage will purely depend on KK’s overall defense.  


Peggy is a B-type rarity Endura Sinner and adept at defending by blocking and increasing her Shield Efficiency by 10%.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: A Syndicate Farewell
  • Exclusive Effect: When Peggy is protected by the [Sound Barrier] shield, she no longer attacks but sends out disruptive sound waves to all enemies within her nine-square grid, reducing their attack speed by 12/16/20%.

Whenever Peggy uses her Ultimate Skill, “Chorus”, her Exclusive Crimebrand Effect comes into play, assisting her teammates by reducing the enemies’ attack speed within her Effect’s range. This Effect lasts 9 seconds; however, you can extend the time by 4 seconds with the Shackle “Once More.”  


Umbra Exclusive Crimebrand
Umbra Exclusive Crimebrand – Image By Us

The Umbra category Sinners are highly mobile and deal effective Core Damage while staying in the front. 

Bai Yi

An S-type Umbra Sinner, Bai Yi is a strong front-line who can deal multiple Core Damage when casting an Ultimate. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Buried Underground
  • Exclusive Effect: When Bai Yi’s CRIT Rate exceeds 100%, each 1% of the excess CRIT Rate will be turned into a 0.6/0.8/1% Attack.  

Bai Yi is an already strong Sinner as a Frontline; however, her Exclusive Effect increases her Physical Attack further on. Therefore, make sure to make her build, focusing on increasing CRIT Damage. 


A B-type rarity Umbra Sinner, Gekkabijin is adept at breaking core damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Humilation
  • Exclusive Effect: When the [Assassin Mark] on the enemy is detonated, he will take additional Physical Damage equal to 6/8/10% of the total damage taken during the existence of that mark.

Enemies will take additional Physical Damage from the Exclusive Effect once the Assassin Mark detonates, and the damage will depend upon the total damage the enemy received during the Assassin Mark’s existence.


A great S-type rarity Sinner, Crache, along with Shadows, deals Core Damage to the enemies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Love and Loyalty
  • Exclusive Effect: Gain 10/12.5/15% attack boost. Increases the maximum number of shadows by 1.

Once the Exclusive Effect comes into play, Crache gains an attack boost along with an increase in the Shadows by 1, that is assisting Crache on the battlefield. 


An A-type rarity Sinner, Iron is known for breaking Core and dealing Core Damage while casting an Ultimate.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Straight to SALVA
  • Exclusive Effect: When the [Electrocution] mark is triggered, Iron gains 1/1.25/1.5% physical penetration bonus, up to 20/25/30%.

Due to Iron’s skill “Central Induction,” enemies get marked with an “Electrocution Mark,” which appears every 20 seconds and lasts for 10 seconds. The marked enemies get shocked once Iron uses her Ultimate. To make her Ultimate stronger, players can unlock Iron’s Exclusive Crimebrand, which will provide Physical Penetration and make Iron stronger.


Another type A Umbra Sinner, Sumire, like other Umbras, is adept at breaking Core while casting her Ultimate.

  • Exclusive Crimeband: Lethal Blossom
  • Exclusive Effect: Increases all the “Life Loss” multipliers on the field by 20/25/30%.

Sumire can attach enemies with “Life Loss” with her skill “Crazed Sakura.” The Life Loss deals with Physical Damage, which can be increased further with Sumire’s Exclusive Crimebrand.


An S-type rarity Sinner, Serpent deals Magic Damage and first, her Normal attacks focus on enemies marked with [Fang] and deal additional 40% Magic Damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Dream Wonderland
  • Exclusive Effect: Added new exclusive ultimate [Brilliant Appearance]. Serpent enters the specified grid and generates [Starry Theatre] within the skill range for 20 seconds. The Movement Speed of enemies within [Starry Theatre] decreases by 40%, and they gain 1 [Fang] mark every 2 seconds. Serpent gains 10/ 12.5/15% attack bonus when she’s within [Starry Theatre]. [Brilliant Appearance] can only be used once in a battle.

From her Exclusive Crimebrand, Serpent generates a zone where all enemies lose their movement speed by 40%, giving allies an upper hand. Secondly, the zone gives enemies a Fang mark every 2 seconds while the 20 seconds ultimate is in action. So, by the end of the ultimate, enemies can be marked up to 10 times


A great B-type rarity Sinner, Labyrinth is good at performing stealth attacks from behind. She is considered one of the best Core Breaking B-type Sinners.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Master Kitty
  • Exclusive Effect: Every 15 seconds Labyrinth attacks an enemy from behind; she deals a guaranteed critical hit and deals Physical Damage equal to 4/5/6% of the target’s maximum HP, capped at 250/275/300% of her own Attack.

Labyrinth is already a pretty solid character; however, her Exclusive Crimebrand makes her even stronger. Labyrinth, with her Exclusive Crimebrand unlocked, is good against bosses.


Belonging to the A-type rarity Sinner category, Tetra is good at breaking Core with her Ultimate skill.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: The Fox And The Righteous Robber
  • Exclusive Effect: After Tetra uses [Instant Strike], the Ultimate becomes [Time Rewind], causing 500/600/700% physical damage to all enemies within the range, and moves back to the previous location.

Tetra can change her ultimate to [Time Rewind], which can provide massive physical damage. Basically, she gets an additional ultimate skill, weakening enemies further.


Fury Exclusive Crimebrands
Fury Exclusive Crimebrands – Image By Us

Sinners that belong to the Fury role category are fighters of the team and fight off monsters face-to-face, dealing massive damage.


Part of the B-type rarity Sinners, Che is adept at Physical Damage and faces monsters with his Hatchet and the dagger, breaking enemies’ cores.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Reunion
  • Exclusive Effect: [Hunting Start] For each time an enemy is hit, Che gains a 7.5/10/12.5% attack speed bonus, stacking up to 4 layers, and lasts for 15 seconds.

Che gains a huge buff to his attack speed once his Exclusive Crimebrand “Reunion” is unlocked. The attack speed bonus can stack up to 4 layers and lasts for a generous amount of time. 


A type-B rarity Sinner, Hella not only comes with offence but is also defensive. She can increase her maximum HP by 10% and her Physical Damage by 5%.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Unhealable Wound
  • Exclusive Effect: [Ultimate Self-Healing] The Effect of restoring life is increased by 10/12.5/15%. It can be triggered multiple times in each battle. The cooldown time is 40/35/30 seconds. 

Hella can become more defensive as a front line once her Exclusive Crimebrand “Unhealable Wound” unlocks. She can continuously heal throughout the battle due to this ability.


A type-A rarity Sinner who deals Magic Damage to enemies. Pacassi and her radiation field take down enemies by dealing Core Damage to them.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Innocent Maiden
  • Exclusive Effect: Enemies who die in the radiation field will generate a Secondary Radiation Field in the grid, causing self-attack 30/35/40% per second to all enemies within the range of that grid. Spell Damage for 10 seconds.

Pacassi comes with an amazing Exclusive Crimebrand effect where the enemies dying within her Radiation Field continue to cause damage to others enemies later on. 


An A-type rarity Sinner, Dolly deals Physical Damage Output to enemies and is great at horde clearing if built perfectly.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Dream
  • Exclusive Effect: After Dolly obtains a 100% attack speed bonus, she gains an additional 10/12.5/15% in normal attack damage, and [Ball Practice] becomes area damage and can attack all the enemies within the range at the same time.

Dolly’s Exclusive Crimebrand makes her basic attacks deal AoE Damage along with an increase in the attack. She can easily clear off enemy hordes as a front liner. 


A strong S-type rarity Sinner, NOX adepts at dealing Physical Damage to enemies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Pitch Black Sunset
  • Exclusive Effect: When Nox uses [Touch Of Despair], she deals (600/700/800% of Attack Damage) Physical Damage and 1 Core Damage to all enemies in a 3×3 square grid. For each enemy hit by this damage, NOX takes 10% less damage during her Ultimate, stacking up to 5 times.

Nox’s Exclusive Effect gives her up to 50% Damage Reduction, one Core Damage, and increases her overall Physical Damage. All these additional attributes make NOX an incredibly strong Sinner and a must-to-have in your team’s lineup. 


A-type rarity Sinner, Mess is adept at Physical Damage Output, and once she breaks Cores, she can deal 5% more damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Sweet Warm Dreams 
  • Exclusive Effect: Added exclusive skill [Forge of Evil Thoughts]. Mess reduces the attack of all non-summoned units except herself by 5%. For each unit, she will gain a 5/6/7% attack bonus. The attack bonus effect can stack up to 9 layers and lasts for 15 seconds. [Forge of Evil Thoughts] can only be used once in each battle.

Mess can give herself attack bonus effects with her Exclusive Crimebrand Effect. The Effect lasts for 15 seconds and can layer up to 9. During this period, Mess can clear up enemies pretty easily.


A Fury Sinner with A-type rarity, Ninety-nine deals Physical Damage with her huge sword and can increase her life steal by 5%.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Warm Redemption
  • Exclusive Effect: When Ninety-nine gains fatal damage, she will not die and gain [Invincibility] for 6/8/10 seconds. [Invincibility] effect can only be triggered once per battle.

Due to her Exclusive Effect, whenever Ninety-nine is on the edge of dying, she instead becomes invincible to the damage from enemies for 6/8/10 seconds, which is enough for her as she has a built-in life steal.


Another A-rarity Fury Sinner, Horo stays front line and hits enemies with her Axe, causing them Physical Damage Output. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Indestructible Legion
  • Exclusive Effect: HP increased by 10/12.5/15%. When using [Sweep], it will become [Double Sweep]; this only takes Effect after the talent is unlocked.

Horo can “Sweep” and cause AoE Damage with her skill “Strenght Battle Mark.” With her Exclusive Effect unlocked, she can cause double damage with her [Sweep] and heal herself too.


A type-B rarity Fury Sinner, Pepper deals Physical Damage Output with her saw and deals additional damage to enemies with broken cores.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Treasure Hunter
  • Exclusive Effect: [Leaf Infection] When dealing damage to an enemy, the enemies carry a [Life Loss] effect, reducing their defense by 4/6/8%. The effects of [Life Loss] caused by different characters are regarded as different kinds of [Life Loss] states.

Pepper can weaken enemies by reducing their defense with the Life Loss effect, which will help her, along with her allies, to take the enemies down.


A rarity S-type Sinner, Zoya is one of the best in the Fury category and is adept at Physical Damage Output. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: “Hey Ymir”
  • Exclusive Effect: While [Legion Arrival] is activated, Zoya gains 30/35/40% additional Damage Reduction and becomes immune to all negative effects. 

Zoya takes reduced damage from the enemies and becomes immune to any negative effects, making her a must-to-have as a front-line character. The Effect is only activated when her Ultimate skill “Legion Arrival” is in play.


An A-rarity Sinner who deals Physical Damage to enemies with the help of her chainsaw.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Undertaker
  • Exclusive Effect: Immediately releases a non-consumption kill, the Effect has a cooldown of 35/30/25 seconds. 

Wendy can have non-energy consumption kill by levelling her up to Phase 3 and unlocking her Crimebrand. She is a great mob clearer, and with her Exclusive Effect, she only becomes faster at it. 


Arcane Exclusive Crimebrands
Arcane Exclusive Crimebrands – Image By Us

In Path to Nowhere, the mage role is known as Arcane. The Sinners in this category give magical burst damage and have a large skill range.


An amazing Arcane, Eirene is an S-type rarity Sinner and is adept at Magic Damage Output

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Dark Chessmaster
  • Exclusive Effect: Ultimate Damage increases by 10/12.5/15%. Added the Exclusive Ultimate [Dark Chessmaster]. Once activated, the Cores of destruction set by [Contract Destruction] on grids without enemy units will stay on the battlefield and unleash their effects when an enemy approaches based on the type of the enemy. Using it again will cancel this Effect.

Once Eirene unlocks her Exclusive Effect, she gains an additional Ultimate [Dark Chessmaster], which keeps the destruction cores on the battlefield permanently and increases the damage of the Ultimate skill. Enemies that pass near the destruction cores will receive Magic Damage and slow down immensely.


A type A rarity Sinner, Hecate adepts at Magic Damage Output and can deal Core Damage when casting her Ultimate. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Dreams And Shadows
  • Exclusive Effect: New Exclusive Ultimate [Forbidden Nightmare]. When Hecate deploys [Nightmare] to a grid, it can block 2 enemies and has 120/135/150% of Hecate’s maximum HP, 60/70/80% of her attack, and 160/180/200% of her Defense and Magic Resistance. It stays for the entire battle. [Forbidden Nightmare] can be used once per battle. 

Hecate’s Exclusive Effect provides an additional summon that not only provides damage but also acts as a tank and has Hecate’s magic resistance. To make Hecate stronger and help her invest more in the team fight, make sure to unlock her Exclusive Crimebrand.


A B-rarity Sinner, Joan uses her Guitar and deals burst magic damage to enemies. She is good at stunning opponents, which include bosses too.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Best Concert in History
  • Exclusive Effect: When an enemy marked with [Marcato] mark dies, all the enemies within the grid range will receive 300/350/400% of Attack Magic Damage, and add the [Marcato] mark once.

Joan’s Exclusive Crimebrand effect can continuously deal damage to enemies if the enemy with her Marcato mark dies. 


She is an A-type rarity Sinner who uses Blaze on the battlefield and deals burst magic damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Ashes to Ashes
  • Exclusive Effect: [Overload Spark] During the duration of each normal attack of Ignis, it has a 20/25/30% chance to summon an additional meteorite to attack the enemy.

Once Ignis’ Exclusive Crimebrand unlocks, random meteorites can shower on an enemy once in a while and deal immense Burst Damage.

Luvia Ray

With her electricity powers, Luvia Ray, an A-rarity Sinner, can take down enemies by dealing with Burst Damage to them. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Thunderstorm
  • Exclusive Effect: New Exclusive Ultimate [Bipolar Thunderstorm]. For 10 seconds, when Luvia Ray performs a Normal Attack, 2 Normal Attacks will be dealt. It can only be used once per battle.

Once you unlock Luvia Ray’s Exclusive Crimebrand, you can use [Bipolar Thunderstorm] and deal double normal attacks on enemies for straight 10 seconds. Players can only use this Effect once in each battle. 


A B-type rarity Sinner, Kelvin uses her icy attacks to deal magic burst damage to enemies. She is good at freezing or slowing down her target with her skills.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Self-betrayal 
  • Exclusive Effect: The movement speed reduction enemies go through in [Frigid Zone] can be stacked, and after 4 stacks, it will freeze them for 1/1.5/2 seconds.

With her Exclusive Crimebrand Effect, Kelvin can reduce enemies’ speed which can lead to them freezing if she manages to stack the movement speed reduction.


An S-type rarity Sinner, Stargazer is adept at Magic Damage Output.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Dreamland
  • Exclusive Effect: Stargazer leads the [Victory Stars] on the battlefield, dealing (60,70,80% Attack Magic Damage to the enemies within the 3×3 square around herself and all her [Victory Stars]. [Dreamland] lasts for 8 seconds. Any action taken during the Effect will interrupt it. [Dreamland] can only be used once per battle. 

Once her Exclusive Crimebrand unlocks, Stargazer can place Victory Stars around the battlefield, which will deal impressive burst damage to enemies that pass within its range for 8 seconds. Good to use while clearing out huge mob waves.


Along with her Puppet, Oliver is good at doing Burst Damage to enemies and can break Cores with her skills.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Good Child
  • Exclusive Effect: [Wiring] When hitting an enemy marked with [Puppet], 40/45/50% of the current damage will be passed to all enemies marked with [Puppet].

Oliver can add a Puppet mark with her skills in “Puppet Game” and “Special Relationship.” When she uses her Exclusive Effect, whenever she hits a marked enemy, all other marked enemies will receive damage.


An A-type rarity Sinner, Victoria uses blood and attacks her enemies with Magical Damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Bloody Rose
  • Exclusive Effect: Added new exclusive ultimate [Pale Rose]. After using it, Victoria starts consuming 2.5% of her maximum HP per second and gains a 10/12.5/15% damage increase. At the same time, her basic attacks become single-cell area damage and add 1 layer of [Rose] mark. Using it again will remove the Pale Rose state.

Victoria can increase her magic damage by using the Exclusive Ultimate [Pale Rose], which also stacks up her [Rose] mark and heal her again.


Reticle Exclusive Crimebrands in Path To Nowhere
Reticle Exclusive Crimebrands – Image By Us

The role of Reticle Sinners in Path to Nowhere is to stay back and deal continuous damage to the coming enemies, just like a Marksman.


A rarity B Reticle Sinner, EMP is one of the first Reticles you unlock in the game. She is adept at continuous Physical Damage from a long distance.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Passing Fad
  • Exclusive Effect: CRIT Damage +20. The maximum number of [Ultra EM Arrow!] ‘s refreshes when it kills an enemy increases from 1 to 2.

With the unlocked Exclusive Crimebrand, EMP will gain additional CRIT damage on the battlefield. Secondly, she can refresh the Ultimate Skill “Ultra EM Arrow!” when she secures a kill from it (which is mostly guaranteed because the arrow targets the lowest HP enemy).


An impressive S-rarity Sinner, Langley comes onto the battlefield with her pistol and deals Physical Damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Traitor
  • Exclusive Effect: When Langley performs [Gunfire Edict], she inflicts a [Casualty] mark on all enemies within the skill range and gains 10/12.5/15% additional Attack Speed for 10 seconds.

Whenever Langley uses her Ultimate Skill, “Gunfire Edict”, she marks all enemies within that skill’s range with a Casualty mark, meaning she can deal burst AoE damage. She also gets Attack Speed for 10 seconds, which is essential for a Reticle Sinner. 


A type-A rarity Sinner, Pricilla can deal Physical Damage with her submachine gun.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Phantom Thief and Rabbit
  • Exclusive Effect: When Pricilla uses [Curtain Call], she summons an additional clown to assist her in the battle, causing 40/45/50% to Pricilla’s normal attack per segment.

When Pricilla uses her Ultimate Skill, she pulls out two submachine guns. However, if she has her phase 3 unlocked, she also summons a clown in the battle, and she deals additional Physical Damage.  


A type-B rarity Sinner, Flora uses a Water Gun in the battle and is adept at Physical Damage Output. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Extinguish The Flames
  • Exclusive Effect: Every time Flora uses [High-pressure Water Bomb] 4 times, her next normal attack becomes [Super High-pressure Water Bomb], dealing 400/500/600% Physical Damage to a single enemy and stunning them for 1 second.

Flora can weaken and stun a brawny enemy with her Exclusive Skill; however, she must use her Ultimate Skill, “High-pressure Water Bomb” in order to trigger this Effect. 


An S-type rarity Sinner, Summer is adept at Physical Damage Output and summons her drones throughout the battle. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: HERO
  • Exclusive Effect: Added exclusive ultimate [Overload]. Summer activities all the [Drones] to enter the Overload state, gaining a 100% CRIT Rate Bonus for 10/12.5/15 seconds. After the [Overload] state ends, all [Drones] lose their ability to move for the next 10 seconds. [Overload] can only be used once per battle.

Summer gains a 100% Crit Rate bonus with her Phase 3 unlocked. Once the Effect Overload ends, all her Drones stop moving for the next 10 seconds.


An A-type rarity Sinner, RouLecca has a revolver as her weapon and deals Physical Damage to enemies like the rest of the Reticle Sinners. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Lucky Survivor
  • Exclusive Effect: The lower limit of Lucky Bullets’ damage range is increased by 10/15/20%. [Lucky Roulette] becomes the rapid fire of the 6 bullets. (The damage dealt by every bullet grows with the Ultimate’s level).

Basically, RouLecca’s Exclusive Crimebrand increases the chances of high damage with each of the 6 bullets.  


A type-A rarity Reticle, Wolverine has a crossbow as his weapon. He attacks enemies from afar and deals continuous Physical Damage.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Stray Dog Of The Rust
  • Exclusive Effect: When the [Trap] is triggered, the damage of the next crossbow fang will increase by 60/80/100%, and the number of enchantments can be stacked. 

Wolverine can set up traps in targeted grids. These [Traps] trigger when an enemy enters the grid. With the unlocked Exclusive Crimebrand, these Traps will increase the damage of the next attack coming from the crossbow. 


Catalyst Exclusive Crimebrands
Catalyst Exclusive Crimebrands – Image By Us

Sinners who belong to the Catalyst role are Supports of the team, providing Buffs and Debuffs to allies.


A type-A rarity Sinner, Chameleon is adept at providing additional Attack Speed to her allies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Pendulum
  • Exclusive Effect: For every 10 times [Mental Sore] deals damage, all the [Catalysts] gain 6/8/10% additional Attack Speed for 7 seconds.

Chameleon gives Attack Speed buff after every 10th normal attack to all the heroes who gain “Catalyst” after [Suggestion] affects them. Only 3 Sinners can become Catalyst at a time.  


An A-type rarity Catalyst, Ariel is adept at supporting allies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Pure White Funeral
  • Exclusive Effect: When Ariel uses Dark Domain Shimmer, an additional Shimmer Zone will be generated around herself, and the healing Effect will be reduced by 60/55/50%.

Ariel’s Exclusive Effect is purely about healing and helps her heal herself along with her teammates better. She is a better A rarity Sinner as compared to Anne when it comes to healing as she provides AoE healing.

Mr Fox

A type-A rarity Sinner, Mr Fox is adept at supporting allies. 

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Heaven And Hell
  • Exclusive Effect: When Mr Fox is on the battlefield, any allied Sinner breaking enemy Core(s) gains a 9/12/15% additional Attack Bonus for 10 seconds.

Since the main focus of Mr Fox’s Exclusive Effect is to help allies who break Cores, it is essential for players to pick a relevant lineup. Make sure that some other Sinners you pick alongside Mr Fox are Core Breakers.


A type-A Catalyst, Anne is a Nurse who uses her Syringe to attack and is adept at supporting allies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Weight Of Life
  • Exclusive Effect: Added Exclusive Ultimate [Closed Needle]. Anne fires [Closed Needle] to the designated Sinner, making them enter the [Closed Needle] state that lasts for 6/8/10 seconds. When in the state of [Closed Needle], the Sinner loses the ability to move, is immune to damage, and recovers 5% of the maximum HP per second. [Closed Needle] can only be used once per battle. 

Anne can heal any Sinner on the battlefield by using her Exclusive Effect ultimate “Closed Needle” on them. The Effect lasts for 6/8/10 seconds, and the chosen Sinner heals during this time period and becomes immune to any damage for the time being.  


A type-B rarity Sinner, Lisa is a magical type Sinner who provides assistance to her allies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Fragile Item
  • Exclusive Effect: When Lisa is on the battlefield, the enemy’s movement speed reduces by 10%, and the damage taken increases by 2/2.5/3%, stacking up to 5 times.

When you unlock Lisa’s Exclusive Effect, she can reduce enemies’ movement speed, giving her team’s damage dealers an upper hand. The damage enemies take also increases by a few %. 


A strong Catalyst, Hamel belongs to the type-S rarity and is adept at healing allies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Boundless Solo
  • Exclusive Effect: Attack +10/12.5/15%. New Exclusive Ultimate [Path Of Compassion]. Upon activation, Hamel’s [Dance] will undergo [Reversal]:
[Requiem] will become an effect that causes enemies within range to continuously lose HP, while [Life Touch] will become an effect that increases damage taken by enemies within range. [Reversal] effects will grow alongside and match the original skill’s level. Use the skill again to turn off the [Reversal] effect.

Hamel’s Exclusive Crimebrand will give her two buttons, one to use the Ultimate and the other to switch between Heal and DPS/Support. Enemies within her Normal Attack range will lose their HP, and they will also receive more damage.


A type-B Catalyst Sinner, Macchiato is adept at supporting allies.

  • Exclusive Crimebrand: Endless Cravings
  • Exclusive Effect: When the [Torture] marked enemy dies, all friendly units recover 3/4/5% of their maximum HP.

Macchiato marks enemies with [Torture] mark with her skill “Double the Torture.” Once her Exclusive Crimebrand unlocks, when the [Torture] marked enemies die, they help Macchiato’s allies heal.

Best Exclusive Crimebrands

All Sinners are unique and have amazing skill sets of their own, but it always comes to which specific Sinners we should invest in further and unlock their Phase 3 first, it is a valid concern. An average player can take up to weeks of grinding to unlock Phase 3 of a Sinner, and if you are finally at that stage, make sure to go through the list below and decide which Sinner is worth unlocking their Exclusive Crimebrand in Path To Nowhere. You can also check out which Sinners can make you regret investing in them later on.

Rarity S

Sinners who belong to Rarity S are the strongest and require the hardest work to level up.


Without a doubt, unlocking Eirene’s Exclusive Crimebrand is an incredible investment. Not only does her Ultimate Skill’s damage increase by a lot, but she can also stack up her tripwire mines. Wait for the boss, break the Core before detonation, and clear out huge hordes or Bosses.


On the same level as Eirene, NOX is another great S rarity Sinner players should invest in. NOX can receive up to 50% Damage Reduction while using her Ultimate; not only that, she can also break Cores and her overall Physical Damage increases by a lot. She can clear out big hordes quickly once her Exclusive Crimebrand unlocks.

Rarity A 

There are multiple Sinners that belong to this rarity type. If you are confused, consider unlocking the Exclusive Crimebrand of the Sinners mentioned below. 


If you want to clear out mobs faster, unlocking Wendy would be a wise choice. Her Exclusive Effect will occur every 35/30/25 seconds (depending on which level the Exclusive Crimebrand is).


With her Exclusive Crimebrand, Chelsea can permanently summon her cat. Not only will the healing process improve, Chelsea and her cat and petrify enemies too.

Luvia Ray

An already strong DPS Sinner, Luvia Ray becomes stronger once her Exclusive Crimebrand unlocks. She deals 2x normal attacks for 10 seconds straight with her newly added ultimate skill.

Rarity B

Do not think of rarity B Sinners any lesser. Some of them are definitely helpful once their Exclusive Crimebrand unlocks.


When Flora uses her Ultimate Skill, her next Basic Attack deals an incredible amount of damage to a single enemy and stuns them for 1 second. Her Exclusive Crimebrand is comparatively better than most B rarity Sinners.


With Pepper’s Exclusive Crimebrand, players can weaken enemies by reducing their Defense, giving all the other Damage Dealers an advantage.

Final Remarks

Path To Nowhere Exclusive Crimebrands is basically additional skill players unlock once they level up their Sinner to Phase 3. If you are curious about each Sinner’s Exclusive Crimebrand or which Exclusive Crimebrand is the best, we have listed down and covered everything regarding Exclusive Crimebrands in Path to Nowhere. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and take down enemies with your favourite Sinner! Check Out: Path To Nowhere Crimebrands

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