Path To Nowhere Hypercube: Definitive Guide

A rare currency "Hypercube" is an important element in Path To Nowhere and we've discussed it further in a detailed guide below.

Path To Nowhere Hypercube
Everything related to Hypercube in Path To Nowhere is discussed in this guide.

Each game has a currency of its own which assists players in buying items, the same applies to Path to Nowhere. One of the rarest currencies is Hypercube in Path to Nowhere. Even though the game offers multiple ways to farm the rare Hypercube, the more you progress in-game, the harder it becomes to collect them.

So, to help players overcome the difficulty to farm Hypercubes, our guide contains multiple ways the rare currency can be farmed and how to put it to best use. So let’s dive right into it.

Key Takeaways

  • Hypercubes are an in-game rare currency that helps in buying items.
  • There are multiple ways to farm for the Hypercubes but the more progression is made, the harder it becomes to farm for them.
  • There are numerous events going on with Hypercubes in rewards.
  • Players can Arrest Sinners with the help of Hypercubes once they run out of Warrants.
  • Stamina can be purchased by Hypercubes to help players play effectively with no barriers.

What Are Hypercubes

Hypercube In Path To Nowhere -Image By Us

To buy in-game items, you require a rare currency known as “Hypercube”. The Hypercubes are blue-colored crystal cubes carrying value to themselves. If you are familiar with another similar tower defense game “Arknights”, think of Hypercubes as “Orundum” currency. Just like Orundum, Hypercubes help purchase in-game items including the game’s characters called “Sinners”

Since the Hypercube currency helps buy more Sinners, it holds a lot of importance and value as the whole game revolves around Sinners. Farming for the Hypercube in Path to Nowhere gets exhausting in the late-game so we have mentioned the possible ways to collect them.

Ways To Collect Hypercubes

Despite being termed “rare currency”, Hypercubes can be collected in multiple ways (most of which are free to collect and easily obtained). Be aware though, once the early-game phase ends, farming Hypercubes becomes difficult

As we said, there are multiple ways to farm for Hypercubes, especially in the early stages of the game. To farm the premium currency to its fullest in the early game and late-game too, go through the mentioned ways below: 

Pre-Registration Event

Pre-Registration Event -Image By Us

A permanent Pre-Registration event offers rewards to each new player. The rewards can only be claimed once by each player. Among multiple rewards, there are a total of x800 Hypercubes to be claimed. To claim these rewards, go to “Events” in middle left on the main menu. Now go to “Pre-Registration Event” and click on “Claim All”. 

All the rewards in Pre-Registration Event are:

  1. 100K Total Pre-Registrations: 30000 Mania Essence, 30000 DisCoins
  2. 250K Total Pre-Registrations: 3 Warrants, 120 Stamina
  3. 500K Total Pre-Registrations: 1 Crimebrand Pack B, 30000 Memory Fragment, 30000 DisCoins
  4. 1M Total Pre-Registrations: 5 Warrants, 200 Hypercubes
  5. 1.5M Total Pre-Registrations: 1 Crimebrand Pack A, 300 Hypercubes
  6. 2M Total Pre-Registrations: 1 Yesterday Revisits Hecate, 5 Warrants, 300 Hypercubes

Keep yourself updated with upcoming events in Path to Nowhere at Aisno Games.

7-Day Login Rewards

7-Days Login Rewards -Image By Us

In the early game, you get to go through the 7-Day Login challenge which also includes Hypercubes as a reward. So if you go through the 7-Day Login process fully, you get:

  • Day 1: x300 Hypercubes
  • Day 2: x10 Arrest Warrants
  • Days 3: Luvia Ray (A-Class Sinner)
  • Day 4: x50000 Mania Essence
  • Day 5: x500 Hypercubes
  • Day 6: X50000 DisCoins 
  • Day 7: Backstreet Overlord-EMP (Skin)

By the end of the process, you will farm x800 Hypercubes. However, if you continue to check in for another 7 days straight, you get additional x1300 Hypercubes! 

Surveillance Missions 

Daily and Weekly Missions -Image By Us

To access Daily and Weekly missions provided by the game, go to “Surveillance Order” from the main menu. There you can find all the missions which, upon completion will give off Hypercubes. You get x300 Hypercubes daily upon completing all the Daily Missions given. This means a total of x2100 Hypercubes in a week all from Daily Missions.

Don’t forget about Weekly Missions while completing the Daily Tasks. Since Weekly Missions are more time-consuming, they come under the “Weekly” category. After every week, you can farm x300 Hypercubes if all given missions are done. 

2100+300 = x2400 Hypercubes a week by performing Daily and Weekly missions.

Special Missions

Hypercubes claimed from Special Mission -Image By Us

Each Chapter in the game contains a number of Stages. Once a player completes all the Stages in a single Chapter with no SAN Damage to the Chief, he/she gets rewarded with multiple materials including many Hypercubes

So grind harder and complete all Stages flawlessly, and you will farm numerous Hypercubes.

Hypercubes In New Chief Assessment

New Chief Assessment -Image By Us

Another way to farm for Hypercubes is by completing tasks in the ongoing New Chief Assessment event. There is almost 7 days’ worth of Missions to complete and each day offers some amount of Hypercubes. The missions to perform from day 1 to day 7 to farm Hypercubes are:

  • Day 1: Have 5 Friends (Unlocks after 2-3) = 60 Hypercubes
  • Day 2: none 
  • Day 3: Create or join a Secret Society (Unlocks after 3-3) = 60 Hypercubes
  • Day 4: Consume 4,000 Stamina in total = 60 Hypercubes
  • Day 5: Dealt with 20 Supervision Incidents (Unlocks after 2-9) = 80 Hypercubes
  • Day 6: Consume 5,000 Stamina in total = 80 Hypercubes
  • Day 7: Management Center reaches LV. 6 (Unlocks after 2-9) = 100 Hypercubes

Hence, a total of 440 Hypercubes can be farmed from the New Chief Assessment. 

Suspect Pursuit 

In the Suspect Pursuit Event, there are five Sinners, each with a trial to complete. Once you clear the trial with the respective Sinner, you get a “Clearance Reward” which is Hypercubes

Trial Clearance Reward -Image By Us

Summer Trial 

Summon is an S-ranked Sinner, hence completing a trial of hers gives off 30 Hypercubes.

Zoya Trial

Another S-ranked Sinner, Zoya also gives 30 Hypercubes as a clearance reward for her trial.

Ariel Trial

Since Ariel is an A-ranked Sinner, her trial completion gives 10 Hypercubes.

Countless Chelsea Trial

An Umbra of A rank, Countless Chelsea trail completion rewards 10 Hypercubes.

Ninety-Nine Trial

Ninety-Nine is a Fury Sinner and belongs to the A-ranked Sinners. Upon completing her trial, players get 10 Hypercubes.

A total of 90 Hypercubes can be farmed from the Suspect Pursuit Event.

Share The Game

Share To Get 60 Hypercubes -Image By Us

An extremely easy Hypercube farming process is by sharing the game. To do so, perform the following steps:

  • Go to your in-game profile in the top left corner.
  • Select the Share symbol in the bottom right corner.
  • Choose any platform you want.
  • Claim your free 60 Hypercubes. 

Usage Of Hypercubes

Now that you are familiar with multiple ways of farming Hypercubes, let’s find out what benefits they even provide. 

Arrest Sinners

The main function of Hypercubes is simple, conduct the Arrest and catch Sinners. If you happen to run out of Warrants (which will happen quite frequently), the Hypercubes will be used instead

For x1 Arrest: 180 Hypercubes are required.

For x10 Arrest: 1800 Hypercubes are required.

Spending Hypercubes To Arrest Sinners -Image By Us

In short, Hypercubes are a backup in case you run short of Arrest Warrants. Also, don’t waste your Hypercubes by choosing the wrong Arrest Banner. Always conduct an Arrest on Banner which is closest to reaching 80 counts. Once the count reaches, a guaranteed S-ranked Sinner on the next round. 

Purchase Stamina

You must be irritated by the lack of Stamina to play Stages, if you aren’t, wait till you move past the early phase of the game. Stamina is a resource used/consumed upon entering each match. You can run out of Stamina while clearing Stages one by one. Don’t worry, Hypercubes are the best and only solution to regain Stamina back instantly.

Purchasing Stamina from Hypercubes -Image By Us

Hypercubes can be spent to purchase Stamina if you have run out of it. This way you won’t have to wait every 6 minutes for a single point. To purchase Stamina, select the Stamina option in the top right corner. A Purchase Stamina screen will pop up. 100 Stamina is for 40 Hypercubes with a purchase limit of 10.

Final Remarks

It is definitely not easy to collect Hypercubes in Path to Nowhere effortlessly, therefore put them to the right use and don’t waste valuable currency by spending them on the wrong Unit Banners. Make sure to keep the currency saved up for important use. 

We hope our detailed guide about Hypercubes was helpful. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and help us continue posting. Have Fun Gaming! Now that you are here, have a look at: Path to Nowhere Reroll.

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