Path To Nowhere: Ninety-Nine [Guide]

Ninety-Nine is a A class Sinner This Article Contains Everything That You Need to Know

Path to Nowhere Ninety-Nine
Stats & Skills of Ninety-Nine

Path to Nowhere has a lot of Sinners in the pool and Ninety-Nine is one of them. It is an A-tier sinner. When Path to Nowhere Ninety-Nine receives severe damage, instead of dying, this character gains invincibility for 6 to 10 seconds.

Key Takeaways:

  • A tier character has an 18 percent probability of being summoned.
  • The invincibility of Ninety-Nine can only occur only once per battle.
  • Ninety-Nine increases the lifesteal by 5 percent.
  • This Sinner is very proficient at physical damage output.
  • Warrants can be used to summon all the banners in Path to Nowhere

Path To Nowhere Ninety-Nine Stats

The properties of Ninety-Nine character are:

  • Rarity: A
  • Block: 1
  • Job: Fury
  • Attack Speed: 0.86 seconds
Ninety-Nine character
Ninety-Nine A class Sinner with Fury Job Type


The Ninety-Nine is a bit like a berserker where she exchanges the loss of her health for the bonus damage and speed during her special attack. She will lose health and gain bonus attacks while having staggering damage taken during that time.

She will need a healer to keep her alive so be mindful of that. Moreover, her job type is fury which means she can directly fight with monsters and deal damage which includes mainly physical attacks.

Maximum Ratings

  1. It has a Hp of 1282.
  2. Her Attack ratings are 152.
  3. The defense rating is 111.
  4. Her Magic resistance rating is 110.

Ninety-Nine Skills

Like every other, A tier sinner Ninety-Nine has also extraordinary skills which will help you gain an extra attack bonus, dealing with larger attack damages at the expense of less hp loss.

Ninety-Nine Skills
All Skills, Shackles, and Max Stats of Ninety-Nine

Furious Attack

A furious attack is a very basic ninety-nine attack that she undergoes by swinging her sword and dealing 108 percent of the attack damage each time. Using the Skill Up feature and Discoins upgrade the damage up to the following percentages.

  1. The damage Multiplier Increased to 115%
  2. The damage Multiplier Increased to 123%
  3. The damage Multiplier Increased to 131%
  4. The damage Multiplier Increased to 140%
  5. The damage Multiplier Increased to 149%
  6. The damage Multiplier Increased to 159%
  7. The damage Multiplier Increased to 170%
  8. The damage Multiplier Increased to 181%
  9. The damage Multiplier Increased to 194%


Using half of your current hp of that gameplay you can open incinerate mode for Ninety-Nine. She gains 20 percent of the attack bonus for straight 13 seconds. She can resist all the damage to her for 5 seconds. But she will not be able to automatically recover her energy.

Incinerate is an ultimate skill and consumes 25 Energy. An Attack Bonus of 20 percent can be increased using the level-up feature and dis-coins.

  1. Attack Bonus increased from 20% to 21.3%
  2. Attack Bonus increased from 21.3% to 22.8%
  3. Attack Bonus increased from 22.8% to 23.3%
  4. Attack Bonus increased from 23.3% to 26%
  5. Attack Bonus increased from 26% to 27.7%
  6. Attack Bonus increased from 27.7% to 29.6%
  7. Attack Bonus increased from 29.6% to 31.6%
  8. Attack Bonus increased from 31.6% to 33.7%
  9. Attack Bonus increased from 33.7% to 36%


Like in the previous skill we discussed that we can gain a 20 percent attack bonus at the expense of 50% hp. This skill is called Ebullition and the Ninety-Nine character can gain a 2.5 percent attack bonus at the expense of 10% hp.

This 2.5% attack bonus per 10% hp can be leveled up using the skill up feature up to the following ratings:

  1. Attack Bonus increased to 2.7%.
  2. Attack Bonus increased to 2.8%.
  3. Attack Bonus increased to 3%.
  4. Attack Bonus increased to 3.2%.
  5. Attack Bonus increased to 3.5%.
  6. Attack Bonus increased to 3.7%.
  7. Attack Bonus increased to 3.9%.
  8. Attack Bonus increased to 4.2%.
  9. Attack Bonus increased to 4.5%.

Path to Nowhere Ninety-Nine Berserk

Using this skill Ninety-Nine can give 4 percent of increased damage while fighting the same enemy up to 5 stacks. This bonus-increase damage can be further leveled up using dis-coins.

  1. The damaged bonus increased to 4.3%
  2. The damaged bonus increased to 4.6%
  3. The damaged bonus increased to 4.9%
  4. The damaged bonus increased to 5.2%
  5. The damaged bonus increased to 5.5%
  6. The damaged bonus increased to 5.9%
  7. The damaged bonus increased to 6.3%
  8. The damaged bonus increased to 6.7%
  9. The damaged bonus increased to 7.2%

Ninety-Nine Shackles

Throughout your journey in the game, you can also unlock shackles which will help you to boost your character’s abilities and performance and will help you play better. Therefore, the following are the shackles that you can unlock for Ninety-Nine.

  1. Boiling Point: Using this shackle you can extend the period of incinerate mode from 13 seconds to 16 seconds and now she can bear damage up to 8 seconds instead of 5.
  2. Shackles Sync I: This shackle increases the normal attack damage up to 5 percent.
  3. Carmen Lucia: This shackle will give you a 2 percent extra attack bonus for every 10% hp loss.
  4. Emotional Resonance: Ultimate energy consumption can be reduced by 3% with this shackle. Therefore, if you will use this shackle before starting incinerate mode energy consumption will be 22% instead of 25%.
  5. Shackle Sync II: This shackle also upgrades the normal attack damage to 5 percent.

Trial Suspect Pursuit: Ninety-Nine

The mechanics of Path to nowhere are not arduous to understand. The entire map is made up of squares and each square will have enemies and a sinner. The primary goal of enemies is to spawn from the left and deceive the ninety-nine character and move to the right.

Squares are marked with crosses just like the game symbol of Path to Nowhere. These crosses are the marked places from where enemies spawn into the square. Unfortunately, developers have not allowed the sinner character to move. Whereas enemies can move freely and easily deceive you.

Moreover, Ninety-Nine character is only allowed to move in blocks. That’s why you have to devise a strategy to avoid escaping the enemy. Otherwise, you will lose your sanity mainly called SAN in the game.

In short, every time enemy passes you you will lose one SAN. Therefore, to pass the trial suspect pursuit in the case of Ninety-Nine 5 enemies will be spawned and on the big boss. Three enemies will be spawned from the left side cross and two from the right side cross.

Moreover, you can easily kill them but to kill the boss you have to stay near the healing block so you can heal and simultaneously attack the enemies. Thereafter, you will be able to pass trial suspect pursuit.

Trial Suspect Pursuit Ninety Nine
Pass the Trial Suspect Pursuit using Ninety-Nine to Avoid Sanity


Ninety-Nine has a lot of special abilities and perks which you can also upgrade to multiple ratings and increase the attack damage etc. Moreover, Ninety-Nine can attack monsters directly because of its extraordinary powers.

This article covers all the stats, skills, and shackles which Ninety-Nine has.

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