Path To Nowhere Reroll: What, How & Best Sinners

Reroll in Path To Nowhere helps players get better S-ranked Sinners and we have discussed everything related to Reroll and how to perform it.

Reroll In Path To Nowhere
A detailed guide on how to perform the reroll in Path To Nowhere.

Starting your Path to Nowhere journey with a set of bad Sinners is damaging and slows down progress in general. To prevent that from happening, developers have guaranteed new players an S-ranked Sinner. Some S-ranked Sinners are stronger than others. To obtain the best one, players can reroll till they get their desired Sinner. Reroll in Path to Nowhere will help you start off the game like a champ.

Key Takeaways

  • Reroll means switching accounts to obtain multiple summons till the player obtains their desired reward.
  • There are four platforms that can be used to reroll by creating a new account through them.
  • The main objective of rerolling in Path to Nowhere is to collect the best possible S-Grade Sinner.
  • Rerolling is only worth it if the player constantly gets bad Sinners set to start with.
  • Some S-grade Sinners are a must-have and rerolling should be done for them.

What Is Reroll 

The term Reroll refers to performing multiple summons till the player is satisfied with the summoned rewards. Rerolling is a huge part of Gacha games, especially for early-game rewards for a good start. If a player is dissatisfied with the character they got in summon, the best thing to do is Reroll. It is a tad bit long process but totally worth it. 

Just like in multiple Gacha games, upon beginning Path To Nowhere, players will be rewarded with summoning chances known as “Arrest”. These Arrests will help players capture new Sinners from the DisCity, but the main focus is S-grade Sinners. The best way to start your journey in Path to Nowhere is by obtaining at least 2 S grade sinner. Not to forget, some S-grade Sinners are better than others and that’s why everyone is trying to reroll in Path to Nowhere to obtain Arrest Warrants and perform Arrests again for new and hopefully better results.

How To Perform Reroll

If you didn’t get your desired Sinners on the first attempt and want to go through the reroll in Path to Nowhere, follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Make A New Account

Make A New Account -Image By Us

The only straightforward way to reroll in Path to Nowhere is by creating another account. Players can benefit from the four account options including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Gmail. There is no other way by which players can regain their used Arrest Warrants so creating new accounts is a must.

  • Go to your account’s profile in the top left corner.
  • On the bottom right corner, next to the Like option will be a Hexagon-shaped symbol, choose that.
  • The Settings option will open up, choose the “Log out” option there.
  • Once you’re back on Main Menu, choose the fourth option on the right side of the screen and you’re officially logged out from your previous account.
  • The 4 options: Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Google will show up. Log in from another account you haven’t logged in from before.
  • Your new account will be ready, skip through the storyline which takes up to 2-3 minutes.

Yes, multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts and multiple Gmail IDs mean more than 4 rerolls in Path to Nowhere. So if you require more than the possible four new accounts, create more Gmail IDs or Facebook/Twitter accounts.

Step 2: Complete 1-6 Stages

Stage 1-6 In Path To Nowhere -Image By Us

After making the account and skipping through the exceptionally long storyline, complete the guided tasks to continue. 

  • Start playing the game and complete 1-6 Stages by going to DisCity, as it is a necessary step to unlock further options. 
  • Once the first 6 stages are completed, go to your mail and collect all rewards.
  • Now go to “Events” on the left and then choose “Pre-Registration Event” and claim the rewards from there.
  • You will have 17 Arrest Warrants now which can be used to summon Sinners from the DisCity.

Step 3: Arrest The Sinners

Arrest x10 -Image By Us

Now that you have collected all the free Arrest Warrants as a new player, do the final step.

  • Go to “Arrest” on your main menu.
  • There will be four summoning Banners to choose from, although Beginners should choose the “Beginners” summoning banner as it provides a guaranteed S-grade Sinner for the first draw.
  • Once the banner is selected, do the “Arrest x10” draw and there you have your new Sinners!

You can stop rerolling once you obtain your desired S-grade Sinner, if not, jump to the next new account and continue the process.

Reroll By Deleting Account

Deleting An Account -Image By Us

If you are out of accounts to switch, you can delete one of the accounts and recreate it. We suggest not deleting the accounts because developers announced on their Discord that once an account is deleted, it can take up to 24 hours to 15 days to log back in with a fresh account. So if you can be patient and keep waiting to log back in, go on.

Now that the warning has been given, let’s talk about how to delete the account (at your own risk) and reroll.

  • Go to your profile in the top left corner.
  • Go to Settings in the bottom right corner (symbol next to Like).
  • Go to the “Account” option in Settings.
  • Choose the “Delete” option and confirm the action. 
  • The account will be deleted and you will be returned to the main menu.
  • Keep checking every day if you can log back in.
  • Once you have logged back in, repeat the reroll process and cross your fingers for your desired Sinner this time!

Other Ways To Arrest Sinners

Rerolling is not the only way to unlock new Sinners. Once you’ve moved past the rerolling stage, you can continue to perform Arrest missions and unlock more Sinners. The two ways to Arrest Sinners are:

Arrest Warrants

If not familiar already, Arrest Warrants are the main source needed to perform the Arrest mission. They are in form of blue tickets. A new account will give off free Arrest Warrants early on from Mail and Pre-Register Event which has been discussed already. But there is another way of collecting this item.

To collect Arrest Warrant. Go to “Supply Office” from your main menu screen. There among many other options is an “Exchange” option. Once you choose that, two sub-options come up:

  • Arrest Credit Standard 
  • Arrest Credit Confidential   

You can exchange the mentioned credits for Warrants in return. Both these credits can be obtained as rewards after winning matches and completing tasks.  

Exchanging Warrants In Supply Office -Image By Us


A rare in-game currency Hypercubes are another way to collect Warrants and perform Arrest Mission. An x10 Arrest requires 1800 Hypercubes. Yes, it might sound expensive but these Hypercubes can be collected easily by completing tasks and winning games. And even new account collects a generous amount of Hypercubes early on. So make sure to use them and perform Arrests.

Is Rerolling Worth it

Let’s get to the real question, is making new accounts (aka reroll in Path to Nowhere) all for a good S-grade Sinner even worth the effort? Well, it depends. There are a number of S-grade Sinners that can be randomly obtained, not all of them are a fan favorite. If you get one of the bad S-Grade characters, you will have a bad start, simple math. Therefore, the best option is to switch reroll and start again if you happen to be an unlucky player.   

We encourage rerolling till you get either two S-Grade Sinners or a Top-tier S-grade Sinner, this will help in building a strong team with powerful Sinners. However, keep in mind that each rerolling process is time-consuming so try to reroll at most 4-5 times and choose the account with the best characters obtained as your final one. 

Best S-Grade Sinners To Reroll

Like we said, keep rerolling till you get a strong S-Grade Sinner. We have listed down the best Sinners to reroll for, so keep an eye out for them. The best Sinners to reroll for are:


Nox -Image By Us

With a strong Fury role, Nox is definitely the strongest frontline Damage dealer. She can reduce enemies’ defense with her passive by 15% which differs her from other Fury characters. Nox also has a 9-square grids range. 


  • HP: 5800
  • Attack: 622
  • Defense: 523
  • Magic Resistance: 497
  • Block: 1
  • Attack Speed: 0.86
  • CRIT Damage: 150.0%

Bai Yi

Bai Yi -Image By Us

An Umbra role Sinner who deals effective damage, Bai Yi is an S-ranked Sinner we believe is one of the strongest in the game currently. She deals multiple Core Damage to the enemies. Luckily, she can be Arrested by free x10 Arrests for beginners. If you happen to obtain Bai Yi in reroll, you should stop the search and keep the account! 


  • HP: 4991
  • Attack: 631
  • Defense: 339
  • Magic Resistance: 348
  • Block: 1
  • Attack Speed: 1.50
  • CRIT Damage: 150.0%


Hamel -Image By Us

If you are looking for a strong healer for the team, Hamel is the one. She belongs to the Catalyst category meaning she stays behind and provides buffs and debuffs. She heals her teammates with her auto-attacks and can also reduce damage reduction.


  • HP: 3732
  • Attack: 597
  • Defense: 227
  • Magic Resistance: 227
  • Block: 0
  • Attack Speed: 0.50
  • CRIT Damage: 150.0% 


Eirene -Image By Us

Arcane role characters deal explosive magic damage (like mages) and Eirene is part of them. She is on top of the Arcane category due to her huge DPS (Damage Per Second). She can cast her skills in 9 squares grids hence she has the range. Her first skill “Contract Destruction” summons a black hole that deals 700% Magic Damage to enemies and slows them down.


  • HP: 4106
  • Attack: 700
  • Defense: 223
  • Magic Resistance: 231
  • Block: 1
  • Attack Speed: 0.60
  • CRIT Damage: 150.0%

Final Remarks

Reroll in Path To Nowhere can be a pain but collecting the correct S-ranked Sinner early game is a must. So take benefit of new accounts and arrest a strong Sinner to assist you. Everything regarding Reroll and what Sinners to reroll for has been mentioned and we hope your hard work pays off. So what are you waiting for? Start rerolling while you can.

To make your Sinners even stronger, check out what Crimebrands are and how can they enhance their attributes. 

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