The Past Perfection Of Fortnite Battle Royal & How It No Longer Exists

The Fortnite we all used to praise for it's uniqueness and fun experience is no longer here. Let us see why.

Fortnite emerged as not just one of the biggest games but as a whole new phenomenon that took over the world when it was released. Fortnite did appeal to younger audiences but that didn’t stop adults from enjoying the game.

Key Takeaways

  • The once-praised ‘Battle Royal King’ is now considered a cash grab and a kid’s game which seems to be getting truer and truer as time passes.
  • From additions of unbalanced systems to the game to the absurd store items, Fortnite no longer provides a fun experience for Battle Royale enjoyers.
  • With the financial success that Epic Games has from these decisions, the game won’t be changing its ways anytime soon.

However, these days, the game is not what it used to be. The Fortnite we all used to play and love is no longer here. Let us see what happened that actually made the game into an unenjoyable mess.

Unbalanced Additions

At release, the game had some balancing issues which were addressed quickly and it was in a state of being very balanced when compared to other games of similar types. When I used to play Fortnite in the early days, I never felt even for a moment that the game had anything unfair in it. It was fun to grind the game and learn how it worked.

This all changed when Fortnite started adding vehicles to the game that would ruin everyone’s experience. Mechs were added, that if someone got it, wins instantly. Planes ruined the building mechanics and made matches a struggle to enjoy as they went through all the structures destroying them.

They said that the reason these are being added is to support newer players. Players who had spent many hours learning the game were furious. They felt like they were not being considered as part of the community.

The Mech That Ruined A Season | From TechSpot

Eventually, these were removed, but they paved the way for absurd additions to the game. Adding skills and abilities to the game, special weapons, and weird mechanics ruined the game’s balance.

Forcing Pop Culture

No doubt an unbalanced game can be a pain to play. But nothing ruined Fortnite more than forcing pop culture and collaborations into the game. The days when Fortnite had a DJ Marshmello crossover, it felt refreshing and Fortnite was considered at its peak.

Nowadays, that’s not the case. They keep adding items to the game of popular memes and franchises that ruined the integrity of the game. Being able to swing as Spiderman, using lightsabers and anime superpowers during a battle royale game is just absurd and stupid. Fortnite was a simple yet deep game. You could build your own structures and it also felt like a good third-person shooter too.

But these days, I can no longer play the game without getting obliterated by a random superpower or weapon that has no reason to be in the game. These additions boost their store items’ sales and it ruins the fun for veteran players or Battle Royale enjoyers.

Dragon Ball Collaboration Items In Store | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

No Longer A Battle Royal

Fortnite no longer feels like a battle royal game. Its main focus is no longer making the battle royal experience better, but adding things and game modes that would attract younger audiences or fans of the IPs.

Whenever you head to the lobby, you will find countless game modes that are either made by the community or the developers themselves. None of them actually support the classic Battle Royal experience of the game.

Game Modes | Captured By: VeryAli Gaming

The game feels more like Roblox than Fortnite. No doubt the game was supposed to attract a younger audience in the first place, but Epic Games knows that a lot of mature audiences were enjoying the game too.

It’s not a bad idea to add a Lego game mode or a Rocket League racing mode, but Fortnite was made on the foundation of being a great battle royal game. Epic games need to focus on the aspect of the game that most people used to love and which made them famous in the first place. It feels like an injustice to players like me whenever I open the game.

Wasted Potential

Fortnite is using its popularity and platform to attract audiences that are more than just fans of the Battle Royale. Fortnite developers had all the technical skills and connections to turn their game into the perfect Battle Royale game. Instead, they focused more on the store items and collaborations.

A few months ago, Fortnite introduced the ‘OG season‘ where they brought back their classic map of Fortnite. I was excited to go back to the good ol’ days. But I was disappointed immediately because it was not just bringing back the older vibes to the game, but grabbing the attention of Old Fortnite lovers so they could increase their player numbers.

Considering how successful Fortnite is becoming financially, they won’t change the game. Younger audiences seem to be attracted by this and fans of different series and IPs seem to love these additions too. Veteran players like me feel like we have no reason to be here It is sad to see a game with such potential go to waste.

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