Phasmophobia Is The Best Horror Co-op

Hopefully, the full version will be even better than the already amazing early access game.

Phasmophobia is the best horror co op game
Phasmophobia is the best horror co-op video game

I am no particular fan of the horror genre neither in movies nor video games. I know it is weird, but that’s how it is. However, Phasmophobia and Resident Evil 4: Remake are the only exceptions.

Playing Phasmophobia for the first time scared the shit out of me, and that’s why I like it. While my fellow, Ayesha, has effectively communicated our shared thoughts on RE4: Remake, it is also time to do justice to Phasmophobia.

Key Takeaways

  • While still in Early Access, Phasmophobia reigns the horror co-op genre by providing a truly haunting experience.
  • The ability to always surprise players with something new every time they replay it keeps the game relevant and interesting – thanks to the AI-powered ghosts.
  • The AI also empowers the ghosts to react and adapt to players’ communications with each other and even answer direct questions from players as well.
  • Coupling it with the dynamic creepy sounds and the VR technology makes the experience more realistic and terrifying. 

Kinetic Games’ masterpiece still rules on Steam with a 10/10 rating, and after four years of its release in early access, the ghost-hunting game is only getting better with consistent updates. Hopefully, we can witness its full release by the end of this year.

Phasmophobia is still in early access on Steam
Phasmophobia has been in Early Access for four years now.

Let me highlight a few distinctive features of this four-player co-op horror game that make it better than the others of the same genre:

The AI-powered Replay System

Well, this is the highlight of this horror game. A replay system that makes sure you always get a new experience when re-exploring the game. Phasmophobia powers its ghosts and demons with AI, unlike many other games that rely on scripted sequences. Consequently, you never know what’s coming next.

This makes the whole experience more intense. I can replay the same objective repeatedly and have my soul leave my body every time. There have been many instances where I almost shit my pants. What makes it more interesting is that there are no ‘programmed’ jumpscares, and they are purely AI-powered ghosts that randomly decide to spawn in front of you.

This unpredictability will keep you constantly guessing. Similarly, a sense of genuine fear and excitement will ensure you stay highly focused and engaged even when playing with your teammates. Truly amazing!

Incorporation Of VR Technology

If you feel like AI-powered ghosts are not scary enough and want something MORE realistic, worry not, as this incorporation of virtual reality technology will undoubtedly take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Yes! For those brave enough to jump into the heart of darkness, Phasmophobia also offers full VR support, taking the horror experience to new heights.

I haven’t personally experienced Phasmophobia, in VR. However, after watching Markiplier’s video, I think it is for my own good. I’d have a heart attack or at least break some equipment.

The Strategic Co-op Gameplay

As the title mentions, it is the best horror co-op game. Playing the game solo is a scary experience. However, the same game turns funny and adventurous when you have a few buddies joining you in your exploration.

You can communicate with them through walkie-talkies. For example, instead of running away, you can annoy ghosts and anger them to chase you around.

Of course, at least one of you will die doing so, but that’s what makes the whole experience even more enjoyable. We are playing it only for the fun, after all. Well, it is all fun and games until one of you dies, and no one will know about it.

There are two ways you can know if your buddy has succumbed to a ghost. Either he won’t respond to your calls on the radio, or you will find their folded dead body in a random place.

Voice Recognition

Being a co-op game, communication is certainly a priority in Phasmophobia to ensure the connection between teammates is not lost. I assure you, it is actually very good. Too good that even ghosts love it. You heard it right, the communication channels are integrated in a way where even ghosts can hear your chats.

Not only that, you can also direct your questions to the ghosts, and they will respond to you. I found this particular feature more interesting as the ghosts can change their movements to bust your strategy after listening to your plans with the gang. Couple it with VR and I bet you won’t find a more realistic horror experience with any other game.

Perfect Terrifying Environment And Active Developer Support

The whole environment is designed to complement the overall haunted theme of the game. Whether floor cracking sounds, exploring an abandoned asylum, or a haunted farmhouse, everything adds to the tension.

Recent big update of Phasmophobia
Changes and Fixes in the recent big update of Phasmophobia

Similarly, the developers of Phasmophobia are dedicated to listening to player feedback and regularly updating the game with new content, features, and optimizations. Developers’ commitment to improving the game even while it is in early access is a positive sign. Hopefully, they will be as keen about maintaining their standard after the final release of the game.

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