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Playstation 5 Set Up
Image Source: Sony

PlayStation 5 Set Up Made Easy, Day One Full Guide

PlayStation 5 is launching in less than 10 days from now.  This your PlayStation 5 Set Up guide, all you need to know.

In order to get us all ready for the occasion, Playstation Support’s YouTube account has blessed us all with 3 videos that will make the upgrade seamless to all existing and new customers.

In this article you’ll find everything you could possibly need to know in order to set up your new console, on day one.

Sign In for the first time

Using your PSN account from PS4 on the PS5 is made incredibly seamless and convenient for all players.

Before you try to login, make sure you’re connected to the internet, and update the software to the latest version.

Manual Sign-In

First option is manual sign in. Simply manually use your email address and password for the PSN, and that’s pretty much it.

through the Mobile Application

Second option is for those who don’t want to use the console’s keyboard. Simply download the PS mobile app, sign in, go to settings, select “Sign In on PS5”, and then simply scan the QR code that’s on the screen.

Using your PS4’s same account will have many benefits including the same friends list, trophies, wallet funds, compatible games, videos, and music. It’ll definitely be worth your time.

The new PS5 will have much more customizable options and new features. Including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D audio.

With the new settings, your PlayStation 5 Set Up is more flexible than any other console. You’ll be able to choose the settings that will suit you, and will help make your PS5 experience more unique.

3D Audio

You can turn on/off 3D audio from Settings, navigate to Sound, and from Audio Output you can select to turn on/off the 3D audio option.

You’ll also have 5 options to choose from, try them out and choose whichever feels more appealing to you. Make sure you use headphones in order to experience the 3D audio option properly.

Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers

For the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers options from Settings, onto Accessories, and then Controllers. 

You can customize the haptic feedback from there using the “Vibration Intensity” option. To customize the adaptive triggers option, simply navigate to “Trigger Effect Intensity”.

Power Saving Settings

You will also have several power saving settings to choose from. “Optimized Experience” will keep your PS5 always updated, charge your controllers when off, and will allow you to turn on the PS5 remotely through the mobile app or Remote Play.

The “Low Power Use” on the other hand will use less power, and will not have any of the aforementioned “Optimized Experience” features.

Automatic Update

You can adjust whether or not your PS5 automatically updates itself. Simply go Settings, System, System Software, and lastly onto “System Software Update and Settings”.

Remotely Turn on the PS5

In order to remotely turn on your PS5 simply go to Settings, System, Power Saving.

Also in order to turn it on straight from your phone from the System menu, simply navigate to “Remote Play” and make sure it is enabled.

Automatic Download and Installation

You can opt to let your PS5 automatically download and install games and apps for you. To do that simply navigate to Settings, “Saved Data and Game/App Settings”,  and then onto “Automatic Updates” to enable/disable the feature.

Transferring your Data

Transferring your games or your game data from the PS4 to the PlayStation 5 set up will be necessary sooner or later. Playstation has made it all extra convenient, and you’ll have different options to choose from.

Data Transfer

To do this, you need to make sure you have the latest software update installed on your PS4, and that you’re signed in using the same account.

Also you’ll need to make sure that both consoles are connected to the same network. This transfer will use your wifi signal, but will not use up any of your data plan.

After that, you’ll simply have to follow your PS5’s instructions. When the transfer begins, it’ll all occur in the background so you can enjoy your new console however you choose.

Disc Transfer

For there’s a PS4 game you’d like to play, and you have the game on disc, this will be very simple.

All you need to do is insert the PS4 disc into the PS5 console, and the PS5 will automatically install the game for you.

Also if you have an external harddrive, it’s highly recommended that you copy the PS4 game onto the harddrive and play the game on the PS5 directly using it. This will free up necessary space on the PS5 console for the next-gen games that will require the SSD power.

Needless to say, this will not work if you have a Playstation 5 Digital Edition.

Digital Games

If you have purchased a PS4 game digitally that is backwards compatible, all you’ll need to do is make sure that you’re signed in with the same account, and you’ll simply be able to download the digital game from either the “Game Library” or the Playstation Store.

Transfer Game Data

In order to transfer saved game data, make sure you’re using the same account on both consoles.

You can transfer the data using Data Transfer as mentioned before, or you can use a USB drive, and at last you can upload the game data using PS Plus membership and then download it onto your PS5.

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Feel free to head over to our Youtube channel. Thanks for reading Veryali Gaming!

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