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Pokemon Briliiant Diamond and Shining Pearl - Pokemon Presents

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl get Shiny New Remakes | Pokémon Presents

You’ve been waiting almost fifteen years for these remakes, and now your hoping and wishing has paid off! At the Pokémon Presents today, Nintendo announced remakes to gen four games Diamond and Pearl, and gave them the deservedly sparkly titles of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Of course this means that you’ll have a Nintendo Switch in your in-game room.

A lot of us have tons of love to give Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, and want to see these remakes we’ve been hoping for be handled in the best way possible, being faithful to the originals but also giving the Switch versions the updates they deserve.

In terms of faithfulness to the original games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are in good hands. They promised to keep the story intact and to properly represent the scale of the Sinnoh Region. Director of the original games Junichi Masuda will be at the helm once again, although Game Freak will not be the developers. This time around, ILCA, who worked on Pokémon Home, will be developing the remakes.

The trailer gave us a look at the new art style for the upcoming games. It was fun to get to see familiar faces in 3D, whether it was top-down and chibi, or in a battle scene, which is reminiscent of the Sword and Shield battle looks. The chibi vibe is fairly unique to a Pokémon game, but is less than ideal: it’s not very pretty, despite being cute.

The games are getting a late 2021 release date, which might mean September, since that would coincide with their 15th anniversary.

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