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Pokémon: GO Trainer Catches a Record 11,400 Pokémon in One Day

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Save Some For the Rest of Us

A Japanese Pokémon: GO trainer recently broke the record for the most caught Pokémon in one day. The trainer who goes by the name of @tarotirota0106 on Twitter caught an incredible 11,400 Pokémon in the most recent Fletchling community day event. The Pokémon: GO trainer really traveled across the land searching far and wide as he traveled a whopping 80 miles on a bike. Whilst catching on average 8 critters a minute.

Interestingly of those 11,400 Pokémon, only 139 were shiny underlining – how precious and rare those shiny critters are. Furthermore, tarotirota0106 stated on Twitter that the hardest part of the challenge was managing his Pokémon storage. As well as maintaining his Pokémon balls, tarotirota0106 set off his journey with 2900 balls all ready to be thrown.

How You Can Up Your Pokémon GO Catching Game

There are many factors that were taken into account by tarotirota0106 to attempt the 24-hour catching record. However, maybe you don’t want to break any records or travel 80 miles by bike. But you can still improve your game:

  • The Route – tarotirota0106 would have had to plan their route to optimize on Pokémon spawns and Stops.
  • Maximizing Storage – This is essential for shaving time off managing inventory from spinning stops and transferring critters. As well as adapting to the Spin limit.
  • Fast Catch Method – Utilising the fast catch method enables you to skip intro and ball shaking animations to shave even more time off catches.

Get Rewards With New Referral Program

Niantic recently announced that trainers will soon be able to refer their friends to play Pokémon: GO no matter whether they have never played or taken a break. As a result, trainers will be able to receive the following rewards, not limited to:

  • Pokémon Encounters
  • Rare Candies
  • Incubators

The official Pokémon: GO live blog states that trainers will receive even more rewards through hitting milestones. The blog additionally announced that like other new features will be dropping in Australia first.

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