Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Fire Stones Guide

Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are a part of Evolution Stones and tricky to find, so here is a definitive guide to assist players.

Fire Stones In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
All locations of Fire Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and how to collect them guide.

Evolving Pokémons can differ depending on the Pokémon itself. However, some Pokémon require Evolution Stones for the evolving process. Fire Stone is one of the many Evolution Stones in the World of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Collecting them is tricky, but worry not; I’m here to assist you with the detailed guide about Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Key Takeaways 

  • Fire Stone is an Evolution Stone used to evolve some Fire-Type Pokémons.
  • There are limited Fire Stones to collect in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet currently. 
  • Players can buy Fire Stones, hunt for them, and gain from the Pokédex rewards.
  • The Pokémons that can evolve from Fire Stone are Eevee, Capsakid, and Growlithe.

What Are Fire Stones

Fire Stone.jpg

Among other Evolution Stones, a stone named “Fire Stone” can be collected. These Fire Stones are glowing orange in color and assist players in evolving certain Pokémon species. According to the in-game description, Fire Stones are “A peculiar stone that can make certain species of Pokémon evolve. It has a fiery orange heart.” 

You need to find the Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in order to evolve some Pokémons since there is no other way to evolve them. There are currently three Pokémons that can only be evolved to the next level using a Fire Stone.

They are:

  • Eevee: evolves into a Flareon with Fire Stone
  • Capsakid: evolves into a Scovillain with Fire Stone
  • Growlithe: evolves into an Arcanine with Fire Stone

So, if you have any of these Pokémons and want to evolve them, start looking out for the Fire Evolution Stones, which I have discussed below.

Where To Find Fire Stones

There are three ways players can look out for Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but none of them is as simple as leveling up your other Pokémons. However, one of the ways is fairly simple, whereas the others require some hunting and collecting. The three ways to find Fire Stone in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are:

Buy From Delibird Presents

Delibird Presents On Map

To easily acquire the Fire Stone, players can purchase it from the Delibird Presents shop, which offers various useful items for both trainers and Pokémon. Fire Stones, available for 3,000 Pokémon Dollars, can be found among the Evolution Stones in the “General Goods” section.

Before purchasing, unlock the Fire Stone by earning three Gym Badges, obtained by defeating three Gym Leaders at the Academy. This unlocks the Fire Stone for purchase in the Delibird Presents shop.

Location Of Delibird Presents

Now that you are aware of how Fire Stones become available in shops let’s learn where to find these Delibird Present stores:

There are three Delibird Presents branches in the cities, and each has some exclusive items of its own. However, Fire Stone, along with any other Evolution Stone, is present in all Branches of Delibird Presents.

The three Delibird Presents branches are:

  • Mesagoza
  • Cascarrafa
  • Levincia

Obtain Fire Stone from Delird Presents stores located in Mesagoza, Cascarrafa, and Levincia. In Mesagoza’s southern area near the Southern Gate, in Cascarrafa at the city’s top left, and in Levincia close to the Electric Gym in the top right part of the city. Use the map for assistance to locate and visit the Delibird Presents in each area.

Search In East Province Areas

A few Fire Stones are lying around in the world, free to collect. So, before you beat the three Gym Leaders and unlock Fire Stone at the store, do collect the free ones. The free Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are found in two locations:

East Province (Area Two)

In East Province (Area Two), northeast of The Academy in Mesagoza, find the Pokémon Center near a river. Follow the river northeast until you reach plain grass. Look for a raised hill next to the river. On top of the hill, you’ll find the Fire Stone, a shiny red object.

Fire Stone in East Province (Area Two)

You do not require an enormous search to find the Fire Stone in East Province (Area Two) because it spawns at the same location for every trainer.

East Province (Area Three)

To reach East Province (Area Three), head northeast from Mesagoza (East), moving past East Province (Area Two) in the map’s northeast. As you arrive, find a small Levincia (North) area. Proceed straight up and to the left. Look for red sparkles on the ground amidst open lands scattered with large stones.

Fire Stone in East Province (Area Three)

Searching is important because, unlike East Province (Area Two), Fire Stones in East Province (Area Three) are randomly spawned for each player.

Obtain From Pokédex Rewards

Players can register Pokémons they have caught in the Pokédex menu and receive multiple rewards in return. Yes, you guessed it right, one of the rewards ready to collect is the Fire Stone. Players need to catch 60 Pokémons to obtain one Fire Stone from the Pokédex.

To collect various rewards, including the Fire Stone from Pokédex, do the following steps: 

1) In the menu, press X for a pop-up.

Step 1

2) Select the “Pokédex” option, which is right under the “Map.”

Step 2

3) Here, you need to select “Pokédex” once again. 

Step 3

4) Now press X in order to submit Volumes and collect Rewards.

Step 4

5) Once you successfully collect 60 Pokémons, you will finally get x1 Fire Stone from the Pokédex.

Step 5

How To Use Fire Stone

using Fire Stone on Pokemon
Using Fire Stone on Pokemon

After buying or collecting the Fire Stone, you need to give it to your Pokemon in order for it to evolve.

Follow the steps below to use the Fire Stone:

  1. Go to your Bag.
  2. Select the Candy symbol on top.
  3. All the items that help with money or evolution are here (Amulet Coins, Evolution Stones, Candies)
  4. Find the Fire Stone you just bought, and choose it.
  5. A pop-up menu will show up. Choose the “Use this item” option.
  6. Now, players will be asked which Pokemon they want to use the stone on.
  7. Simply choose the Pokemon you want to evolve from the left bar by clicking on “can use”.
  8. That’s all! Your Pokemon will evolve into its new form.

Final Remarks

The first-ever Open Worlds in the Pokémon franchise are Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, gaining a lot of attraction from Pokémon lovers instantly. Trainers can explore the world, capture various Pokémons, and battle or trade them off to others in the advanced Pokémon world. 

I have discussed everything about the Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and how to gather them. Players can evolve their favorite fire-type Pokémons with these stones and win battles with ease. So go on, beat the Gym Leaders, search up East Province (Two) and (Three), and collect Pokémons for Pokédex and collect all Fire Stones in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet available. Goodluck Gamers!

Now that you are already here, why not check out our definitive guide about Gyms in Pokémons Scarlet and Violet? You will learn about Gym Leaders and how to beat them for Gym Badges, which will also help you unlock Fire Stones in Delibird Presents Shops.

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