Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Frigibax Location And Evolution

Frigibax is a rare Pokemon and hard to locate, it also comes with a Pseudo-Legendry Pokemon as its final evolution, so, here is a detailed guide to assist players.

Frigibax Location and Evolution
A detailed guide of Frigibax Location and Evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

An Ice Fin Pokemon, Frigibax is extremely hard to catch due to its rarity. Trainers require going on an adventure in order to get their hands on Frigibax, all because it is a brand new addition in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introducing a new evolutionary line. Pokedex has marked Frigibax as a “very rarely seen” Pokemon but no worries, if you know the exact location to look for Frigibax, most of the trouble is gone. Frigibax also comes with a new Pseudo-Legendry evolution of Pokemons as a strong team addition. So let’s learn all about Frigibax Location and Evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet after some basic info. 

Key Takeaways

  • Frigibax is a rare-to-find Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon.
  • To encounter and catch Frigibax, players need to travel all the way to Glaseado Mountain.
  • In Glaseado Mountain, there is an open area where Frigibax can be found.
  • Frigibax also lives in multiple caves in Glaseado Mountain but the spawn rate is extremely low and random.
  • Players can perform Picnic Reset Method to reset the spawned Pokemons around till they find Frigibax.
  • Frigibax evolves into two Pokemons, Arctibax and Baxcalibur upon leveling up.
  • There is no special requirement such as evolution stones to evolve Frigibax. Players can evolve Frigibax by leveling it up.

Base Stats Of Frigibax

Before we get into Frigibax Location and Evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, let’s have a look at its base stats. Each Pokemon comes with a set of attributes that increase when the Pokemon earns points and levels up. Frigibax also contains Base Stats that are variable and determines how strong your Pokemon would be in a battle. The six main Base Stats of Frigibax are: 

  • HP: 65
  • Atk: 75
  • Def: 45
  • Sp. Atk: 35
  • Sp. Def: 45
  • Speed: 55
  • Total: 320

The Stats of Frixibag on Lv. 50 are:

  • HP: 125-172
  • Atk: 72-139
  • Def: 45-106
  • Sp. Atk: 36-95
  • Sp. Def: 45-106
  • Speed: 54-117

Abilities And Weaknesses

Frigibax is a no. 388 Pokemon in Pokedex with a different entry in Pokemon Scarlet and in Pokemon Violet. These Pokedex entries are:

Scarlet: Frigibax absorbs heat through its dorsal fin and converts the heat into ice energy. The higher the temperature, the more energy Frigibax stores.

Violet: This Pokemon lives in forests and craggy areas. Using the power of its dorsal fin, it cools the inside of its nest like a refrigerator.

Abilities Of Frigibax

Now that we know what the Pokedex entry has to say about Frigibax, let’s move on to the two Abilities Frigibax possesses.  

1) Thermal Exchange

  • In-game Description: Boosts the Attack stat when the Pokemon is hit by a Fire-type move. The Pokemon also cannot be burned.

The Thermal Exchange ability makes Frigibax a good counter-pick for any Fire-type Pokemon. Each fire damage inflicted on Frigibax results in the Attack stat raising. Not just that, any fire-type move that causes burns is useless against Frigibax.

2) Ice Body (Hidden) 

  • In-game Description: The Pokemon gradually gains HP in snow.

A hidden ability of Frigibax, that shows up during a hail or snowstorm. The Pokemon will regain its 6.25% maximum HP after each turn. Another benefit of this ability is that no hailstorm damage will be taken.

Weaknesses Of Frigibax

Since Frigibax is a dual-type Pokemon with Dragon and Ice abilities, it is weaker against a bunch more Pokemons than usual. A few Pokemon types that are strong against Frigibax are Fighting, Rock, Dragon, Fairy, and Steel-type, so the best option is to avoid picking Frigibax against any of them due to its 2x weakness to them.

Frigibax Location 

Pokedex Entry of Frigibax Location
Frigibax Location In Pokedex Entry

When you go to Pokedex for the Frigibax location, the area where Frigibax is found is highlighted on the map along with some minor hints. These hints include that

  • Frigibax lives in caves 
  • Lives in areas with deep snow 
  • Very rarely seen 

However, these hints alone will not be of much help, and neither will the vast area of the map highlighted. We have mentioned an in-depth way to catch Frigibax with ease below:

Find In Glaseado Mountain

The entire Glaseado Mountain is home to many rare Pokemons, which includes Frigibax too. The mountain is covered in snow and has multiple secret caves. Finding Frigibax in caves is a tough job due to their lack of respawning there, therefore, we recommend looking for Frigibax outside the caves. 

Glaseado Mountain Location

Glaseado Mountain on Map
Glaseado Mountain Location on Map

There is a small area that guarantees a Frigibax encounter in Glaseado Mountain. In order to reach Glaseado Mountain, get ready to start your long haul. Firstly, travel from Mesagoza to the South Province (Area Two). It is located on the left side of Mesagoza city. From there, start traveling North. You will come across a river, so cross it. Make your way to Cascarrafa right next to Asado Desert on the map. Head towards the West Province (Area Three) from there. Follow the river up ahead from here till you reach the Glaseado Mountain region.

Pokemon Location

Area where Frigibax is found
Area where Frigibax is encountered

Once you are at Glaseado Mountain, head to the North side, you will run across another river flowing ahead so follow it. When you cover the river distance halfway through, stop and start traveling East. You will not have to cover a long journey from here. Search the area here properly, Frigibax will be seen roaming around in the snow. And mostly, it is on Lv. 22-36, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Picnic Reset Method

If you do not want to perform an extensive search, there is a method to speed up the process. You can reset respawn in the nearby area by setting up a picnic table around wild Pokemons and removing it after a while. So yes, picnics with Pokemons are not limited to making sandwiches, it also assists players in finding their desired Pokemon easier. 

  1. Go to a Pokemon Mass Outbreak (Red Symbol on the map) in the area you are looking for your desired Pokemon. In Frigibax’s case, go to any Pokemon Outbreak in Glaseado Mountain (mostly near caves or the river we mentioned).
  2. Go to the menu to set up a Picnic in the Mass Outbreak area and after some time, remove the Picnic table (make sure to keep saving the game).
  3. Upon the removal of your Picnic Table, new Pokemons nearby will spawn while the old ones despawn.
  4. Do the procedure till you find Frigibax nearby.

The picnic reset method helps in speeding up your encounter with Frigibax in Glaseado Mountain. You might have to perform Picnic Reset 4-5 times before finally catching Frigibax nearby.

Evolution of Frigibax

Evolution of Frigibax
Evolution Of Frigibax

The rare Frigibax comes with two evolutions of powerful Pokemons Arctibax and Baxcalibur. The final evolution Baxcalibur is a must-to-have Dragon/Ice type Pokemon due to its mixture of Dragon and Ice moves along with high stats. To evolve your Frigibax, you need to follow the traditional way of simply leveling it up. Feed your Pokemon, battle, or perform Tera Raids. There are no special tasks or requirements (evolution stones) to evolve Frigibax.

When you reach Lv. 35 on Frigibax, the Pokemon experiences its first evolution into an Arctibax. You can further evolve Arctibax by leveling it up to Lv. 54. The second and final evolution will turn Arctibax into Baxcalibur, one of the strongest Dragon-type Pokemons in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Final Remarks 

Having Frigibax, Arctibax, and later on, a beastly Baxcalibur gives trainers an upper hand in battles due to the Pokemon’s incredible abilities. Therefore, all the effort to find and evolve it is always worth the while. 

So, whether you have trouble finding Frigibax or simply want to learn about its evolution, we have it all covered in our Frigibax Location and Evolution in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide. Go on and win the battles with Frigibax on your side now. Good Luck!

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