Pokemon Scarlet Mints: Types And Locations

Nature Mints are great for changing the effects of Pokemon Natures. In this guide, we go over the types of Pokemon Scarlet mints and where to find them.

Your ultimate guide to Pokemon Scarlet mints.
Read on to find out all about Nature Mints in Pokemon Scarlet.

Pokemon Scarlet brings back the concept of Nature Mints that were introduced in the 8th Generation. But what are Pokemon Scarlet mints and how do you use them?

Nature Mints are items that are used to change the effects that a Pokemon’s Nature has. They increase the growth rate of one stat while decreasing the growth rate of another.

With that being said, where can you find Nature Mints? And what are the different types of Nature Mints? More importantly, can you change Nature with Nature Mints?

We tackle all this and more in our ultimate mints guide for Pokemon Scarlet. So read on to find out more.

Key Takeaways

  • Nature Mints are used to counter the effects of a Pokemon’s Nature, but they don’t change nature.
  • They increase the growth rate of a certain stat and decrease that of another.
  • There are 21 Nature Mints available in Pokemon Scarlet.
  • You can buy Nature Mints from Chansey’s Supply Stores for 20,000 PokeDollars.
  • You can also find some dropped on the ground in random locations.

What Are Pokemon Scarlet Mints?

Pokemon Scarlet mints, or more specifically, Nature Mints, are items that you can use to change the effect a Pokemon’s Nature has on its stats. However, Pokemon still retain their original Nature. And Nature can be passed down through breeding via an Everstone as well.

The different Nature Mints available in Pokemon Scarlet.

In case you don’t know, every Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet has a nature. Nature is a mechanic that affects two of the Pokemon’s stats, increasing one and decreasing the other.

For instance, Calm Nature increases the Pokemon’s Special Defense by 10% while reducing its Attack by 10%. This is a passive effect that is active all the time. There are a total of 25 Natures in Pokemon, with 5 not affecting any stats at all. These include Hardy, Docile, Bashful, Quirky, and Serious Natures.

Nature Mints are used to change how these stats are affected. If your Pokemon consumes a Calm Mint, for instance, its Nature’s effects will mimic that of the Calm Nature. Hence, its Special Defense will increase and its Attack will decrease. This mint is perfect for use on a Pokemon with a Naughty Nature, which is the opposite of Calm Nature.

What Nature Mints Can’t Do

Although Nature Mints help counter the effects of a Pokemon’s Nature, there are some limitations. For one thing, it’s important to note that Nature Mints only mimic the effects of a certain Nature. But they do not actually change the Nature of a Pokemon.

Natures decide the Pokemon’s favorite and least favorite foods. Calm Nature, for instance, makes your Pokemon like Bitter food and dislike Spicy food. However, a Nature Mint does not change the favorite food of the Pokemon.

Moreover, if you have a Toxel, its Nature determines whether it will evolve into the Amped form of Toxtricity or the Low Key form. A Nature Mint does not change the Nature of Toxel, and hence, cannot be used to decide its evolution.

Lastly, if a female Pokemon or a Ditto holds an Everstone, there is a 50% chance that the offspring will have the same Nature as its parent. However, Nature Mints do not affect this. If you want more information on breeding, then check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet breeding guide.

The Types Of Mints In Pokemon Scarlet

With that being said, there are a total of 21 Nature Mints to be found in Pokemon Scarlet. All of their effects as well as their recommended usage are listed below.

Mint Stat Increased Stat Decreased Recommended For
Adamant Mint Attack Special Attack Modest Nature
Brave Mint Attack Speed Timid Nature
Lonely Mint Attack Defense Bold Nature
Naughty Mint Attack Special Defense Calm Nature
Bold Mint Defense Attack Lonely Nature
Impish Mint Defense Special Attack Mild Nature
Lax Mint Defense Special Defense Gentle Nature
Relaxed Mint Defense Speed Hasty Nature
Mild Mint Special Attack Defense Impish Nature
Modest Mint Special Attack Attack Adamant Nature
Quiet Mint Special Attack Speed Jolly Nature
Rash Mint Special Attack Special Defense Careful Nature
Calm Mint Special Defense Attack Naughty Nature
Careful Mint Special Defense Special Attack Rash Nature
Gentle Mint Special Defense Defense Lax Nature
Sassy Mint Special Defense Speed Naive Nature
Hasty Mint Speed Defense Relaxed Nature
Jolly Mint Speed Special Attack Quiet Nature
Naive Mint Speed Special Defense Sassy Nature
Timid Mint Speed Attack Brave Nature
Serious Mint None None All Natures
A list of the 21 Nature Mints and their effects.

Where To Find Pokemon Scarlet Mints?

Now that you know the different types of Pokemon Scarlet Mints, you might be wondering: where do you find them? There are two primary methods of acquiring Nature Mints in Pokemon Scarlet.

Chansey Supply

You can buy all 21 Nature Mints from the Chansey Supply Store.

Perhaps the most common method of acquiring Nature Mints in Pokemon Scarlet is through the Chansey Supply Shops. These are shops located in specific locations throughout the map.

Each Nature Mint costs 20,000 PokeDollars. However, you are only able to buy them after you have received 6 Gym Badges. Hence, Nature Mints are considered mid-to-late game items.

Chansey Supply Shop Locations


Cascarrafa is the next place where you can find a Chansey Supply Store. You must Fly to this location or travel to it some other way. Then, head on over to the western side of the city.

Fortunately, the Chansey Store can be found right next to the Clothing Store. It will have all sorts of Mints available after you have defeated the 6th Gym.


You can also find a Chansey Supply Store in Levincia. First, Fly to the city. Then, travel to the north-western part of the area. You can find the Chansey Store there with ease.

Here, you can buy all sorts of Nature Mints along with several other useful items. However, you will need 20,000 PokeDollars to buy any Mint. So it’s quite a luxury treat.


Mesagoza Chansey Supply Store location.

You can find a Chansey Supply Shop in Mesagoza. Firstly, travel to the West side of Mesagoza. You can use Fly to the city as you will have acquired it after beating the 6th Gym.

Then, travel up the stairs and enter the Plaza. You’ll need to go to the northeastern part of this place. Here, you will find the Chansey Supply Store there. The store can be easily recognized by its pill logo and the green awning.


Lastly, you can find the Chansey Supply Store in Montenevera. You must climb to the top of Glaseado Mountain. Then, you will enter Montenevera. Now, head on over to the eastern side of the town and you will find the Chansey Supply Store.

Then, enter the store and click on “I’d like to buy”. This will show you all of the mints that you can buy.

Dropped Mints

Another, lesser convenient, method to acquire Nature Mints in Pokemon Scarlet is to find dropped items. Specifically, look for sparkling items that you can find all over the Pokemon region.

Of course, not all o these items will be Nature Mints. And even if they are mints, there’s no guarantee what type of mints they’ll be. However, this is an excellent way to acquire mints for free and without any Gym Badges.

Final Thoughts

Nature mints are convenient tools to help remediate unfavorable Natures in Pokemon. These mints work by increasing the growth rate of one stat while reducing that of another.

There are a total of 21 Nature Mints you can find in Chansey Supply Stores as well as dropped on the ground. Each mint is recommended for a specific Pokemon Nature.

Keep in mind that mints don’t actually change the Nature of a Pokemon. They help counter the effects of its Nature. Other Nature-defined mechanisms such as favorite food and evolution remain the same.

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