Pokemon Scarlet Titan Order [Definitive Guide]

Pokemon Scarlet has 6 Titans to be fought. Here's the recommended order in which to fight them.

The recommended order for all 6 Titans in Pokemon Scarlet.
Read our official guide to the Titan order in Pokemon Scarlet.

Pokemon Scarlet introduces a new storyline in the games: the Path of Legends. This narrative has you battling 6 powerful Pokemon called Titans in any order you like. But that brings up a significant question: what’s the right Pokemon Scarlet Titan order?

That’s what we’re here to clarify. You should defeat the Titans in this order: Klawf, Bombirdier, Orthworm, Great Tusk, Dondozo, and Tatsugiri. But simply knowing the order isn’t enough. You also need to know their locations, abilities, and type weaknesses to defeat them with ease.

Hence, if you want to find out more about the Titans’ order in Pokemon Scarlet, then read on. We dive deep into the order of the Titans in Pokemon Scarlet and how to defeat each one of them.

Key Takeaways

  • You should defeat the Titans in this order: Klawf, Bombirdier, Orthworm, Great Tusk, Dondozo, and Tatsugiri.
  • Each Titan can be found in a remote location and has a unique ability.
  • You should train your Pokemon up to a certain level before battling the Titans.
  • It’s best to stockpile on Pokemon that have a type advantage over the Titans.
  • After each Titan battle, you’ll receive a new Travel Ability.

Recommended Pokemon Scarlet Titan Order

Although you can defeat the Titans in any order you see fit, here’s the recommended Pokemon Scarlet Titan order:

Location Opponent Type Recommended Level
Stony Cliff Titan Klawf Rock 15-20
Open Sky Titan Bombirdier Flying/Dark 23-27
Lurking Steel Titan Orthworm Steel 30-35
Quaking Earth Titan Great Tusk Ground/Fighting 45-50
False Dragon Titan Dondozo Water 55-60
False Dragon Titan Tatsugiri Dragon/Water 55-60
The recommended Pokemon Scarlet Titan order.

The Stony Cliff Titan – Klawf

Klawf from Pokemon Scarlet, standing near a cliff.
The first Titan you should battle is the Rock-type Klawf.
  • Type: Rock
  • Ability: Shell Armor or Anger Shell
  • Hidden Ability: Regenerator
  • Recommended Level: 15-20

Klawf is a giant land crab that loves to stick to cliffs and wait for prey. It’s the first Titan that you should battle if you want a smooth linear progression through the game.

This Titan is a Rock-type Pokemon that should be battled with Pokemon that are at least Level 15 or above. Additionally, you can get the upper hand in the battle by including its weakness types in your party.

Klawf Location

You can find Klawf in South Province (Area Three). Specifically, you’ll need to follow the road that leads to Artazon from Mesagoza. If you do this right, Arven will call you.

You will find multiple Klawfs around the area along with a massive Klawf attached to the cliff. This is the Titan that you must fight.

Klawf Weaknesses

  • Super-effective: Water, Fighting, Grass, Steel, Ground
  • Not very effective: Fire, Normal, Poison, Flying
  • Normal: Electric, Ice, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Fairy
  • No effect: None

Klawf is a Rock-type Pokemon. Hence, you should stockpile Pokemon that are of the types Water, Steel, Ground, Grass, or Fighting. If you chose Quaxly or Spirigatito as your starter Pokemon, then you’re in luck. However, if you chose Fuecoco, then you’re at a type disadvantage.

Similarly, if you have Normal, Poison, or Flying-type Pokemon in your party, you should swap them out. Pokemon like Wiglett and Floatzel are good options to take down Klawf.

You should also consider keeping a lot of X items for your benefit. Particularly, X Defense will help a lot during your battle with Klawf.

Once you’ve defeated Klawf, it will go into the cave and battle you once again. Arven will also join you with a Shelder and you’ll need to battle Klawf again.

Klawf Rewards

After defeating Klawf, you can go inside the cave that it unlocked and find Herba Mystica. This is a key ingredient for making sandwiches that you can then feed to your Koraidon. The sandwich will unlock the “Dash” ability for your Koraidon.

The Open Sky Titan – Bombirdier

Bombirdier from Pokemon Scarlet, screeching at the player.
Take on Bombirdier next, the Flying/Dark-type Titan.
  • Type: Flying/Dark
  • Ability: Keen Eye or Big Pecks
  • Hidden Ability: Rocky Payload
  • Recommended Level: 23-27

The second Titan in the Pokemon Scarlet Titan order is Bombirdier. Bombirdier is a large white stork-like Pokemon that can be tackled after you’re done defeating Klawf. This is a dual-type Flying and Dark Pokemon. Hence, you’ll need to know exactly what its weaknesses are and how to defeat the Titan.

It has the ability Big Pecks, which prevents its Defense from getting lowered by other Pokemon. Additionally, there’s the hidden ability Rocky Payload which grants a 50% boost to the Rock-type moves of the user.

Bombirdier Location

Bombirdier is found right on the northwest side of Cortondo. You can also visit the avian Titan by going southwest from Cascarrafa. To give you a landmark for reference, WPA1 Central is the closest Pokemon Center to this location.

You’ll need to climb the hill and keep heading north. As soon as you pass by the wind turbines, Arven will call you to let you know you are near the Open Sky Titan. Eventually, you’ll find the Titan located on a mountain with tons of boulders strewn across it.

Bombirdier Weaknesses

  • Super-effective: Electric, Rock, Ice, Fairy
  • Not very effective: Grass, Ghost, Dark
  • Normal: Fighting, Bug, Normal, Fire, Water, Poison, Flying, Dragon, Steel
  • No effect: Ground, Psychic

Bombirdier is a dual-type Flying/Dark Pokemon. Hence, its type-effectiveness is not as simple as with single-type Pokemon. To summarize, you should use Pokemon that know Electric, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type moves. Such Pokemon include Pawmo and Quaxwell.

Avoid using Grass, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon and attacks. Hence, you should keep Spirigatito at the very back of your party for this fight. Additionally, Ground and Psychic-type attacks do not affect this Titan.

After you defeat Bombirdier for the first time, it will retreat and you will need to defeat it again. However, this time you’ll be accompanied by Arven and his Nacli, a solid Rock-type Pokemon.

Bombirdier Rewards

Once you have defeated Bombirdier for good, you will get a Herba Mystica. This Herba Mystica will unlock a new ability for your legendary mount: Swim. Swim lets you travel through large bodies of water safely.

The Lurking Steel Titan – Orthworm

Orthworm in battle, lurking over a wide open field.
Battle the Steel-type Orthworm with Pokemon of levels 30-35.
  • Type: Steel
  • Ability: Earth Eater
  • Hidden Ability: Sand Veil
  • Recommended Level: 30-35

Orthworm is the next Titan that you should take down. This six-segmented metal worm can be easily taken down if you have the right type of Pokemon.

It has the ability Earth Eater, which is its signature ability. This ability lets Orthworm restore 25% of its maximum HP when hit by Ground-type moves. Additionally, Ground-type moves do not affect Orthworm.

Moreover, Orthworm has the Hidden Ability Sand Veil. Through this, during a sandstorm, the accuracy of all moves used against Orthworm will be multiplied by 4/5. And that’s not all. Orthworm doesn’t take damage from sandstorms.

Orthworm Location

The Lurking Steel Titan can be easily found to the northwest of Levincia or the east of Zapapico. It’s located in East Province and can be found on the road that bridges the gap between the two cities. You can see Orthworm peeking through the ground halfway through the route.

Orthworm Weaknesses

  • Super-effective: Fire, Fighting
  • Not very effective: Normal, Ice, Flying, Grass, Psychic, Rock, Bug, Steel, Dragon, Fairy
  • Normal: Dark, Water, Electric, Ghost
  • No effect: Poison

Orthworm is a single-type Steel-type Pokemon. Hence, Fire and Fighting-type Pokemon and moves are the best against it. Here, you can make use of Fuecoco and its evolutionary line.

Unfortunately, Ground’s super-effectiveness is negated by the Earth Eater ability. Hence, avoid Ground-type as well as Poison-type moves, as these will deal no damage to Orthworm.

Of the other starters, only Quaxly can be used against Orthworm, as Spirigatito is at a type disadvantage. Moreover, you should avoid using Sandstorm during battle, as it will not affect Orthworm.

Once you defeat Orthworm for the first time, you’ll need to do so again after it eats the herb. Then, you’ll have to fight it alongside Arven and his Toedscool. Toedscool is a dual-type Ground/Grass Pokemon, which means it’s at a disadvantage here.

Orthworm Rewards

If you defeat Orthworm, you will get a Herba Mystica as a reward. This herb will unlock the ability “High Jump” for your Koraidon.

The Quaking Earth Titan – Great Tusk

Great Tusk from Pokemon Scarlet standing in a desert.
You can find the Ground/Fighting-type Great Tusk in the desert.
  • Type: Ground/Fighting
  • Ability: Protosynthesis
  • Hidden Ability: None
  • Recommended Level: 45-50

The 4th Titan that you should battle is Great Tusk. This is a dual Ground/Fighting-type Paradox Pokemon that resembles an ancient ancestor of Donphan. This is the only Titan that is version-exclusive (in Pokemon Violet, it’s replaced by Iron Treads).

Great Tusk has the ability Protosynthesis. This is the signature ability of all Paradox Pokemon. It boosts the highest stat of the Pokemon (apart from HP) when in harsh sunlight. This also works when holding Booster Energy.

Great Tusk Location

You can find Great Tusk in the desert, near the Western side to be exact. You should go west from the Pokemon Center located near the north of Cascarrafa. The location can also be accessed by going South from the Pokemon Center in Porto Marinada.

Another way to access the area is to go to the West Province and head on over to the Pokemon Center in the north. Then, you can dive from the cliff and jump right into the desert. You can easily see Great Tusk from afar.

Additionally, Arven will call you to tell you that you are very close to another Titan.

Great Tusk Weaknesses

  • Super-effective: Water, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Fairy
  • Not very effective: Poison, Rock, Bug, Dark
  • Normal: Fire, Normal, Fighting, Ground, Steel, Ghost, Dragon
  • No effect: Electric

Being a dual Ground/Fighting-type Pokemon, you will want to have a lot of Water and Grass-type moves. Luckily, Spirigatito and Quaxly are very effective against Great Tusk. Unfortunately, Fire has a neutral effect against this type-combo.

Additionally, you should avoid Poison, Bug, Dark, and Rock-type Pokemon. You should especially avoid using Rock-type Pokemon as the type has a double disadvantage. It’s weak to both Ground and Fighting.

Moreover, do not use Electric-type moves at all. They will not be effective against Great Tusk due to its Ground typing.

Eventually, after you defeat the Pokemon, it will retreat, eat the herb, and battle you again. This time, Arven will send out a Scovillain to help you battle Great Tusk. This is a dual Grass/Fire-type Pokemon. Hence, it has a good type advantage over the Titan.

Great Tusk Rewards

Battling the Quaking Earth Titan will grant you a Herba Mustica. This herb can be used to acquire the Travel Ability “Glide”.

The False Dragon Titan – Dondozo and Tatsugiri


Dondozo in battle with the player.
Challenge the False Dragon Titan Dondozo in Casseroya Lake.
  • Type: Water
  • Ability: Unaware or Oblivious
  • Hidden Ability: Water Veil
  • Recommended Level: 55-60

The last and most powerful Titan that you should battle is Dondozo. Named the “False Dragon Titan”, this Pokemon resembles an ancient fish with a blue color scheme. It’s a pure Water-type Pokemon that is best countered by Electric and Grass-type attacks.

Additionally, this Pokemon has the Unaware ability. The ability allows it to ignore all of the target Pokemon’s stat alterations if it has made any. And that’s not all. There’s also the Water Veil Hidden Ability, which prevents burns.

Dondozo Location

Dondozo is the hardest to find in the game as you will need to defeat at least two Titans before. This is because you will need the Travel Ability Swim before you can access the location.

To get to Dondozo, you must first go north from Medali. Here, you will find Casseroya Lake. You will need to use your Swim ability to swim through it. The False Dragon Titan will be right in the center of the lake.

Arven will call you and tell you that you’re getting very close to another Titan. As you near the south-east island, head on over to the southern part of it. Here, you will see a small fish. Speak to the fish and Dondozo will appear.

Dondozo Weaknesses

  • Super-effective: Grass, Electric
  • Not very effective: Fire, Water, Steel, Ice
  • Normal: Poison, Fighting, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Dragon, Fairy, Ground, Normal, Bug, Rock, Dark
  • No effect: None

Being a single-type Pokemon, you’d think that taking it down would be easier. Unfortunately, its Water typing makes it quite the challenge. It’s only weak against Grass and Electric-type moves. This severely restricts your options.

Additionally, it’s super strong against Ice, Steel, Water, and Fire-type Pokemon. So you should avoid using your Fuecoco and Quaxly. Luckily, all other types deal neutral damage to Dondozo.

After you defeat Dondozo for the first time, Dondozo will retreat into the cave and you will have to battle it again. This time, Arven will accompany you with his Greedent. Greedent is a Normal-type Pokemon, which won’t have any attack bonus against Dondozo.


Tatsugiri from Pokemon Scarlet challenging the player.
After you defeat Dondozo, Tatsugiri will challenge you.
  • Type: Dragon/Water
  • Ability: Commander
  • Hidden Ability: Storm Drain
  • Recommended Level: 55-60

Once you take down Dondozo for the second time, you will need to battle the small orange fish that you talked to before. The fish is the Pokemon Tatsugiri and has a dual Dragon/Water typing. This is the last Titan you should battle in the Pokemon Scarlet Titan order.

It has the ability Commander, which lets it control Dondozo by sitting in its mouth. Its Hidden Ability is Storm Drain. This ability allows it to draw in all Water-type attacks and become immune to them. Additionally, each Water-type attack increases the Tatsugiri’s Special Attack.

Tatsugiri Weaknesses

  • Super-effective: Dragon, Fairy
  • Not very effective: Fire, Water, Steel
  • Normal: Poison, Fighting, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, Ground, Normal, Bug, Rock, Dark, Electric, Grass, Ice
  • No effect: None

You can beat Tatsugiri with ease if you have a Dragon or Fairy-type Pokemon in your party. Unfortunately, these two are the only types that work best against Tatsugiri.

Avoid using Steel, Water, and Fire-type Pokemon. You should especially leave behind your Quaxly and its evolutionary stages. Water-type moves will only help Tatsugiri boost its Special Attack.

Dondozo and Tatsugiri Rewards

If you successfully defeat Dondozo and then Tatsugiri, you will receive a Herba Mystica. This herb will unlock a new Travel Ability for your Koraidon: the ability “Climb”.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Scarlet has introduced a new game mechanic in which you can complete the story in any order you like. Additionally, it introduces giant Pokemon called Titans. You must battle them to complete the entire storyline.

However, although you can complete the story in any fashion you like, you should follow the order we mentioned. To conclude, you should first defeat Klawf and then Bombirdier. Then, defeat Orthworm followed by Great Tusk. Finally, take down Dondozo and Tatsugiri together.

We hope you now know all about the Pokemon Scarlet Titan order and how you should complete the storyline.

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