Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Elite Four And Champions Full Guide

If you reached the end of Victory Road Path, you run across a final quest to defeat the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, so this guide will assist you on your journey.

Adetailed guide on who the Elite Four and Champions are and how to defeat them.

Once players reach the end of Victory Road Path, they are challenged by the Elite Four and eventually face the two current Champions. The Elite Four along with the Champions can be intimidating but worry not, we have gone into detail on who the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are, and how can we gain victory against them.

Key Takeaways

  • Players face the Elite Four at the end of Victory Road Path, who needs to be defeated in order to challenge the Champions Geeta and Nemona.
  • Winning against the two Champions of the Paldea Region gives you a Champion Title too.
  • The Elite Four are Rika, Poppy, Larry, and Hassel, each with their own type of Pokémons.
  • Unlike the Elite Four, both Champions have mixed set of Pokémons with higher levels.
  • Players should have 65 Level or above Pokémons in order to have a smooth victory.
  • The Elite Four and Champions battle is a one-time offer and players can not rechallenge them.

Who Are The Elite Four And Champion

Ehe Elite Four of Paldea consists of four top trainers: Rika, Poppy, Larry, and Hassel. To claim the title of Pokémon Champion, players must defeat them along with the current Champion, Nemona.

Here’s the order of battles:

  1. Rika (Battle One)
  2. Poppy (Battle Two)
  3. Larry (Battle Three)
  4. Hassel (Battle Four)
  5. Nemona (Final Battle)

Defeating any of the Elite Four or the Champion is a challenging task, requiring thorough preparation.Pokémon League Location On MapPokémon League Location On Map

To reach the Pokémon League, start from Mesagoza city center, head northwest, and find the stairs near the food shop. Climb them to enter the Tunnel leading to the League. Once on the grassy land, head uphill, optionally battling Jaxon the Student and Cabbie Paco. A Pokémon Center nearby allows for healing before challenging the League. Prepare for back-to-back battles at the League’s gate.

    Tunnel To Pokémon League
    Tunnel To Pokémon League

    Champion Assessment Interview Answers

    When you’re ready to face the Pokémon League, approach the gate where a guard will confirm if you have all 8 Gym Badges. If you do, you’ll proceed to the Interview Room, where Rika from the Elite Four will ask you questions. Here are the correct answers:

    1. Q: How did you get here today? A: I walked.

    2. Q: Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in. A: Naranja Academy (Pokémon Scarlet) or Uva Academy (Pokémon Violet).

    3. Q: So, what brings you to the Pokémon League today? A: I came to become a Champion.

    4. Q: Now, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion? A: Any answer is correct; remember it for later.Confirmation for Champion AssessmentConfirmation for Champion Assessment

    5. Q: Tell me, which of the eight Gyms gave you the most difficulty? A: Any answer is correct.

    6. Q: And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there? A: Choose the appropriate Gym Leader.

    7. Q: But do you remember which type of Pokémon Gym Leader used? A: Choose the type of Pokémon used by the Gym Leader.

    8. Q: What was the category of the Pokémon you chose to be your first partner? A: Choose your starter Pokémon’s type.

    9. Q: Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion? A: Repeat the answer given in Question 4.

    10. Q: Do you like Pokémon? A: Yes.

    Upon passing the interview, Rika will congratulate you and you’ll proceed to the “Elite Test” where you’ll battle the Elite Four.

    First Portion Of Champion Assessment
    First Portion Of Champion Assessment

    Elite Four And How To Beat Them

    Congratulations! You’re about to challenge the Elite Four and face the top Champions. To succeed, it’s essential to have Pokémon at level 57 or higher, matching the Elite Four’s levels. You can heal your Pokémon after each battle and use stat-boosting items, but you can’t return to the Pokémon Center. Prepare yourself before entering the Pokémon League.

    Here are the Elite Four members, their levels, and how to defeat them.

    1. Rika:

      • Pokémon: Ground Types (Levels 57-58)
      • Strategy: Use Grass, Water, and Ice types. Avoid Electric types.
      • Prize Money: 12,296 Pokémon DollarsFirst Elite RikaFirst Elite Rika
    2. Poppy:

      • Pokémon: Steel Types (Levels 58-59)
      • Strategy: Utilize Fire Types primarily. Be cautious of mixed types.
      • Prize Money: 12,508 Pokémon DollarsSecond Elite PoppySecond Elite Poppy
    3. Larry:

      • Pokémon: Normal and Flying Types (Levels 59-60)
      • Strategy: Ice and Rock types are most effective. Adapt against mixed types.
      • Prize Money: 12,720 Pokémon DollarsThird Elite LarryThird Elite Larry
    4. Hassel:

      • Pokémon: Dragon Types (Levels 60-61)
      • Strategy: Ice and Dragon types work best. Beware of mixed types.
      • Prize Money: 12,932 Pokémon DollarsFourth Elite HasselFourth Elite Hassel

    How To Beat The Champions

    Welcome to your final journey after crushing the Elite Four in back-to-back intense battles. You have to clear another Test to come face-to-face with Nemona, the current Champion. In the final test, you fight off another top Champion, Geeta. The only person who won against Geeta is Nemona herself. So, let’s learn more about the final test along with the final battle and gain that Champion title!

    Geeta: The Final Test (Level 61-62)

    Geeta: The Final Test
    Geeta: The Final Test

    When fully prepared to face Geeta, proceed to the next gate and select “yes” to confirm. You’ll reach the Pokémon League rooftop and face Top Champion Geeta. Geeta won’t hold back during the battle.

    Geeta’s Pokémon lineup is diverse, unlike the previous Elite Four. They belong to various types. Here are the Pokémon you’ll encounter from her side and how to defeat them.

    1. Espathra:
      • Pokémon: Psychic Type (Level 61)
      • Weakness: Bug, Ghost, Dark
      • Strategy: Use Bug, Ghost, or Dark-type Pokémon. Avoid Fighting and Psychic types.
    2. Kingambit:
      • Pokémon: Steel/Dark Type (Level 61)
      • Weakness: Fighting
      • Strategy: Utilize Fighting-type Pokémon. Avoid Poison and Psychic types.
    3. Avalugg:
      • Pokémon: Ice Type (Level 61)
      • Weakness: Fire, Fighting, Rock, Steel
      • Strategy: Fire-types are ideal. Avoid using Ice-type Pokémon.
    4. Gogoat:
      • Pokémon: Grass Type (Level 61)
      • Weakness: Ice, Fire, Poison, Bug, Flying
      • Strategy: Ice, Fire, Poison, Bug, or Flying-type Pokémon are effective. Avoid Water, Grass, Ground, Electric types.
    5. Veluza:
      • Pokémon: Water/Poison Type (Level 61)
      • Weakness: Grass, Bug, Ghost, Electric, Dark
      • Strategy: Use Grass, Bug, Ghost, Electric, or Dark-type Pokémon. Avoid Water, Psychic, Fire, Fighting, Steel types.
    6. Glimmora:
      • Pokémon: Rock/Poison Type (Level 62)
      • Weakness: Ground, Psychic, Water, Steel
      • Strategy: Ground-types are highly effective. Psychic, Water, and Steel types work well too. Avoid Poison-types.

    Prepare a diverse team of Pokémon that can exploit the weaknesses of Geeta’s team. Adapt your strategy based on each opponent’s type and vulnerabilities. Victory against Geeta earns you 14,880 Pokémon Dollars and brings you one step closer to challenging the Pokémon Champion, Nemona.

    Nemona: The Last Battle (Level 65-66)

    Nemona: The Last Battle
    Nemona: The Last Battle
    1. Lycanroc (Midday Form):

      • Pokémon: Rock Type (Level 66)
      • Weakness: Water, Grass, Steel, Fighting, Ground
      • Strategy: Utilize Water, Grass, Steel, Fighting, or Ground-type Pokémon. Avoid using Normal, Poison, Fire, or Flying-types.
    2. Pawmot:

      • Pokémon: Electric/Fighting Type (Level 65)
      • Weakness: Ground
      • Strategy: Ground-types are highly effective. Also consider using Psychic or Fairy-type Pokémon. Avoid using Electric, Steel, Bug, Rock, or Dark-types.
    3. Goodra:

      • Pokémon: Dragon Type (Level 65)
      • Weakness: Fairy, Dragon, Ice
      • Strategy: Utilize Fairy, Dragon, or Ice-type Pokémon. Avoid Water, Fire, Grass, and Electric-types.
    4. Orthworm:

      • Pokémon: Steel Type (Level 65)
      • Weakness: Ground, Fire, Fighting
      • Strategy: Ground, Fire, or Fighting-type Pokémon are recommended. Avoid using Poison-types.
    5. Dudunsparce:

      • Pokémon: Normal Type (Level 65)
      • Weakness: Fighting
      • Strategy: Use Fighting-type Pokémon. Other types are also effective except for Ghost-types. Avoid using Ghost Pokémon.
    6. Starter Pokémon (Quaquaval/Meowscarada/Skeledirge):

      • Pokémon: Varies based on your starter choice
      • Weakness: Exploit the weakness of Nemona’s starter Pokémon with your evolved starter Pokémon. Utilize Terastallization for added advantage.

    Just like Geeta, Nemona has a diverse set of Pokémons. Make sure to bring along mixed types too, we recommend having Fire-type Pokémons as a must, most of her Pokémons are countered by the Fire types. Make sure not to use Fire types against Goodra and Lycanroc, instead go for a Ground-type Pokémon, which will be effective against both. Keep your evolved Starter Pokémon ready for her final Pokémon and save the Terastallization for it.

    Once you defeat the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you win the title of a Top Champion and finally end your Victory Road Path.

    Rechallenging The Elite Four

    Some players have been wondering if they can rechallenge the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to battle again, mostly for rewards purposes. The answer is simple, you can not. You can revisit the Pokémon League area but can not participate in the Elite Four challenge itself. It is a one-time victory and once you are past it, you can do the “post-game” stuff.

    Final Remarks

    The RPG Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are filled with mysteries to be discovered and paths to complete. Players are not limited to catching and battling Pokémons, they can perform various tasks such as taking classes, battling Leaders, and whatnot. On top of all that, the arrival of various new Pokémons is a cherry on top.

    Despite bringing a lot of new chances in the Pokémon World of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Elite Four and Champions stayed a part of it and OG Pokémon Gamers are already aware of them. Players can challenge the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and earn the title of Champion in the Paldea Region. We have covered everything related to the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet so go on and end your Victory Road.

    Gyms play a huge role in Victory Road Path and help in unlocking the Elite Four challenge. Check how our detailed guide about Gyms in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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    Download Pokémon Scarlet And Violet.

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