Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Elite Four And Champions Full Guide

If you reached the end of Victory Road Path, you run across a final quest to defeat the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, so this guide will assist you on your journey.

Adetailed guide on who the Elite Four and Champions are and how to defeat them.

Once players reach the end of Victory Road Path, they are challenged by the Elite Four and eventually face the two current Champions. The Elite Four along with the Champions can be intimidating but worry not, we have gone into detail on who the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are, and how can we gain victory against them.

Key Takeaways

  • Players face the Elite Four at the end of Victory Road Path, who needs to be defeated in order to challenge the Champions Geeta and Nemona.
  • Winning against the two Champions of the Paldea Region gives you a Champion Title too.
  • The Elite Four are Rika, Poppy, Larry, and Hassel, each with their own type of Pokémons.
  • Unlike the Elite Four, both Champions have mixed set of Pokémons with higher levels.
  • Players should have 65 Level or above Pokémons in order to have a smooth victory.
  • The Elite Four and Champions battle is a one-time offer and players can not rechallenge them.

Who Are The Elite Four And Champion

In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Elite Four is a group of four top trainers in the region of Paldea. To become the Pokémon Champion of Paldea, players must defeat all four members of the Elite Four along with the current Champion, Nemona. This is the final challenge players face after completing all eight Gyms and the Victory Road quests.

The Elite Four and the final two Champions you face in order are:

  1. Rika (Battle One)
  2. Poppy (Battle Two)
  3. Larry (Battle Three)
  4. Hassel (Battle Four)
  5. Geeta (Final Test Battle)
  6. Nemona (Final Battle)

Defeating any of the Elite Four members or the Champion is a challenging task, so it’s essential to be well-prepared before entering the Pokémon League gates. This final challenge marks a significant milestone in the game for players aiming to become the Pokémon Champion of Paldea.

    Pokemon League Location

    Pokémon League Location On Map
    Pokémon League Location On Map

    To reach the Pokémon League, start from Mesagoza city center (in front of the Academy), and head in the Northwest direction. There you need to look for stairs. It won’t be difficult as the stairs are huge and right at the corner. The right side of the stairs also belongs to a Food Shop. Once you find them, climb up and go into the Tunnel behind the big gates.

    Tunnel To Pokémon League
    Tunnel To Pokémon League

    A black screen will appear for a few seconds and you will be teleported to the other side. Once on the grassy land, head up the hill. You will encounter two Pokémon Trainers, Jaxon the Student and Cabbie Paco. The battle with them is optional so if you desire, simply head straight to the Pokémon League which should be in view. 

    There is a Pokémon Center outside the Pokémon League in case you want to heal yourself beforehand. Now, go to the Pokémon League’s gate and get ready for some back-to-back battles!

    Champion Assessment Interview Answers

    When you are ready to face the Pokémon League, head towards the gate. The man guarding the gate confirms if you are ready to face the Pokémon League Champion Assessment. 

    Confirmation for Champion Assessment
    Confirmation for Champion Assessment

    Make sure you have all the 8 Gym Badges you receive by beating the Gym Leaders throughout Paldea. If you fail to do so, the man will not let you proceed any further. However, if you do have all the Gym Badges, you will have proceeded to the Interview Room. Here you have to answer some questions asked by Rika the interviewer, who is also one of the Four Elites. Answering each question thrown at you correctly is necessary or else you will fail to participate any further. 

    First Portion Of Champion Assessment
    First Portion Of Champion Assessment

    We have mentioned all the correct answers to the Champion Assessment Interview below so you don’t have to constantly fail it:

    Q1: How did you get here today?

    • I walked

    Q2: Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in.

    • Naranja Academy if Pokémon Scarlet or Uva Academy if Pokémon Violet.

    Q3: So, what brings you to the Pokémon League today?

    • I came to become a Champion

    Q4: Now, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion? 

    • Any answer is correct. Remember your answer, the same question will be repeated later in the interview.

    Q5: Tell me: Which of the eight Gyms gave you the most difficulty?

    • Again, any answer you pick is correct. The question won’t be repeated either.

    Q6: And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there?

    • Pick the Leader of the Gym you chose,
    • Cortondo Gym Leader: Katy
    • Artazon Gym Leader: Brassius
    • Levincia Gym Leader: Iono
    • Cascarrafa Gym Leader: Kofu 
    • Medali Gym Leader: Larry
    • Montenevera Gym Leader: Ryme 
    • Alfornada Gym Leader: Tulip
    • Glaseado Gym Leader: Grusha

    Q7: But do you remember which type of Pokémon *Gym Leader* used?

    • Choose the type of Pokémon the Gym Leader used
    • Katy: Bug Type
    • Brassius: Grass Type
    • Iono: Electric Type
    • Kofu: Water Type
    • Larry: Normal Type
    • Ryme: Ghost Type
    • Tulip: Psychic Type
    • Grusha: Ice Type

    Q8: What was the category of the Pokémon you chose to be your first partner?

    • Choose your starter Pokémon’s type

    The Grass Cat Pokémon if you chose Sprigatito

    The Fire Croc Pokémon if you chose Fuecoco

    The Duckling Pokémon if you chose Quaxly

    Q9: Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion?

    • Repeat the answer you gave in Question 4

    Q10: Do you like Pokémon?

    • Yes

    After giving it some thought, Rika will congratulate you for passing the first part of the Champion Assessment. Now you will face the second part of the test called the “Elite Test” where you fight off the Elite Four in Pokémon battles.

    Elite Four And How To Beat Them

    Congratulations! You’re about to challenge the Elite Four and face the top Champions. To succeed, it’s essential to have Pokémon at level 57 or higher, matching the Elite Four’s levels. You can heal your Pokémon after each battle and use stat-boosting items, but you can’t return to the Pokémon Center. Prepare yourself before entering the Pokémon League. Here are the Elite Four members, their levels, and how to defeat them.

    Rika: First Elite (Level 57-58) 

    First Elite Rika
    First Elite Rika

    You already met Rika as an interviewer, now is the time to face her as your opponent. Rika has a set of Ground-Type Pokémons, who are considered weak, and maybe that is why Rika is one of the first Ground-Type Pokémons Trainers in the Elite Four. However, do not underestimate Rika’s Pokémons. 


    • Whiscash

    First Pokémon Rika sends is a Water/Ground type. It is a Level 57 Pokémon but not as strong as most Ground types. Whiscash is weak against Grass-Type Pokemons with a 4x weakness. It is fully immune to Electric-Type Pokémons.

    • Camerupt

    A Ground-Type Pokémon mixed with Fire, Camerupt that Rika sends is a Level 57. To beat it in one to two shots, Water-types are best because Camerupt has 4x weaknesses against them. Same as Whiscash, Camerupt is immune to Electric-type Pokémons.

    • Donphan

    A pure Ground-Type Pokémon, Donphan is at Level 57. Donphan can be defeated with Water, Grass, and Ice-type Pokémons as it has a weakness of 2x against each of them. 

    • Dugtrio

    The other pure Ground-type Pokémon that Rika sends is Dugtrio. Water, Grass, and Ice-type Pokémons have 2x weakness on Dugtrio. 

    • Clodsire 

    The final Pokémon Rika sends is Clodsire. Other than the Poison and Ground types, Clodside also possesses Tera-Type Ground. Ice, Ground, and Psychic-type Pokémons are good against Clodsire.


    To beat Rika’s team effectively, use Grass, Water, and Ice Type Pokémon. Avoid Electric Types as they’re ineffective against Ground Types. Start with a level 60+ Grass Type against Whiscash for a 4x advantage. Then, use well-trained Water Types against her other Pokémon.

    For her last Pokémon, Clodsire, avoid Water Types due to its healing ability. Instead, send Psychic or Grass Types like Arboliva (a Grass/Normal Type) to counter it. Winning against Rika earns you 12,296 Pokémon Dollars as prize money.

    Poppy: Second Elite  (Level 58-59)

    Second Elite Poppy
    Second Elite Poppy

    Don’t let your guard down around the Second Elite who happens to be a cute yet creepy little kid. Poppy managed to become a member of the Elite Four at such a young age but can easily beat most of the top trainers. She comes with her Steel-Type Pokémons, ten times tougher looking than she is. 


    • Copperajah

    The first tanky Pokémon Poppy sends is a pure steel-type Copperajah. It is on Level 58, meaning the players require a 60 Level or above in order to beat it. Copperajah has a 2x weakness against Fire, Fighting, and Ground-type Pokémons.

    • Corviknight

    The second Pokémon to make an appearance is Corviknight with a Level of 58. Corviknight is a Flyying/Steel mixed type Pokémon with a weakness of 2x against Fire, Fighting-Type, and Ground-type Pokémons.

    • Bronzong

    The third Pokémon you will face against Poppy is Bronzong, a Psychic/Steel-type. Bronzong comes with a Level of 58 but still loses easily against Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark type Pokémons due to their 2x damage.

    • Magnezone

    The dual type Pokémon (Electric and Steel) is Magnezone which comes on the battlefield with Level 58. Magnezone has a 4x weakness against Ground and 2x weakness against Fire and Fighting-type Pokémons.

    • Tinkaton

    The final and most powerful Pokémon that Poppy sends is a Tinkaton with a Tera-type Steel. Unlike other Pokémons, Poppy’s Tinkaton is on Level 59. Fire and Ground-types deal 2x damage on Tinkaton.


    To defeat Poppy’s tanky Pokémon, use a lineup of Fire Types as they can break through their heavy defense. Steel Types also work well, as Steel’s reduced damage against Fire isn’t a significant concern. Be cautious of her Steel Types mixed with Flying, Psychic, Electric, and Fairy types. Adapt your team accordingly, like using Ground Types against Magnezone (4x Ground-type damage).

    Pokémon such as Arcanine and Armarouge are excellent choices. Avoid Poison Types, as they are ineffective against Steel Types. Poppy’s Tera-type Pokémon “Tinkaton” is tough; keep Max and Hyper Potions ready. Defeating Poppy earns you 12,508 Pokémon Dollars as prize money.

    Larry: Third Elite (Level 59-60)

    Third Elite Larry
    Third Elite Larry

    The third member of the Elite Four, Larry specializes in the Normal and Flying-type Pokémons with each Pokémon mixed with another type such as Grass, Dragon, Electric, and Fighting, making him carry the most diverse lineup of Pokémons. You have faced Larry before in Medali as a Gym Leader, but now, he will give you a harder time in battle than last time. 


    • Tropius

    Larry starts the battle with Tropius, a Grass/Flying dual-type Pokémon. The Pokémon is on Level 59. To have a victorious first round, players should acquire Level 61 or above on their Pokémons. Ice-type Pokémons are best against Tropius due to his weakness of 4x with them. Fire, Poison, Flying, and Rock-type Pokémons are also good with 2x damage on Tropius.

    • Staraptor 

    The second Pokémon you face against Larry is his Staraptor, a Level 59 Pokémon. Staraptor is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon and 2x weak against Electric, Ice, and Rock-type Pokémons.

    • Altaria 

    The cute Altaria is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon that Larry sends. Altaria is on Level 59 but a high-leveled Ice-type Pokémon deals 4x damage to it and takes it out easily. Rock, Dragon, and Fairy-type Pokémons are also effective against her with 2x damage.

    • Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style)

    There are different Oricorio styles with different abilities. However, Larry sends a dancing bird Oricorio with Pom-Pom Style who possesses a dual type of Electric/Flying. Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style) is on Level 59 and takes more damage (2x) against its best counters Ice and Rock-type Pokémons.

    • Flamigo 

    The final Pokémon Larry shoots off is Flamigo of Flying/Fighting type, who also possesses a Tera-type Flying. Flamingo is Larry’s only Pokémon in the battle with Level 60, making it more powerful than the previous Pokémons. However, multiple Pokémon-types can deal 2x damage to Flamigo such as Fairy, Electric, Ice, Flying, and Psychic.


    Larry, the Normal-type Pokémon Gym Leader, uses Flying-types in Elite Four battles. All Flying-types are weak to Ice and Rock types and are immune to Ground types. Consider using Cetitan, a pure Ice-type Pokémon, against Larry’s Flying-types. Fire, Rock, Poison, and Electric types can also be effective.

    For Larry’s last Pokémon, Flamigo with Tera-type Flying, use an Ice or Electric-type Pokémon with Terastallization. Victory against Larry earns you 12,720 Pokémon Dollars as prize money.

    Hassel: Fourth Elite (Level 60-61)

    Fourth Elite Hassel
    Fourth Elite Hassel

    The final and strongest member of the Elite Four is here. Hassle will surely create some hassle on your way to becoming the new Champion. His Pokémon type is Dragon and all of them are leveled up to 60 or above. Make sure to heal all your Pokémons before entering the toughest combat so far. 


    • Noivern 

    The first Pokémon you encounter from Hassel is Noivern, a Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon. Noivern will be leveled up to 60 Level. The biggest weakness Noivern has is against Ice-type Pokémons (4x). Rock, Dragon, and Fairy also deal considerate damage to Noivern. 

    • Dragalge

    The next Pokémon Hassel sends is Dragalge, a Poison/Flying Pokémon. Players might need some potions to deal with the continuous damage of Dragalge’s poison. Dragalge is a 60 Level Pokémon with 2x weakness to Ice, Dragon, Psychic, and Ground-type Pokémons.

    • Flapple

    A Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon who is leveled up to 60. Flapple is weak against Ice-type Pokémons with a weakness of 4x. Pokémons such as Poison, Flying, Dragon, Fairy, and Bug are also good picks against Flapple.

    • Haxorus

    The next Pokémon you come face-to-face with is Haxorus, a pure Dragon type. He comes with Level 60 and is considered strong against Fire, Grass, Electric, and Water. Although, he is weak against Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type Pokémons so those types should be your go-to here.

    Hassel’s last Pokémon is a high-level 61 Dragon/Ice type called Baxcalibur. Due to the Tera Type Dragon, Baxcalibur is hard to beat. His counter Pokémons are Fighting, Dragon, Fairy, Steel, and Rock-type which deal 2x damage to him.


    To face Hassel’s Dragon-type Pokémon, ensure your Pokémon are at least level 62, as his Pokémon start at level 60. Use Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon as they are the most effective. Avoid other types, as they can be easily defeated.

    Do not select Water, Grass, or Electric-type Pokémon, as their damage is greatly reduced against Dragons. Use Terstallize against Baxcalibur for an advantage against his Tera Type. Winning against Hassel earns you 12,932 Pokémon Dollars as prize money.

    How To Beat The Champions

    Welcome to your final journey after crushing the Elite Four in back-to-back intense battles. You have to clear another Test to come face-to-face with Nemona, the current Champion. In the final test, you fight off another top Champion, Geeta. The only person who won against Geeta is Nemona herself. So, let’s learn more about the final test along with the final battle and gain that Champion title!

    Geeta: The Final Test (Level 61-62)

    Geeta: The Final Test
    Geeta: The Final Test

    When fully prepared to face Geeta, proceed to the next gate and select “yes” to confirm. You’ll reach the Pokémon League rooftop and face Top Champion Geeta. Geeta won’t hold back during the battle.

    Geeta’s Pokémon lineup is diverse, unlike the previous Elite Four. They belong to various types. Here are the Pokémon you’ll encounter from her side and how to defeat them.


    • Espathra

    The first Pokémon Geeta introduces is Espathra, a Psychic-type Pokémon. Her Pokémon is leveled up to 61 and requires a good strategy to be defeated. Espartha is 2x weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark-type Pokémons and resists damage by Fighting and Psychic-type Pokémons.

    • Kingambit 

    Geeta sends out Kingambit, a sneaky and tanky Steel/Dark-type Pokémon at Level 61. Kingambit’s main weakness is Fighting-type Pokémon. Fire and Ground types are also effective against it. Avoid using Poison and Psychic-type Pokémon in battle, as Kingambit is immune to both due to its strong defense.

    • Avalugg

    Avalugg, the next challenger, is a pure Ice-type Pokémon. Fire-types are the ideal choice against Ice, but Fighting, Rock, and Steel types are also recommended due to their 2x advantage over Ice. Avoid using fellow Ice-type Pokémon, as the damage dealt will be reduced.

    • Gogoat

    A Level 61 Gogoat makes the entry now. The tough-looking Gogoat is a Grass-type, making it weak against Ice, Fire, Poison, Bug, and Flying-type Pokémons with 2x weakness. However, avoid sending Water, Grass, Ground, and Electric-type Pokémons against it due to the 0.5x resistance. 

    • Veluza

    Geeta sends out Veluza, a dual-type Water and Poison Pokémon. Veluza is weak against Grass, Bug, Ghost, Electric, and Dark-type Pokémon. Use one of these types to defeat Veluza quickly. Avoid Water, Psychic, Fire, Fighting, and Steel-type Pokémon, as Veluza can counter any of these types.

    • Glimmora

    Geeta’s final Pokémon is Glimmora, a dual-type Rock and Poison Pokémon at Level 62. The best choice to use against Glimmora is Ground due to its significant 4x weakness. Psychic, Water, and Steel types are also effective with a 2x advantage. Avoid Poison-types in the battle against Glimmora, as it has almost zero susceptibility to Poison attacks.


    Defeating Geeta, the final member of the Elite Four, is a significant step toward challenging the Pokémon Champion, Nemona.

    Here’s a strategy to help you take down Geeta’s Pokémon:

    1. Send out your first Pokémon, preferably one that can easily counter her first two Pokémon. Skeledirge is an excellent choice because it can deal massive damage to Espartha due to its Ghost typing, which is strong against Psychic types. Additionally, Skeledirge has a Fire typing, which is effective against Kingambit, her second Pokémon.

    2. If you don’t have Skeledirge, use any counter-Pokémon you have available. Continue to use Skeledirge if you have it and aim to defeat Avalugg, her third Pokémon, with it (remember to use healing potions).

    3. Geeta’s Gogoat is weak against Grass, Bug, Ghost, Electric, or Dark-type Pokémon. Choose one of these types to counter Gogoat effectively.

    4. For Veluza and Glimmora, both have different counter-Pokémon. Toedscruel, a Grass/Ground-type Pokémon, works well against both of them. Use Terastallize against Glimmora.

    Upon defeating Geeta, you will earn 14,880 Pokémon Dollars in prize money. With this victory, you’re one step closer to facing Nemona, the Pokémon Champion.

    Nemona: The Last Battle (Level 65-66)

    Nemona: The Last Battle
    Nemona: The Last Battle

    After defeating Geeta and becoming a Champion in Paldea, you’ll face a familiar face, Nemona, who is also a Champion. She challenges you to the Final Battle at the battle court in Mesagoza’s central plaza. You can initiate this battle whenever you feel prepared, but it’s essential to make some preparations:

    1. Level Up: Ensure that your top Pokémon are at a high level, preferably above level 66, as all of Nemona’s Pokémon range from Level 65 to Level 66.

    2. Healing Potions: Stock up on healing potions to keep your Pokémon in good shape during the battle.

    3. Tera-orb: Charge your Tera-orb at the Pokémon Center to give yourself an advantage.


    • Lycanroc

    Nemona starts the battle with Lycanroc (Midday form), a pure Rock-type Pokémon. Since Lycanroc is a Rock-type, it is 2X weak against Water, Grass. Steel, Fighting, and Ground Pokémons. Do not send Normal, Poison, Fire, or Flying-types against Lycanroc as they deal only a little damage to it.

    • Pawmot

    An Electric/Fighting type pokémon Pawmot makes an entry with 65 Level. Like any other Electric-type, Pawmot is weak against Ground-type pokémons. Pokémons such as Psychic and Fairy-type are also effective against Pawmot with a 2x weakness. Back picks against Pawmot are fellow Electric-types along with Steel, Bug, Rock, and Dark-type Pokémons.

    • Goodra

    A pure Dragon-type pokémon, Goodra comes with Level 65. Goodra is 2x weak against Fairy, fellow Dragon, and Ice-type pokémons. Pokémons to avoid against Goodra are of Water, Fire, Grass, and Electric-type, as Goodra resists them all.

    • Orthworm 

    The lurking Steel-type Pokémon Orthworm comes with Level 65. The Pokémon is weak against Ground, Fire, and Fighting abilities due to its Steel type. Like other steel types, Orthworm is 100% immune to any Poison inflicted upon it. Orthworm also resists damage by most types such as Flying, Normal, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Fairy, Bug, Steel, Rock, and Dragon. But worry not, a high leveled Ground, Fire, or Fighting Pokémons can take Orthworm down.

    • Dudunsparce

    The first pure Normal-type Pokémon any of the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet sent so far, Dudunsparce too comes with Level 65. There is only one Pokémon type that truly counters Dudunsparce, and that is a Fighting-type. Almost all other types are good against Dudunsparce too except Ghost-types. Avoid the use of Ghost Pokémons against Dudunsparce due to its full immunity to them.

    • Quaquaval/Meowscarada/Skeledirge

    Depending on what starter Pokémon you chose in early battles with Nemona, she chooses her starter that is weak to yours. So if you picked Sprigatito, Nemona would pick Quaquaval. If you picked Fuecoco, Nemona would pick Meowscarada. And if you picked Quaxly, Nemona would end up choosing Skeledirge.

    Point is, pick your Starter Pokémon against Nemona’s last Pokémon. Her last Pokémon is going to be the Starter she used against you before. Since you are aware of it, you can take benefit of the situation by sending her Pokémon’s weakness, your Starter Pokémon. 

    Whichever out of the three starters she had, send your evolved starter against it. Nemona will Terastallize her Pokémon, so do the same to take her on head-to-head. 


    Just like Geeta, Nemona has a diverse set of Pokémons. Make sure to bring along mixed types too, we recommend having Fire-type Pokémons as a must, most of her Pokémons are countered by the Fire types. Make sure not to use Fire types against Goodra and Lycanroc, instead go for a Ground-type Pokémon, which will be effective against both. Keep your evolved Starter Pokémon ready for her final Pokémon and save the Terastallization for it.

    Once you defeat the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you win the title of a Top Champion and finally end your Victory Road Path.

    Rechallenging The Elite Four

    Some players have been wondering if they can rechallenge the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet to battle again, mostly for rewards purposes. The answer is simple, you can not. You can revisit the Pokémon League area but can not participate in the Elite Four challenge itself. It is a one-time victory and once you are past it, you can do the “post-game” stuff.

    Final Remarks

    The RPG Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are filled with mysteries to be discovered and paths to complete. Players are not limited to catching and battling Pokémons, they can perform various tasks such as taking classes, battling Leaders, and whatnot. On top of all that, the arrival of various new Pokémons is a cherry on top.

    Despite bringing a lot of new chances in the Pokémon World of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the Elite Four and Champions stayed a part of it and OG Pokémon Gamers are already aware of them. Players can challenge the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and earn the title of Champion in the Paldea Region. We have covered everything related to the Elite Four and Champions in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet so go on and end your Victory Road.

    Gyms play a huge role in Victory Road Path and help in unlocking the Elite Four challenge. Check how our detailed guide about Gyms in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

    Now that you are here, why not check out the Best Water Types in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? You will learn which Water-type Pokémons are better and what abilities they possess. 

    Download Pokémon Scarlet And Violet.

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