Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Normal Gym Test

A thorough guide covers the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Normal gym test, the right answers for its completion, and all hints locations.

Medali Normal Gym Test Guide
Normal Gym Test Guide

Like other gyms, the Normal gym in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet demands you to pass a specific test. But before completing the test, you must look for trainers in the town and interact with them to attain hints and clues.

Key Highlights

  • The Normal Gym test is a bit tricky and requires special considerations from players.
  • To pass the gym test, players need to get the right answers for the secret menu item, and for this purpose, there are clues out there in the town to find the right answers. 
  • You will have to find different trainers to get the hints.

Medali Normal Gym Test  

Now you must be thinking, what do we have to do with clues? Well, let me explain to you. You must have the correct information about that secret menu item to order at the Treasure Eatery restaurant.

And by gaining these clues, you will get the right information about it or the ingredients. In the last, you can have a gym battle with Larry. I will describe everything step by step. Gear up yourself and start reading.

Clues And Their Locations

As I told you earlier, you must collect hints to order the right item. You must search for these clues at different locations, and to lessen your struggle, I will let you know about each location.

Location 1

First Location
Location #1 (Image Credits: GameBurst)
  1. Begin your quest for the hints by going to the Treasure Eatery to find out how the locals like to season their food.
  2. Head to the back of the restaurant as you enter and stare around at the bar.
  3. There will be a man sitting in the suit, and he is the one to whom you will ask the question.
  4. Go to him and ask about him being regular and then about the seasoning, to which he will reply, “Lemon.”
  5. This will be your first hint for the Medali normal gym test.

Location 2

Second Location
Location #2
  1. You can look for the first trainer in the food stall area. She will be standing right in the middle of it.
  2. Her name is Adara, and she is a student by profession.
  3. This little girl will be mentioning beating the Medali gym.
  4. Now, your task here will be to defeat her to get the other hint for the secret menu item.
  5. Move ahead and interact with her to begin the combat.
  6. Note down the names of Pokémon she has, and it will help you conquer them. These are:
    • Gumshoos level 34, type: Normal
    • Greedent level 34, type: Normal
Ice Cream Stand
Ice Cream Stall

On turning her down, you will get the prize of 4,760, and then she will give you a clue to visit the ice cream stand in that area. There will be more than one ice cream stall that may confuse you.

Grilled Rice Balls
Grilled Rice Balls

On this girl’s right, there will be three stalls, but you have to head to the blue and pink one; it will be at the end. Go towards it and view the menu. The dishes will appear before you, and you must pick the odd one.

Scroll down the menu; the last dish, Grilled Rice Balls, will be the odd one.

Location 3

Third Location
Location #3

For the second trainer, go to the town’s southern section. You can find him outside the bakery shops. He is a young-looking man named Santiago.

Again, you must defeat him to get the information to obtain your third clue. Approach him to begin the battle. The Pokémon he got is:

  • Dunsparce level 34, Type: Normal

After defeating him, you will be given 4,760 as the reward money. Then, walk back to him for the clue, and he will tell you to listen to the Blue Bird Pokémon closely by going near it. This one will be sitting on the head of a person standing towards the entrance of the town.

Squawkabilly Pokemon

The Pokémon Squawkabilly will be speaking, so go near to eat to understand better what it’s saying. Pay attention to the words when it starts saying Meedyum! Meedyum! which means Medium in general language.

This clue indicates the size of the secret menu item you will order later.

Location 4

Fourth Location
Location #4

Make your way to the back of the town to find this trainer girl, or across the western center; you can see her standing by the stairs. Defeat Gisela in the fight to get the last hint. She got the Pokémon:

  • Ursaring level 34, Type: Normal

By doing so, you will earn the prize money of the same amount, and then she will ask you to search for the dark spot encompassed by the stairs. This area will be right before her, where you met and battled with Gisela.

Fire Blast Hint
Fire Blast Hint

Enter that place and go to the bottom. There will be a blackened gate, and something will be written on it unclearly but still readable. The word “Fire Blast” will be the last hint for the secret menu item.

Order The Secret Menu Item

Secret Menu Item
Order The Secret Menu Item

Once all clues are gathered, I advise returning to the restaurant and communicating with the waiter to order the secret menu item. You have to mention the items given below:

  • Grilled rice balls
  • Medium serving
  • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  • Lemon

After completing the test by giving the correct answers, you can start the battle with the gym leader, Larry, by communicating with the waiter again. But ensure you have all the resources you may require in the battle. So, check up on them before speaking with the waiter.

My Experience With Normal Gym Test

Normal Gym Test is a tricky section of the game. Especially, the hints collection part was the most time-consuming. But now with my guide, it should not be the case with you as you can easily visit the locations and gather the hints. 

Also, ensure you are collecting all the hints required and the rewards after each battle with Pokemons so you never miss any aspect of the test in your playthrough.

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