Dead Space Remake: Premeditated Malpractice [With Images]

Learn complete walkthrough of Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice side quest and the achievement unlock.

Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice
Dead Space Remake Premeditated Malpractice

Before even thinking about the quest, players must know when and where to start the quest for Premeditated Malpractice. First and foremost, players must complete Chapter 5 of the main campaign for Dead Space Remake. I will try not to spoil the game for players, but it is imperative before you unravel the journey of the famous Premeditated Malpractice side quest. 

Key Takeaways

  • “Premeditated Malpractice” challenges players with five objectives that delve into the game’s lore.
  • After completing Chapter 5 in the main campaign, players must obtain a Tissue Sample from the Cryogenic Chamber to unlock the first objective, “Scan Tissue Sample.”
  • To progress, players need to find Harris’s ICU Bed in Tram Maintenance and access a hologram conversation between Harris and Dr. Mercer in the Intensive Care Unit.
  • Advancing to Chapter 7, players can investigate Ore Storage as part of the quest.
  • In the Main Atrium, players can find the “Report on the Bridge” to fulfill the objective.
  • The final task involves investigating Hydroponics in the Hydroponics Central Hub and Diagnostic Lab, where players interact with Dr. Mercer’s Audio Log, concluding the “Premeditated Malpractice” side quest.
  • After completing the side mission, players will receive a Silver Trophy: Final Regeneration among the interesting story lore. 

Premeditated Malpractice Walkthrough

  1. Just after completing Chapter 5, players can discover a Cryogenic Chamber.
  2. Here, you can collect a Tissue Sample, and picking it up will initiate the Premeditated Malpractice side quest.
  3. After the brief dialogue, you will be able to receive the mission objectives in the Mission Menu. 
Picking Up Tissue Sample from Cryogenic Chamber
Picking Up Tissue Sample from Cryogenic Chamber(Image by VeryAliGaming)

Now that you have started the side quest, you can pursue the first objective to complete the Premeditated Malpractice side quest. Let’s discuss each of the side mission objectives one by one. 

Premeditated Malpractice - Scan the Tissue Sample
Premeditated Malpractice – Scan the Tissue Sample(Image by VeryAliGaming)
  1. The Premeditated Malpractice side quest initiates with first scanning the Tissue Sample that players retrieved from the Cryogenic Chamber.
  2. Scanning the Tissue Sample demands players to head to the Main Lab in Medical. You can track the mission objective to quickly find the location for scanning the Tissue Sample. 
Location for Scanning the Tissue Sample
Location for Scanning the Tissue Sample(Image by VeryAliGaming)
  1. Once in the Main Lab, you will find a Computer that can scan the Tissue Sample.
  2. Once again, you will see a briefing from the computer, thus completing the first objective from Premeditated Malpractice.
  3. At the same time, the game will also update the Side Quest status in your Mission Menu with a new objective: “Find Harris’s ICU Bed.”
Tissue Sample Scanned
Tissue Sample Scanned(Image by VeryAliGaming)
  1. The second objective requires players to find the experimental NPC’s ICU bed in Dead Space Remake.
  2. For that instance, players must pay a visit to the Tram Maintenence.
  3. If you are facing trouble finding the location, you can track the objective to find the path to this particular location easily. 
Find Harris's ICU Bed
Find Harris’s ICU Bed(Image by VeryAliGaming)
  1. Watch out for potential threats, as they can be progress breakers for most players. I would also recommend bringing some of the best weapons in Dead Space Remake to your benefit against enemies. 
  2. Apart from that, Harris’s ICU Bed can be found in the Intensive Care Unit.
  3. Here, players must interact with another console, which will bring up a hologram for another dialogue between Dr. Mercer and Harris. 
  4. If you followed the dialogue, you now want to investigate the Ore Storage.
  5. There is a problem since Ore Storage is not accessible for now. This is because the location for Ore Storage will be unlocked during Chapter 7.
  6. For now, you will receive an in-active objective for Premeditated Malpractice in Dead Space Remake. 
  7. You must patiently complete the main campaign until you can access Chapter 7 and activate this objective’s status.
  8. Once you do, you can now access the Ore Storage section. Watch out for laser beams as access to the Ore Storage is extremely secured after a strange incident. 
  9. I implemented a workaround by using the chests around the location to block these laser beams and access the Ore Storage.
  10. Once again, the terminal for Ore Storage is pretty hidden among more crates, so make sure to remove them using the Kinesis ability of your character.
  11. Upon investigation, you will get one more step closer to discovering the secrets of Dr. Mercer. 
  12. Soon after completing the “Investigate Ore Storage” objective, players will receive another objective of the side mission that requires players to search for a Report on the Bridge.
  13. Bridge can be found by heading to the Main Atrium.
  14. Here, you must interact with a terminal on the right side of the bridge.
  15. This time, it will bring up the hologram of Captain Mathius and Nicole.
  16. This dialogue will wrap up this objective and lead to the side quest’s final objective: Investigate Hydroponics. 
  17. The last step in the side quest is Hydroponics, resolving Dr. Mercer’s investigation.
  18. Prepare for enemy encounters in the Hydroponics Central Hub and the Diagnostic Lab. Stay armed for potential threats.
  19. Accessing the Diagnostic Lab requires passing through the hazardous Nutrition Systems. Be ready for toxic air and frightening creatures.
  20. Reaching the Diagnostic Lab clears the toxic hazard. Find Dr. Mercer’s Audio Log and face another enemy emerging from the wall. Defeat it to conclude Premeditated Malpractice.

Completing this side quest earns players the Silver Trophy “Final Regeneration.” It’s easily missed, but exploring the sidestory lore is worthwhile.

My Experience With Premeditated Malpractice

Side quests like Premeditated Malpractice require extraordinary attention to detail. For me, it changed the direction to interact with the world more deeply and take a break from blood spilling. Now that you know the objectives and how to complete them, you can easily explore the secrets of Dr. Mercer and its satisfying impact on the main campaign. 

Although, if there is one thing that I should recommend you, it would be to bring your best weapons as there are a lot of threats lurking around in the shadows. You must remain careful around specific areas as you seriously can not bear the cost of losing progress midway. 

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