PS5 DualSense Features Come at a Heavy Price

Sony have been exciting gamers everywhere, showing off the features of the DualSense controller for PS5 such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. However, it has been discovered that the features come at a heavy cost to the DualSense controller’s battery life.

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Gamer and YouTuber Sakis Karpas was able to get hands-on with the controller, playing Astro’s Playroom. A title that utilises features of the DualSense controller, and announced on Twitter that the controller is a “game changer.” Showcasing that the features are worthwhile, however, he further stated in a reply to his own Tweet that “the battery is a bit disappointing.”

DualSense, A Dynamic Experience at Your Fingertips

Adaptive triggers mimic the use of objects in-game such as pulling the trigger of a gun or drawing a bow, working in tandem with the improved haptic feedback of rumble as well as incorporating an internal speaker, touchpad and lightbar. As the features stack up its easy to see why the battery life might suffer.

Gamers will have an extra decision to make choosing between the next-gen consoles.

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