PS5 Overheating Final Fantasy 16 [SOLVED]

Here are all the possible fixes, if you are facing overheating of PS5 due to Final Fantasy 16.

Ps5 overheating

Final Fantasy 16 has raised concerns among Ps5 owners regarding overheating. This causes severe issues like loud noises and frame drops, which can ultimately cause permanent harm to the system. Let’s dive deeper and understand the factors contributing to it and the solutions.

Key Takeaways

  • Intensive utilization causes Ps5 to overheat while playing Final Fantasy 16.
  • Waiting for software updates may solve the issue.
  • Providing proper ventilation is essential.
  • Keeping the console clean will provide better airflow.
  • Changing graphic settings to framerate will ease the system.
  • Turning HDR off from Ps5 display settings is worth a shot.
  • Developers are constantly working to address any issues, including overheating.

Understanding The Ps5 Cooling System

Final Fantasy 16 harnesses the PS5’s energy to its fullest, resulting in an extraordinary level of performance. As a result of such intensive utilization, the PS5 may experience occasional overheating. However, Sony designed PS5 with an advanced next-gen cooling system consisting of a custom heatsink and an array of fans to dissipate heat generated efficiently. This helps to maintain the console’s temperature within the safe operating limits.

Final Fantasy 16 Complexity

Not only Final Fantasy 16 is visually stunning, but also graphically intense, demanding heavy computational power from the PS5. Features such as ray tracing and real-time rendering, along with the vast open-world environment with complex particle effects and detailed characters substantially put a load on the console’s hardware. It is to be noted that the game’s complexity is to be blamed here rather than ps5 itself.

How to Fix PS5 Overheating Issues In Final Fantasy 16

Software Updates

It is possible that Final Fantasy 16 may have optimization issues leading to increased production of heat so with the passage of time, developers will realize and work diligently to rectify such issues through updates, and till then, all we can do is wait.

Proper Ventilation

Ps5 should not have a hindered airflow, and proper ventilation helps to keep the temperature down and function properly. Gamers usually avoid installing the standard stand that comes with the ps5, and it elevates ps5 above the surface, providing better airflow. It has also been reported that placing the console vertically onto the surface mitigates heating issues to some extent.

Keeping The Console Clean 

Dust gets entrapped into the air vents, which obstructs the airflow; hence regular cleaning is a must, as otherwise, it will impede the cooling system. This is crucial for people who bought PS5 in its early days.

Change Graphic Settings

To lower the temperatures, it is recommended to change from graphics mode to frame rate mode as it renders the game at 1440p 60FPS rather than at 4K 30FPS, helping to ease the load of Ps5 and can result in lowering system temperature.

Screen brightness Optimum [ as per your liking]
Game performance Framerate

ps5 overheating graphic settings

System settings | Captured by us

Turn Off HDR

It has been reported that turning off the HDR from the PS5 display setting helps to reduce temperature and heat production. You might want to try this as a last resort as HDR does utilize some of the resources.

Ps5 settings HDR turn off

PS5 system settings HDR off | Captured by us

Until Next Time

I hope that the above solutions will help you lower the temperatures, and you can enjoy Final Fantasy to the fullest. It is not uncommon for Sony’s consoles to experience overheating even during the days of PS4 when titles like red dead redemption were released, it faced the same overheating issues.

As crucial it is to acknowledge the reports, its equally essential to understand the reasons such as complexity of the game and its hardware limitations. If you maintain and follow proper precautionary measures, you can enjoy playing Final Fantasy 16 on your PS5. 

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