Raft Crane Key: The Definitive Guide

Raft Crane Key

Raft is a survival game that tests your ability to stay alive with nothing but a plastic hook at the start. When you come to the world of Raft, you will find yourself surrounded by an ocean in every direction with nothing but a small platform for you to stand on. Moreover, the game presents you with challenges to complete, and the Raft Crane Key is one of them. This Raft Cranke Key guide will talk you through everything you need to know about it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Raft Crane Key is one of the keys that players need to acquire to progress in the game, to find the Crane Key, players must first find the four spotlight parts in the Varuna Point and then find the Motherlode Key.
  • The 4 spotlight parts are scattered around an underwater area, and players need to avoid anglerfish and jellyfish to collect them.
  • Once players have found the spotlight parts, they need to use them to fix a broken spotlight, which will reveal the location of the Motherlode Key.
  • To find the Motherlode Key, players need to follow a path from the spotlight to a hole in a wall with the letter G, avoiding traps and navigating elevated pathways.
  • After finding the Motherlode Key, players must defeat the Rhino Shark to progress further, to defeat the Rhino Shark, players must lure it into ramming into pillars to deal environmental damage.
  • The fight against the Rhino Shark progresses through three stages, with players needing to use explosive barrels to damage pillars and defeat the Shark.
  • The Raft Crane Key can be found after defeating the Rhino Shark and dropping rocks with a crane in a specific location.

Requirements for the Crane Key

To find the Crane Key, you must first check off some boxes. The Crane key can only be found once you complete the following tasks.

Finding the 4 Spotlights Parts

This task is part of the new map, the Varuna Point. As you dive underwater, you will notice two buildings, with one of them not having its spotlight on. Your task here is pretty simple. You need to find the four spotlights parts scattered to start the spotlight.

However, the spotlight parts can be all be found in the same area, so worry not. Once you dive underwater, find the entrance with a bunch of jellyfish blocking the access. Now, wait for one of the spotlights to shine at the entrance. The light from the spotlight will cause the jellyfish to move out of the way and will give you enough time to make your way inside. 

Once inside, head to your left and above the elevator shaft. There you will see a way to reach towards the surface. After you reach the surface, you will find rooms in front of you. You will get two spotlight parts as you search this room.

Then head down, and make your way forward. Here you will encounter some anglerfish. All you need to do now is a slice through them and progress further. There, you will find two rooms containing spotlight parts. This will give you all the parts you need for this quest. Finally, make your way to the broken spotlight and interact with it. The light will form a path for you to move along.

Finding the Motherlode Key

Another prerequisite for the Crane Key is to find the Motherlode Key. Motherlode key can be easily found if you follow the path below. Follow the light from the spotlight you just fixed, and you will see a hole. Go inside until you find a wall with the letter G. Make sure to use your flashlight as it will get really dark under there.

Similarly, keep going forward while watching out for traps in your path. There is no specific path to follow, so it is up to your judgment. The traps aren’t hard to spot, so it won’t be hard for you to move forward. Keep going until you find another wall with the letter ‘G’ on it.

Follow the path without the nail until you can see an elevated platform. Keep spamming jump so you can get up there. Here you will find a new area to explore. Once you make your way there, you will notice these elevated pathways everywhere. Moving along them will guide you to the motherlode key and blueprints for the headlight. Grab those and make your way out of there through the exit door. There will be a wall drawing showing you a crane dropping rocks, something you will need to do later.

Defeating the Rhino Shark

Raft Rhino Shark
The Rhino Shark

Walk through the walkway after finding the Motherlode Key, and you will see a gigantic shark in a vast room. The Shark will have a colossal horn on its head, giving it the nickname Rhino Shark. Now the Rhino Shark is a very talk monster to fight, so you must be prepared. Have an oxygen supply and flippers ready, as they will be crucial for you if you wish to dodge his attacks. Also, the Rhino Shark is no ordinary monster, Normal attacks won’t work on him, and he can only be taken down by environmental damage.

The fight progresses through multiple stages, so let’s go through them individually.

Stage 1

You will be inside a vast room with four pillars during Stage one. There will be a lot of holes here and there where the Shark can hide and reappear from. This is why you must be on your toes to avoid any sneak attacks.

As mentioned, regular attacks don’t work on the Rhino Sharl. So to beat it, you need to lure it towards the pillars. Ramming into the pillar will deal damage to it and would unlock a new interaction you can have with the pillars.

Make your way to the middle of the room and grab the explosive barrels. Put this barrel in the pillar where the Shark just rammed into and then lure it there again. His ramming into the pillar would do a lot of damage, so you will need to repeat it till no more pillars are left.

Stage 2

Once you run out of pillars for him to ram into, you will need to swim to the floor above. Here you will find another two pillars. These pillars are stronger than the ones down below and can withstand two blows from a Rhino Shark before you can put a barrel on them.

However, the strategy is the same, and you need to keep the Shark attacking the tower while dodging its attacks. Be on your toes at all times, as this is a much smaller room and will make it easy for you to become shark food. Keep your health up, though, as there is still one more stage left.

Stage 3

After breaking down both the pillars below, make your way to the floor above. This floor has only one pillar; however, it is the strongest. You will need to keep repeating the previous strat to ensure your victory. The Rhino Shark will die once the pillar falls.

Once the Shark falls, make sure you search the Shark body to gather Shark meat and the Shark trophy. After picking that, swim up through the hole and reach the surface. This will all conclude all the pre-requirements for finding the crane key.

Raft Crane Key Location

Location of the Raft Crane Key
Location of the Crane Key

Furthermore, you will be presented with a set of stairs after getting out of the hole. Follow the stairs to a room containing the Crane key and the wind turbine blueprint.

Now that you have found the Raft crane key, you need to realize its purpose. As you recall, you saw the drawing of a crane dropping rocks from the crane in the task of finding the motherlode key. This is what you have to do. Once you move to the surface, you will see a tall crane.

There will be a set of stairs leading a pathway to the top of the crane. You will have to follow the paths and hunt down whatever stands in your way. You are most likely to find wild animals, so just shoot an arrow between their skulls to move forward. Afterward, make your way to the crane’s cockpit and insert the key you found earlier.

Then drop the rocks from the crane on top of the other building. Once you do that, take the zip line to the other building, which will unlock the location Temperance for you. This will conclude the Varuna Point exploration.

And with that, we can end our Raft Crane Key guide. As long you follow this, you will be easily able to finish the quest and find the coordinates of Temperance.

Please let us know below if you could beat the Rhino Shark.

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