Raft Final Chapter: Definitive Guide [2022]

raft final chapter

Raft is an action-adventure open-world game with a resource-gathering survival style similar to Minecraft. Although, the best games to compare it to would be in the same vein and aesthetic such as Stranded Deep and Subnautica. We remember Raft as the early access game that every YouTube lets player was playing in 2016.

It later found a resurgence of popularity when the multiplayer mode came out in 2020 and now we are here, where the game has officially been released fully into version 1.0 and this release update is called Raft Final Chapter.

Key Takeaways

  • Raft Final Chapter update brings significant changes to the game, including overhauled textures, debugging of the hitboxes, and four new unlockable characters.
  • Varuna Point, Temperance, and Selene’s Research Outpost are three new locations added to the game.
  • New items have been added to the game, including the Juicer, Electric Grill, Electric Smelter, Advanced Stationary Anchor, Advancer Biofuel Extractor, Recycler, Wind Turbine, Canteen, Advanced Battery, Advanced Headlight, Electric Zipline, Advanced Scarecrow, and Big Backpack.
  • The Juicer creates drinks with set recipes, the Electric Grill can cook multiple pieces of food simultaneously, and the Electric Smelter uses batteries and can smelt three items simultaneously.
  • The Advanced Stationary Anchor is automatically linked to the raft’s engine controls, and the Advancer Biofuel Extractor stores more and at better hunger rations. The Recycler produces trash cubes based on the amount and type of material dumped into it.
  • The Wind Turbine recharges batteries and advanced batteries passively, and the Canteen holds double the amount of water compared to the water bottle.
  • The Advanced Battery can hold up to three times the charge of the normal battery, and the Advanced Headlight has the same properties as the original headlight.
  • Electric Zipline Tool allows riding up and down ziplines for easier and more convenient travel. The Advanced Scarecrow is a valuable purchase from the Trading Post that has infinite durability and keeps seagulls away from crops.
  • The Big Backpack is an end-game item that doubles the player’s inventory slots and can be found in the third secret location that the developers added to the game.

In this guide, we will highlight all the new changes that were made in the release version of the game and compare them sparsely to the relics they are replacing.

raft final cahpter

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What Changed In Raft Final Chapter?


This information is courtesy of the YouTube Channel Rye Games.

Firstly there has been a complete overhaul of the textures in the game. Before the game looked like it was mimicking the style of Hello Neighbour, another popular game from the same time when Raft first started getting popular. However, now the game looks so much more polished and the textures provide a more distinct style that is unique to Raft itself.

Secondly, there has been a complete “debugging” of the game where now the hitboxes of certain objects and items that used to be able to overlap through walls are no longer an issue.

Basically, they updated the collision detection and that is a certified sigh of relief from the players who used to rip their hair out trying to figure out why their stairs won’t place on the spot that seems empty.

Lastly, although this is not that important as it does not affect your gameplay, there are four new unlockable characters. These characters can be found in both new and old places alike so be sure to visit those old places once again after you jump back into the world of Raft.


There are three new locations that have been added to the world of Raft in the Raft Final Chapter update and these include:

Varuna Point:
A post-apocaly[tic city under construction. It was meant to be a safe haven for the elites of the world and the wealthiest in society but the waves were faster than anyone anticipated and caught up to them faster than they could run away. Since then it lies in silence with no one disturbing it. Reminds us of the world from the classic 1995 film Waterworld.

A snowy piece of land that has somehow managed to stay out of the water and is home to the researcher base of Selene. This research outpost was functioning as humanity’s last stand against the rising water levels but was left to rot after the reactor onboard malfunctioned.

Most of the researchers left the base to find other means of surviving the waves while others found survival elsewhere. The initial scenery here seems to be taking inspiration from another classic film, 1982’s The Thing. To learn more about the Raft Temperance Code: Step by Step Guide.


All the items in this list were added in the Raft Final Chapter update and have a distinct purpose or act as an improvement toward pre-existing items.

  • Juicer: The Juicer creates drinks in Raft. These drinks already have set recipes and drinking these will give you special stat increases for a limited time. The best way to find these recipes is to get lucky and find them randomly or buy them at the newly added Trading Post.
  • Electric Grill: This new addition can save you loads of time and cook multiple pieces of food at the same time. You can craft this item after finding its blueprint on Varuna Point. This is the best option when it comes to cooking food as it allows you to cook both small and large pieces of food saving you time, space, and resources where you would otherwise be spending them.
  • Electric Smelter: The Electric Smelter is an upgrade to an existing item known as the Smelter. This new addition is amazing for two main reasons. Firstly this new smelter uses batteries that can be recharged and are easier to stockpile than wood planks. Secondly, this new smelter takes the same amount of space as two smelters but is able to smelt three items at the same time. It is objectively a better piece of equipment and you should include this on your Raft ASAP.

raft final cahpter

  • Advanced Stationary Anchor: Another piece of upgraded gear except this time it has some new features to it. The Advanced Stationary Anchor is automatically linked to your raft’s engine controls and if you have none then there is a separate switch on the anchor which activates the anchor.
  • Advancer Biofuel Extractor: Simply an upgraded version of the Biofuel Extractor that keeps your engines, battery chargers, and tanks filled. Except in this extractor, it simply stores more and at better hunger rations.
  • Recycler: With the addition of the new Trading Post you need to be able to acquire the currency of trash cubes from somewhere and well here we have the solution to that answer. The Recycler produces trash cubes based on the amount and type of material dumped into it. However, before you can make this lovely machine you will have to acquire its blueprint from the top floor of the Radio Tower. For a more in-depth guide on the Recycler check out our Raft Recycler: Build & Requirements guide.
  • Wind Turbine: The best new addition for almost any Raft player. The Raft Final Chapter update brought us this beautiful piece of machinery that recharges batteries and advanced batteries passively. The best results will be produced the higher up you build this contraption so it also encourages you to have a multi-layered raft. You can find the blueprint at Varuna Point and then it can be unlocked after researching it at the Researching Table.

raft final cahpter

  • Canteen: An upgraded version of the water bottle. Where the bottle could hold 5 units of water the Canteen holds double the amount at 10 units. This makes it especially good when you want to explore or water some of your crops. Overall a good addition to this update since you will be exploring the new locations for quite a bit.
  • Advanced Battery: Once again an upgraded version of a pre-existing item. This one is the battery. The Advanced Battery can hold up to three times the charge of the normal battery which makes it amazing for some of the newer devices such as the electric smelter and electric grill. You can find the blueprint for this at Varuna Point and unlocks it after researching it in the Research Table.
  • Advanced Headlight: An upgraded version of the headlight with the same exact properties except for the battery life which is longer but still quite a waste considering it remains non-rechargeable and gets destroyed upon depletion.
  • Electric Zipline Tool: An interesting new tool where now you can ride both up and down ziplines. This makes travel a whole lot easier and more convenient when used properly so as not to waste the limited amount of durability it contains.

raft final cahpter

  • Advanced Scarecrow: Tired of having to create scarecrows to keep your crops safe? Well, now you can purchase the Advanced Scarecrow and keeps those pesky seagulls away forever with this scarecrow of infinite durability. Acquired from the Trading Post and quite a valuable purchase because you will be thanking yourself for buying this as early on as you did.
  • Big Backpack: An end-game item that essentially doubles the player’s initial inventory slots and is the largest backpack in the game currently. You can find the blueprint for this place in the secret third newly added location that the developers want you to explore and find for yourself.
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