Raft Temperance Code: Step by Step Guide

Raft Temperance Code

I will mention the know-how and a small but detailed guide on obtaining the Raft Temperance Code later on in this article. It is hard to believe that a game once launched in 2018 is now the talk of the show after its massive update in June 2022.

Key Takeaways

  • In Raft: The Final Chapter, Players are left stranded in the ocean with only a hook and a small piece of wood and must explore the vast ocean to upgrade their raft with salvaged materials.
  • The final chapter of Raft includes three new interactive locations with puzzles to solve, and players can modify their raft to fight newly added and improved enemies.
  • The Raft Temperance Code guide requires players to collect four notes containing drawings of a Hook, Puffer Fish, Raft, and Bird to unlock the code for the safe.
  • The order of the drawings in the notes determines the sequence of the code, which can be obtained by locating stars in the exact shape of the drawings using the telescope.
  • The code for the Temperance telescope is 5964, and players receive a Selen Key, Three Vending Machine Tokens, and Advanced Stationary Anchor Blueprint on entering the code.
  • Common mistakes players make include not exploring enough, not building enough storage and purifiers, and not using the anchor.

Yes, I am talking about Raft The Final Chapter. Did you know that the game was a university project created by a few intriguing young minds who intended only to keep it as a private production?

These university graduates took a whole new turn when they launched it to the public, gaining thousands of players trying out the new game they had just created!

Developed by Redbeet Interactive, players can download and play the game on their mobile phones (mainly Windows phones), PC, Xbox, and such!

In this survival game, you are left stranded in the big ocean with only a hook and a small piece of wood enough to keep you afloat. You need to explore the vast ocean, looking for any place to land and salvage materials in order to upgrade your Raft.

The ability to do so much more in an ocean stretched far across the borders often creates a form of adventure and thrill in the minds of players. In addition to the survival mode of Raft, players can scout various islands, move across the sea, and collect materials such as wood. Wood can be used to change and customize the overall appeals of their Raft completely.

Create your own mini-house within the floating wooden Raft! Install a motor to power the Raft and move it at an incredible speed and strengthen the Raft to survive in harsh weather.

With that said, let’s go into the details of the final chapter of Raft.

Raft: The Final Chapter

In a recent tweet by @RaftSurvivaGame, they released a few teasers on the game’s new update and its launch date and even celebrated a 15% discount on the game on Steam!

Players can download Raft from Steam at a discount of 15%. You can explore new locations, fight newly added and improved enemies and take control of your Raft through modifications.

Remember I said the new update also includes new locations? From Varuna Point to a place players have to discover themselves, three newly added interactive locations are added in the Final Chapter of Raft!

Each has its own set of puzzles to solve, and since we’re on this topic, we have deviated a little too much from our guide. So let’s jump right into my Raft Temperance Code guide!

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How To Solve Raft Temperance Code

Code For The Safe
You will need to find the code to unlock this safe!

As you progress through the game, you’ll explore different areas and solve exciting riddles. One such riddle requires the collection of four notes that contain the code.

Of course, it won’t be easy, guys! That’s why players are confused. You will find all of these notes in the Observatory. These four notes will contain drawings of a Hook, Puffer Fish, Raft, and Bird.

Don’t worry; finding these notes will be easy. However, decoding them will be a problem for most players.

Once you obtain these drawings, open your Temperance book and observe the order that they are in. This order will determine the sequence of the code. 

What you have to do next is open the telescope and click on the arrow keys to look around.

Why should we hover around the Telescope screen? Well, you need to locate the stars in the exact shape of those drawings in the notes.

Temperance Book
As you can see in the above image, you will need to arrange the numbers in the order of the notes i.e. Bird, Puffer Fish, Hook, and Raft.

At first, you’ll probably locate the stars shaped as a Hook, but let’s work in a sequence, shall we?

When you locate the Bird shaped Stars on the Telescope screen, count how many stars are out there. Furthermore, the stars you really need to focus on are the bright and large ones, don’t count the smaller faded stars!

There will be five stars for this drawing and nine stars in the stars shaped like a Puffer Fish!

The next drawing we need to locate on the screen to figure out the Raft Temperance Code is the Puffer Fish.

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Final Step

Puffer Fish Constellation
There are nine bright stars in this Constellation, so write it down!

Repeat the same process and count the stars shaped like the fish. Of course, you must count the bright stars, not the faded ones. The same thing for the third Hooked Shape drawing, and you’ll count six stars in this constellation of some sort.

Hook Shaped Constellation
The Hook shaped drawing will have four bright stars that you should note down!

Last but not least will be the Raft-shaped stars, and you will count four stars in this shape.

Did you locate all the stars in those specific shapes and count them?

You might be wondering what to do now that you have done all of that. Form the numbers in a sequence, and you’ll get the code, simple as that!

To simplify it for you guys, the code for the Temperance telescope is 5964. Enter the code, and you’ll receive a Selen Key, Three Vending Machine Tokens, and Advanced Stationary Anchor Blueprint. 

The tokens can be used within the locality of the Igloo Village at the main Dome, and players can use the key at the Selene Reactor Facility.

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Common Mistakes Players Make

Who knew something so simple could be hard to crack? If you’re one of those players that arranged the codes in correspondence to the placement of stars on the screen, don’t worry!

On the other hand, the number on the drawings mislead the rest of the players; making them think the number “5964” should be connected to the drawings of the constellations on the notes. However, that is not the case, the order is supposed to be in the manner of those notes.

For instance, the order should be, Bird, Puffer Fish, Hook, and Raft. And if by any chance, you were one of those players that were able to solve the Raft Temperance Code in a few tries, congratulations!

To conclude my guide,  enjoy solving the next mind-boggling puzzles in the Raft: Final Chapter, and while you’re at it, you should definitely have a look at our other guides at VeryAliGaming!

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