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Rainbow Six Siege adds New Operator for Crimson Heist Season

Rainbow Six Siege Year Six is Just Getting Started Check the New Gadgets and Updates

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege was Ubisoft’s answer to Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch. Releasing all the way back in 2015 Ubisoft made Siege their pet project by frequently updating the game and fixing bugs. While yes over the years Ubisoft has sometimes failed to hit the bar with operator balancing and map design (I’m looking at you Villa), six years later and Rainbow Six Siege has grown into a fantastic tactical shooter.

Yesterday Rainbow Six Siege entered Year Six and with it into the new Crimson Heist season. The season update was a hefty 31GB update for Ubiconnect players. The update introduced a myriad of new cosmetic content in the Battle Pass. As well as including a rework of the Border map, which aimed to fix the map by firstly adding an outside staircase, secondly by removing destructible walls, and thirdly by fixing sightlines.

The update also implements a much-needed match replay system. That will allow players to reminisce on past victories or review what went wrong in their strategy. And of course, what we have all been waiting for, Crimson Heist brings in a whole new attacking operator to Rainbow Six Siege.

Flores Rainbow Six Siege’s New “Sly and Tactical” Operator

The new attack operator Flores is equipped with an AR33 or SR-25 as a primary weapon. As well as having the option for a GSH-18 secondary weapon, Flores comes equipped with an RCE-Ratero Charge gadget, an explosive remote-controlled drone akin to that of the RCXD in Call of Duty. The RCE-Ratero Charge will be a brilliant gadget for flushing out opponents that are dug into a defensive blockade such as deployable shields and choke points.

Unlike other new operators, players will automatically get access to Flores when they purchase the Crimson Heist Battle Pass. However, players will still be able to purchase Flores with Rainbow Six Siege’s in-game currency Renown, in addition to purchasing the operator with R6 Credits. Players will have to wait until the 30th of March to do so.

GONNE-6 Hand Cannon The Answer to Bullet Proof Gadgets

This is a powerful new weapon that shoots explosive projectiles that are capable of destroying bulletproof gadgets, such as deployable shields, bulletproof cameras, Maestro’s Evil Eyes, Castle’s armor panels, and Melusi’s Banshees. The GONNE-6 is a great tactical weapon however, what it makes up for in utility it lacks in damage and ammunition. Supplied with only one round that inflicts 10 damage players will need to use the GONNE-6 sparingly.

It should also be taken into account that the GONNE-6 does not include a knockback effect that is commonly found on other explosives. Therefore the weapon will not knockback operators wielding ballistic shields such as Clash, Montagne, Blitz and Fuze.

The following operators can use the GONNE-6:

  • Glaz
  • Lion
  • Dokkaebi
  • Finka
  • Gridlock
  • Amaru
  • Iana
  • Zero
Gonne-6 is Rainbow Six Siege's next secondary weapon addition
GONNE-6 Hand Cannon Weapon

That’s It From Me

Rainbow Six Siege has come along way since its humble beginnings in 2015. Whilst we’ve just entered year six of Siege we still have 4 years of content and updates to come. We’d love to know how excited you are for the future of Rainbow Six Siege and what additions you’d like to see in the game. Tell us in the comments.

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