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Randy's throwing Knife
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“Reconnaissance by Fire” is a legendary quest that you need to complete to unlock the much-wanted scout rifle. Now being a legendary quest, it is definitely going to be at a certain level of difficulty. Then why all the fuss about it being too much work? It is because Bungie games decided to discontinue the Pinnacle weapons as they posed too big of a challenge to unlock.

Now that they have been replaced by the ritual weapons that were supposed to be easier to unlock, this very quest takes a lot of time for the players to complete. Hence, the fuss. But you have come to the right place as we move on to talk about the challenges the quest poses and how to overcome them more easily. 

Key Takeaways

  • Randy’s Throwing Knife quest consists of Field of View and Eagle Eye.
  • To complete Field of View, you need to get 450 scout rifle final blows, 2100 Glory earned, & 14000 enemies defeated & medals.
  • The MIDA multi-tool, Polaris Lance, Jade Rabbit, Black Scorpion-4sr, A contingency plan, & Frostmire’s Hex are the best scout rifles to grind with. Changing your scout rifle according to the map is helpful.
  • passive playstyle with scout rifles holds long lanes and angles more effectively.
  • Playing Momentum Control is one of the best ways to grind.
  • Glory points are earned by playing Crucible, & you don’t lose points if you lose a game.
  • Multi-kill medals count towards the medals earned. Cold Fusion & Hawkeye medals are easy to earn.
Tasks for Reconnaissance by Fire quest.
Reconnaissance by Fire Quest Challenges/Tasks.

Reconnaissance By Fire

To start the quest, you have to go to Lord Shaxx in the tower, who offers it to you. The quest consists of two parts. The first part, Field of view, requires you to complete the following three tasks that constitute the major part of the quest:  

  • 450 scout rifle final blows  
  • 2100 glory earned  
  • 14000 enemies defeated and medals  

The second part called Eagle Eye only requires you to return to Lord Shaxx in the tower to receive the rifle.  

Visiting Lord Shaxx for the quest.
Visiting Lord Shaxx at the tower.

Now the core tasks of the quest may seem like a tall order to complete at first sight, especially to the more casual gamers. Just as we made the Enhance quest easier for you, the following guide will smoothen the road for this quest as well :

Final Blows

Scout rifle final blows mean that you have to get the last shot in, to kill an enemy. Simply assisting in a kill does not add to this task. Because of its specification, this task needs the most grind to be completed and is the most bugging part.   

Scout Rifles to use

When working on the scout rifle final blows part of a quest in games, it’s essential to choose a scout rifle that suits your playstyle and preferences. Based on player feedback and my personal experience, here are some top scout rifles for completing the quest:

MIDA Multi-Tool (200 RPM)

Known for its radar while aiming down sights (ADS), the MIDA Multi-Tool allows you to hold lanes and maintain awareness of your surroundings. It’s an effective choice for longer engagements.

Polaris Lance (150 RPM)

Polaris Lance is a long-range scout rifle that packs a punch. It excels on large maps and is a favorite for many players.

The Jade Rabbit (150 RPM)

The Jade Rabbit is another solid long-range option and a personal favorite. It’s particularly effective on large maps like Widow’s Court.

Black Scorpion-4SR (Legendary – 260 RPM):

The Black Scorpion-4SR is a formidable weapon with a high rate of fire and 18 bullets per magazine. It’s great for mid-range encounters and can melt through enemies.

A Contingency Plan (Legendary – 200 RPM):

This legendary scout rifle with 200 RPM can be a reliable choice for the quest.

Frostmire’s Hex (Legendary – 260 RPM):

Another legendary option with a high rate of fire, providing flexibility in various scenarios.

Our top choices of MIDA, The Jade Rabbit, and Black Scorpion-4SR offer a mix of effectiveness and flexibility for grinding the quest. Ultimately, the best scout rifle for you depends on your playstyle and the specific challenges you’ll encounter during the quest.


To get the most out of the scout rifles, you need to adapt to a more passive playstyle. Most of the time, you have to stay a little behind most of your teammates and hold long angles. Such a playstyle may be difficult and a little bit boring for you if you are used to playing aggressively.

However, this playstyle will get you the most value if you are using the scouts. What you do is that you hold long lanes and angles from one end, get a couple of picks and then move to another lane. This will allow you to survive longer and get multiple kills in a single life.  

Gameplay captured.

Keep Changing Your Weapon

As you play different maps, change the scout rifle according to what you think is best for that map. For example, as mentioned before as well, you should try using the Jade Rabbit for large maps with long lanes. Similarly, Black Scorpion-4sr can provide you the most kill yield on smaller maps.  

If you can complete the scout rifle task early, you may also want to switch to a loadout of your choice to complete the rest of the tasks. This will help you move to throw them quicker and complete the quest earlier.  

Play Momentum Control

Momentum control is a new quick PvP mode with instant respawns and increased weapon damage for all weapons. This mode allows you to effectively one shot and kill people and then move on to the next one, making it one of the best to grind out challenges like this quest.  

Glory Points

Glory points are earned by simply playing the crucible. The more you play, the more points you get. Even if you lose a game, the glory points count will not be deducted from what you have earned by grinding, making this perhaps the most straightforward task of the quest.  

Earning Medals

The quest mentions killing enemies and getting medals. However, it is not specified in the tasks that you need to earn multi-kill medals. Players have noticed that only multi-kill medals count towards the medals earned. So, it is advised to work on getting multi-kills as you grind for the quest. Cold fusion and Hawkeye are among some of the easier-to-get medals, so try working for them!  

Exploring the crucible medals.
Medals that can be earned in Crucible – Cold fusion is the easiest to earn.

Play With Titan

Playing with titan allows you to use a shield to cover your back. This way, you don’t get stabbed in the back by an enemy. It will enable you to focus on a single area or angle of the map that will provide you with multi-kills, given that you know how to shoot!  

These are a few ways that will help you complete the Randy’s Throwing Knife quest a little bit quicker. However, you may want to know about the reward you will get after successfully grinding out the quest. So, let’s nerd out over the much-anticipated Randy’s Throwing knife a bit.  

A similar guide on the Independent study quest is also available.

A Review Of The Randy’s Throwing Knife

View of the gun in the game menu.
The legendary scout rifle Randy’s Throwing Knife on display.

Randy’s Throwing Knife is a pinnacle weapon that, for me, represents the pinnacle of Destiny’s scout rifles. It is a sniper that has stolen the best features from the other scout rifles and cooked them into a concoction of near perfection.  

Here are its standout stats and perks:

  • Fire Rate: 260 RPM
  • Magazine Capacity: 17 (extendable to 19)
  • Impact/Damage: 45, resulting in a 3 critical and 2 body shot time to kill (0.9 TTK). Even hitting only body shots results in a fast 1.4 TTK.
Gameplay with Randy's Throwing Knife.

These exceptional stats, combined with very controllable recoil, make it one of the game’s best guns. In addition to its stellar performance, it comes with valuable perks:

  • Fluted Barrel: Increases handling speed and stability.
  • Extended Mag: Expands magazine size to 19 rounds at the cost of a slower reload.
  • Rapid Hit: Boosts reload speed and stability on precision hits.
  • Snapshot: Aids faster aiming down sights.
  • Zen Moment: Increases stability as you deal damage.
  • Kill Clip: Reloading after a kill grants bonus damage.
Randy's Throwing Knife perks.
Weapon perks on display.

You can use various combinations to play the gun the way you want it to feel. My favorite combos are either:  

  • Snapshot + Zen moment that gives faster ADS and improved stability adds to the finesse of this rapid-fire gun.  
Zen Moment Perk description.
  • Rapid hit + Kill clip that not only gets you right back into the fight quicker but also provides faster ttk with bonus damage.  
Kill Clip description.

The overall feel of the weapon is nothing short of phenomenal. It is incredibly satisfying to destroy enemies with this gun. The added perks and the already great stats feel like a treasured addition to one’s arsenal. And yes, it is worth the grind! 

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