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RCG Relist Devotion Horror Game After 2 Year Battle with Censorship

The Horror Game That Mocked Xi Jinping and Lived to Scare Again

Two years ago Devotion a horror game by Taiwanese developers Red Candle Games was delisted from online stores worldwide. This was due to the game including a prop that mocked Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping. The prop in question was a poster with a satirical text that translated to “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh moron”. The phrase is a reference to a common meme associated with Xi Jinping that was banned in 2017. As you can imagine this didn’t do Red Candle Games any favors and, as a result, Devotion was delisted from Steam.

Following this, It was reported by Chinese journalist Khee Hoon Chan that Red Candle Games had their business license revoked. The move was quoted to be “definitely, 100% because of Devotion.”

Red Candle Games has been fighting an uphill battle ever since the delisting of Devotion from the Steam marketplace. Things were looking bleak for the Taiwanese indie developers, due to a second blow when GOG refused to list Devotion last year. More recently, Red Candle Games decided to take control of the situation and put things in their own hands.

Two years later and Red Candle Games have listed Devotion for sale on their very own website. Gamers can now purchase the game directly through Red Candle Games, although the game is still not available on the common retailers’ marketplace such as Steam or GOG. Sadly, therefore, it may not gain as much traction as other indie titles on the market. On the other hand, the recent publicity of this incredible story and journey of Red Candle Games may give a boost to game sales.

Are you excited to play Devotion? How do you feel about its hiatus? Let us know in the comments.

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