Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries Characters & Guide

Take a look at the different abilities and loadouts of the four Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters.

All characters in Resident Evil 4 Remake explained.
Take a look at all of the abilities, loadouts, and attacks of Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters.

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Mercenaries DLC features four unique characters that get unlocked sequentially. Here’s all you need to know about the Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters and their abilities.

Key Takeaways

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries features 4 powerful characters: Leon, Luis, Krauser, and Hunk.
  • Leon is unlocked by default and wields a shotgun as well as a Stingray Rifle and a roundhouse kick.
  • Luis Sera is the next to be unlocked and he is best for long-range combat. He has an SR M1903 and a Knife along with a Weapon Attack melee move.
  • Jack Krauser features his own bowgun and a TMP SMG. But he is best known for his close-range Knife attacks.
  • Finally, there’s Hunk with another SMG and the Neckbreaker melee attack that ends enemies quickly when they’re staggered.

Leon Scott Kennedy

Leon, the default character in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries.
Leon is a well-rounded character, perfect for close-to-mid-range combat. (Image captured by us)

Leon, the protagonist of Resident Evil 4 Remake, has a pretty well-balanced loadout and performance in the game. He is the first hero you’ll unlock in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries. As such, his loadout and attacks are average for early-game bosses. However, his loadout has the most options and is the only one with a shotgun.

How To Unlock Leon

Leon Scott Kennedy is unlocked by default. You don’t need to unlock him.

Leon Melee Attacks

Aside from his weapon-based long-ranged attacks, Leon also features a couple of melee attacks. The first of these is Suplex. This allows Leon to wrestle against enemies that have been staggered. However, you can also use Suplex on enemies from behind. It’s an excellent melee attack to deal the finishing blow on enemies that have already received enough damage.

The second melee attack is a simple Kick. This is different from your typical kicking attack, though. It only works on staggered enemies and can only hit them from the front. Additionally, it damages enemies within a limited radius. Hence, using your ranged weapon to stagger the enemy is the right strategy. Then, if you’re facing the front of the enemy, use Kick. Otherwise, use Suplex from behind.

Leon Loadout

Leon, by default, has the following loadout:

  • Riot Gun Shotgun
  • Stingray Rifle
  • SG-09 R Pistol

The loadout is quite diverse, given it consists of just three weapons. The first item in the loadout is Leon’s iconic Riot Gun Shotgun. This is more of a defensive weapon with a short range and a large magazine capacity. However, you can upgrade it to make it more powerful. It can have a maximum capacity of 17 bullets and a max reload speed of 1.5 seconds.

The second item is the Stingray Rifle, a low-power, high-capacity rifle with great precision and a fast rate of fire. You can upgrade these stats and improve the speed of fire significantly.

Lastly, there’s the SG-09 R Pistol, Leon’s classic offensive weapon that you unlock by default. This is a low-power handgun that has excellent precision. It has a standard reload speed and rate of fire, making it a decent offensive weapon for short-range combat. However, you’ll prefer another weapon for tanking down multiple or distant enemies.

Mayhem Mode Information

In Mayhem Mode, Leon gains a unique ability that, on the surface, may not seem very promising. But once put to the test, you’ll notice how much of a difference it makes.

To start, Leon gains a boost in power and speed. This allows him to easily overcome enemies and defeat most foes in the early game. Considering he is an early-game character, the extraordinary power and speed bonus is a much-needed upgrade.

Luis Sera

Luis Sera's biography page in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries.
Luis Sera should be used for long-range combat only. (Image captured by us)

Luis Sera can be unlocked next. While Leon is perfect for mid-range combat, Luis relies on keeping his distance from the enemies. His loadout includes a rifle, pistol, grenades, and first aid sprays. He only has two close-range options: the Knife and his Weapon Attack melee move. But even these do not require getting too close to the enemy. Hence, remember to keep your distance from your enemies.

How To Unlock Luis

You can unlock Luis after you have acquired at least Rank A with Leon during any stage.

Luis Melee Attacks

Luis Sera, unfortunately, only has one melee attack, and that’s the Weapon Attack. In this attack, he swings a large yellow pipe at the enemies. This pipe damages the enemies and is an excellent choice over the Knife as it doesn’t call for a very close range.

However, his lack of melee attacks is countered by the fact that he has an excellent loadout with great damage-dealing ranged weapons.

Luis Loadout

Luis has a great mid-game loadout for ranged and melee offensive and defensive attacks. Here’s his full loadout:

  • Red9 Pistol
  • 2 First Aid Sprays
  • SR M1903 Rifle
  • Knife
  • Flash Grenade

This loadout features two ranged offensive weapons: the Red9 pistol and the SR M1903 rifle. The Red9 gun is a short-range handgun with a high reload speed and excellent precision. Additionally, it has an ammo capacity of 8 rounds and higher firing power than Leon’s SG-09 R pistol.

As for the SR M1903 rifle, it’s best for longer-range attacks. It has even better precision than the pistol and slightly higher power. Additionally, it has a reload speed of 0.46 seconds. Unfortunately, it takes up nine slots in your inventory and can only hold five rounds simultaneously.

But that’s not all that Luis’s loadout offers. This loadout also features a Flash Grenade, which can be used offensively and defensively. On the offensive side, use it to blind your enemies and give yourself a few extra seconds’ headstart. For defense, you can use it to confuse the enemy and flee an unfavorable situation.

There’s also the Knife, a standard weapon for close-range combat. You also get 2 First Aid Sprays for healing and cleaning wounds. This loadout makes him one of the best Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters for long-ranged combat.

If you want more information on Luis Sera and how to play him, look at our official Luis Sera guide.

Mayhem Mode Information

In Mayhem Mode, Luis Sera has a terrifyingly powerful ability: Timed Dynamite. This lets him place dynamite around the arena and detonate it according to a timer. He can take down multiple enemies at once, dealing damage in an area. And he doesn’t even have to risk his health as he can be far from the Timed Dynamite detonation.

Jack Krauser

Krauser, one of the best close-range Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters.
Krauser is ideal for close-range combat with his Knife. (Image captured by us)

Jack Krauser is one of the best Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries characters for close-to-mid-range combat. Although his loadout includes his very own compound bow and TMP SMG, his Knife attacks are revered by players. This makes him a behemoth in close quarters, allowing him to combo his attacks to kill several enemies. However, you can also use his compound bow to keep the enemy at arm’s length.

How To Unlock Krauser

Jack Krauser can only be unlocked once you have reached a rank of A or higher with Luis Sera at any stage.

Krauser Melee Attacks

Jack Krauser also features a single melee attack: Thrust Attack. This penetrating attack deals damage to enemies in a single line. It’s ideal for taking down multiple enemies and staggering them.

Krauser Loadout

Jack Krauser has one of the best loadouts in the game. It’s a versatile loadout with unique long-ranged weapons and great offensive and defensive capabilities. Here’s a rundown of his complete default loadout in the game:

  • TMP Submachine Gun
  • EJF-338 Compound Bow
  • First Aid Spray
  • 3 Flash Grenades
  • Knife

The first offensive option in his loadout is the TMP Submachine Gun. This is the first submachine gun you will encounter in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries. Each bullet has relatively low power, but the rate of fire more than compensates for that. It does take some time to reload (1 second). However, it can hold up to 30 rounds and also has high precision.

Then there’s the EJF-338 Compound Bow, a weapon not featured in the main game. This is a long-range weapon that does not use regular arrows. Instead, you use explosive arrows. The arrows damage an area and are great for eliminating multiple enemies. The bow also features a laser sight for precise shooting.

Krauser’s loadout also features three flash grenades, perfect for escaping difficult situations or making an entrance. You also get a First Aid Spray for healing wounds, though there’s only one of these. Finally, there’s the Knife for close-range combat to take down enemies who don’t understand personal space.

Mayhem Mode Information

In Mayhem Mode, Jack Krauser gains a unique ability. This ability allows him to transform into a Monster and deal tremendous damage. The Monster has better durability, speed, and power and can take down multiple enemies simultaneously. This is a potent ability for a late-game hero, especially with an even more powerful loadout.


Hunk's introduction page in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries.
Hunk is the perfect choice for ending enemies quickly after staggering. (Image captured by us)

Hunk is the last Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries character you’ll unlock. His loadout is relatively limited, with just a single SMG and some accessories. But his special melee attack allows you to install any staggered enemy. He’s also recommended for close-range combat, especially since you’ll need to get close to snap the enemy’s necks. However, Hunk has low HP and shouldn’t be used to tank down the damage.

How To Unlock Hunk

The hero Hunk can only be unlocked once you have acquired rank A or higher with Krauser during any stage.

Hunk Melee Attacks

Hunk’s overpowered melee attack compensates for the lack of options in his loadout. His melee attack is called Neckbreaker, and it instantly kills a staggered enemy by snapping their neck. This lets you get an instant kill whenever an enemy is down. However, if you’ve staggered them using a ranged weapon, you’ll need to get close to get the final kill.

Hunk Loadout

Despite being a late-game hero, Hunk has a strong loadout but is not very versatile. Here’s a complete rundown of Hunk’s loadout:

  • LE 5 Submachine Gun
  • First Aid Spray
  • 3 Grenades
  • Knife

The LE 5 Submachine Gun is his only offensive weapon. It has an ammo capacity of 20 rounds and an impressive rate of fire. Additionally, the precision is 4.50, beyond what any other gun in the game offers. And each bullet deals more damage than most submachine guns like the TMP.

However, it lacks reload speed and takes up 12 inventory slots, which is the biggest drawback. Considering no other long-range offensive option exists, the inventory space consumption is a downside.

Besides that, there are 3 Grenades. These are regular explosive grenades that are more or less offensive. However, you can also use them defensively as a last-ditch effort to escape tricky situations.

You also get a Knife and a First Aid Spray by default. Considering the loadout isn’t very versatile, a few more First Aid Sprays would’ve been beneficial. The Knife is best for close-range combat.

Mayhem Mode Information

Hunk has by far the most resourceful ability in Mayhem Mode. His ability allows you to have infinite ammo. Considering the lack of diversity in his loadout, the endless ammo option in Mayhem makes him quite unstoppable. You will still need to reload the magazine, which is required to prevent him from being too overpowered.

Final Thoughts

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries has quite a unique selection of characters to play from. To summarize everything, you should use Leon if you prefer mid-range combat. Otherwise, you’ll choose Luis Sera for a more extended range during battle. Once you’ve unlocked Krauser, you can go closer to enemies and take them out with his knife combos. Or you can use Hunk to snap enemies’ necks and quickly end the fight.

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