Remnant 2 Abomination [Strategy & Rewards]

Prepare to face The Abomination, a formidable foe offering rich rewards.

Remnant 2 Abomination
Conquer The Abomination for Rich Rewards: A Challenging Encounter in Remnant 2's N’Erud!

Abomination is a side boss you face during your journey in the NÉrud Region in Remnant 2. Who is he, and how can you defeat him to earn rewards? Let’s dive right into it!

Key Takeaways

  • Defeating The Abomination in N’Erud at the Putrid Domain grants valuable rewards, making it an enticing challenge.
  • Target its vulnerable core after removing its armor plates with hidden explosives.
  • Utilize the environment advantageously during the battle, such as taking cover behind pillars to avoid attacks.
  • After conquering The Abomination, players receive rewards like Lumenite Crystals, Mutated Growth, Scrap, and Tome of Knowledge.

How To Defeat Abomination?

Abomination in Remnant 2.
Embark on a nightmarish journey, where the repulsive Abomination awaits among dreadful adversaries. ( Credits: VeryAli Gaming )

It emerges as your first challenge in N’Erud at the Putrid Domain, after fleeting glimpses in various places, boasting formidable armor that shields it from bullets. Abomination is an extra boss, but overcoming it grants you many valuable rewards.

Remember: The Abomination’s health gauge is twice as large as the players. Draining it will not be as straightforward as firing a single bullet; players must locate its weak point. 

  1. To inflict significant damage on this optional boss, Abomination’s core stands as its main vulnerability.
  2. But before that, players must shoot and remove the armor plates underneath hidden explosives.
  3. Triggering the explosives will shatter the outer shell, uncovering the vulnerable purple core at the center.
  4. Now, focus your attacks on the exposed core to harm the boss significantly.
  5. The Abomination ascends through teleportation with the Possession maneuver, propelling a missile toward the player using telekinetic force.
  6. Hide behind the pillar to evade the attack.
  7. During the Slam attack, the boss leaps into the air and crashes down forcefully on the player.
  8. Evade this assault by skillfully moving in different directions and dodging the strikes.
  9. Once Abomination’s health is reduced by half, it will summon minions.
  10. Utilize a rifle to effectively eliminate it, reloading your weapons, as defeating the boss may require multiple attempts.

Should You Go Against Abomination?

Players will receive various valuable items after battling and triumphing over The Abomination. This includes Lumenite Crystal for power-ups, Mutated Growth, Scrap for crafting, and Tome of Knowledge for insights. It is also why most players, including myself, recommend a good strategic fight with the Abomination.

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